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Chapter 876: 876
Chapter 876: Mu Zi’s Practicality

At the same time, there was a terrifying roar from the right . A two-meter tall devil dog, that was covered in dark flames, leaped out . To a soldier who was used to seeing various frightening dimensional lifeforms, this dog was child’s play, but the aura that it radiated was terrifying . Pressure filled the atmosphere, suppressing the four people who had run in that direction . At that moment, they felt fear, and their legs started to tremble . The rhythm of their rapid dash was instantly disrupted, causing them to stagger and fall to the ground . Although they were all top Heroic Soul soldiers, they were still suppressed by the pressure . There must have been something that was of a higher level than them, a level 7!

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The members who had fled to the back were also in despair . A shadow that looked like a Grim Reaper towered over them, with his gleaming bald head reflecting a dim light . It walked over with an aura of death as if he had walked out of hell . He carried a coffin on his back . Although the coffin was not open, it made the members feel great fear and terror . This was different from the pressure that the level-7 devil dog radiated but gave them a sense of sadness and fear that put them in despair . The three of them who had run in this direction felt their legs shiver and their stomachs turn . Their rich fighting spirit and desire to run for their lives were instantly halved . While they were distracted, the bald person slapped them unconscious .

Those in front were caught even more quickly . A flaming chain instantly grew longer and tied up two of the members, who were several dozen meters apart, together in the blink of an eye . Then, the chain stretched and tried to catch the third person!

The one-eyed man did not dare to turn back and ran at full speed . The two members who had been tied up were his right-hand men . He knew exactly how strong they were . The two members who had been tied up first were originally incredibly fast to flee when the enemy attacked . However, after they were tied up, they did not even have the chance to fight back . This chain was far too mysterious!

Luckily, he was not slow either . He was not called ‘Godspeed One-Eye’ for nothing . His two companions had delayed the chain, allowing him to escape from its reach and plunge into the jungle . He could feel that the threat of the chain had disappeared . Furthermore, the complex terrain of the shrubs was very suitable for him to conceal himself . Evidently, the one-eyed man was a peak expert in escaping . The moment he sensed that the threat from the chain had disappeared, he did not pick up his speed and run away . Instead, he slowed down his rapid actions and hid in the shrubs . He activated his chameleon technique! His skin immediately blended in with the color of his surroundings, allowing him to vanish in the blink of an eye .

How dangerous… The one-eyed man was full of hatred, but he was also secretly happy . It was fine as long as he was alive . He had activated his chameleon technique and hid in the jungle, where it was extremely easy to hide . This was his realm; he would not allow anyone to find him . However, the other members had been captured, and the situation had been exposed . They would probably not be able to stay in the battlefield of the Holy Battle . What a pity . It was good business…

“Hey, are you done hiding?”

Before the one-eyed man could finish sorting out his thoughts, he heard a ghostly voice overhead . This shocking incident was no small matter . Not only had the enemy discovered him, he had not even realized that his enemy was overhead!

His hairs immediately started to stand on their ends . He suddenly jumped out of the shrubs and ran at full speed . However, a seemingly light dagger had touched his neck . “Lie down . ”


The extremely heavy strike caused the one-eyed man to instantly lose consciousness .

When the one-eyed man regained his consciousness, he realized that his hands had been tied up, and he was kneeling on the ground . Beside him, his 12 companions were also kneeling in a neat formation .

All their equipment had been taken away from them . In front of them, a magnificently-dressed fellow who looked like a clown was looking through their war trophies, including the Macedon-class rune cannon they had spent a fortune on .

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“Who sent you here?” Wang Zhong looked at the one-eyed man and asked .

The one-eyed man’s eyes started to spin . “My gosh, Lord, this is an enormous misunderstanding . I thought that you were scouts for the Octopus people and didn’t expect that we were on the same side . All of this is my fault . Brother, please punish me!”

Wang Zhong laughed . He knew that the enemy would not be honest . “Tsk tsk, what a great misunderstanding . You even allowed the Soul Beast Master’s vulture to bite me . Next time, remember to swap it for a local creature . Are you really making use of your IQ? Furthermore, it seems like you think that I’m very kind, right?”

The fact that his companions beside him were not dead allowed the one-eyed man to calm down slightly . Of course, it was not because he cared about the lives of his companions . This piece of news signaled to him that his enemy did not like to kill . This was very normal . After all, their enemy was a newbie who had just experienced the battlefield . Most of the time, these newbies would be cowardly but have a sense of justice . However, they had been exposed, and it would be very dangerous to quibble with them . They had to think of another way .

“All we do is steal wealth from others and kill people on behalf of others . We received this mission from the black market and were here to ambush you . ” The one-eyed man’s tone was much more relaxed, but his mind was rapidly spinning with thoughts . He was someone who relied on his brain for a living .

“Oh? Who’s your employer?”

“You will definitely not believe me if I tell you that I don’t know, but you should also know that I cannot say anything . ” The one-eyed man sneered . He was not an ordinary Holy Disciple from an exploration team . Trust was a very important thing to have in order to survive on this path . Exposing his employer would not only tarnish his brand; he would also be breaking the rules . Only death would await him then . “Wang Zhong, we brothers were wrong this time . I admit my fault . Other than the things in front of you, I also have a debit card linked to the Holy City Bank with a hundred thousand Holy Coins inside . I will give you everything . In return, can we settle everything between us?”

“Napier . ” Wang Zhong did not care about him and shouted .


The moment Wang Zhong shouted, there was the sound of an explosion . The Macedon-class rune cannon was a fatal weapon . Although only 5% of its full energy was released, the results were extraordinary . The two people who were kneeling at the extreme left were immediately blasted into pieces by the explosion . Blood and flesh flew everywhere, landing on the people beside them . There was still some leftover electric energy from the terrifying blast that sent their corpses flying into the distance . Their bodies eventually exploded in the shrubs many kilometers away, causing the ground to shake .

“That was off . ” Napier stuck his tongue out . “I accidentally hit another one . This thing is hard to control . ”

“Be careful . I could have asked them 13 times,” said Wang Zhong .

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“Sure . You only have 12 chances now . ”

“Eleven,” corrected Mu Zi .

Their relaxed expressions instantly shocked the one-eyed man . These… were compassionate newbies who had never seen mountains of corpses on the battlefield?

The row of people who were kneeling on the ground all stared at them, dumbfounded . They instantly broke out into a cold sweat . At this moment, they knew that they had provoked the wrong person . No wonder their employer was so cautious . They had offered a generous reward and even lent their cannon to them .

“Who is your employer?” Wang Zhong turned around and spoke in a relaxed tone while smiling . But when they heard these four words, the words suddenly sounded like an order for them to die .

The one-eyed man started to sweat . “We received this mission from the black market . I can only tell you so much!”

This time, Wang Zhong did not need to say anything . The moment the one-eyed man finished speaking, there was another explosion . Napier had adjusted his angle and carefully controlled the cannon . This time, he hit his target accurately without hitting the person beside .

“Wang Zhong!” The one-eyed man gritted his teeth . Wang Zhong was much more decisive than he had expected . “If you have the skills, then kill all of us . You should know the rules of the black market . If we reveal that information, we will die!”

“Am I making you think that dying is too relaxing?” Wang Zhong interrupted him . He calmly said, “It looks like you need something more exciting . ”

All of them were dumbfounded . What did he mean by “something more exciting”? Before they could react, a fishy smell wafted from behind them .

Roar… roar…

It was a low and scary roar . The dark devil dog slowly walked out, drool dripping from its wide mouth as it growled . It radiated a frightening aura that caused all of them to be afraid . Its eyes, which were as large as bells and looked like black holes, glared closely at every single one of them as if it was preparing to choose someone for a meal .

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All the life was drained from their eyes . The terror that the devil dog radiated made them sure that it wanted to chew them into pieces . Being eaten by the dog would definitely not be a comfortable experience, especially if they were being eaten alive . Death was not scary; what was scary was the way they died .

Wang Zhong did not plan on letting them off . Being compassionate to his enemies would be being cruel to his comrades . If others did not wrong him, he would not wrong others . But if someone provoked him, he would return the favor 100 times!

“I don’t have time to waste on you,” Wang Zhong said . “Do you want to be eaten alive, or do you want to die happy? You choose . ”

The one-eyed man was in great pain . He never expected that he would have the luxury to discuss options . He did not want to give in and wanted to struggle his way out . However, the people beside him could no longer take it . Ever since the ambush attack started, the three people in front of them had displayed their ability to kill all of them here . More terrifyingly, the devil dog that radiated terror had walked in front of him . Its rough, barbed tongue simply licked his head gently, but his head was already badly battered . Half of the skin on his face was about to peel off, causing him to shout in pain .

At this moment, they realized that the terrifying dog-like creature had a tongue that was full of sharp barbs . The sharp smell of blood filled the air . Even Napier started to form goosebumps . Only Wang Zhong and Mu Zi remained calm . They had passed the level of being affected by what they saw .

Death was not frightening . What was frightening was seeing yourself being eaten into pieces with your own eyes . If the one-eyed man continued to reject his request, he would not be the first to die .

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak!!”

Some people had started to collapse and strove to outdo one another as they shouted . They had thought that they only had to find good stuff and bully weaklings for this mission . After all, there were three newbies who had never stepped on the battlefield . Even if they had the ability to fight, there were countless ways to kill them . However, they did not expect these three people to be far from newbies; they were devils! The members could not even think of surviving this . Their enemy had killed three people without even batting an eye . Their mysterious smiles scared them . Now, the only thing the members wanted was a simple death .

“Let me speak . ” The one-eyed man finally lowered his head and let out a long sigh .

Ham Sausage guarded the rest of the crestfallen members . Those who were willing to speak the truth were brought to three different corners . Mu Zi, Wang Zhong, and Napier listened to each of them before coming together to check the information .

The situation was very simple . This group of people was not an exploration team from the Holy City . Instead, they were an exploration team from outside the Holy City who were participating in the Holy Battle and had received a mission from the black market . The one-eyed man was not foolish . On the one hand, the rewards were plentiful . On the other hand, it was the Zhao Family who had issued the mission . He wanted to use this mission to obtain advanced technology .

Back when Gong Yi had returned to the Earth to find Mu Zi, he told Wang Zhong about what Assassin was doing against the Zhao Family several times . The Zhao Family had been forced to the point of desperation and were willing to do anything . Wang Zhong even asked Gong Yi to remind Ma Dong to be more careful . The Zhao Family had been established in the Federation for 100 years and had countless networks in the Holy City . The fact that they were declining was not a good sign . However, Wang Zhong did not expect the Zhao Family to dare to attack him since he was also situated in the Holy City . The Zhao Family had probably been unable to find any clues related to Ma Dong and Assassin . Thus, in their exasperation, they vented their anger on Wang Zhong, who was on the battlefield .

“The Zhao Family…” Wang Zhong’s eyes lit up, and a sharp killing intent could be seen in his eyes!

Back then, the Zhao Family had been the most proactive in dealing with Assassin’s family and almost single-handedly fought them . The Zhao Family was also the one who had captured Ma Dong and carried out the death sentence for Tumo . Other families might have taken a share of this sumptuous feast and might have helped them, but there was no doubt that the Zhao Family was Assassin’s greatest enemy . The Zhao Family was also the greatest enemy of Wang Zhong and Ma Dong . Even the Gui Family was second to them .

It seemed like they were slightly desperate!

“Mu Zi, let them die happy . ” Wang Zhong did not drag this for much longer . Although he was surprised that he had suddenly encountered assassins from the Zhao Family, he was mentally prepared . A clash with the Gui Family and the Zhao Family would eventually occur . He had been lying low as he did not have enough aces prepared . He did not want them to focus on him, But now, it seemed as if everything had arrived in advance .

A deathly aura radiated from the coffin . There was despair in everyone’s eyes . When the deathly aura touched their bodies, their shocked eyes turned into those of dead fish . Although they had chosen death, when they were actually faced with death, they still held on to that thin thread of hope . This was also the reason why they died so happily . However, it was evident that their enemies were not indecisive weaklings .

When they walked out the jungle, they were faced with a marsh . Needless to say, the warm climate in the Mizobudapi world made it easy for wetlands, jungles, and marshes to form . They could be found in the area of the north battlefield they had explored . Highly toxic sludge, annoying venomous insects, as well as various disgusting and strange creatures, could be found in the marshes . No matter who came here, it was not a comfortable experience .

Furthermore, this marsh was more difficult to walk through compared to the Black Rock Swamp that Napier had walked across . There were many wild dimensional lifeforms here . Venomous insects were everywhere, including the Poison Kiss Thorn Bug that gave everyone in the exploration team a headache . They could be found everywhere in the marsh in groups, unlike in the Black Rock Swamp, where there had only been seven or eight of them . They were like the overlords of the swamp . Wang Zhong and the rest had even seen over four hundred Poison Kiss Thorn Bugs flying through the air and blocking the sky like dark clouds . The buzzing of their wings caused their scalps to turn numb . Goosebumps also appeared all over their bodies .

Luckily, they had Mu Zi this time .

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