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He was interested in Wang Zhong, as he could feel some sort of omen from Wang Zhong that was different from most people. He never expected Wang Zhong to have a similar opinion of him. Although Mo Wen did not care about his family's status, he really never expected Wang Zhong to view him as an "equal".

Regardless of perspective, Wang Zhong was a perfect opponent for him. Perhaps, this was the opportunity he had been seeking all along.

It had been such a long time since someone had looked at him like that. A look from hunter to prey, from opponent to opponent; this gaze, this feeling, damn, it's good!

Although it was just a minute action, it had already incited a wave of hot discussions within the audience. With a smile, Mo Xingchen said, "Senior brother, he's treating you as his opponent, and is mimicking your unarmed style. His method of declaring war is first class."

Mo Wen nodded his head in response. This was an explanation he could accept. Even Gui Hao and Vladimir would not challenge him on this aspect. In the past, there was a person by the name of Molton Potter who did such a thing, and now there's Wang Zhong. He truly wasn't lonely!

The noisy din in the arena continued on, though it did not affect those two on the stage in any way.

The two participants of the duel were already in position, while their gazes, calm as the surface of a lake, crossed each other. At that very instant, both of them could feel the fighting intent deep within the other's heart. Bobo wasn't adept at expressing his emotions, but could always sense others'.

The calmness and self-confidence contained within that gaze was hidden so deep that people were unable to get the full picture.

This was a different realm, silent yet as shocking as thunder; unlike those who relied on baring their fangs or foolishly blasting their Soul Power outwards.

This was a genuine expert.

Wang Zhong's mental state was exceedingly, exceedingly good, a result of being provoked by Mo Wen, added to his face-off against an expert like Bobo wielding a Divine Weapon. He had never felt that he was disadvantaged when going up against a Divine Weapon. Any weapon needed a master to be able to showcase its might. If Bobo Torres were able to dominate his weapon, it would become his strength. Furthermore, the thought of fighting against it made Wang Zhong extremely interested!

At this moment, Bobo's eyes started to sparkle with fighting intent. This was the first time in this CHF that he was actually anticipating the fight. In the earlier matches, all of his opponents were too weak! They lacked the qualifications for him to showcase the might of his Divine Weapon.

He did not care about Wang Zhong's choice of weapon, as all weapons would be useless in the face of his Golden Trident, and those cross wheels were no exception. It was a smart decision for Wang Zhong to not choose the cross wheels; if he did, he would get pummelled to the point of questioning his life choices!

As the competition bell rang, the full extent of Soul Power erupted from the two figures. The Soul Power of people in the Casted Soul Stage would always be capped at 200 Grassos. However, there could be a gigantic difference in the essence and density between people. Indeed, Wang Zhong's Soul Power was extremely dense and calm. However, Bobo Torres's Soul Power was radiating with a golden glow.

The quality of Soul Power could rival that coming from a king. This wasn't just a mere difference in colour, as a change in the colour of Soul Power would generally indicate a transformation in grade and attribute. It was now clear why the legendary Divine Weapon would recognize him as its own. The resonance between him and the Divine Weapon allowed Bobo to differentiate himself from other experts, and it wouldn't be out of place for him to be ranked highly within the Sanctuary Division.

Both parties' aura continued to rise. Nevertheless, it was clear that no one could suppress the other. When both of their auras reached a certain level, they took action at nearly the same instant, with both of them hurtling towards each other at astonishing speeds.

Not using any fancy moves, Wang Zhong rushed straight towards Bobo. With the gigantic trident in his hands, Bobo had a rather amusing appearance, but no one present could laugh at this.


Without any circling or dancing around, the two smashed into each other. Since he was up against a legendary Divine Weapon, Wang Zhong was definitely going to have to ascertain its capabilities. However, he had made a mistake this time.

Wang Zhong's entire body came to a halt. Ever since he had comprehended the meaning behind power, he had never lost a match. However, the Golden Trident had actually bore down onto him like a mountain! Bang...

As if it possessed no mass at all, the Golden Trident stabbed forwards, sending Wang Zhong flying back.

It was just a probing exchange, and Wang Zhong had suffered major losses.

Bobo did not give pursuit. Instead, he stared severely at Wang Zhong before saying, "My Golden Trident has the ability to lift something heavy as though it were light. Daring to receive my attack without figuring out this ability, I really don't know if you're naive or blind!"

There was no need for Bobo to explain this, as Wang Zhong had already sensed it. From the speed at which Bobo waved the trident around, it appeared as though the trident was light as a feather. However, in reality, the impact from a collision felt as though the trident weighed over a thousand pounds. Indeed, this was a Divine Weapon, and was much stronger than Zhao Yilong's Dragon Stranding Spear.

Wang Zhong responded with a faint smile and clenched his fists. Utilising a different style, he hurtled towards Bobo in a flash.

Bobo remained stationary in his position. However, when Wang Zhong came close, the trident suddenly carved out a golden arc. Wang Zhong immediately made a backflip to avoid the incoming swipe. When a weapon of such weight was bolstered by Soul Power, the intent present in its attacks would be extremely lethal.

However, in an instant, Bobo had already leapt into the air, sending a kick straight out. Wang Zhong immediately crossed his hand and raised a guard. Upon contact, a dull thud rang out, before Wang Zhong landed on the ground. However, stabbing the trident towards the ground as a support, Bobo instantly sent a ferocious kick towards Wang Zhong. Bang bang bang bang...

In an instant, a dozen kicks were sent out, forcing Wang Zhong to revert completely to defence. In the aspect of close combat, Bobo was just as outstanding. Although he was still carrying his Golden Trident, he was not overly obsessed with the strength of the Divine Weapon.


Wang Zhong was sent flying once again. Carrying his trident, Bobo immediately advanced forward. Appearing as though he wasn't even making contact with the ground, he sent yet another strike towards Wang Zhong.


Wang Zhong could only maintain his defence, retreating duelling a dozen metres before finally regaining his balance.

The entire arena turned silent. Even someone like All Mouthy King had been beaten to such a state?

While everyone's eyes were focused on the Divine Weapon, Bobo had showcased his personal style.

"Wang Zhong might suffer losses by wanting to deal with the Golden Trident unarmed." said Mo Xingchen as she wrinkled her little nose. "It's very shameless to use a Divine Weapon."

"Senior sister. Weapons are meant to be used. However, Bobo's considered to be a genius of the Torres Family, possessing an extremely rare set of skills. I think that Wang Zhong's taking it for granted by engaging in close combat." replied Napier Mo with a smile.

Instead of replying, Mo Wen remained silent as he observed Wang Zhong. How would Wang Zhong break out of this deadlock?

The Golden Trident was an extremely mysterious weapon, as the owner it had recognized would be able to change its weight. Just this ability would allow the creation of various kinds of combat techniques and skills, and would basically make it the nemesis of close combat. Wang Zhong was planning to use the difference in weapon length to make his assault. However, the short and small Bobo was exceedingly nimble and deft. Although he had a small frame, he possessed an insane level of strength, throwing a wrench into Wang Zhong's plan.

Having given up the cross wheels, it extremely difficult for Wang Zhong to break out from his current situation!

Without even mentioning the group battle, Bobo Torres' dueling capabilities were definitely top notch.

Bobo's calm eyes suddenly flashed with brilliance, before giving the Golden Trident in his hands a fierce clench.


Bobo faintly raised his head, revealing his eyes, with were full of self-confidence. As Soul Power poured into the Golden Trident, the runes on its surface started to flow, sending rays of light blossoming in all directions. In the next instant, his entire body shot forwards like a bolt of lightning!

At this instant, even All Mouthy King fans would not continue to ridicule this little man about his small stature. Anything that has been concentrated would turn into pure essence. That small and tiny frame packed a gargantuan strength that could topple mountains and reclaim seas.

It was too difficult to face him head-on, when he switched between being as heavy as Mount Tai and being as nimble and deft as the wind at any time! The trident in his hands was basically a dragon that had burst out from the seas and taken to the air! Despite his numerous attempts to break out of this situation, all of Wang Zhong's attacks were fruitless. In order to start an offence, one had to maintain an appropriate defence, or utilise an extremely high speed. However, it was impractical to rely on high speeds when against Bobo, as his mastery over long weaponry was simply too good.

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