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Chapter 943: 943
Chapter 943 Murderous Intentions Lurking on Every Side Battle

“I wanted to look for him and bring him back, but after asking around, I learned the assault team fell into the Octopus people’s trap and fell into a dimensional crack . ” The girl seemed to be filled with pity . “I can’t do anything about that… Hey . Although I didn’t bring him back, I brought back a picture and news . I will get a reward, right?”

Wang Zhong waved his hand . As long as they had information, it was valuable . Money was not important . He used his divine sense and sensed that the girl was not lying . This was similar to the decision he predicted that Grai would make, to go to the frontlines and the most intense battlefields to show his sincerity through his death . Considering that Grai was a perfectionist, this was one of the few decisions he would make .

“What kind of dimensional crack did they fall into? Weren’t there any reinforcements from the frontline base?”

“Many of such dimensional cracks have appeared in the Warendoor Mountains, and many people have gone missing . One of the Octopus people captives said that those dimensional cracks lead to a secret-realm world . The frontline base had sent people into the dimensional crack to explore the secret realm, but no one has returned . No one knows what exactly happened there either . Furthermore, because we are at war, the base did not continue to send manpower there . They demarcated the areas where dimensional cracks were present as restricted areas . When they fight with the Octopus people, they will avoid that area . ”

The dimensional crack and a mysterious secret realm . Although he did not have a good feeling about this, it was much better than hearing that Grai was dead . If the other side of the dimensional crack was truly a secret realm, this meant that Grai still had hope . If they were able to save Grai, Wang Zhong would not miss out on any chance to do so .

“Tell me everything you know and the situation at the frontlines in detail . Don’t miss out anything . ”

The Warendoor Mountains was a stronghold of the Mizobudapi civilization as well as the place where the fight was the most intense in the northern battlefield .

The humans and the Octopus people had been fighting back and forth in the Warendoor mountains for over a month . This was the most intense resistance that the northern battlefield had faced since war broke out . At least one-third of the military power in the northern battlefield was concentrated there . The base had also utilized a large number of alchemy weapons and a portion of the airships and sent four Great Teachers to keep guard . But even then, they were unable to completely defeat the Octopus people . After over a month of fighting, both the humans and the Octopus people had achieved victories . In the areas where the fight was most intense, the humans would occupy the territory for some time before the Octopus people took it back . In the short span of one month, they had gone back and forth seven or eight times . Both sides went all out . Even the Exploration Team Department, who did not directly participate in the war, issued many missions that involved traveling to those areas .

On the other hand, dimensional cracks could be found everywhere in that area . The Octopus people were very familiar with this area . Thus, they could easily avoid the dimensional cracks when they were fighting and even use the dimensional secret realms to lay traps for the humans . Although the humans were on high alert against these dimensional cracks, if they were careless for just one moment or were ambushed by the Octopus people, the likelihood of them falling into their trap was very high .

It was said that during the earlier stalemate that lasted for over a month, a large number of people who brought professional exploration tools had been sent from the base to the frontlines . However, dozens of them had disappeared in the dimensional secret realms . Not only did they not return, they even lost connection with the exploration tools and the dimensional GPS . This was shrouded in a strange veil of mystery .

Wang Zhong could only communicate with this girl . Of course, he definitely would not only hear one side of the story . As a Teacher of the Holy Disciples in the northern battlefield, it would not be difficult for him to go to the base to check the casualty reports at the frontlines . Wang Zhong suspended the meeting and rushed to the base . He discovered Grai’s name in the frontline missing-persons list that had been updated today . At the same time, there were various reports of Grai signing up for the assault team of his own accord as well as the enrollment agreement that he had personally signed at the frontlines .

The information was true . The place where he had gone missing had even been indicated . It was in the restricted area with a dimensional crack . Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong felt that something was wrong and that this was a strange phenomenon . However, since he had received reliable information on Grai, no matter whether it was true or false, he could not remain indifferent .

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“I am going on a journey . ” Wang Zhong quickly made a decision . He had to go as quickly as possible as a full three days had passed since Grai had disappeared . No matter whether it was because of Grai’s will to die or the dangers in the secret realm, he was racing against the Death God every minute and every second .

Beside him, Oscar and the rest wanted to speak, but stopped . Of course, they were not willing to let Wang Zhong land himself in such danger . After all, no one knew anything about this dimensional secret realm . However, they knew that they definitely would not be able to stop Wang Zhong this time .

“You need to make more preparations . Bring enough food and water . Also, bring more fire and ice runes . They will be able to help you resist the extreme environment . ” Feng immediately started planning for Wang Zhong . Since he had decided to go, they had to do enough homework . Even though the dimensional secret realms were unknown, humans had rich experience in opening up new lands . In those kinds of places, the environment was the most fatal factor, such as high temperatures or intense coldness… You might die in a matter of minutes or seconds . Alternatively, you might encounter a completely wild planet where there were only stones everywhere you looked . Grass and trees did not grow, and even cockroaches would not be able to survive . You would simply starve to death .

Compared to this, encountering mysterious strong creatures was not as terrifying . After all, even if you could not defeat them, you could run . If you could not run, you could still hide in advance…

“Do you want to let Mu Zi know?” Beside him, Oscar was worried . “With him following you, at least you will have someone taking care of you . We will be more at ease too . ”

“No need . ” Wang Zhong shook his head . He was not about to conquer a secret realm . Furthermore, he had allowed Mu Zi to come here so that he would have the chance to break through, not for Wang Zhong to drag him down .

Wang Zhong felt that logistical preparations were unnecessary, but Feng was stubborn . After all, she was the logistics manager . Wang Zhong could only patiently wait for Feng to finish preparing .

“Are you going to the dimensional secret realm to look for him? Others would be afraid of falling into the dimensional cracks, but you… Your plans are bold and outstanding!” When he contacted the girl again, she seemed rather surprised at Wang Zhong . However, since Wang Zhong had swiftly given her money for the information she provided, she said frankly, “Every day, the frontline base will update the diagram indicating where the cracks are . This crack is in the restricted area of the frontlines . If you search on Skylink, you will see that you can immediately find it once you go into the restricted area . However, if you fall into the cracks, it is none of my business . ”

Wang Zhong turned off his Skylink . This person seemed to be hiding something, but she did not lie about any of the information she had provided about Grai . After confirming for the last time, Wang Zhong did not delay any further .

The base was over seven hundred kilometers behind the frontlines, but luckily, the entire journey would be made on even ground . Thus, it was very easy for him to rush over . Wang Zhong did not choose to use the Torreya battle steed as he did not think that it was fast enough . He also did not choose to fly . After all, he was not a true Heavenly Soul . If he relied on his Soul Power to fly there, he would be exhausting too much energy . Furthermore, for his flying techniques, he would only use them in special areas to cross mountains and fly over rivers . If not, it would not be faster to fly than to run on flat ground . In fact, he would waste more time flying .

The silver Speed Circuit dazzled on his body . When he rushed out of the base, it was as if a hurricane had blown past . A long trail of dust formed from the sand that he kicked up as he ran . The patrolling guards outside the base were extremely astonished by this terrifying speed .

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At that moment, at the Warendoor frontline base, someone else was watching the storm-like figure through Skylink .

“Lord Bolton, the target has set off . ”

A girl’s polite voice sounded from the Skylink . “As expected, he is very cautious . He even probed me at the end . ”

“Oh . ” The man who was looking after his teacher’s affairs smiled . He was Sophia’s Successor Disciple, Bolton .

He had always gone all out in whatever his teacher told him to do .

The dimensional secret realm at the Warendoor Mountains was not like what many people had imagined . It was as simple as not having a means of escape . Bolton had even personally gone near the dimensional crack to take a look and combined his findings with the information he had received from the captives at the frontline base . What kind of dimensional secret realm was there? It was evidently a fragment world that was on the verge of destruction!

The fragment world was a dimensional secret realm that had been completely transformed by someone .

An ordinary dimensional secret realm had its own independent and individual world, as well as a pathway leading to the Fifth Dimension . On the other hand, in a fragment world, the exit for it could be connected to a small item that could be carried around conveniently . It could be a ring, a necklace, a crystal, or even a strand of hair — which would become a personal object that one carried around with them .

It was similar to a space crystal, but within it was a complete world with its own set of rules . Not only could people live there, the spiritual atmosphere there was also very rich . It was not difficult to nurture all-natural treasures there . Simply said, it was a personal world, and the owner would be the god of this world .

Fragment worlds could differ in size and had different rules and spiritual environments . But the better the world, the more Soul Power would be required to maintain the pathway to the world . It was not something that just anyone could control . It was a luxury, even among the Great Teachers . If you were too weak, it would not be of much significance to you . After all, it depleted a lot of energy .

Fragment worlds which had lost their owners were extremely dangerous . They would engulf nearby creatures like a black hole . The dimensional crack in the Warendoor Mountains was one example . No one knew whether the Octopus people had intentionally created this . Great Teacher Sophia determined that it was a fragment world that belonged to a Sacred Teacher, or someone even stronger .

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This was a nightmare for practitioners . It was also the best way to send Wang Zhong to his death .

Bolton hung up his Skylink, and a relaxed expression appeared on his face . Although it was not as easy for him to confirm the situation compared to if he had done this himself, Great Teacher Sophia told him not to leave behind any clues . After all, Wang Zhong secretly had the support of Sacred Teacher Leyson . Even Sophia, the mastermind behind this, had her own misgivings, so Bolton himself could not help but shudder if he were to kill Wang Zhong himself .

But if Wang Zhong entered this place out of his own accord… and even had various strong reasons that were inspiring and tragic…

He would definitely die!

The Warendoor Mountains stretched over a thousand miles and were made up of many connected mountains .

The journey of over seven hundred kilometers was not long, but it was not short either . He set off at noon and wildly rushed over without care for the energy he exhausted . By the time Wang Zhong reached his destination, it was already midnight .

He had run over seven hundred kilometers in one shot and completed the journey in a few hours . This speed was simply not humanly possible . Even though Wang Zhong’s recovery speed was shocking, he was still rather fatigued and panted heavily . He climbed up the outermost mountain, stood at the peak, and looked into the distance .

It was quite different from what he had seen on the simple map . There were many connected mountains as far as the eye could see as well as precipitous cliffs and abysses . It did not take him much time to find the place . Due to the frequent changes that occurred during the war and the instability of the dimensional crack, the Holy Land and the Octopus people had given up on this area . When Wang Zhong confirmed his position, he realized that the dimensional crack had shifted to the nearby lake and was still moving .

A fragment world without an owner was like a deserted island in a void and would continue to drift about . The dimensional crack would also move accordingly until it was destroyed or encountered an accident . No matter what, Wang Zhong knew that he had to hurry .

When he went into the lake, he realized that it was so deep that he could not see the bottom . The light at the bottom of the lake was where the dimensional crack was . The dim, sparkling light looked like it was projecting an image from the void . He could also clearly sense dimensional energy in the water . Meanwhile, the source of the light was very clear and looked very near, but when he approached the light, he realized that it was still very far away . Wang Zhong had chased the light at the bottom of the lake for hundreds of kilometers, but he felt that he was still distant from the source of light .

The first few hundred kilometers were easy, but as he went deeper, the water pressure and the massive buoyancy started to display their might .

In terms of dealing with the water pressure, he still had the divine cells to support his body . He could easily deal with it without activating the Domination Constitution . More importantly, the massive buoyancy was like a massive power that grew stronger and stronger as it tried to pull him up . In order to counter this buoyancy, he had to exhaust a lot of energy with every meter he traveled . It was harder and harder for him to resolve this problem with just his physical strength . Wang Zhong could not help but use the recoil from techniques such as Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven to help him travel onward .

When he first entered the water, he could still see some schools of fish with the help of the light from the bottom of the lake . But gradually, the number of fish he could see was reduced . His surroundings seemed to have fallen dead silent . There was only the source of light emitting a dim light, which still seemed to be as far away as before . It seemed as if he would never be able to approach it .

Could it be that that place was simply a high-leveled illusion?

By the time he forced his way down to around three hundred meters, the water pressure around him was extremely strong . The Soul Power defense on the surface of his body had been activated automatically, but it could not withstand the terrifying water pressure . Typically, the moment the defense appeared, it would be forcibly shattered by the water pressure . Even with the divine cells, his body started to feel the massive pressure . The current was like a massive hand with terrifying power that squeezed him firmly as if it wanted to turn him into human jerky by force .

His surroundings fell into complete darkness, and even more powerful dimensional energy filled the water . Although the light at the bottom of the lake was still clear, it could not light up his surroundings .

Domination Constitution, Zoom Shadow, Light Spirit!

The Three Circuits had been activated, and his body became much lighter . A bright golden light was also emitting from Wang Zhong’s body . However, even this golden light could not do much to pierce through the darkness in the water . He could only see four to five meters around him .

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