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Chapter 829: 829

Wang Zhong benefitted a fair amount from this competition . To be respected in the Holy Land, strength was a must-have . After this battle, he would definitely face a lot less trouble, and things would quieten down for quite a while . The Wanderlust Team members were over the moon as well . Although it was not a total reversal of fortune, all of them more or less gained a mini windfall, and their lives improved by a great deal . Of course, such opportunities would not be available again .

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 After the battle, Wang Zhong went back to his life as usual . The more convenient thing was that no one commented on him anymore when he went to the library . Wang Zhong was extremely focused on the research of his own fighting system . Cellular Cosmology was one aspect, and another more important thing was learning how to apply the knowledge he had gained during the Casted Soul Stage . Enoch’s fighting style gave him certain insights . Coupled with his own Soul Power Circuit, he was extremely close to figuring things out .

 His new identity as a Holy Disciple also brought about many benefits for him; for example, the restrictions on his Skylink were removed . Holy Disciples were official members of the Holy Land . As such, they truly belonged and shared common interests with the Holy Land . In addition, as a Holy Disciple, they had official residency and also had the right to buy and sell slaves . The Holy Land’s conquests in the Dimensional World would bring a variety of slaves in strange forms, including humanoids, creatures, demons, etc . These exist in the Holy Land’s official market where apprentices were not eligible to go .

 Regarding changing his residence, Wang Zhong did not really care, because, to him, the Holy Disciples’ residences were not that good . They were not spacious enough and not suitable for cultivation . Although his current warehouse was remote and old, the place was huge and quiet . No matter what kind of noises he made, no one would care . It was the best place for him .

 Three days after the competition, Wang Zhong decided to clean himself up and look for Murphy to express his gratitude . Even though the help he rendered might have been nothing to Murphy, Wang Zhong still had to do something . Of course, whether Murphy would want to see him was another matter entirely .

 “Junior Brother Wang Zhong! Welcome! Welcome! Your performance during the promotion competition was really awesome . We have all heard about it . What’s up today? Do you want to do an experiment today? I will give you a lab immediately . Also, do you lack any materials? Feel free to tell me . No matter how rare they are, I’ll settle it for you!” Upon seeing Wang Zhong, Leo was very welcoming .

 Great Master Murphy had given back his job in the alchemy workshop, and he had returned to his former position in the union . Frankly, when his previous life had been smooth sailing, Leo once thought that he might be the kind of genius that was highly sought after by everyone . After experiencing this trough in his life, he could see himself clearly . His talent was limited, and his specialty was business and management . If he did not have a backer, he was nothing .

 Upon seeing how Murphy treated Wang Zhong, it was obvious that he thought highly of Wang Zhong . Leo had finally grasped the situation . This person would definitely become something in the future . Thus, he should not put on any airs in front of Wang Zhong . Instead, he should treat Wang Zhong with respect and try his best to help Wang Zhong . This was a rare opportunity . When this person finally makes it big in the future, he could also reap some benefits .

 It was just that Wang Zhong was a little overwhelmed and unaccustomed to Leo’s obedience and bootlicking . The moment Wang Zhong expressed his intentions, Leo immediately assured him that it could be done .

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 “Master Murphy doesn’t come here often, but he already said that you can go to him any time . Let’s go now . I’ll take you there . Master Murphy must be there at this time . ”

 This was the first time that Wang Zhong had come to the Great Teachers’ District . It was rather similar to the Teachers’ District, but there were many more guards patrolling the area . The Great Teachers’ District did not have a special enclave division for a Tutor Zone, but it had a much tighter guard . Not to mention the identity check if one wanted to go in and out of the area, one would also meet a group of patrolling guards every few minutes; it would have been really troublesome without Leo leading the way .

 Great Master Murphy’s residence was the 34th one in the Tianxiang Zone . As they stepped into the area, a huge manor came into view . Two deer-race maids with pointed horns opened the door for Leo and Wang Zhong . This was a race conquered by the Holy Land . Generally, they had ordinary combat power, were gentle, and had timid temperaments . Thus, they were very suitable to be trained into house servants . Additionally, their sexy bodies could attract the attention of countless men, making it extremely expensive to purchase one of them in the Holy Land .

 The two servants were dressed rather properly, but they could hardly conceal their meek nature and good figure . Then, one of them politely spoke, “Master is currently working in the laboratory . Are there any urgent matters which we have to inform him about immediately?”

 The Great Teachers’ District could be considered a vast place with a scarce population, and one’s private area would be huge . Instead of having to rent a special area for a gourmet lab, as Lan Daier did, there were three personal laboratories for Murphy in this big manor . All his required experimental materials were, naturally, all delivered on time as well . Basically, there was no need to leave his home to conduct an experiment .

 Leo had been here several times already . “No need . We’ll wait,” he replied .

 The two female servants responded politely . It was apparent that they knew Leo . They led the two to the guest area in the living room of the manor and served them tea in a formal and courteous manner .

 This kind of high-end slave was not something ordinary Holy Disciples would even dare to covet . Although Leo had been here many times, he still couldn’t help staring at them until the two servants took their leave . “The deer race produces one of the most docile and obedient servants . Also, owning a deer-race female servant is a symbol of absolute status, which means that one would basically at least be at the level of a Great Teacher . However, the rules of the Holy Land state that we can only get a small number of them . ”

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 Leo definitely knew a lot about these things . Soon, he began to introduce the things that Master Murphy had to Wang Zhong without holding back, and they were basically all representations of luxury . Leo spoke with great familiarity, and it could be seen that he was filled with envy . On the other hand, Wang Zhong wasn’t interested at all in these things . This was probably a matter of having different pursuits and having natural talent .

 All of this was witnessed by Murphy . He had arrived some time ago, but he didn’t interrupt . Putting people to good use was one of his special talents . Unlike some masters who were very serious and pedantic, Murphy felt that everyone’s existence had a value and that the key was how to use them . Ever since he appointed Leo as his manager, he had a much better life than other masters as he didn’t have to worry about funding at all . Others were disdainful but in fact, were just jealous . Murphy himself was actually a rather proud person . When it came to using and making friends with people, he would also consider the other party’s nature and temperament . To him, this Wang Zhong was not bad .

 Wang Zhong was talented and understood how the world worked . He would definitely benefit from helping Wang Zhong .


 Of course, Murphy didn’t expect anything from Wang Zhong currently . However, he was always accurate in judging people . Not to mention Wang Zhong’s alchemy abilities, his control of Soul Power was already excellent while he was still an apprentice . As long as he was not a complete idiot, it was 90% possible that he would advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage . When that happened, Murphy would stand to gain from it .

 Looking at him now, this person also had excellent focus and was unlike Leo, who was easily distracted by shiny objects . He definitely had the potential to achieve great things, and therefore, there was no harm in investing in him at this time . Alchemy masters were also different . Some pursued power, and alchemy was just a complement to them . As for Murphy, his focus was alchemy itself while power was subsidiary .

 When Master Murphy strode in from the door, Wang Zhong quickly stood up to say hello while Leo immediately stepped back respectfully without saying a word and took the tea plate from the servant girl that was about to walk over .

 “Great Master Murphy . Thank you for your help in the rank-advancement competition . I was afraid of disturbing you . That’s why it took me so long to come,” said Wang Zhong .

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 Murphy smiled and waved his hand . “That wasn’t necessary . You are not suited for such formalities . I think we were brought together by fate . You can call me Lao Mo, or Murphy will do . Just skip the formalities, I feel uncomfortable when you do that . ”

 In contrast, Leo was so surprised that he almost ate the plate in his hand . However, the more it was so, the more he dared not show it . This… this situation was not right .

 “Alright, Lao Mo . I will not stand on ceremony then,” said Wang Zhong . Wang Zhong was aware that there wasn’t anything great about himself, so he didn’t try to decline further and adhered to Murphy’s wishes . Of course, he could also distinguish whether the other party was sincere or just being polite .

 “Can you tell me more about the spiral penetration injection method you mentioned the last time?” asked Murphy, laughing . He liked to be direct when the other party’s EQ was high enough .

 Wang Zhong didn’t try to hold anything back . He told Murphy about his thoughts and how he carried it out in detail . Murphy nodded constantly and clarified certain things from time to time . The conversation continued on for a long time, and the two were getting increasingly comfortable with each other . Of course, the discussion wasn’t about anything high-level; it was mostly about the basic techniques and the core control of alchemy .

 It was undeniable that if it wasn’t for knowing Wang Zhong’s ultimate goal, Murphy would have really wanted to take Wang Zhong under his wing . This kind of talent and Soul Power manipulation was extremely rare . If he trained hard for 10 years, he definitely would have the opportunity to become a Grand Alchemist Master .

 “You used Soul Guards in the competition, didn’t you?” asked Murphy with a laugh .

 Wang Zhong was rather stunned . “Soul Guards?”

 “The ones summoned by the Golden Stone Slab . ” Murphy did not expect Wang Zhong to be clueless about this . Thus, he began to explain the situation briefly . “The Golden Stone Slab was very popular in the early days of the Holy Land . Unfortunately, since the Holy Saint Teacher made that assertion, plus the fact that there had been no results these past few years, its popularity gradually declined . The fact that you can summon a Soul Guard indicates that you are fated with it, but you shouldn’t rely too much on it . Although Soul Guards can make you strong in the Heroic Soul Stage, they can’t survive the Heavenly Calamity . They even make it more difficult for you to pass . ”

 “Soul Guards will affect the Heavenly Calamity?”

 Murphy nodded with a smile . He didn’t mind doing a few more favors today . “A Soul Guard’s power is obviously significant to Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, but do you know why no one is using it?”

 Wang Zhong shook his head . He truly didn’t know much about this . This meant that there were ways to utilize them in the Holy Land, and yet, no one used them . Obviously, there were great complications .

 Murphy spoke as he observed Wang Zhong’s reaction, “Only those whose Soul wave frequency matches with the Golden Stone Slab can summon Soul Guards, and their strengths can vary . If they are not strong enough, then they are practically useless, because when one tries to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage, there will be a Heavenly Calamity . With a Soul Guard, you would need to survive two of those . You have two . That would mean three for you . Basically, it would be like seeking death, so it’s better to destroy the Soul Guards before they mature . Anyway, you have already been promoted to Holy Disciple . ”

 There was no reaction at all from Wang Zhong . Instead, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth . “Lao Mo, have you studied or researched Golden Stone Slabs?”

 “I did a long time ago . Simply put, it is not something that our dimension can understand . In the past, many alchemists immersed themselves in this and delayed their own progress, so this thing is more of a nightmare for us alchemists . Legend has it that if one collected all twelve slabs, one would become a god . But don’t take it too seriously . Back then, even the Holy Saint Teacher didn’t manage to do it,” said Murphy as he laughed .

 “Thank you very much!” Wang Zhong couldn’t believe his luck . He actually got pointers from a top-notch expert! It was better to know these things earlier rather than later . No matter how difficult the Heavenly Calamities would be, he wasn’t about to give up his Soul Guards . To him, even if they become a burden, he was still confident in succeeding as his Soul Sea was very different from others .

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