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Chapter 377: large disparity
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Everyone thought back to the gentle smile and encouragement given by their great captain to vice-captain Mario as he entered the test venue. Looking at the expression of their captain, the rest of the squadron members could only nod their heads vigorously in agreement. At this moment, the only thing they could do was to silently pray for their vice-captain Mario. This exactly like being shot at from the back.

In the test venue, Mario felt a chill crawling up his spine. Without even thinking, he already knew that it was definitely due to his captain staring at him. However, he truly was not afraid of any theory test.

With the test venue for the Grozny Competition Zone open, a dozen elite captains from around the federation were seated in a spacious and brightly lit lecture room. All of the test papers have already been distributed. However, just a slight glance at the questions was already about to cause faces of bitterness to appear on the majority of the captains. Even constipation wasn't as painful as what they were facing now.

"Other than differing levels of radiation, what other differences are there between the dimensional radiation present in high elevations above sea level as opposed to low levels?"

"Can the spiritual consciousness system of the OP be treated as another form of a spiritual consciousness world? If yes, please explain and provide examples."

"Please list 10 methods that would allow for a single drop of water to obtain the lethality of a bullet…"


Captains with slightly short tempers were already on the verge of smashing their desks apart. They could even set a question about a single drop of water?!

There were quite a few people that were tormented to the point of collapse by the questions. However, they did not represent everyone taking the test.

Just like what Cole Joseph had said, the genuinely outstanding elites of the federation's academies weren't just strong in combat. Rich and abundant knowledge present in their minds formed an essential part of their strength!

There was an old saying that one would become wise from reading books. Although it did not mean that one would obtain intelligence from books, books were able to widen one's horizon and logical thinking abilities. These were extremely beneficial traits to possess during combat.

Most importantly was the reason why mankind was able to survive after facing any challenge or calamity. It wasn't due to how physically strong humans were, but regardless of the old era or the new era, the key strength of humanity lies within their intellect and critical thinking.

Even in a soul power dominated world, mankind still could not forget about the importance of critical thinking, especially those elites in positions of responsibility.

Wang Zhong answered every question with ease. Although those questions appeared to be of obscure topics, with the nickname of "all-encompassing", they had, in fact, a certain level of connection towards combat and life. There wasn't any especially obscure knowledge tested in the questions. However, for the final discussion question, it required a considerably vast amount of knowledge, as one needed to write an essay with a self-created discussion that includes runes, soul power, dimensional world.

This discussion question tests one's ability to judge the direction the world is moving towards. Although such debative knowledge might be lacking in some of the more combat oriented captains, one's ability to comprehend matters was extremely important in all aspects of their strength. Therefore, the federation wanted to see how their thought processes flow about.

As for Wang Zhong, he really had some ideas about this, resulting in him not writing about living runes. That's because he had already communicated with the old Potter about this aspect. Due to his experiences in the dimensional world, it had given him quite a few new ideas and generated new guesses about it, especially on what exactly was the hyperdimension.

Therefore, Wang Zhong's topic was - "A hypothesis on the origin of the hyperdimension".

In Wang Zhong's point of view, the hyperdimension should have already existed since a very, very long time ago. On the one hand, the hyperdimension is said to be the intersection between the lower and the higher dimensional world. This was something that can be proven by the Fate Stone and Simba. Naturally, those 2 can't be used as supporting evidence, as world ending calamities frequently happen in low-dimensional worlds, resulting in the dissipation of entropy. Wang Zhong viewed this as a recollection of energy. Once a low dimensional world exceeded the limit of the hyperdimension, the world would be destroyed if it is unable to be promoted into a higher dimensional one. This was the rule of the hyperdimension.

On the otherhand, exactly who was was the influencer and who was the one being influenced? Was it the hyperdimension affecting Earth, or was it the thoughts of humans that have given birth to the existence known as the hyperdimension? This was the question of the chicken and the egg. Due to his discussions with Simba, Wang Zhong was more inclined to the first hypothesis. The hyperdimension should possess some sort of energy that was able to influence the thoughts of those life forms in the lower dimensional worlds. Mankind's comprehension, or promotions via dreams, might be due tothe influence of the hyperdimension. Who was the one that led to the other...

It had to be said that Wang Zhong's essay grew increasingly complex to more he wrote. Compared to him, the other captains were starting to get a headache towards this discussion question. Frankly speaking, stuff like these were treated with a closed eye by the various Heroic Soul Academies. To them, it was good enough just to possess fighting strength. Who cares about how to write theses! No matter how good one could write them, it'll be useless in a fight.


The situation was more or less the same across the other competition zones, with masses of misery and dismal sounding voices marked with a couple of confident and radiant sounding ones.

In the Bella Dean Competition Zone, more than an hour have passed since the commencement of the theory test. Laura's expression was currently turned for the better, as the questions weren't as obscure and difficult than she had imagined. Out of every 10 questions, she felt that she was able to get 8 of them right, especially the final discussion question that had a considerable weighage to it. This was precisely the aspects that she excelled in, as after all, she had a dean for a grandfather. Just summing up of the little bits she would frequently hear from her grandfather was already way past the level any student could match up to. What a blessing to hear those mumblings.

Added with the topics she had chatted with him when he was in Copperfield, Laura possesses a considerable level of knowledge and understanding towards this discussion question. Under her detailed planning, the entire thesis was planned out layer by layer. She felt rather self-confidence towards her thesis. However, just as she was about to finish her design and was prepared to start writing, the first person to hand up the test papers appeared.

Martial Ghosts Divine Emperor squadron's Gui Hao.

His face brimmed with radiance, self-confidence and arrogance. Truthfully speaking, he was a person that was able to easily move the hearts of girls. This was a fellow that did not know how to keep a low profile in anything. However, wasn't that too quick? Laura was considered to have answered the test questions at an extremely quick speed. While she had started on her thesis question, the majority of the others were still stuck answering the second half of the test paper.

Just like his combat prowess, Gui Hao was famous for his outstanding theoretical knowledge. As long as he takes actions, he would definitely take first place! Regardless of the score or speed of completion!

There was no need to explain about his heroic and valiant life. Of the young females in the 10 great families, Carolyn was no doubt their role model. However, Gui Hao was the universally recognized benchmark for the males, possessing absolute perfection with no imperfections from all directions. Clearly, he had also aimed to be the first one out from the captain arena.

Despite being in the same competition zone as that fellow, Laura didn't have any thoughts and inclinations to curse out. However, all of a sudden, she thought about Wang Zhong, causing her to really feel like bursting out in laughter.

Although she wasn't able to be a 100% confident that Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King...she did not have such thoughts before. However, if it was about theses, theoretical results and test papers, wasn't he a super straight A's student? Without focusing on others and just on the discussion question in today's test papers, with her grandfather being enlightened by him to start research into Living Runes. In context to the degree of this discussion question, wasn't there no one here that could compete with Wang Zhong?

If Wang Zhong's score was to exceed Gui Hao's, she truly wanted to see the face of that fellow. Having never ever lost to any male, what kind of expression would he have?

Laura could not help but let off a few secret chuckles, before quickly reorganizing her emotions. Matters like these should be left for later, as the question before her was the most important thing now.

The same scenario was also present in the Martial Emperor Competition Zone, though the lead character this time had been changed to Carolyn.

The juniors of aristocratic families were seemingly outstanding in all aspects. While other children were still speaking mumbo jumbo, they were already having contact with the most outstanding speech teachers of the federation. While other children with building their foundations, they were already learning the higher aspects of thesis writing.

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