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Chapter 858: 858
Chapter 858: Vengeance and the Proper Way to Open a Door!

The Wanderlust Team had been experiencing what could be called a ‘haze’ . It was as if some dark aura hovered over everyone in the exploration team . They were lifeless and extremely depressed .

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Sharmie was like a changed person . She was usually the most lively person in the team . Now, she was dazed and expressionless . Did she want revenge?

When they encountered a great challenge, many people would choose to fight back, but even more people would collapse after a setback . Sharmie was the latter . Scarlet and Laura took turns to advise her, but it was of no use . It was not that she did not want to avenge Mario . The problem was, Scarlet was only the disciple of a Great Teacher . Great Teachers had many disciples . As for Laura, she relied on her brother for protection, but going out to provoke the leader of a level four exploration team… This would only cause trouble for her own family .

Of course, they could not simply give up on this situation . The Wanderlust Team was already a laughingstock . Now, people bullied them whenever they saw them . Their good deeds were never revealed, but the news of their faults traveled far and wide . Oscar and the rest had a closed-door meeting to discuss solutions . No matter what, they definitely had to fight back . Even if they had to pay a heavy price, they could not give up just like that .

In reality, they had thought of many methods, but they all led to death no matter what . Most importantly, even if they could kill Hale by a fluke, the entire Wanderlust Team would die along with him . They were in a dilemma . Were they afraid? There were times when one just did not have enough strength .

At that moment, the door suddenly opened . To be honest, no one would look for them at this time…

“Haha, brothers, I’m back . Ah . Everyone’s here . What a coincidence!” They heard a cheery laugh .

Everyone was shocked . Napier rubbed his eyes, but it did not seem to be an illusion!

Wang Zhong had come back just like that, seemingly uninjured to boot .

“Wang—Wang Zhong?”


“Lao Wang?!”

The house that had been lifeless the past few days was suddenly injected with vitality . Even the dazed Sharmie slowly opened her eyes . Tears streamed down her face . “Wang Zhong… Mario died a terrible death…”

The atmosphere immediately grew somber . Wang Zhong was shocked . Mario was dead?

“What happened?”

Oscar sighed and explained the affair simply . “Wang Zhong, this situation is very complex . We need to see this from afar…”

“That whale from the Oceanic Beasts?” Murderous intent started to fill the room . The cold voice made even Oscar shudder .

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From the very beginning, the Wanderlust Team had seen Wang Zhong as a top expert, but to the members of his own exploration team, this expert did not put on airs . It could even be said that he did not have a temper . No matter what he encountered, he was cheerful . He had only displayed this murderous intent once . That was before the previous time they returned to Earth, when they looked for Feng to create the Pioneering Order .

Everyone knew what happened after that .

“Wang Zhong, don’t be rash,” Feng immediately responded . The surprise at Wang Zhong’s return had been engulfed by a great sense of danger . “We will definitely take revenge, but you don’t understand the situation . Not only do we not have any evidence, but we also don’t have the ability to punish him either . Scarlet even went to ask her teacher and received a reply . Her Teacher said that she did not care about this… Oscar and I will tell you the details . We have to plan far ahead . ”

“Yes . Wang Zhong, the fact that you’re alive is a huge miracle . You don’t know our current situation . ” Asher laughed bitterly . He could see Wang Zhong’s dissatisfaction and anger, but the Wanderlust Team had almost been repatriated by the Holy City Army . “We’re all very angry . But… to be honest, strength is justice . ”

Everyone lowered their heads . These ‘long-term plans’ were only a form of self-consolation . Everyone knew that this was a distant hope . Asher’s words were difficult but frank, and managed to calm Wang Zhong down . This was the reality . Sharmie could only cry silently .

When Wang Zhong saw this, he did not comfort her . Instead, he laughed coldly . “Justice? Today, I will let them know what justice is!”

There was no hesitation when he spoke . Everyone was shocked . They were dazed for a moment, but Wang Zhong had already opened the door and walked out .


To be honest, everyone’s impression of Wang Zhong was of a kind and rational person . But now, he did not even want to discuss it with them . He was even too heedless to understand the details of the situation before going out the door . What was he planning to do? When they saw how he rushed out of the door full of murderous intent, they were shocked .

Feng was still the first to react . “Hurry! Stop him!”

This was the base of the Holy City Army! The Oceanic Beasts did not have any missions over the next two days . Wang Zhong wanted to fight them directly . Attacking in the base? He was just asking for death!

They recovered from their shock . Oscar and Small Eyes, who were nearest to the door, immediately rushed out . It was only three to five seconds of delay, but Wang Zhong was nowhere to be seen!

The rest of the people who walked out could only stare dumbfounded . He ran too quickly . How could they stop him?

“The bar! The Wilson-Johnson Bar!” Oscar shouted . The Oceanic Beasts and the Wanderlust Team were in the same Exploration Team Department . When they first arrived here, they would visit the same bar . They had even met each other several times . If Wang Zhong wanted to find Hale, he would definitely go there first .

Even Sharmie started to panic . She did not want to involve Wang Zhong because of this . She had already risked her life with Hale that day, and Oscar and Scarlet would definitely not look on unconcernedly at the incident to come . In the end, everyone was exhausted… but still hurriedly followed after . They did not dare to delay any further, rushing towards the Wilson-Johnson Bar . But they were dumbfounded . They could not catch up to Wang Zhong .

When they recalled the murderous aura and determination that Wang Zhong had when he walked out the door, everyone was afraid . Wang Zhong had just returned . Had he taken the wrong medicine? This was the base of the Holy City Army! Even if he could not wait to take revenge, they should discuss a solution first . Even ambushing the Oceanic Beasts when they went out on a mission would be good! But this…

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… Was too rash!!

It was over . Something bad was going to happen!

The Wilson-Johnson Bar .

The bars in the military were open 24 hours and were crowded the entire day . There was no period when it was quiet .

At this moment, it was only 10 a . m . , but the bar was already filled with people . Gentle music played at the bar counter . After all, this was a military camp . They were not allowed to play overly exciting songs near the door to the outside . The Oceanic Beasts occupied two tables in the middle .

Recently, the Oceanic Beasts were flushed with success as Hale was very good at seizing opportunities . Originally, they were not highly ranked among the Dimensional Exploration teams . However, they had accepted several major missions and made huge profits . Almost all their members were moving up . In the span of one month, the low-ranking Oceanic Beasts had fully equipped all their members . Putting aside their actual combat level, just their luxurious equipment set them apart from ordinary miscellaneous troops . In this area, other than a few large Dimensional Exploration teams, the Oceanic Beasts were not afraid of anyone .

After the situation with Sharmie, they received another mission and only returned yesterday . Today was a rare rest day .

It seemed as if this mission was very successful . They had earned good profits as well . Hale was in a great mood — high-spirited and energetic . Earlier, he did not dare to openly talk about the episode with Sharmie . After all, he was worried that Scarlet would look for Great Teacher Sophia and report it to her . But now, there was no news . This meant that the situation had stabilized . Just as he had guessed, Great Teacher Sophia was on another level . She did not care about the life or death of a newbie Heroic Soul . She would not punish an entire exploration team without any evidence . Furthermore, it was the powerful Oceanic Beasts! Evidently, Scarlet had misunderstood this relationship . She was only the apprentice of a Great Teacher . She was not the daughter of a Great Teacher .

Now, all taboos had been lifted . He drank several glasses of alcohol and was in the mood to enjoy . When he recalled Sharmie’s figure, he felt an itch for her . “Those buttocks and how her chest felt in my hands . Tsk, tsk, tsk . When I think about it, I am overwhelmed with sadness . Just a little more and I would have been inside her!”

His voice was very loud, but he was not afraid of anything . Playing with newbies in the Holy City was a common occurrence . Some people did so secretly, while others did it openly and brazenly . The only difference was your strength .

Other than the Oceanic Beasts, many people from other exploration teams had seen Sharmie before . Many people drooled with envy over this beautiful woman . They were excited as he spoke . Some even started to smirk .

“Boss, almost doesn’t mean that you were inside . ” Someone laughed . “Are you tempted? I think she will protect herself fiercely in the future . You probably have no chance . ”

“Bah!” Hale laughed coldly . “I will say this here . If she doesn’t listen to me, the Wanderlust Team can think twice about going out in public . There are many ways to deal with this bunch of trash . ”

“She is of superb quality . She would be willing with a strong person like you . Don’t destroy her . Boss, I think that you should try to chase her normally . ”

“Yes, yes . Boss, with your strength, isn’t it easy for you to chase a newbie like her? She will not be wasted . Once you are bored of her, we can take secondhand goods . ”

“What chasing? Since when were you so particular? Are you serious?” Hale laughed out loud . “Once you finish thinking about all that, I would have obtained multiple women . ”

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There was a wave of laughter in the bar, but this did not mean that all of them agreed with him . There was even some regret in their laughter . However, on the surface, they had to conform to the situation . Ordinary people like them could not offend the Oceanic Beasts . They could only dream of being a hero who saved a damsel in distress .


The atmosphere in the bar was pleasant, but it was broken by a sudden crashing sound . The door of the bar had been fiercely kicked down by someone . Glass broke and scattered everywhere .

This show of strength demoralized everyone . The noisy bar instantly quieted down . Even the gentle music had been muted in ‘fright’ . Everyone looked at the door in shock . Where had this idiot come from? Were you crazy? Have you drunk too much? No matter whether this was a bar or not, it was the base of the Holy City Army . The Holy Battle had started over a month ago, and no matter who it was or how much they drank, no one had dared to cause trouble here .

A young man walked in as countless people stared at him in doubt .

“Who is Hale?”

The young man asked a question in a cold voice . He looked at everyone .

Hale was slightly baffled . This young man felt slightly familiar, but he could not remember who he was .

After all, this was a bar in the Holy City Army base . He subconsciously stood up . “That’s me . Who are…”

Before he could finish speaking, the young man swayed when a ray of white light sped towards him .

Hale was shocked . Had this young man come to fight him? Furthermore, he attacked without saying anything else . What did this mean?

He was still thinking, but his body did not rest . After all, he was a wily old fox, and he reacted very quickly with an instantaneous burst of Soul Power, but Wang Zhong had closed in too quickly . Hale did not have the time to draw his weapon from the space crystal . Instead, he clenched his right fist and punched toward Wang Zhong . He was a Tyrant and an outstanding member of the Tempering Faculty . His enemy was very quick, but was he actually trying to challenge him in close combat? He was least afraid of close-combat fights!

The Soul Power that burst forth instantly was also shocking . It reached a peak of 10,000 Grassos and flowed terrifyingly . The two tables in front of him were instantly broken into pieces when his fists came into contact with them . But the moment the shock waves from his punch broke the two tables, he saw a blur in front of his eyes . Not only did his punch miss, but he had also lost his target!

He could not see that person . He could not even feel that person . It was as if a ghost had charged at him .

What was this?!

Just as Hale was surprised, the shadow reappeared . This time, it appeared beside him!

How fast!

Before he could draw back his fist, the person had covered a distance of seven or eight meters . Then, he fiercely slashed at Hale .


His half-stretched right arm was broken just like that . But that was not the main part . Most importantly, his thick, broken humerus poked out of his arm . It was painful to even look at .

But before he could even feel the pain, a knife slashed through his neck .

This was a powerful attack . Hale’s painful wail was instantly silenced . His head fell off and broke the chair . His bloody head landed on the floor .

All this happened too quickly . The person’s actions were so fast that the people in the bar could not even see them clearly . Even the members of the Oceanic Beasts who were beside Hale had not completely recovered from their shock . They stood there with their mouths wide open, dumbfounded .

Wang Zhong’s eyes were full of murderous intent . Even when facing alien races, or the Sword Saint who wanted to kill him, he had never felt such hatred .

His enemies on the battlefield fought for their masters . It was a struggle for victory or defeat . But with Hale, Wang Zhong fought out of hatred!


It was a smooth action, but a frightening stomp landed on Hale’s head like a large hammer .

The ground instantly cracked open, and Hale’s head fell into the hole . The back of his head had changed shape . He was a Tyrant, the equivalent of an expert from the Mystic Sect or the Sparta Clan . This kick had caused his brain juice to spurt out . What followed was the cold laughter of the young man .

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