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Chapter 749: 749

Oscar threw a Pioneering Order to Wang Zhong . “You know how to use it right?”

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Wang Zhong nodded . Oscar grinned while smoking his cigar . There were two lazy bums in the team who hadn’t reached the meeting place yet . Oscar was willing to help Wang Zhong since it was convenient anyway, and also, he didn’t agree with some bad practices in the Holy Land .

The few people standing beside Oscar nodded at Wang Zhong as a form of greeting, and only the youngest guy extended a hand to him . “Just follow me later on . I’m Asher . ”

“I’m Wang Zhong . ”

Wang Zhong smiled and shook hands with Asher . Surprisingly, Asher merely shook his hand and didn’t have any intention of testing him . It made sense since, not only was he a newcomer, he was also one that was spoken badly of . Why would a Holy Disciple waste any effort on testing him? Moreover, they would part ways once they got out of the city .

Asher smiled . “Newcomers like you who are eager to go solo when they just arrived at the Holy City are extremely rare . The Dimensional World is full of weird things . Be careful and stay safe . ”

Going solo referred to a lone ranger who would leave the city all alone . In the Holy City, this was a symbol of power . Wang Zhong, a newcomer who wasn’t even a Holy Disciple, wanted to go solo? This was the same as suicide . Nevertheless, Wang Zhong didn’t seem like he was crazy .

“I have some stuff that I need to settle . I won’t go to dangerous places . ” Wang Zhong smiled . He could tell that this group was feeling pretty depressed . While there was anticipation under their calm expressions, there was a hint of fear too .

The others weren’t talking much, and the youngest guy seemed to be relieving stress by talking to Wang Zhong .

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“I hope to see you in one piece when we’re back . ” Asher nodded, not prodding any further . Whether Wang Zhong was crazy or had secrets, this had nothing to do with the rest of the team . They couldn’t even be sure that they themselves could return alive .

At this moment, two women joined the team . One looked about 17 or 18 years old, with small eyes, a flat nose, and pointed ears . Her lips were her most striking feature, which had a unique glossy sheen to it .

The other one was a very attractive woman around thirty years old . She had a strange rune on her forehead which glowed with an eerie power . It looked like a seal, and Dharma Idol power fluctuations could be felt from it .

“Brothers, I’m sorry to drag you guys into this . This may be our last trip . It’s not too late for those who want to back out . Asher, you’re still young . You can afford to wait a while more before joining us on this type of trip,” Oscar said .

Asher smiled . “Team captain, what are you talking about? Since when are there cowards in the Wanderlust Team?”

The others nodded in agreement . Wang Zhong remained silent as he knew that it wasn’t his place to say anything; Oscar was just being helpful . It seemed like the place this team was heading to was extremely dangerous, but this team was rather united . Wang Zhong was fairly interested in this type of team . As for the Gourmets, thanks but no thanks . To Wang Zhong, the ranking of the exploration team didn’t matter; having a common goal was the most important thing .

Oscar introduced Wang Zhong to a few other team members, but they did not show much reaction to him .

They arrived at the transmission array . It wasn’t as magnificent as one would imagine it to be . It consisted of an altar and three white obelisks less than five meters in height .

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However, there was a strong team of teachers guarding the three obelisks, and the leader was a 2-star Great Teacher .

Oscar went forward and presented the Pioneering Orders to a teacher and completed a simple registration of the number of travelers . After the staff confirmed that everything was in place, they activated the power source of the three obelisks .

Without any warning, three bolts of lightning struck down on the obelisks . Under the control of a teacher, the three bolts of lightning coincided at the center of the altar, giving off a buzzing sound . A transmission portal as white as snow then appeared there .

Wang Zhong blinked, all resentments towards the Pioneering Order instantly gone . This transmission portal was definitely worth it . In fact, these three bolts of lightning were essentially runes, just that they appeared in lightning form under the reinforcement of the obelisks . Runic forces that Wang Zhong couldn’t comprehend burst forth, as time and space converged to form a stable and secure transmission portal .

This forced control of runic forces would definitely require an astronomical amount of energy to be consumed . The Holy City probably didn’t benefit from selling Pioneering Orders at a few hundred Holy Coins for one .

“You may set off . Good luck . ”

The staff signaled to Oscar after testing the stability of the transmission portal .

“Good luck . ”

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Oscar nodded, being the first to dash into the transmission portal with his team following behind .

Wang Zhong didn’t hesitate either, entering the portal with a hint of curiosity .


After a moment of dizziness, Wang Zhong found himself in a wasteland when he could see again . He was slightly shocked that this transmission was an instant one .

Wang Zhong experienced a transmission before when he traveled to the Holy Land with Molton; but at that time, they passed through a transmission channel which belonged to the fixed-acceleration transmission category . In that case, one would still need to proceed forward in the channel, just that time was accelerated in the process .

However, instant transmission was different . From entering the portal to arriving at your destination, it took less than a second .

After the last person in the team crossed over, the white portal hummed shut . They were left in a strange space, a small and enclosed area .

It was the first time Wang Zhong experienced this type of instant transmission . They were in a spatial fragment world similar to the one in Tianjing . It looked like a transit station .

“This is your first time traveling via instant transmission, huh? This is a transit space created by the Holy Land . Activate the Pioneering Order here, think of where you want to go, and you will be brought there . To come back, it’s just a simple step of activating the Pioneering Order . Good luck, buddy . ” Oscar smiled . Seeing that Wang Zhong was uncertain about his surroundings, Oscar was nice enough to give him a heads-up although he was on an important mission .

This might be the last time they saw each other . The team members had mixed feelings toward Wang Zhong as they recalled their past selves when they had just entered the Holy Land . Everyone harbored hopes and dreams when they first arrived at the Holy Land, but these were eventually crushed by harsh reality . The competition and cruelty in the Holy Land were no less than that in the outside world . In some ways, the death rate was higher in the Holy Land .

“Captain Oscar, even though this sounds cliché, I still want to say thanks, and I hope to have a chance to repay you!” After Wang Zhong said that, the Holy Disciples around him smiled . He probably wouldn’t have the chance to do so . Furthermore, what help could a Holy Apprentice offer?

The mission they were on would be a pain in the neck even for Great Teachers, but they weren’t scared . Since they didn’t do things the conventional way, they wouldn’t be scared of death either!

“Okay! Everyone, take a break and check your supplies,” Oscar commanded . Everyone used Soul Power to activate the Pioneering Order and started the transmission process collectively .

As Wang Zhong injected Soul Power into the Pioneering Order, a ball of power transmitting across time and space slowly collected . Right after, Wang Zhong’s soul fluctuations sent the spatial coordinates of the pyramids into the ball of power .

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