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Chapter 691

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However, the one-eyed man truly hadn't expected Ma Dong to actually enter a hidden base, and rush out on a bike . . .

There was no other way . If he had allowed Ma Dong to rush out into the wilderness, the one-eyed man and his subordinates would be utterly incapable of catching up to Ma Dong . They would have lost the chance to find out about the inventory of this secret base, and they wouldn't be able to know if there were other vehicles . Even if there were other vehicles for them to use, the sound from starting up those vehicles would immediately tip Ma DOng off to their presence . By then, would it still be possible for this "insane" fellow to allow himself to lead them to the remaining Assassin members? He might even deliberately lead them in the wrong direction .

Therefore, the one-eyed man had no choice but to personally take action to stop Ma Dong .

"You were supposed to make me rich, you motherfucker!" The one-eyed man yelled as he waved the spiked club around . Squatting down, he and Ma Dong were face-to-face . "How about this? You cooperate and tell me about the Assassin hidden bases? If you do so, I can consider allowing you to lead a comfortable life within the city . "

"Haha…" Ma Dong laughed, before a gurgling sound rang out from his throat .


Ma Dong spat a mouthful of blood at the one-eyed man's face .

"Hehe . " The one-eyed man didn't bother dodging . Instead, with a sneer, he wiped off the blood on his face and replied, " You really aren't going to take the easy route, huh . " 


He gave Ma Dong's hand a kick, before motioning towards his subordinates, causing one of them to immediately walk over and hand him a pair of pliers .

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The one-eyed man gripped the pliers over Ma Dong's fingernails with a faint smile . "Where are the rest of the Assassin?"

Ma Dong immediately shut his eyes .


With a yank, a nail was plucked out from Ma Dong's finger . Beads of cold sweat dripped down his face, while intense shivers shook his face and all his muscles . Yet, he did not let a single sound escape his mouth .

"Ha, you're still keeping up a tough act, huh . " The one-eyed man chuckled . "I really like people of your type . I hate those who will wet their pants before I do anything, what's the point of honing my skills then?"

"The night's still young, and there's nothing else to entertain me in this godforsaken place . " A malevolent and perverted look appeared on the one-eyed man's face . Placing the pair of pliers on another of Ma Dong's fingers, he continued: "Tonight, let's take our time to have some fun . We have lots of time to spare, and I really want to see what other tricks you have up your sleeves . "

"You're out of time . " The cold voice of a woman rang out from behind the one-eyed man .

The one-eyed man was instantly shocked by the voice . Despite being in the Initial Heroic Soul Stage, he hadn't discovered the presence of anyone behind him!


Immediately, the one-eyed man pulled out his bright, silvery spiked club before giving a fierce swing behind him . However, as this happened, a female face had already appeared before him, while an ice-cold blade swept across his throat .

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There was no hesitation, nor was there any violent Soul Power fluctuation . Instead, it appeared just like a casual swing, yet it traveled at an exceedingly quick speed .

A scorching heat surged from his neck, before the one-eyed man noticed his vision sweeping rapidly to the back, as though his entire world had begun revolving . In the next instant, his head spun twice in the air before landing on the ground . The final scene that appeared before his eyes were the disarrayed headless corpses of his subordinates, as well as 2 females, one in the midst of blowing a bubblegum bubble, the other completely clad in a combat mantle .

2 girls .

Puff .

The dagger had already disappeared, as the bubble-blowing girl dusted her hands lightly, as though what she had just done was something completely insignificant .

"Hey . This issue's resolved . " The girl spoke as she grinned and winked towards the mantle-shrouded girl while showing a peace sign . "You better not forget about what you've promised me . "

The mantle-clad girl nodded in response .

"I won't disturb you two little lovebirds!"

The bubble-blowing girl shot off, taking only a blink of an eye to disappear from sight, making fluttering sounds as she cut through the air .

The stench of blood wafted out from the decapitated corpses, while the surroundings descended into complete silence .

Gasping for air, Ma Dong opened his eyes and sat up, before starting to size up the girl that had stayed behind . Clad beneath that mantle was a figure he was all too familiar with . It was so familiar that it took a split second for him to identify the person .

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For some unknown reason, his heart started to ache tremendously . Nevertheless, Ma Dong did not show any outward expression . What the hell is wrong with the world! Within a short span of a month, his entire heaven had descended into hell!

The peace and silence exchange of gazes lasted for a couple dozen seconds before the girl finally spoke .

"I'm the one who gave Grai the blood coagulating drug . " She said in a soft voice that contained a sliver of hesitation, but was filled with conviction .

"I know . " Ma Dong replied in a slightly hoarse voice .

"Do you have any questions for me?" The girl continued to stare into his eyes, seemingly trying to search for an answer within his eyes .

However, she found nothing .

From the day she had met Ma Dong, she already knew that this fellow was hiding an unconventional intelligence beneath his cheery demeanor . There were not many people who were capable of understanding him . Wang Zhong was one of them, and so was she .

"Is that important?" Ma Dong replied in an indifferent tone .

The girl laughed, before nodding . At the very least, his reply made his attitude towards her clear .

"Our business is complete . " She tried her best to maintain her calm . "Do your best . . . stay safe!"

A slight quiver appeared at the end of her words as she spun on her heels and left . As this happened, tears had already covered her face . To her, even death might feel better than seeing the man she truly loved end up in his current state . Yet, the recent series of events and experiences had given her a much deeper understanding of the world .

She had struggled, and felt much pain about it . However, all of these had suddenly disappeared upon seeing the destruction that Assassin had faced . If not for the strength that backed her, she might have ended up in a worse situation than Assassin . Now, at the very least, she was able to save Ma Dong from death .


Metallic screeches and rumbles rang out as the bike was flipped back up, before the sound of a motor rumbling rang out . Nevertheless, Milami did not dare to turn her head around, as she did not want Ma Dong seeing the weak and frail appearance that she had radiating from her entire being .

On the other side, Ma Dong also didn't say anything . Despite the complicated feelings in his heart, he possessed much more resolution and decisiveness than Milami .

Rumble rumble rumble . . .

The vehicle moved off in a puff of exhaust that rapidly disappeared into the distance, with not a single word being uttered from either of them after Milami's words .  

With her back towards Ma Dong, Milami's face was already drenched in tears, answering the only question the world had left for them .

While this was happening, Wang Zhong and the others were still pushing on within the incomparably dangerous 3rd layer of the cursed lands . Due to the crazily powerful life forms in the area, Sister Hong's danger perception had already proven ineffective in multiple occurrences . Just like the case with the Succubus, dimensional life forms that excelled in mental and spiritual attacks were usually experts in the aspect of concealing their aura . Furthermore, they were also capable of countering Sister Hong's observational skills, rendering her much more helpless than before .  

Nevertheless, despite losing Sister Hong's "natural radar", the group somehow managed to make it through the danger-filled 3rd layer rather smoothly .  

Fatty had proven his worth .

Being a former king of Dimensional Wanderers, a race that had managed to defend a sacred land and territory, their strength far surpassed all of Wang Zhong's expectations . It was without exaggeration that Wang Zhong, Mu Zi, and even Aiolos, would have long perished within the pyramid, unable to put up even an ounce of resistance against this terrifying race, without the existence of the Fate Stone within Wang Zhong's Soul .

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