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Chapter 777: 777

Of course, the more important thing to them was that the women taught by Sister Hong were equally gorgeous .

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If not for Sister Hong, how could such a group of incredibly stunning women exist in the middle of a desert?

Having said that, what stopped them from crossing the line was the legend that a big shot was behind them . If not, how could such a desert miracle appear?

The Tutankhamun Empire was very poor . Other than sand here, there was sand there . Most people led lives with no fixed meals . They had to compete against the heavens and the earth and fight with wild beasts for water resources .

However, the aristocrats in Tutankhamun were very affluent; even filthy rich wasn’t enough to describe them . Even so, there wasn’t any place worth spending money on in Tutankhamun all this while, until the Blissful Oasis was built .

Women weren’t the only thing worth their attention here, or to put it another way, it was considered a low-tier activity to toy with women while they were here . This place had top-class goods and resources from the Federation . Those who were able to go over to the Federation to enjoy this treatment belonged to the uppermost tier of the hierarchy in Tutankhamun . As a result, there were many other feudal lords and aristocrats who were not qualified to go to the Federation, but they too had their needs for resources .

Sister Hong transformed this place into a similar style as that of the high-end clubs in the Federation . Performances, masquerades, wine tasting, tasty delicacies… After enjoying these, having a stunning woman for company would be the cherry on top for the night . These seemed to be the most fitting recreational activities for an aristocrat .

Even so, this place wasn’t like the Federation which had a relatively established federal system . A big chunk of aromatic meat in a desert was bound to attract a pack of hungry wolves .

In this case, Katchirda Town was the chunk of meat .

The aristocrats that came here today seemed a little different, looking at Sister Hong with an ambiguous smile on their faces .

Although news spread slowly in Tutankhamun, they would eventually receive it . At first, they were wary of the fact that they were Federation citizens, but recent news from the Federation had claimed that these were just a few fugitives . This changed the situation entirely .

“I wonder how long they can last here . ”

“That’s none of our business . It’s a pity though that Caslort took the lead this time . ”

“Not really, this piece of meat is not easy to digest . Both sides might suffer in the end . ”

“That person called Gong Yi seemed to have talked to Caslort today . ”

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“He went to negotiate with Caslort? Don’t tell me he went there empty-handed . ”

Everyone knew that merely relying on your eloquence and nothing else at the bargaining table was a disgraceful thing in Tutankhamun . Although it was true that they were a little jealous, the main reason why they chose to be onlookers was because of how risky this matter was .

Several aristocrats looked at Sister Hong, who was entertaining customers, from the second level . They had a profound smile on their faces .

After she finished entertaining an aristocrat with high status, Sister Hong turned her head to see Gong Yi who had just returned in a hurry . She handed over her task to her subordinates and walked toward him .

The two of them went to the meeting room on the second level . They had just sat down when Reynolds, who had just finished training the newcomers, strode inside .

After Reynolds sat down, Sister Hong turned towards Gong Yi who was in charge of external relations . “Lao Gong, how was it?”

Gong Yi looked a little pale . Clearly, he was pissed off . “The negotiation with Caslort failed . Or rather, Caslort didn’t even intend on negotiating at all . He gave us ten days to consider whether to become a part of them or get crushed by them . ”

Reynolds clenched his fists but stayed silent .

Sister Hong frowned . They had been developing too quickly and successfully, forgetting that they would definitely attract enemies here .

Actually, they did prepare for such situations . They were in the midst of recruiting and training their own people . At the same time, to get through this initial period which was the most dangerous, they hired a powerful group of mercenaries and spread the news that they had someone to back them up .

However, they didn’t expect their first enemy to be Caslort!

He was one of the eight major feudal lords in Tutankhamun! He had his own army of feudal lords and top experts on his side!

“What about Wang Zhong’s side—”

“We’re trying to contact him, but, as you know, it isn’t easy to contact him since he’s at that place . ”

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Gong Yi shook his head . Honestly, he thought that even if Wang Zhong came, there was no way that he would be able to take Caslort on . It was true that Wang Zhong was outstanding, but Gong Yi had always believed that Wang Zhong’s strength laid in his potential . Given their current situation, a person at the Initial Heroic Soul Stage wasn’t of much use to them, even if he was the strongest Initial Heroic Soul Stage in history .

The main reason why he still tried to contact Wang Zhong was to see if Wang Zhong could garner any help from the Holy Land . However, the aid would come too slow to be of any help anyway . This would still be difficult to handle if the help that arrived didn’t have the level of power of a teacher .

The key thing was that, other than the Peak Heroic Soul Stage experts that Lord Caslort commanded, he also had a massive army at his disposal . They easily won in numbers, so even if Wang Zhong was able to get teachers from the Holy Land to help, they would still be on the losing end .

However, if Mu Zi was here, their situation would definitely be a lot better . Gong Yi had very good judgment . After seeing Mu Zi fight a few times, he came to the conclusion that Mu Zi was at the Peak Heroic Soul Stage for sure . He was a team player too, which was very suitable to go against the army that they feared the most .

It was a pity that Mu Zi’s fate dictated that he wouldn’t stay too long in one place . He wasn’t very concerned with the Federation’s Skylink . Although he brought it along with him, his Skylink was basically in a shutdown state unless he wanted to contact someone of his own will .

Reynolds smashed his fists on the table and hissed . “What should we do? Just say it . ”

He was better at executing orders . This sort of matter that required brainpower only made him angrier the more he listened . Even if he burst a blood vessel, he wouldn’t be able to think of any useful ideas .

Gong Yi put on a serious face . “There are still ten days, we have some time to prepare . I have already sent people to find Mu Zi and will continue to try to contact Wang Zhong . If both ideas fail, I don’t intend to become another person’s slave, the rest depends on what you guys think . ”

“Pui! Since when was I ever a coward? I will definitely cut all their dicks off and feed it to dogs!”

“Then what are we scared of, let’s go!” A fierce smile appeared on Reynolds’ face . If you wanted to succeed in this world, battles were inevitable!

“We need to leave now!!!” Oscar bellowed, but it was too late .

The lava river seemed to have been triggered violently . All the lava in the river was boiling in an agitated manner, flying in all directions non-stop . In the center of the river, a piece of enormous blood-red Fire Quartz floated to the surface slowly .

This piece of Fire Quartz was so enormous that it was the size of a round table, bigger than any piece that they had found earlier . A strong power that was unparalleled was flowing inside this translucent red crystal, controlling all the lava in the river . While the lava was flying in all directions, it was also flying towards the huge Fire Quartz and becoming one with it too .

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The Fire Quartz formed the head of a creature while the lava accumulated to form the body and limbs, looking majestic and dazzling .

In this moment, this space was filled with a crazy surge of the fire element . The temperature of the space shot up immediately and everyone summoned their Soul Power as defense . This situation was extremely dangerous for people at the Initial Heroic Soul Stage as they had to maintain a Soul Power defense of 1,000 Grassos on average . This proved to be especially draining and they lacked the power to launch an attack .

The extreme change in temperature was only one of the more superficial changes; the scarier one was that an invisible restriction on the space had started to form . Oscar sensed it immediately . The strong fire elemental power had interrupted the power of the natural laws in this space to a certain extent, making the space go into a stagnant state . It was as if the fire element was too concentrated here and ‘squeezed’ away the other elements . With such power fluctuations, their ordinary exploration team Pioneering Orders couldn’t be used there for sure .

This… was out of the ordinary . This secret realm had been conquered by the Holy Land for a long time, and such unforeseen events only happened once every 50 or 60 years . They met with an accident when it was their first time visiting this secret realm? What kind of luck was that?

Let’s call this creature the Lava Monster Leader for now . Unlike the average Lava Monster who had normal rocks for a body, it had a Fire Quartz for a core which greatly boosted its power . It seemed to be too powerful as it could affect the usage of the Pioneering Orders with just its aura . This creature appeared to be reaching the highest tier, but the weird thing was that an intelligent creature of the highest tier would certainly be of a level higher than the Heavenly Soul Stage; however, this creature in front of them was only at the Peak Heroic Soul Stage . This sort of strange occurrence was rare in the Dimensional World .

It seemed to be agitated by something . What the hell? They just wanted to obtain a few pieces of Fire Quartz . Did it have to react like this?

Oscar had racked his brains over this . In order to take care of the newcomers, he specially selected this mission which was the most manageable . With the Wanderlust Team’s new ranking, it was ‘lucky’ that they were chosen, but he didn’t expect such an unforeseen event to occur .

The Wanderlust Team was still very unlucky as usual . Was it because of their name that brought them bad luck? After working so hard and finally rising up the ranks, was this how they would go down?

Oscar couldn’t believe how unlucky the Wanderlust Team was . Previously, they barely escaped from a supposedly B-rank secret realm which turned out to be a horrendous S-rank secret realm, and now, they encountered an rank challenge which was only supposed to be B-rank! Ordinary exploration teams would consider themselves to be unlucky if this happened to them once, but the Wanderlust Team ran headfirst into this situation not once, but twice!

The formation of the Fire Quartz creature was still ongoing, but everyone came back to their senses after being momentarily stunned . Regardless of what was standing in front of them, there was only one path ahead: either they would defeat the enemy or they would die .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sharmie had gone into full power mode . The rune cannon that she had been using since she was on Earth showed a magnificent display of firepower . Although it wasn’t a soul tool from the Holy City, it was a custom-made weapon for her, so she was able to use it effortlessly . This was the attack output mode that Sharmie was the most accustomed to . Numerous energy cannon shots rained down on the gigantic Fire Quartz creature in front of them . It looked like fireworks, but it clearly looked good only and did no damage…

The difference in their levels of power was too vast, and those energy cannon shots couldn’t even get close to the Fire Quartz creature . The energy cannon shots were blocked by an invisible energy barrier around half a meter away from the Fire Quartz creature and exploded in mid-air . The attack caused ripples to form on the invisible energy barrier that dissipated quickly thereafter . The energy sparks that dissolved into the air became nourishment for the Fire Quartz creature instead, which absorbed it continuously, making its body expand at a faster rate!

Sharmie’s face turned pale instantly, and she stopped firing her weapon . The difference in their power made her tremble in fear . Their strength was worlds apart . The key thing was that in order to maintain her defense against the high temperature, she wasn’t able to use her Soul Power to her heart’s content . She was exhausted by merely one round of attack .

The elegant vampire Dharma Idol zoomed past the back of the Lava Monster Leader in a flash . Grai’s face was as cold and indifferent as ever, but he had quietly channeled the maximum output of his Soul Power . A force that could tear apart the space was heading toward the Lava Monster Leader at high speed, but when the force went near its body, it was still blocked by that mysterious energy wall . A deep gash was left on the transparent energy barrier, but it could be seen that the original destructive power of the force was greatly reduced . The speed at which the gash appeared was even rather ‘slow,’ and it totally couldn’t compare to how fast the energy barrier was recovering .

Grai’s expression stiffened . The difference in their power was so vast that they couldn’t make up for it with speed and destructive power . Even his attacks had no effect, let alone the others . Mario wasn’t even able to condense his dark shield fully before it was dissipated by a stream of Soul Power coming out from the Lava Monster Leader . Napier’s clown Dharma Idol and Mo Ling’s combined attacks were also dissolved by the stream of Soul Power . All these attacks couldn’t even touch their enemy, and their enemy didn’t even fight back at all .

A Peak Heroic Soul Stage was equivalent to 10,000 Grassos of flame power, enough to crush these Initial Phase Heroic Souls .

At the same time, Oscar channeled his Soul Power too . His blue tattoos gleamed, but the process wasn’t as smooth as he expected . When he circulated his Soul Power, he could feel a sharp pain in the depths of his Soul Sea, causing the Soul Power he channeled to dissipate immediately .

Mu Zi asked him to stop using his Soul Power these two months for good reason . He was making a good recovery this whole while, but ultimately, he had not recovered fully . Just by channeling his Soul Power slightly, he could feel that he was definitely not a match for the Peak Heroic Soul Stage Lava Monster Leader given his condition now . He probably couldn’t even cast a simple trap spell now . If he used some dangerous secret technique, he would die here for sure .

After a round of probing the enemy’s power, everyone was stunned . Their only choice now was to run!

After all, the Lava Monster Leader hadn’t reached the highest tier a Dimensional lifeform could get to, so they still had a chance to survive this .

“Roar!” The Lava Monster Leader finally finished materializing its body . It looked down at the pathetic insects that dared to attack it . With a loud roar and a surge of power, all the lava in the lava river suddenly rose into mid-air instantly and took the form of countless lava raindrops, showering down on the team in a frenzy .

It started with a large-scale attack . Sensing the terrifying power in those lava raindrops and judging by the speed it was traveling at, Oscar didn’t doubt for a second that each of these lava raindrops could cut through steel easily . This definitely wasn’t something that several Heroic Soul Stage Holy Apprentices could take on .

Oscar made a quick decision, and a black crystal appeared in his hands instantly . He channeled his Soul Power into it immediately . The entire black crystal sparkled brightly from within before exploding with a boom!

Hum hum hum hum hum…

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