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Chapter 655: 655

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He had really won???

"Wang, Wang Zhong!"

"Wang Zhong!"

"Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong!"


It only took the audience a second to regain their senses, before they sent the entire stadium and Skylink from complete silence into utter chaos . No, this was just the start, as everyone had turned utterly mad . . .

The ear-splitting roars and cheers rushed through the clouds, as countless people jumped up and down, tearing at their clothes . There were even some who were hitting their own heads with utter disbelief of what had just happened, alongside tears of disbelief . The invincible Mo Family, the invincible Mo Wen, Heaven's Protector, a supreme existence, had fallen! It was as though their spiritual pillar had collapsed apart!

At this moment, there were very few people who were shouting "All Mouthy King" out aloud .

Previously, these words represented invincibility, and incited worship and intoxication in people . Nevertheless, those were just combat results in the OP .

However, the results achieved within the OP was insufficient . During the CHF, captain Wang Zhong had obtained victory after victory against successively stronger opponents . Now, he had even defeated Mo Wen, the Mo Wen that was known as the sole supreme existence above and below the heavens!

All Mouthy King's radiance had already been replaced by the even more dazzling number one expert of this CHF, captain Wang Zhong! 

At this moment, people had already forgotten his previous title; it had been replaced with berserk shouts for his name .

"Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong!"

Within the Skylink and stadium, the countless Wang Zhong supporters had already gone utterly crazy in every corner of the Federation! 

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Before the start of this duel, even the most fanatical of brother King supporters did not dare boast that Wang Zhong could defeat Mo Wen . In fact, after their analysis, the various experts out there had given a 3:7 odds for victory, with Wang Zhong 3, and Mo Wen 7!

Furthermore, this was before Mo Wen had displayed his divinized 5 Elements Constitution .

These odds had persisted until the duel had begun, where Mo Wen and his divinized 5 Elements Constitution unleashed a can of whoopass on Wang Zhong… Frankly speaking, there wasn't a single person out there who believed that Wang Zhong would have even a sliver of a chance to win this duel . Everyone had been shocked by how powerful Mo Wen was . Even Wang Zhong's supporters could only console themselves with "it's already an achievement to come this far . ''

However, a miracle had been created once again! Despite the absolute disparity, and being disadvantaged throughout the entire fight, he had defied the heavens and pulled off an extraordinary reversal by defeating Mo Wen! In fact, until the last instant, even the Heavenly Soul Stage experts had judged that Mo Wen would definitely win; the situation was all too clear for everyone . However, Wang Zhong had actually managed to flip it!

He was simply too overbearing and formidable!

"Champion! Champion! We're the champions!"

In the distant Tianjing city, countless commoners and aristocrats were shouting in utter madness as they danced about excitedly about on the streets . This was an outcome that Tianjing city had not even dared to dream about! A mere Tianjing city, a 2nd class city without any great aristocratic family or clan behind them, had actually managed to give birth to such a genius! He had crushed the most outstanding experts across the entire Federation in his generation beneath his feet and accomplished what nobody even dared to dream about .

Before the start of the competition, if anyone had proclaimed that Tianjing had the number one expert within the Federation within their ranks, they would definitely have been beaten all to way to the refugee camps outside of the city walls!

However, from the OP to the CHF, from Bierlia Musical Soul Academy's Eddie to the invincible Mo Wen from Heaven's Fate .

Wang Zhong had created history and a legend! This honour and glory not only belonged to him, it also belonged to Tianjing Academy, as well as every single person from Tianjing!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

This was an era where honour and glory had the greatest emphasis . Not only were honour and glory rewarding for the spirit, they also represented one's true self . Without a doubt, Tianjing had won the CHF championship, and had defeated the powerful Mo Wen! Tianjing's reputation, status within the Federation, as well as their resource allocation, had greatly increased . The entire Tianjing city had benefited from this, basically making this the start of a new Tianjing holiday .

Countless people on the streets of Tianjing were brimming with emotion as they hugged, shouted, cried and waved their hands with all their might as they danced about, appearing just like a barley field waving about in the wind . Although it was utterly chaotic, with no sense of beauty in it, the passion and fervor radiating out affected every single person present .  

At the live venue, cheers, shouts, and roars had filled the entire area around and within the stadium . Although there were quite a few people who hated Wang Zhong, there were also a lot of people who supported him . At this moment, it felt as though more than half the city was madly shouting Wang Zhong's name .

Scarlet, Emily, Ma Dong and the other Tianjing members had already rushed towards the center of the stadium with a maddened frenzy, surrounding Wang Zhong, who was currently receiving medical attention . Scarlet's face was already drenched with tears, and so did Ma Dong . Crying as he laughed, he shouted, "Haha! We've won! We're really won! Don't cry! We should all be laughing merrily! Wu wu wu wu…"

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Only after a long time, and with great difficulty, did everyone manage to calm down . Nevertheless, the entire stadium was still filled with surging emotions, with Wang Zhong's supporters appearing as if they had eaten some kind of rejuvenation pill . Humans were very strange creatures; their pursuit of spiritual matters was greater than their need for food and care for their physical bodies . This kind of strength was the greatest strength mankind had, and was one that surpassed life itself .

However, where there was excitement, there was always bound to be disappointment . Although the match had yet to end, the Heaven's Fate squadron and their supporters felt as though they had already lost . Mo Xingchen was currently giving Napier Mo a pat on his shoulders, as he was the one who had cried the hardest among them . The other members of the Mo Family didn't fare much better . Truthfully speaking, they were no more than a bunch of 20 odd youths, that had spent all of their time constantly training, all of the sake of fighting for the honour and glory of their family . This defeat was an exceedingly heavy blow to their very being, something that anyone could tell just by looking at them .

Compared to them, dread was the major expression present on the faces of those within the participant viewing gallery . None of them were fans of one another, with respect being the most they would show to one another . However, at this moment, respect was much more evident than before . To them, having Mo Wen pressuring them from above, was just like a shadow that had covered the sun .

However, now, there was unexpectedly a fiercer one!

He was clearly at a disadvantage in every aspect, yet he was still able to flip the fight around! This had absolutely nothing to do with luck! If it was due to luck, it would be even more terrifying . What was more terrifying than going against a person that was blessed with luck? 

A brilliant flash blossomed from Vladimir's eyes, as the impact of this fight was no less than what he had felt after his own defeat . Wang Zhong was unexpectedly able to reverse the situation despite the terrible situation he had been in! This experience was exceptionally valuable for a soldier like Vladimir . Having personally experiencing, witnessing, and paying attention to such a fight, it had a deep impact on him . This would become the most important spectacle on the Ice Prince's path of progress . Even after a dozen years, when asked about the fight that had left the deepest impression on him, Vladimir's answer would remain the same .

However, it was a pity that Wang Zhong was not born in the northern regions . If not, with Vasilyevich's care and protection, he would definitely have a glorious future .

At this moment, Carolyn appeared rather tranquil . In fact, there was even a faint smile present on her face, appearing as though she was happy for Wang Zhong . The way she schooled her expression was impeccable . Nevertheless, being one of the handful of people within the Federation who understood Carolyn's true nature, Vladimir could sense the complicated feelings hidden behind that faint smile of hers .

Indeed, Carolyn didn't know how to describe the feelings simmering within her heart; it was as if someone had taken a bunch of different condiments and mixed them all together to create an extremely weird taste . It was only due to her faint smile being second nature that allowed her to maintain her expressions as she looked towards the celebrating Tianjing squadron below .

Wait a minute .

Carolyn noticed a beautiful figure running from the viewing gallery towards the center of the stage . Upon seeing this, the guards that were blocking the audience unexpectedly didn't obstruct her, and let her run straight down .

It was Laura!

All of a sudden, a burst of light flashed across Carolyn's eyes .

Laura was now gasping for air . Frankly speaking, it was rather rash for her to rush all the way down here from the participant viewing gallery . After all, this was Tianjing's match . Furthermore, her date with Wang Zhong had been noticed by countless people on the streets, and had created sensational headlines during the CHF . This had also caused many people to start gossiping about a scandal between the two of them .

Clearly, the aristocratic families had completely forbidden such relationships from developing . In fact, even her grandfather, the leader of the Potter Family, had called her over Skylink to reprimand her over this matter . Even old Potter, who had always doted on her, and really liked Wang Zhong, had also advised her to be patient on this matter . It was alright to have a crush, as Wang Zhong was really a pretty good fellow . However, she absolutely couldn't blow this matter up . The issue of her and Wang Zhong's status were too sensitive . Therefore, she needed to pay attention to this issue .

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Therefore, Laura had always been paying attention to her presence, and would make sure to avoid hidden paparazzi as much as possible when seeing Wang Zhong, or when heading to the Tianjing villa . However, at this moment, within this stadium, where the entire Federation was focusing their attention, she had already tossed those inhibitions far, far away . At this moment, she had only one thought running through her head: to be by Wang Zhong's side as fast as she could, regardless of whether he needed medical attention or not, just to share this joyous occasion with him .

Under usual circumstances, Laura's sudden appearance would definitely become the headlines for the various big media outlets . However, at this moment, both the media or Tianjing supporters had already turned blind . Wang Zhong's combat performance was truly too dazzling! He was so dazzling that it made everyone forget about everything else, with the celebrations being the only thing going through their heads .

All of them cheered and celebrated together in excitement .

The reporters by the of the stage started to rapidly take pictures of the emotional Tianjing crowd and Laura, giving birth to a precious picture that was recorded in the history books .

Although the match had yet to end, the noisy stadium and jubilant celebrations did not subside for a very long time, making it seem as though Tianjing had already clinched the CHF championship .

It took over 20 minutes for order to be restored in the stadium . By then, the entire Tianjing squadron had already entered their resting room . Due to them sustaining severe injuries, Wang Zhong and Grai had been stretchered off from the stage . As for Mo Wen, his injuries were more severe than Wang Zhong . If not, deputy judge Zhou Mu would not have taken such swift action to save him . Wang Zhong was well prepared for Mo Wen's Soul Domination attack, but Mo Wen was caught completely unprepared by Wang Zhong's attack . The difference between receiving an attack consciously and being unaware were exceedingly massive . Therefore, although Mo Wen's defenses were stronger than Wang Zhong, he had sustained more serious injuries .

Although the group battle had yet to start, Wang Zhong had already been conferred the title of the number one expert for this CHF . Nevertheless, a victor still needed to be decided between the 2 squadrons .  

Despite their excitement, many people were still able to think rationally, though their mouths were continuously engaged in heated discussions .

There was still one final suspense .

To the Heaven's Fate supporters, Mo Wen's collapse was undoubtedly the heaviest blow, something which they had already grieved about . Nevertheless, Heaven's Fate had yet to lose this match . Clinching the CHF championship would undoubtedly be a consolation prize for them . After all, only the champions would get their name engraved in history . The champions would have their names records down, while the runner-ups would only remain as a title .

To the Tianjing supporters, the wait for the group battle was also a torturous process for them . Wang Zhong had already broken impossibilities after impossibilities . Now, at the final instant, would he be able to create yet another miracle? If he was able to bring home the CHF championship to Tianjing, that . . .

That possibility would hinge on whether he would recover in time for the group battle .

Both the Heaven's Fate or Tianjing supporters were filled with nervousness as they waited impatiently, while their heated discussions filled the broken stadium with a noisy hum . At this moment, large numbers of workers were currently bringing out the reserve defensive barrier projection devices, as well as rushing to fix the stage before the start of the group battle .

While this happened, the various large screens started to playback highlights of the duel between Wang Zhong and Mo Wen .

It was a pity that the most valuable moment of the fight, the final exchange, could not be properly captured by the cameras . Furthermore, dust plumes had been kicked up during that moment, obscuring all of the cameras, something that people could not help but to sigh in regret upon witnessing .

The Federation had forbidden Heroic Soul Stage soldiers from taking action before ordinary people . Previously, the Federation's citizens had assumed that this was an ulterior motive by the parliament and the various great aristocratic families to hide their core strength from the public .

However, only after the final duel did many people realise that there was no intention of concealment behind that law . Ordinary people were simply unqualified to spectate the fights between Heroic Soul Stages!

If top-notch experts like Wang Zhong and Mo Wen were allowed to duke it out, the shockwaves from the fight would probably destroy a large stretch of infrastructure present around them, and would absolutely spell disaster for ordinary people . When one's strength exceeded a certain level, they would have to be regulated . If not, the structure of society would break and collapse .

If not for this CHF, if not for Wang Zhong and Mo Wen, 2 genius freaks whose names had already been etched into the history books, ordinary people might never ever get a chance to witness such a spectacular fight!

This caused people to sigh emotionally upon reflecting on this matter, especially the Wang Zhong and Tianjing supporters . This truly wasn't an easy journey at all for them . Throughout this journey, it could be said that Wang Zhong had faced the greatest number of challenges they had ever seen .

Counting down from Tianjing's progress from the elimination round of this CHF, the first opponent they had bumped into was the Mo's List assassin, Eddie Brooks . After that, every single opponent they faced were all top-notch experts ranked on the Mo's List . The only person not on that list was Adam Galen, but he was a frightening soldier who possessed the Werewolf bloodline! However, those people, those heaven gifted sons, had all been eliminated by Wang Zhong's hands . Therefore, it was not one bit exaggerated to call him a trump card killer .

Now, in this last duel, Wang Zhong had been thrust into godhood!

The number one expert in this CHF! The number one expert! There was nothing worth more than its weight in gold, than the title of the number one expert!

Ruo Zhi's voice that teetered on the edge of madness rang out loudly across the stage . Not only did he do it to adjust the atmosphere of the stadium, and fill in the blank spaces from the break between rounds, it was more due to his frenzied excitement towards everything that had happened earlier .

"What a magnificent fight! What a magnificent showdown! Captain Wang Zhong and Captain Mo Wen, only these 2 people are capable of offering everyone what's now known as the greatest fight in history! The limits of the Casted Soul Stage! Unprecedented in history…"

" . . . Now, the match isn't over yet . The final group battle will decide which of these 2 squadrons will be able to snatch that glorious championship trophy . "

"Let us all wait, let us all hope, and let us all be filled with excitement, and let us all go wild together! Now, let us give our wildest applause for the showdown between the strongest Casted Soul Stage experts in history, for those 2 legendary soldiers, and for the final deciding factor in this match!"

   . . . . . .

The doors of both squadrons' resting rooms were still tightly shut, sustaining the anxiety that everyone felt as they continued to make their guesses . Although the 20 minutes flashed by, it felt like an eternity for everyone watching . Finally, the Heaven's Fate squadron took the lead and sent out their group battle lineup .

Mo Wen and Mo Ling weren't there .

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