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Chapter 904: 904
Chapter 904: Shock the Base

The Warlock Saint was very close by . With his sharp divine sense, he would definitely be able to immediately sense when Wang Zhong had regained consciousness and his soul had returned to its original place . Sauron might be able to appear in front of him within a few seconds . Wang Zhong seemed safe, but this was only an illusion . If he underestimated the Warlock Saint now, there would definitely be something wrong with his intelligence .

“We should have a chance . ” Wang Zhong thought about it . “Is he going to negotiate with the royal family? The Octopus people do not have Skylink . He can’t possibly ask the royal family to come over and discuss, right? He does not have the prestige to do so . Thus, he will definitely leave this place . ”

Simba’s eyes instantly lit up . “That’s right! We can take the chance when that shameless fellow leaves this place to escape! As long as he is a few kilometers away, no matter how sharp his divine sense is, he would not know that you had suddenly regained consciousness! The eight-legged creature in the laboratory is a weakling . Lao Wang, you can knock him out in one move! Yeah, what a perfect plan!”

He was excited as they could finally escape . However, he immediately pulled a long face . “Wait . It’s of no use even if we escape this place . The city outside is filled with guards, and the city walls are high and surrounded by trenches . We cannot fly or conceal ourselves, and we are very different from the Octopus people . How will we get out? Lao Wang, we definitely cannot force our way out . There are a lot of people with strong auras in this city . Haven’t you sensed—”

“There’s no need for that . ” Wang Zhong smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that the eight-legged monster is the Warlock Saint’s most trusted lackey who is good at bootlicking? This type is usually afraid to die . We can hold him hostage and make use of him . Furthermore, aren’t the walls of the laboratory lined with skins? I think we can use those to hide ourselves…”

“Lao Wang, you are such a genius . After we go back, I will tell the goddess that following you is too dangerous!”

Wang Zhong ignored Simba and was very emotional . He had taken a huge risk this time . If he had not been lucky and did not have hyperdimension treasures with him, he might have died several times . Furthermore, he could not make a copy of Cellular Cosmology . If he did, considering the level of civilization in the Holy Land, everyone would be very interested in it .

“Simba, if you sense that the Warlock Saint is far away, let me know immediately . This is our only chance . We have to seize it!”

Wang Zhong was looking forward to his own strength, but he was blinded to the point that he ignored the Warlock Saint and the Sword Saint . He yearned to live and to return . There were many people waiting for him in the base and on Earth . He could not die here!

“Small Eyes, don’t bother with these people . ” Oscar’s voice was much stricter than before . “We can’t hide it . ”

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The weaklings groaned for justice, but this was the reality . Wang Zhong had gone to the Shadow Moon Fortress one month ago, but until now, there was no news from him . The situation was very grim . The Shadow Moon Fortress was different from the Black Boulder Energy Mine . Over two hundred people had disappeared in the Shadow Moon Fortress . Even some of the top-10 exploration teams, such as the Seekers and the Blue Ray Squadron had suffered great losses there…

The rest did not seem to take the Wanderlust Team seriously . No matter what, they were all still in the same base .

George laughed, while Odin raised his wine glass at Oscar . They were in a bar, and everyone was allowed to speak freely . However, their attitude did not allow Small Eyes to vent . Small Eyes furiously sat down and poured herself a glass of alcohol . She felt very dejected as she had nowhere to express her thoughts . Suddenly, they heard a lot of noise from the exploration teams outside .

Over the past few days, the base had slowed down its attacks, and fewer missions were issued . Many people were busy training the Three Circuits, which had been made public . Thus, the exploration teams in the base had been peaceful for a very long time . However, the sudden noise grew louder and louder until it could be heard throughout the Exploration Team Department camp .

There were many footsteps outside, accompanied by people shouting, “They’re back, they’re back . My god, they’re really back!”

Who was back? The people in the bar were dumbfounded . An exploration team leader who was friends with Oscar rushed in and saw the three of them sitting at the counter . The leader did not say anything else as he grabbed Oscar’s arm and dragged him out . “Why are you still drinking here? Hurry up and come out . Something major has happened!”

The Wanderlust Team had been very uneasy recently . When they heard that something major had happened, their first reaction was to expect something bad to happen . Oscar was very uneasy and doubtful . Feng and Small Eyes followed closely behind him . Many people in the bar, including George and Odin, also curiously followed them out to see what was happening .

When they walked out of the bar, they saw a sea of people outside . Almost one thousand onlookers were gathered at the entrance of the Exploration Team Department nearby . People were also shouting for others to gather with them . Among them were many dimensional humans who were extremely excited . The entire Exploration Team Department camp was very noisy .

“Hyde and the rest have returned . ”

“The Seekers, as well as Vladimir from the Blue Ray Squadron, have returned . ”

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“The ones who disappeared in the Shadow Moon Fortress? They’re really back!”

“Are you serious? How many of them are back? They have been missing for two months! I heard that they were captured by the Octopus people, but they were still alive?”

“Hm? That dark-skinned baldy is back too . ”

There was a messy cacophony of voices as everyone talked . Oscar, Small Eyes, and the rest were still in a daze when they were pulled out, but when they heard this, they were very excited .

Shadow Moon Fortress was the place where Wang Zhong and the rest had gone for their mission, right? The dark-skinned baldy was Mu Zi! Were Wang Zhong and the rest back?

The leader no longer had to pull Oscar along . He dauntlessly walked forward and pushed through the crowd of people .

Hyde and the rest had truly returned . After they had escaped from the Shadow Moon Fortress, they followed their original plan and did not wait for Wang Zhong . People like Wang Zhong had too many large dreams that would often lead everyone else into danger . Hence, they directly returned to the base . Once they returned, they definitely caused a stir .

They had been missing for two months, and everyone thought that they were definitely dead . Even those who were stubborn and did not believe this had determined that this was the case . However, no one expected their sudden return . Their excited shouts quickly attracted many people . The moment they walked to the entrance of the Exploration Team Department, they were stopped by countless observers, making it difficult for them to walk .

There were many familiar people among the crowd . Some of them knew Vladimir; some knew Hyde, while others knew the dimensional humans and the members of the Blue Ray Squadron who had been rescued . Everyone was talking at the same time as they excitedly asked questions .

The countless passers-by were dumbfounded when they heard several keywords . Warlock Saint? Countless guards? Two people attacking the city? Was the dark-skinned baldy that amazing?

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“Furthermore, the Sword Saint who Wang Zhong had killed seems to be from the royal family of the Octopus people . The Octopus people have put him on the wanted list . The Shadow Moon Fortress is filled with arrest warrants for him . ”

“He used this to lure the Warlock Saint out . If not, there would not have been a chance to rescue us . ”

“Lure the Warlock Saint… Damn…!”

“I have seen people as daring as him, but I have never seen anyone throw away their lives like him . Luring the Warlock Saint out? How would you do that? Isn’t a Warlock Saint as strong as three Sword Saints?”

“Heh heh, you have never seen how impressive Wang Zhong is . He invented a new training system that he taught Hyde and Noraba . It is very ferocious and makes one much better than ordinary Heroic Souls!”

George and Odin were also among the crowd . When they heard this, they looked at each other helplessly . Earlier, the Wanderlust Team had said that Wang Zhong was the creator of the Soul Power Circuit . This did not seem convincing, but when Hyde mentioned this, the results were completely different . Firstly, Hyde had high prestige and position among the dimensional humans, who were already seen as dependable people . They would definitely not lie on behalf of someone from the Federation . Furthermore, Hyde and the rest had just returned to cultivation . They would not have known that the Soul Power Circuit training had been announced in the base, right?

Was Wang Zhong actually that ferocious?

Other than the dimensional humans who had reunited with their people after a long time, everyone started to discuss among themselves . Frankly speaking, although they did not think highly of the Wanderlust Team, especially of their ridiculous luck, if Wang Zhong had invented the Soul Power Circuit, then everyone here had benefited from his invention . People would be envious of a lucky person who was of the same level as them as they felt that they could have done the same with a little more luck . However, they would not be jealous of an expert who could be compared to great men . Furthermore, they had started training their Soul Power Circuits and were very grateful .

“What about Wang Zhong? Why isn’t he here with you?” Oscar had finally squeezed his way in . He saw Napier and Mu Zi among the crowd of people, but did not see Wang Zhong .

The excited crowd immediately fell silent .

“Is that vice-captain Oscar?” Hyde walked up .

He had also just realized that Wang Zhong had not returned to the base . He thought that if Wang Zhong had escaped from danger, he would definitely arrive before them . It seemed like the situation had diverged from what they had expected . “Wang Zhong lured the Warlock Saint away for us, thus rescuing us . Now, we… are not sure whether he is dead or alive . But I believe that he definitely can come back . ” Hyde had thought about his words for a very long time . When he found out that Wang Zhong had not returned to the base, he started to think about how he would tell the Wanderlust Team about this . He could not conceal this fact .

He paused and looked at Oscar, as well as the two women in the Wanderlust Team, with a serious expression on his face . During the journey back, he had heard about what was happening in the Wanderlust Team from Napier, as well as from the conversations of passers-by . Only four or five people were left in their exploration team, and their leader Wang Zhong was not around . To be honest, it would be very difficult for them to survive .

“Until Wang Zhong comes back, I will take on his responsibilities . I will join the Wanderlust Team . ” Hyde’s words were eloquent and rousing . He had no other way to repay Wang Zhong and would never be able to fully repay him . He could only do what he could do now .

“I will join as well . ”

“So will we . ” Vladimir and Noraba chimed in .

The surroundings instantly fell silent . It was no surprise that Vladimir and Noraba would choose to join . Although Vladimir’s identity was outstanding, he was also from the Federation . Furthermore, the Blue Ray Squadron was not the lair of the Vasilyevich Family . Leaving the Blue Ray Squadron to join the Wanderlust Team and repay Wang Zhong was reasonable . However, it was different for Hyde . The Seekers were the standard that dimensional humans strove to achieve . In particular, the Seekers had specially focused on nurturing Hyde . How could he choose to leave the Seekers and join the Wanderlust Team who had been established by people from the Federation?

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