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Chapter 925
925 One Kilometer

“I just asked the people in charge, and they said that the track has been under repair for several hours . It is estimated that it will be done after another half an hour…” The door of the cabin was suddenly pushed open, and the voice of a young man could be heard .

Arnold didn’t stop talking . He was now the captain of the Copperfield Squadron, but unfortunately, after Laura left, things had gotten much less fun, and he missed the days when he was ‘tortured’ by the captain . His batch of CHF elites were basically top elites, making it far less competitive for him nowadays, especially because Arnold was considered an expert . As such, his life had been very comfortable and relaxing . This time, they were going on an exchange trip to participate in a friendly match .

Just when the train stopped, he got off the train to check the progress of the rail repair . He had just returned, but it turned out that he had walked to the wrong cabin . When he opened the door, instead of seeing his teammates, he saw two men and one woman . It was truly wasteful that they had reserved such a huge armored train cabin just for three people .

“Sorry guys, I’m in the wrong cabin,” said Arnold subconsciously, but when he was about to exit, he suddenly paused . “…Huh, the three of you seem a little familiar…”

“Arnold, long time no see,” said Wang Zhong as he smiled . Arnold was a familiar face . There were really quite a few surprises for Wang Zhong this time . In actual fact, it hadn’t been that long, but Wang Zhong knew that there would be fewer and fewer chances of friends’ reunions; thus, he truly cherished such moments .

“Wang…” Arnold’s eyes instantly widened, and his mouth gaped wide open . “What the f*ck? Oh my god, Wang Zhong?! Are you really Wang Zhong?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” said Wang Zhong with a smile, “You seem to have become more handsome after these few years . ”

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!” Arnold jumped up at once, his face flushed with excitement . They were all old friends . When the Tianjing Squadron went to Copperfield Academy in the past, Arnold was their guide . “And you, Emily, why didn’t you grow at all, little girl?”

Emily rolled her eyes instantly .

“Eh, eh, eh, Ma Dong! Damn, how come you grew into an uncle? Look at your mustache . You’ve been aging too fast . ”

“…Can’t you play nice?” Ma Dong was also speechless; this guy’s words were really unpleasant .

Arnold was obviously extremely happy . “You guys should wait . I’ll call the others! Anlor has been constantly bragging how he had fought the All Mouthy King, aka Wang Zhong, in the past, and because of this, he is becoming the idol of the newcomers on our team . If he knew you were here… Haha, I really want to see his face . By the way…”

He paused, seemingly to have thought of something . He had obviously been watching the news on his Skylink which stated that Wang Zhong had come back, started massacring everyone in the Tianjing parliament hall, and threatened to wipe out the Zhao Family, upheaving the entire Federation . Of course, it was impossible for him not to know this . However, it seemed that this matter was still too unbelievable for ordinary people to process after all . Many people assumed that this was just an empty threat and a way to scare the Zhao Family . Why would anyone warn as well as give their targets time to prepare themselves in advance if the person’s goal was to slaughter their entire family? Seeing that Wang Zhong was going in this direction, was he truly going to the Heavenly Dragon City?

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He wanted to sound Wang Zhong out, so he asked, “You guys don’t need to cover your tracks? Is it convenient for people to come over?”

“It’s okay . ” Wang Zhong smiled and waved his hand . “I want to meet my old friends too . ”

Arnold could sense the domineering power of the All Mouthy King from this kind of casual behavior . It seemed that Wang Zhong was more powerful than ever and had grown to a height he couldn’t even imagine . It didn’t take long for the people of the Copperfield Academy to come over . Other than Anlor, there were a few other familiar faces, and they were all the old members of the Mad Beast Battle Squadron . Naturally, there were also some new people . Although Laura was no longer around, the name of their team never changed . At present, all these team members were obviously familiar with the legendary person in the CHF a year ago . It was no exaggeration to say that, except for big cities under the influences of a few of the 10 Great Families, Wang Zhong was definitely considered the No . 1 idol across all colleges in the entire Eastern District of the Federation .


“Brother King!”

“F*ck f*ck f*ck! Lao Wang, do you still remember me, the Future Gun King?” This was Anlor’s first sentence after he rushed in, and he was full of excitement . This was what he had been usually boasting about to his teammates . It was the virgin battle of the All Mouthy King . Anlor claimed that he had the upper hand the entire match and almost managed to win against this legendary character .

“Is the vice-captain really not bragging?” asked a relatively new team member .

“Is Lao An really the first person to match up with Brother King?”

“Brother King, you guys really duked it out for 300 rounds?”

Anlor instantly grew nervous and coughed twice . That definitely did not happen; it was more like he shot wildly at Wang Zhong 300 times, but from the beginning to the end, he didn’t even manage to graze Wang Zhong . Honestly speaking, it took only one round for Wang Zhong to knock him out…

“Of course . ” Wang Zhong had his back and added with a smile, ” I almost lost to him at that time . Anlor was a great help to me . ”

Anlor’s eyes instantly sparked with joy . Lao Wang was truly a good friend . With Wang Zhong’s confirmation, he would definitely have more capital to continue bragging in the future! Instantly, he regretted not recording what Wang Zhong said just now . “Look! Look, guys! What did I say? Do I, Mad Beast Anlor, seem like one who would brag? Are you kiddos finally willing to believe me?!”

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“All hail our vice-captain!” A group of newcomers cheered, but it was just buttering Anlor up . By looking at the expressions on Anlor and Wang Zhong, as long as one had a brain, anyone could tell that Wang Zhong was just being polite .

At this time, everyone’s attention was on Wang Zhong, and every single one of them was green with envy . They couldn’t get enough of looking at him . He was a true legend, the top expert in the last CHF . Although he had disappeared for a while, the moment he returned, he immediately declared war on the entire Zhao Family .

It seemed that he truly had what it took to do it!

It was big words to say that he was going to collect the head of the Zhao Family’s leader . It was absolutely impressive and awe-inspiring . Every single young practitioner in the Federation yearned to have such a day . Fortunately, this group of people was not the kind of clueless idiots who were completely ignorant of the happenings in the world . Although they were all curious deep down, they knew what sort of question they shouldn’t ask, and they refrained from doing so . However, many senior team members caught wind of some so-called news of the Holy City, so they asked about Wang Zhong’s life as well as their ex-captain Laura’s .

The Holy City and the Earth were basically like heaven and earth, two completely separate worlds, unless one managed to become a Heavenly Soul or ran back to Earth carrying a bad reputation of being a deserter . Even Arnold and the others, who had close connections to the Potter Family, were not able to get any news about Laura . Now that they knew about how Laura had joined one of the top-10 exploration teams in the Holy City and was leading a good life, they were all sincerely happy for her . However, after hearing that Wang Zhong was already together with Scarlet, other than offering congratulations to him, they felt that it was a great pity . Both Arnold and Anlor were once loyal pursuers of Laura . It was not until they saw Laura crying for Wang Zhong during the CHF that they knew that they would never get their chance . With that, they always hoped and wished the best for both of them, but it was unexpected that they didn’t end up together in the end .

The power of idols was endless, and the cabin suddenly became lively . Wang Zhong was surrounded by people who wanted his signature as well as those who wanted a picture with him . These were the things that ‘brain-dead’ fans would do, but every member of the Mad Beast Battle Squadron, who were considered celebrities themselves, actually did them . Even Arnold and Anlor were no exception, and they each took a picture with Wang Zhong .

There were many questions in Arnold’s mind, but it was not convenient for them to talk in front of so many people . After a long period of photo-taking and signature-giving, Arnold finally chased his overly excited team members back, leaving only Arnold and Anlor . Both of them looked at Ma Dong and Emily who had been sitting next to them . These two were also considered celebrities in the Federation in the past year . They were wanted everywhere . As such, they couldn’t help but ask, “Is it okay for the two of you to show up in public in this way? Even now, the Federation’s government is still putting up wanted posters of you two everywhere . ”

“After Lao Wang destroys the Zhao Family, who would dare to target us?” replied Ma Dong as he smiled .

Both of them were definitely stunned . In fact, this was the topic they cared about the most . It was just that they were too excited about seeing Wang Zhong, and they didn’t have the time to sort out their thoughts . Additionally, there were too many people just now, and it wasn’t appropriate for them to broach the topic . “Anyway, since you guys are taking this route, Lao Wang, are you really planning to go to the Heavenly Dragon City? You announced in the Skylink that you want to take the head of the leader of the Zhao Family, Zhao Wuxin . Is it true?”

“It really isn’t easy to come back . While I’m at it, I’ll just handle this along the way . If you guys have nothing to do, you guys can enjoy the show,” said Wang Zhong with a smile . In all seriousness, he truly didn’t think of those ‘old and weak’ people as a problem at all .

Arnold’s mouth gaped wide open . Handle this… along the way . If he was talking to anyone else, the person would definitely be bragging, but since the other party was Wang Zhong, it might be possible . Just that…

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After being shocked for a long while, Arnold finally spoke after pondering over it carefully, “Lao Wang, although I don’t know much about your level, the Zhao Family definitely has a Heavenly Soul expert with them . If you openly go there like this, you will definitely have to face off with someone at that level . Are you really confident of winning against such a person?”

“Don’t worry, Arnold . The Holy Battle has toughened Lao Wang up . He has even killed people who are at high levels . Otherwise, why do you think the Zhao Family dare not even make a sound up till now?”

In this war, Wang Zhong was on the offense, and the Zhao Family was on the defense .

After a long while, the two of them gulped hard and said, “Awesome!”

The Mad Beast Battle Squadron stayed as it was still a few days from the friendly match . Moreover, even if they had to make a choice between the two, they would definitely choose to watch the battle of the century where Wang Zhong would wipe out the Zhao Family with no hesitation . Arnold and Anlor were the kind of people who loved a thrilling sight . Seeing this kind of scene might be the first and last chance they would get in their lifetime . They had to witness it .

Wang Zhong did not hide his whereabouts, and the Zhao Family would have definitely been prepared to deal with him . This battle would not be carried out in secret . Under such circumstances, Wang Zhong was certainly a threat, but the Zhao Family was still confident enough to emerge victorious . As such, they would definitely use their trump card . It would not only be to kill Wang Zhong, but also to save the Zhao Family’s unsteady status and prestige .

Prestige was a very abstract concept, but it was extremely important for a great family to maintain their status and dominance . If no one took the Zhao Family seriously, it would only be a matter of time before the family met their downfall . At this time, the Zhao Family definitely did not have extravagant hopes that other families would ally themselves with them as the other families were all predators, waiting to gobble up their family .

In the cabin of the armored truck, Arnold and Anlor had already been persuaded to return to their own cabin . Even if they wanted to watch the battle, there was no need for them to be with Wang Zhong, as that might bring misfortune to their own families . Opposite Wang Zhong, Ma Dong was dozing off, while Emily’s body was curled sideways into a ball, sleeping soundly on Wang Zhong’s thighs . Both of her small dimples were slightly visible as though she was smiling in her sleep .

Her ‘fatigue’ was even worse than that of Ma Dong, but it was not because she had not slept for the past two days . It was that ever since the CHF, she had almost never gotten a good night’s sleep, unlike Ma Dong, who remained disguised as Ugly Boss and hid in a bar . Her life of assassination had kept her nerves in a tense state for a long time, and even the slightest movement would wake her from her light sleep . Otherwise, her head would probably be gone the next day . It was only until she saw Wang Zhong today that the tension in her nerves was finally released . After an entire year of fatigue, she had to sleep on Wang Zhong’s thighs and get a good sleep .

Gently stroking Emily’s hair, Wang Zhong smiled and shook his head . After which, he picked up a stack of documents on the table . It was the information that Ma Dong found out about a well-concealed person in the Zhao Family — Zhao Ba . He was the grand-uncle of the current head of the family, Zhao Wuxin . He was also the brains of the Zhao Family when they had to make major decisions . As a person who was once a big deal in the Federation, a variety of information about his life could be easily found . However, the news about him stopped 10 years ago . In a video, Zhao Ba had already begun to age at that time . After such a long time, his body in the physical aspect should have gone downhill .

However, the enemy was not to be underestimated . This kind of old man who had lived till the late stages of Heavenly Soul Stage might not have a good physique anymore, but his control over the power of heaven and earth would definitely be close to perfection . He would not simply sacrifice his life to win the battle, but once he chose to do so, it would mean that he basically had the intention to perish together with his opponent . Although he cherished his life, this kind of old guy no doubt placed his family at the utmost importance .

“…A Heavenly Soul on Earth,” Wang Zhong read the documents very carefully, but after reading it, he just threw them back on the table . There was no trace of fear on his face . Let alone fear, there wasn’t even a slight change of his expression . The scenery outside the window also seemed different to him . This was a change in his state of mind . This battle was not a challenge, but the best training experience he could get!

They were getting closer and closer to Heavenly Dragon City . 500 kilometers, 300 kilometers, 100 kilometers…

The night before yesterday, the Zhao Family dispatched a large number of heavily armed guards to Heavenly Dragon City Station . To be precise, except for the train coming from Tianjing, the other trains had already stopped operating during this time . The Zhao Family treated the matter with all seriousness, and they did not underestimate the enemy because there was only one person .

This situation also meant that the rumors were true . Whether it was the different areas in the Federation or the underworld, they were all waiting for the result because it would directly lead to a change in the Federation’s landscape . Whether the Assassins would make a comeback and become a king, or whether the Zhao Family would continue to rule, all boiled down to this battle .

It was just that Wang Zhong’s abnormal confidence had left the other forces dumbfounded . He was merely a newcomer in the CHF a few years ago . How did he become so domineering after just a few years in the Holy City?

Now, they were one kilometer away from Heavenly Dragon City!

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