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Chapter 910 - Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword

West of Yan Yang City, Silver Sword Disciples' Residence.

Within a quiet courtyard, three young men were sitting cross-legged. They didn't move at all; they were like statues.


Suddenly, an incomparably powerful aura came out from one of the rooms in the courtyard. In just a blink of an eye, it had covered a radius of a thousand meters.

The three young men were jolted awake, and instinctively sprang to their feet, looking towards the room.

This aura did not disappear in a flash. Instead, it surged forward like a raging wave, with each wave stronger than the previous one … Obviously, his aura was rapidly rising.

"Senior apprentice-brother Leng Doberman broke through?"

"Heavenly Yuan Stage!"

"Haha, Brother Leng has finally reached the Sky Origin Stage."

The three of them immediately understood what was going on. Uncontrollably, they revealed looks of pleasant surprise …

… ….

In another courtyard thousands of meters away, the shining Space Aircraft was still lying quietly on the ground. Outside the walls, there were occasionally people poking their heads out to look. When they saw the aircraft, their eyes revealed a sense of curiosity, but no one entered the courtyard to investigate.

In the space in front of the Space Aircraft, Tang Huan stood up straight as his hands pressed down on the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace". The captivating red flame spewed out from his palms not only covered the entire cauldron, but also shot up to a height of one or two meters.

"It's about time!"

The flame in Tang Huan's palm gradually withdrew as the excitement between his brows faintly appeared.

He was currently forging the Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword. Although he was prepared, the difficulty of forging a middle stage Divine Armament still far exceeded his expectations.

The most difficult part was the smelting of the four Natural Divine Stone.

For the current Tang Huan, smelting a fusion Divine Level Stone was a piece of cake. Even if it was a middle stage fusion Divine Level Stone, it would not take too long.

The amount of time it took to smelt a natural Lower Grade Divine Stone was much longer than the amount of time it took to fuse a middle ranked Divine Level Stone. Although he did not carefully calculate it, he knew that it would not be less than two days.

If a natural Lower Grade Divine Stone was already like that, then what about a natural middle stage Divine Level Stone?

Tang Huan reckoned that the amount of time he spent on those four piece of Divine Stone had already exceeded ten days. Furthermore, in the process of forging a middle stage Divine Armament, the difficulty of every step had always been above that of a low stage Divine Armament.

Otherwise, Tang Huan would have had no time to cry. After all, failure in forging meant the loss of not only precious ingredients, but also that portion of Divine Weapon Catalogue.

Now, the forging was finally going to end.

The flames became smaller and smaller. Due to the impact of the fire, the "Absolute Sun Scarlet Scale Sword" in the air also gradually descended, revealing Lushan's true face more and more clearly.

The sword was about two meters long, its blade was red like fire, and its scaly patterns spread from the two sides of the sword to the hilt. There were a total of 128 swords. Each scale seemed to contain an extremely vast and violent power, as though they were small volcanoes that were hibernating within the sword.

At the center of the sword, fine lines extended from the sword tip to the sword hilt.

It was as if there were countless tentacles within these runes that extended into the scales on both sides, connecting the scales into a single entity. Under the light of the fire, the patterns seemed to come to life as they flowed in a fluid manner, giving off a mysterious and wondrous aura that seemed to be able to melt one's mind completely.

This was not the first time Tang Huan had forged such an astonishingly large sword. In fact, he had even seen someone carrying an even larger heavy sword in the Pure Yang Sword Sect.

Such a weapon was actually not the most exaggerated.

In Hu Chan's memories, there was an extremely deep memory. It was in the "Tong Tian Ancient Region", where a cultivator wielded a long blade that was several tens of meters long. With one slash, the mountain peak that was thousands of meters tall was sliced in half … For the time being, Tang Huan did not dare to even imagine such a level of weapon.

"Clang!" The flames completely disappeared, and the "Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword" landed horizontally on the cauldron.

"I've finally succeeded!"

Tang Huan could no longer suppress his excitement and joy, it was as if his eyes were flowing out. Soon after, Tang Huan impatiently grabbed the sword hilt, an intense urge sprouted from the bottom of his heart. He wished he could immediately grab the sword and push it to the extreme to test the might of the middle levelled Divine Armament.

After taking a deep breath, Tang Huan mustered all the strength in his body. The "Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword" was only able to lift half a foot before it sank, and then let out another loud "Dang" sound.

"As expected of something forged by four Natural Divine Stone. It's really heavy!"

Tang Huan couldn't help but laugh.

When he was forging weapons, Tang Huan used the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" to activate the firepower, so he did not feel the heaviness of the Natural Divine Stone or any other weapons. Now, without the help of the cauldron, the weight of the "Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword" immediately caused Tang Huan's excited mind to become clear again.

Fortunately, this was the Divine Armament, not the Heavenly Soldier!

Tang Huan held up his right forefinger and middle finger, and pressed them together onto the sword blade, and immediately, golden blood oozed out from Tang Huan's fingers, and flowed into the sword.


A slight trembling sound came out from the sword blade, and this "Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword" immediately sounded like a wolf that had not eaten for more than ten days. Even if it had not successfully merged with's body, he could still feel an intense hunger and thirst in its voice.


Tang Huan thought slightly, and the blood in his body started to surge like waves.

Under the stimulation of his true essence, the golden blood poured down like a torrent. Large balls of blood flowed out from the tip of his right hand, continuously merging with the blade. Unknowingly, the fiery red greatsword had been dyed a golden color, and a faint golden fog began to rise into the air, becoming denser and denser.

Tang Huan's heart was as tranquil as water, carefully observing the changes in his body.

Very quickly, a feeling of confluence and harmony rose involuntarily, and it was even more intense than when he was fusing with the low leveled Divine Armament s such as Conqueror Spear and Xuanyuan Sword.

After an unknown amount of time, the "Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword" finally stopped.

Tang Huan felt as though all the blood in his body had been sucked dry, causing him to feel extremely weak, as though his entire body was going dizzy. It was fortunate that Tang Huan had already stepped into the Origin Condensation Realm. If his cultivation was still in the True Spirit Level, he might not even be able to handle the middle stage Divine Armament.

The golden fog surged and tightly wrapped the "Absolute Yang Scarlet Scale Sword".

The feeling of touching the two fingers of Tang Huan's right hand no longer existed; it was as if the enormous sword had already been completely melted by this golden blood mist.

With a thought, the 'Nine Yang Divine Furnace' returned to the Dantian. In the next moment, the golden blood mist slithered through Tang Huan's palm like a snake, flying quickly through the Spiritual Meridian and into the Dantian's cauldron. Not long after, a large amount of golden fog appeared in the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace".

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