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Chapter 616

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Without a doubt, the person before him was the greatest challenge Wang Zhong had ever faced . In the earlier matches of this CHF, All Mouthy King's opponents mainly focused on combat techniques, or were the mixed type . However, Vladimir was known throughout the federation as the strongest special ability user in the younger generation, while also being rather all-rounded in every aspect of combat .

This was also the only person, after Carolyn's loss, who could interfere with a showdown between Mo Wen and All Mouthy King! The two of them were treading completely different paths of strength . However, the disparity in the strength of their special abilities was absolute .

No one was exactly sure whether special abilities or combat techniques was the strongest path towards ultimate strength . Therefore, this duel would become the benchmark for this theory!

Exactly which would be the ultimate ruler: special abilities or combat techniques?

"What a hard prediction to make!"

Mo Wen, Carolyn, Mo Xingchen, Gui Xinying . . . way too many powerful experts were present in the viewing gallery . Although they might not care about the final victor of this match, they were absolutely attentive to the process . This duel would definitely turn out like yesterday's duel between Mo Wen and Carolyn, where people would be able to learn many things and broaden their horizons .

"The training styles of the northern regions are quite different from other regions of the Federation . Despite being a prince, Vladimir would have experienced countless life or death struggles in his training . "

"Without talking about strength or special abilities, Vladimir has far surpassed Gui Hao in terms of experience and attitude in combat . "

The pitiful Gui Hao had recently been shot with countless verbal blows . Basically, he had become the scapegoat that everyone was using to talk about the stereotypical aristocrat, bearing all the insults that had been shot towards Bella Dean, Zhao and Torres .

"Do not use the duel against Laura as a benchmark for Vladimir's strength . That fellow wasn't even being serious in that duel! For the Ice attribute special ability, creating defences is just the weakest capabilities it can unleash . Instead, it excels in combat . Strictly speaking, Vladimir might not even use those ice walls to deal with Wang Zhong . He has many other methods up his sleeves!"

"This will be a head-on showdown! Both of them are top-notch experts! For people of their realm, it is still difficult for slight disparities in strength are to immediately influence the momentum of the fight . Perhaps, the deciding factor for victory might not be their individual strength, but more on who can grasp opportunities that appear, or the ability to capitalize on any accidents . "

"It's impossible to predict the final victor . The only thing we can do is to look at the outcome!"

Everyone was so filled with anticipation for this duel, even Mo Wen could not help but add in some comments .

With the experts feeling like that, there was nothing else to be said about the laymen in the audience . Unlike the usual flooding of support that would happen before every duel, massive amountsof detailed information and analysis about Wang Zhong and Vladimir appeared on the various large screens around the stadium .

Many people were formulating their own fantasies and predictions from these information, like whether Wang Zhong should go crazy with his offence right at the start of the duel . Against an opponent like Vladimir, taking the momentum in the early stages of the fight would allow him to take control over the direction towards victory .

As for Vladimir, he should establish his position with his ice walls to defend against All Mouthy King's powerful Spiritual Soul combat techniques . During Wang Zhong's fight against Gui Xinying, his powerful combat techniques and Spiritual Soul combat techniques caused even her, with her Spatial Void Ruler special abilities, to admit defeat! His control over his Spiritual Soul had already reached the apex of mankind! However, could Vladimir's ice walls defend against Spiritual Soul combat techniques?

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All of these thoughts and doubts revolved around everyone's minds, filling everyone's hearts with intense curiosity and anticipation . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

On the casting podium, Ruo Zhi shouted at the top of his lungs . "All of the compatriots, friends and audience who are watching this match! The most critical duel is about to begin! The strongest king VS the strongest Ice Prince! Let us bear witness to the creation of miracles!"

In Ruo Zhi's mind, Mo Wen was no doubt the strongest soldier, while All Mouthy King was unquestionably the soldier he admired the most .

Frankly speaking, he really hoped for Wang Zhong to enter the finals of this CHF, and duke it out against Mo Wen in an epic showdown that would go down in the annals of history! However, Vladimir was truly too frightening! This was much doubt present in people's minds when they made their predictions, as no one dared to guarantee that Wang Zhong could defeat him!

The atmosphere surged once again as Ruo Zhi's voice boomed out . The already fiery atmosphere present in the stadium continued to set new records to the word "fiery", while the terrifying volume of cheers and shouts crossed the level of ear-deafening as they surged towards the heavens!

In contrast, the two on stage had already calmed down .

Both Wang Zhong or Vladimir had been anticipating this duel for a very long time .

Although both of them had considered various kinds of tactics and strategies to employ before the start of this match, both of them knew that the person before them was their genuine opponent .

Both of them had put down all the baggage present in their minds . Now, they were no longer kings nor captains! Both of them were just soldiers burning with desire for combat!

All for this one fight!

The competition bell proceeded to ring, but both sides did not make a single move .

That's right! For people at their level, whoever controlled the momentum of the fight would control victory!

However, would making the first move allow one to snatch the momentum against an opponent of this level?

There was no pressure of any aura emanating out from them, as both of them knew that scare tactics were useless . They might as well do something more useful than that .

Both of them slowly started to revolve their Soul Power, wrapping it around their bodies as they ramped up to the best of their abilities .

Whoosh . . .

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Ice started to rapidly solidify before Vladimir at a speed visible to the naked eye, quickly taking shape .

This wasn't the ice walls he had used against Laura . Instead, they were long and sharp ice spears! Floating silently in the air, their tips shone with the peculiar brilliance associated with the ignition of Soul Power, causing people to feel as if they were made of hard and solid steel!

It started with one spear, before immediately becoming 2, 3 . . .

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh… in the blink of an eye, countless spears appeared, populating the air around Vladimir, causing everyone to become dumbfounded by what they saw!

Before him, Wang Zhong was not showing any trace of weakness . Extending his hands outwards, Soul Power rapidly converged around him!

A golden, spinning cross wheel started to take form . It wasn't particularly large, though it absolutely wasn't small either . Layer after layer of cross wheels proceeded to condense around his body, appearing to be no less in number when compared to the ice spears surrounding Vladimir!

The entire stadium exploded in shock . The 2 on stage have yet to take action! Yet, the large ice spears floating in the air and the spinning cross wheels had already blown their minds! Were they watching a science-fiction movie?!

It seemed as if there were stars bursting out the eyes of the group of participants watching in the viewing gallery . What the hell were those 2?! It was already an impressive feat to condense an ice spear or a Soul Power-formed cross wheel . However, those 2 had actually created over a hundred over a short span of a few seconds! Exactly how did these 2 people create those weapons with their special ability and Soul Power? Exactly how deep and dense were their Soul Seas? It was understandable if these were their ultimate moves . However, they clearly had yet to take any action! This was just the preparations they were making to deal with each other! Even Gui Hao with his Firmament Soul Sea would not dare to do such a thing!

Too vicious!

"Ha ha…" Vladimir started to laugh .

This was the first time that someone dared to prepare for an attack before his Ice Spear Formation! Narrowing his eyes, he proceeded to point his finger towards Wang Zhong .

In the instant after receiving their command, all of the ice spears floating in the air started to vibrate . Humming as they vibrated, all of them moved forwards, before shooting down in a rain-like fashion!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Each ice spear possessed unimaginable might as they tore through the air with ease . Friction caused sparks to form, creating a blaze at their tips as they rushed down towards Wang Zhong .

A white light blossomed, and a wave of frost swept out . Countless spear shades covered the skies, showing their overbearing domination of the stage!

Seeing this, Wang Zhong waved his hands in response, causing the spinning golden cross wheels in his surroundings to shoot outwards . Every single cross wheel drew strange arcs in the air as they formed a dense net-like formation, seemingly locking up everything in their surroundings .

Golden light instantly surged out across the stage as the cross wheels created countless gusts of wind, the collisions of light and wind welcoming the incoming ice spears!

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Bang bang bang!

In the blink of an eye, the Ice Spear Formation collided with the Cross Wheel Formation! Explosions erupted across the middle of the stage as hundreds of ice spears smashed chaotically against the berserk golden cross wheels!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The entire stadium instantly lit up as countless ice shards and broken cross wheels filled the stage . Vladimir continued to point, creating ice spears around him that replaced the ones that broke . In response, Wang Zhong continued to wave his hands, creating spinning cross wheel after spinning cross wheel around him that shot out to replace the broken ones . Both of them continued to unleash attack after attack without any trace of stopping for a break or to recollect themselves! Gold and white light continued to blossom on the stage as intense explosions broke out, shaking the surrounding space and the entire stadium!

This . . . this was too ferocious!

How was this a fight between two people! This was more like a fight between two armies! The audience took in everything they saw, and what a satisfying feeling it was! All of their jaws were wide open, unable to find the words to express the surge of emotions and excitement that was exploding out from their hearts! Even Gui Hao's dozen divinized Umbra Blades appeared just like attacks launched by a kid in the face of the exchange happening on stage!

Instead of satisfaction, shock and astonishment were the main emotions felt by the experts as they took in the scene before them .

Each people had differing feelings towards this, as people of different realms were able to see different things happening on stage .

People as strong as Mo Wen and Carolyn were able to see the unfathomable deepness of their Soul Seas . Furthermore, they were also able to see a more frightening point, which was that the two on stage were actually able to perfectly control each and every single attack they launched while condensing more and more ice spears and cross wheels!

Those were just the points they were able to obtain on the general situation . If one were to take a detailed look, they would see that Vladimir was launching his ice spears in formations that mutually complemented their might! 3 spears would form a small array, with nine forming a large one, just like the legs of a tripod . Wang Zhong's control over his Soul Power cross wheels was even more marvellous, as none of the hundred over cross wheels he had created had taken the same exact arc through the air!

Every single cross wheel travelled differently from each other . However, when looking from afar, one would see that all of the cross wheels were complimenting each other by forming a dense net that blocked everything in their paths!

Such exquisite control over his Soul Power!

Too frightening!

Exactly what realm did one's Spiritual Soul need to be at, to be able to accomplish a feat like that?

What a frightening Spiritual Soul! What frightening control! What frightening Soul Power reserves! What frightening special ability construction capabilities! Furthermore, both of them possessed the ability to make something out of nothing! The exchange happening on stage was already on the level that countless self-proclaimed geniuses would never, ever reach in their lives!

"Wang Zhong's on the losing end . " said Gui Xinying, her eyes glowing like torches as she continued to stare at the stage . Being the sister of Gui Hao, who possessed similar capabilities, she was all too clear about the Soul Power and special ability combination attacks Vladimir was unleashing towards Wang Zhong .

"One's using only Soul Power, while the other side is fusing Soul Power and his special ability . The latter has a natural advantage in energy consumption and quantity . After all, 2 always beats 1 . "

Indeed, within the short dozen seconds of exchange, the equilibrium had already been broken by the massive amount of ice spears Vladimir had launched towards Wang Zhong . The longer this exchange continued, the greater the advantage he had . The speed with which he was condensing his ice spears continued to rise, while the might behind every spear also started to rise!

After all, he possessed a Ruler-level Ice attribute special ability . The exceedingly powerful effect of his ice creation was actually affecting the vibrational frequency of Wang Zhong's Soul Power-formed cross wheels! As the ice spears and cross wheels continued to smash against each other, the broken cross wheels would just shatter apart, while the broken ice spears would explode into bursts of ice-cold air . As they hung in the air, the terrifyingly cold air started to slowly increase in might and radius! The golden cross wheels started to spin slower, before the ice spears hurtling over from the left finally smashed through the dense arcing net and shot towards Wang Zhong!

Just like dominoes, the entire cross wheel formation started to rapidly collapse . As this happened, ice spears started hurtle towards Wang Zhong . The ice spears had now obtained overall superiority for Vladimir!

Despite being way more numerous than the dozen that had destroyed Gui Hao, the spinning cross wheels were incapable of defending against Vladimir's attacks!

Furthermore, even after obtaining absolute superiority, the advancing Ice Spear Formation did not shoot mindlessly towards Wang Zhong . Instead, they started to group up even more tightly as they bore down on Wang Zhong .

Without talking about any ordinary soldier, all of the special ability users felt feelings of despair surge through their hearts . Despite both being able to create something out of nothing, Vladimir was also using his special ability to unleash his attacks . Although he had gained and advantage in power and energy consumption, the resulting ice spears were harder to control .

However, Vladimir was actually able to exert such exquisite control over them! The control he had over his Soul Power and special ability was literally heaven-defying! Even more frightening was that Vladimir's expression was still as carefree as before the start of this fight!

As the ice spears shot out, all of the cross wheels crumbled in defeat!

Light blossomed from Wang Zhong's eyes before cross wheels stopped forming around him . In the next instant, layer after layer of Soul Power surged out from his hand . As this happened, the ice spears appeared right before him!

Wang Zhong started to move about as he retreated . Consolidating his movements, powerful fist shades were unleashed out, filling the air before him with streaks of light as they smashed forcefully against the incoming hail of ice spears!

Ping ping ping ping ping ping!

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

As explosions filled the air, more and more ice spears shot towards Wang Zhong . As they were smashed apart, frosty air continued to cover the stage like a fog of ice that surged towards Wang Zhong!

This barrage of attacks continued for 20 to 30 seconds, with the sounds of fists rumbling out, never once coming to a stop .

This continued all the way until all of the ice spears were shattered, with the frosty air covering the stage being blown away .

 A thick layer of ice shards was present all around Wang Zhong as he stood on the stage, just like a god of war standing victoriously on the battlefield, his body sparkling with a crystalline white glow . . . However, thinking about Vladimir's terrifying ice attribute special ability, everyone felt slightly worried for Wang Zhong .

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