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Chapter 39 – Fiery Hot

"We are already in a relationship," Wang Zhong said.

Ma Dong was shocked. "What relationship. Did she let you hold her  hands?"

It wasn't that Ma Dong despised Wang Zhong. He was still a virgin himself and had never held a girl's hands before other than Emily's, but that brat doesn't count.

"We kissed," Wang Zhong added.

"Kissed… the two of you kissed the first time you both met each other?" Ma Dong asked. His mouth gaped open, showing a face of disbelief.

Wang Zhong nodded his head. "I met her for the first time in the gravity chamber and knew she was the one I was searching for."

"Did you push her down and kiss her afterward?" Ma Dong continued to ask.

"How did you know?" Wang Zhong felt baffled before continuing, "You brat, you weren't peeping were you?"

Ma Dong raised his head and sighed. Even the moon would feel embarrassed. This blockhead had successfully courted a girl. The melancholy he felt at this revelation was overbearing!

Wang Zhong was a prodigy… that girl from the Stuart clan was also a prodigy…  He, Ma Dong, was simply an ordinary person!

Within Tianjing Academy, a girl wearing sunglasses, her expression stern and grave, walked out from the beautiful doorway of the grand hall.  

It was drizzling lightly outside. Behind her stood the strongest and highest ranking soldier in Tianjing Academy. As a representative of the Tianjing Academy, Chairman Rex personally held up her umbrella to shelter her from the rain while continuing to speak with a wide smile on his face. "Miss Carolyn, put your heart at ease. The Stuart clan has our, Tianjing Academy's, complete and utter cooperation. With this expansion, Tianjing will dazzle the world. I will personally answer for any blunders made."

Carolyn laughed and replied, "Our clan has always believed in your abilities. Since we have been friends for many years, I personally thank you for your assistance. I will relay your ideas to my father. However, how he decides to act is not something I can control."

Rex's smile became brighter as he replied, "That is enough—thank you!" He then personally opened the car door for her. Rex was very pleased with today's discussion. Being able to leave a good impression on the heir of the Start clan will help his status rise by quite a bit in the future.

Carolyn never liked making connections with these politicians as they were full of fake smiles and empty lies. She would go as far as to say she despised them. Alas, as a public figure of the Stuart clan, these things were sometimes out of her control.

This time, her visit to Tianjing could be considered as decent. Handling this little matter for Rex didn't actually require her to personally come by, but she'd come anyway. Originally, she wanted to use this time to get some fresh air and escape from reality for a while, even if it was for just a moment. What she would never have imagined was that she'd experience an event that made her heart flutter.

"Miss, your letter has been delivered." Seated in the front seat of the vehicle was the middle-aged man that had previously delivered the letter to Wang Zhong.

A genuine smile finally appeared on Carolyn's face. Whenever she thought about that guy, she'd get a special kind of feeling, making any of her troubles seem insignificant. She'd love to discuss this with others, but didn't dare to go too far. "How do you feel about him?" she asked.

"It's too early to tell… but for the young lady to find him exceptional, there have to be reasons. I trust your judgment."

"Haha, he looks weak, doesn't he?" Carolyn spoke and laughed. Truthfully speaking, even she'd felt it was hard to believe that Wang Zhong could actually defeat her.

Dero nodded his head solemnly. This was the kind of person Dero would ignore. Even if the person were to look unrefined from their head to their toes, the young lady's command was not to be ignored. As a bodyguard, he didn't need his own eyes, ears, or brain; he just needed to follow orders.

"Start the car." Carolyn was feeling very happy. She extended her hand out the window and felt the light drizzle. Hopefully, she could meet with him at the CHF. When she thought about those fiery lips, Carolyn felt slightly rebellious and secretive. Could this fellow really become her boyfriend?

Thinking about this, Carolyn couldn't help but laugh. She was actually truly considering this question…

Coming back from the dinner banquet, Wang Zhong and Ma Dong felt very satisfied. Their reasons for this feeling were quite different. Wang Zhong now knew Carolyn's background, and while it may be a little unorthodox, this would never impede him.

Student Ma Dong finally found a reason to live. As for the issue of him winning or losing, it didn't matter to him. To shine from the rest is something only a king could do. 

CHF Competition. How could Wang Zhong not anticipate it? As a student of a renowned soul academy, being able to enter such a battle would be glorious. It is just that the competition this year would be immensely difficult, making it a magnificent sight to behold. Everyone was talking about how the great clans were choosing their strongest representative to showcase their abilities in this competition.

For the participants from Tianjing Academy, the goal was to qualify for the competition. This was the matter Scarlet most worried about. If they were unable to even qualify, then Tianjing Academy would have to withdraw from the rankings of the top 100 Great Academies.

Wang Zhong reached the OP room and did a few warm-up exercises before entering the Fifth Dimension.

Every single time he entered the Fifth Dimension, Wang Zhong felt as though he was entering into a dream. The only difference was that in the dream world, there was only Simba. He hoped he could face a strong opponent today.

All-Mouthy King has entered.

In an instant, the crowd became worked up. Hugh competitions were where more prodigies with excellent fighting abilities were showcased. This year, it was the CHF competition. It was only recently that the Federation had publicly announced that the number of matches within the OP system has risen by 20%. Along with that, there was increasing participation from experts who have not been heard from for a long time. However, not everyone loved the OP system, including families that value their ancient heritage as well as those that follow the same mindset as the Empire. In the past, fighting abilities were a testament to one's brutal training, which made them disapprove of a shortcut like the OP system. While the OP system was beneficial for ordinary people, to them, it was simply for the weak.    

"Brother King, you have finally arrived. I've thought of you so much that I couldn't sleep."

"Who will he be trashing up today!"

"Will it be random weapons again for today?"

"You all are a pile of vegetables, how can you understand the feelings of King?"

People who were more traditional might not be able to accept the OP system as it was too casual, simplifying fights that in the past, was very serious and often dangerous. Those fights, however, easily lead to injuries and deaths. For the younger generation, they enjoyed the OP system matches a lot. Within the Federation, the OP system was becoming a huge trend and it is not something that can be changed by anyone.

Freedom Federation. The word Freedom means a great deal. 

Wang Zhong could still feel the difference in the atmosphere around him, but didn't care much for it. This kind of fame allowed him to find better opponents.

When he opened his mailbox, Wang Zhong was stunned. It was littered with requests for challenges.

[Youngster King dare to come up and fight a battle?]

[Massa City's Royal soldier invites you to a match!]

[I will kill you in 3 seconds!]

These sorts of messages filled his mailbox. Wang Zhong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What in the world was this all about?

Frankly speaking, these kinds of challenges were unreasonable. Some of them were simple jokes, while others were issued for them to get famous.

Wang Zhong entered matchmaking. His recent combat achievements weren't bad, so he should be able to find an opponent that's a bit more skillful.

When they saw All-Mouthy King enter matchmaking, a portion of the people viewing was slightly disappointing. Due to the rise in status from his match with Anlor, those who would get selected to battle All-Mouthy King wouldn't be on the same level as Anlor.

When a forest grew larger, so too would the birds.

Within Copperfield City, Anlor had been training like his life depended on it . He wiped off his sweat and walked out. He carried his skylink with him, setting a priority alert that set off whenever All-Mouthy King came online.

This was the person who had defeated him and almost destroyed his confidence. It was lucky to have the companionship of his teammates. His captain had spoken correctly when she said that this would be beneficial for him. The CHF Competition was about to begin at the end of the year but he had been too pleased with himself for completing the flying combat axes technique, leading to his complacency. That battle had awaken him up.

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