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Chapter 851: 851

When he ran out of the narrow path, he arrived at the central area of the cave . The area was around two to three hundred square meters, and there were about seventeen cave passageways leading to this place in all directions . On the cave walls, there were countless energy crystals; some were the size of a basket, and some were the size of a table . There was even a huge energy ore that contained countless layers of energy crystals . It not only made the entire cave light up as though the sun was shining on it, but the energy emitted from it also formed a layer of energy as dense as fog, so dense that nothing could pierce through it!

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 Wang Zhong had passed by this area before he found the exit, and it left a deep impression on him now; it had become his lifesaver .

 “Hurry up!” Simba kept hurrying Wang Zhong . Wang Zhong had only taken a quick moment to observe the area, but Simba could already feel that the Sword Saint behind was closing in on them again . Soon, both Wang Zhong and the Sword Saint would be able to sense each other’s positions again .

 Wang Zhong also dared not waste a second . He had already been running for the past two days and his legs were jelly . As he panted heavily, he took out the bomb from his bracelet .

 It was a crystal, tube-like thing, and it was the size of a child’s arm . The substance inside was some unknown alchemy liquid emitting a bright blue light, and the head of the crystal tube was sealed . The other end of it consisted of a hexagonal mechanical structure which was made of eight triangles, and it was covered in scattered runes .

 He had to adjust the triangles and reposition them, similar to opening a safe . Kenso’s Stink Bomb was extremely powerful, and its explosive energy was definitely not stable . As such, it would inevitably need a complex seal . Although Wang Zhong had familiarized himself with the steps long ago, it would still take time for him to do it .

 “Wang Zhong! Hurry up!”

 “Don’t rush me . The steps are very complicated…” Wang Zhong’s forehead was already drenched in sweat .

 “That guy is coming!”

 Within twenty to thirty seconds, the Sword Saint’s divine sense could be felt throughout the entire area .

 “Time for you to die, weakling!” The Sword Saint’s voice was transmitted through the tremors of the cave walls, and it was full of anger .

 Simba was about to die of anxiety while Wang Zhong remained calm as he completed the last step .

 “It’s done!”

 The scattered runes on the surface eventually formed a perfect runic array as he infused a little Soul Power into it, and a burst of energy waves immediately radiated from the bottom rune area . He could already feel the terrifying energy in his hand . Upon activation of the bomb, the nearby energy veins had already begun to react to it, and small amounts of light began to ‘pour’ from the energy mine into the bomb .

 Wang Zhong couldn’t throw this bomb at a random place . He spotted a small interlayer on the side of the cave wall and shoved Kenso’s Stink Bomb inside .

 “Run, run!” urged Simba . Their escape route was already set . Wang Zhong had just started running when he suddenly felt a surge of powerful energy squeezing through a narrow path behind him, as though something was charging towards him at high speed .

 Heinrich the Sword Saint was completely enraged . How could he fail to catch up with such a lowly inferior creature for two days? What’s more was that the weakling had made him run around in circles in this dirty and smelly mine which was structured like a cobweb . All these sudden twists and turns had made Heinrich dizzy and nauseous . Now that he had finally managed to lock on to that weakling’s position with his divine sense, it was as though he had been pumped with adrenaline, and he instantly shot forward at an unbelievable speed .

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With the arrival of this deadly threat, Simba was scared out of his wits, while Wang Zhong plunged into the pre-planned route .

 Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

 Wang Zhong ran with all his might and was using up his last bit of Soul Power . There was no need to preserve his energy anymore as the most important thing was to survive the next few minutes . Despite this, the speed of the threat behind him was still faster than him, and the distance between the two was decreasing by the second . When Wang Zhong was running along a long straight path, he even felt that he would be able to see the other party behind him if he looked back!

 “Ahhhhhhhh! It’s too late! Did this guy just take drugs? How did he become so fast suddenly?!” Simba was screaming at the top of his lungs .

 Wang Zhong turned back abruptly and put his left hand on his right hand as he continued to run backward .

Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven!

 The phoenix fluttered its wings and charged towards the weakest part of the cave wall with a terrifying momentum .

 He wanted to use the same trick he used previously to blast down this passageway, but the cave walls were actually rather hard . The reason why he succeeded the day before yesterday was due to the strong collision between the Sword Saint and the Headless Knight . On its own, Wang Zhong’s Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven truly didn’t have much effect .

 … Only a small piece of cave wall came crashing down . Not to mention blocking the passageway, it was not enough to even trip a person .

 Then he had to continue! Again!

 Wang Zhong gritted his teeth as both his hands flashed with bright runes . He squeezed his last remaining bit of Soul Power from his near to dried-up Soul Sea and tried again . Even Simba tried to contribute, but of course, he could only play the role of a cheerleader .

 A total of five fiery phoenixes flew and charged towards a single spot on the cave wall . With that, the subsequent impact finally made that part of the cave wall collapse .


 The passageway, which was originally narrow to begin with, was sealed instantly, but obviously, this could only hinder the other party for a while . This minor obstruction was clearly incapable of stopping the Sword Saint . What’s more was that the effects were not even as good as what the Headless Knight did previously .

 However, it would at least be able to stall him for ten or more seconds .

 “Go faster!” Simba tried to rush Wang Zhong once again, but both of them soon realized that trouble was brewing for them .

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 The Speed Circuit in Wang Zhong’s body suddenly dissipated, and both his legs suddenly grew as heavy as lead, making his high-speed sprint into a trot!

 “F*ck, are you dumb?!” Simba immediately realized what was going on and screamed at Wang Zhong in desperation . “Why did you use up all your strength? You should have preserved some for us to run!”

 Wang Zhong smiled bitterly in response . He had been extremely uptight for the past two days, and the threat he sensed from the Sword Saint just now was really too great . Just now, he focused only on making the cave wall collapse and forgot that he was close to exhausting his Soul Sea . Honestly, Wang Zhong was also surprised that he could successfully launch those attacks under such circumstances as they were techniques that consumed a lot of Soul Power . Now, it wasn’t a problem of his Soul Sea drying up, his Soul Sea was now shaking as though it was cramping and completely dried up .

 He continued to run with all his might, but now, only his physical body could support his movements . However, by relying on this sort of pure human strength, he wouldn’t be able to run out of the cave within the stipulated time of five minutes, let alone getting rid of the Sword Saint . It was highly possible that he would get blown to pieces when the bomb exploded .

 “Idiot! Fool! It’s over . I’m going to die at my prime!” Simba truly wanted to cry .

 “Shut up and think of something!”

 “What else can I think of? You have no Soul Power left, and those part-time workers can’t be summoned again . You dumbass— Oh wait!”

 “Dumbass!” Simba suddenly came to his senses . “Big White! We still have Big White! Fatty! Come out and save us!”

 If Simba hadn’t mentioned it, Wang Zhong would have completely forgotten about it . It was mainly because, with the addition of three Soul Guards, Big White almost became non-existent and had basically become Simba’s toy . In addition, Big White’s forte was definitely not its speed . Wang Zhong had tried to ride it in the Cursed Lands before, and Big White moved its ass as slowly as a worm . Could it run faster than him now?

 But at this time, he had no choice but to place all his hopes on Big White, and he wasted no time in summoning it . He hadn’t paid much attention to it for quite a while, and it seemed that it had grown much fatter . Hence, it was definitely capable of carrying Wang Zhong on its back . It was just that it seemed a little lazy and listless . Simba came out of his mask state and directly rode on Big White’s head . However, when Wang Zhong sat on its back, he could feel Big White’s entire body sink . It was obviously unwilling to let such a heavy passenger ride on it . Its speed was intolerably slow, and it began twisting its butt like a shy girl would, seemingly unhappy that it got disturbed .

 “Brother, at least put in some effort…” Wang Zhong was completely out of strength and the cave behind him had already begun to shake; roaring and light could be seen seeping through the cracked rocks . However, Wang Zhong was fresh out of ideas . The fact that he was depending on Big White meant that he was already down to his last idea . If Big White couldn’t make it, then all of them were doomed .

 “Hehe!” Simba revealed a profound smile as he raised his hand high up . He targeted the most tender spot on Big White’s neck and squeezed it with all his might .

 With that, Big White suddenly froze, and all its hairs had stood on their ends . Following that, a shrill scream could be heard .

 “Zoom zoom zoom!” Big White shrieked loudly, and it instantly sped up . Its puffed-up hair made it seem as though its body had grown a size bigger as well .


 As Wang Zhong had yet to position himself properly, he almost got thrown off Big White’s back when it suddenly sped up .

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 “F*ck, it’s really fast!” Wang Zhong was dumbfounded .

 “Obviously! Don’t you know who trained it?!” Simba was extremely proud of himself . He was a genius!

 He truly had a lot of foresight! If it wasn’t for him forcing Big White and the Headless Knight to race each other in the warehouse, Big White wouldn’t be able to master this skill . “Smart Simba, Genius Simba, Invincible Simba! I saved you again!”

 Wang Zhong almost laughed till he cried . Simba’s insults could be as mean as ever, but in this kind of situation, he was really rather reliable .

 “Go go go go go!” Simba didn’t stop and continued to twist Big White’s tender flesh all the way till it almost turned purple . Its eyes turned red as it charged forward at top speed, as though it had just taken a shot of adrenaline . Surprisingly, even with Wang Zhong on its back, it was not slower than Wang Zhong by a single bit, even when Wang Zhong had activated his Speed Circuit .

 With a flash of white light, they were already quite far gone from that area . At the same time, the passageway which was blocked by huge rocks was also penetrated by countless golden light flashes and was blasted open .

 “Weakling, I’ll kill you!” Heinrich was completely enraged as he continued to pursue them from behind . Even though he was a Sword Saint and even though his Soul Power could be replenished limitlessly due to his ability to connect to the heavens and earth with no damage to his Soul Sea, but after having run non-stop for the past two days, he was truly getting annoyed and frustrated . He was a highly respected Sword Saint . How dare someone put him through this?!

 His divine sense had completely locked on to the weakling in front; his prey was not far from him . Originally, he thought that the weakling had exhausted all his Soul Power and seemed to have stopped running, but the weakling’s speed unexpectedly accelerated again! Even he was not able to catch up with the weakling! This feeling of something being at his fingertips, but never being able to get it, was truly pushing him to lose his temper!

 He transformed into a bolt of golden lightning and tried to close in on the weakling . The good news was that he could sense that the guy in front was gradually slowing down .

 After all, Big White’s forte was never its stamina . Even when it raced the Headless Knight, it only participated in short-distance sprints . Even with Simba’s flesh-twisting method, it soon reached its limit . It was now very fast when it came to short-distance sprints, but it couldn’t do long-distance runs .

 “Come on! We’re reaching the exit!” Simba grew anxious and continued to twist its flesh .

 Big White gritted its teeth in pain as it charged forward with all its might . All of a sudden, a thunderous and earth-shattering tremor came from the depths of the cave behind .

 Not only did the cave suddenly shake, it was as though a huge part of the entire mountain had collapsed, and a wave rippled from the depths of the cave . The hard ground began to shake uncontrollably, almost making Big White lose its balance . Following that, a terrifying howl could be heard echoing from behind .

 Bang! Rumble rumble rumble…

 The tremors were almost indescribable . They felt like an incoming catastrophe, and no one was capable of resisting it .

 Not only Simba and Wang Zhong, even Big White, who had originally reached its limit, was scared out of its wits . With the kind of fear that was enough to shock one’s soul, Big White sped up even without needing Simba to twist its flesh .

 “Zoom zoom zoom!”

 Big White howled in horror, but nothing could be heard . Simba grew as pale as a sheet while Wang Zhong clung onto Big White as though his life depended on it .

 Their plan was successful!

 Such a terrifying explosion was definitely not caused by Kenso’s Stink Bomb alone . Indeed, the energy crystals in the mine were detonated by the intense energy of the bomb as well, and the end result might even be better than what Wang Zhong had imagined . With such power, it was estimated that a huge part of the mountain might come crashing down directly, but the question was, could they get out of here alive?

 With that terrifying explosion, the temperature of the entire cave began to rise sharply .

 Faster! Faster! They had to go faster!

 Finally, the three of them caught a glimpse of sunlight, and it was coming from the exit . All of them couldn’t help but cheer, but at this moment, a high-temperature heatwave came rushing from behind .

 It was a huge wave of surging energy, gushing from the depths of the cave and sweeping to all the cave passageways with terrifying destructive and burning power . Wherever it went, it ignited all the energy crystals on the cave walls, instantly releasing luminous flames and energy, which eventually contributed to an even larger explosion . Be it the hard cave walls or the rock-hard ground, they were all shattered, burned, and turned into dust within seconds of being exposed to that ever-expanding energy flare!

 Additionally, the fire resembled a nebula expanding at a high speed, trying to burn and destroy everything along the way!

 Both Big White and Simba were extremely frightened . One continued to twist the other’s flesh while the other charged forward wildly . However, their speed wasn’t even a match for the Sword Saint’s, not to mention the rapidly-expanding explosive energy wave .


 “Holy Saint Teacher! Fate Roulette! Gold Stone Slab! Great Simba! Mom…!” Simba was so frightened that he had begun to spout nonsense .

 “Faster, faster, faster!” Not to mention Simba, even Wang Zhong, who had always kept his composure, felt a wave of anxiety sweep over him .

 He could already feel the heat from that energy wave, and it was about to kiss their backs!

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