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This was the power of All Mouthy King. If someone were fighting against Papada, everyone would've assumed that the fight was already over.

The atmosphere froze, those from the City of Blazing Angels brimmed with pride in their hearts. However, the moment the results were revealed, no one dared to believe their eyes. Papada's opponent was All Mouthy King, the person that made miracles happen time and time again. Nearly every student in a heroic soul academy saw the best of his past reversals and experienced the growth of his legendary tales. However, if there were anyone who could put an end to this legend, they would start a new legend!

The astonishing wave-like attacks came to a stop as, even the envoy of flames, Papada couldn't help but feel suffocated by such a barrage of attacks. Also, his consumption of Soul Power and special ability energies for such a persistent wave of attacks were huge, but it was definitely worse for his opponent!

A gigantic hole had appeared where All Mouthy King stood before, blasted into rubble until smoke and dust plumes billowed out.

Was this the level of attack that a Casted Soul Stage soldier could reach? Why did it feel like the Earth's crust within the attack radius had been blasted and disfigured into a totally new shape?!

Everyone was stunned stupid by the view before them, the whole of the discussion forum turned deathly silent. Mario covered his mouth. Fortunately, there wasn't such an environment in the CHF. If there was, various great squadrons would have vomited blood.

It looked like everyone started to understand why Ruo Zhi was so certain and confident of his conclusion. What he said wasn't wrong. Never, ever choose to fight against Papada in a fiery terrain! Such terrifying eruption of power was completely inhuman!

"A fiery storm that has been mastered to perfection. This is the City of Blazing Angels' Papada, the Blazing Hero, one of the two Southern Stars of Fire. However, the system has yet to determine his loss, so it looks like our brother King is still has some breath left. It's probably his heavy armor that saved his life. However, facing a barrage of attacks of that caliber, he should be struggling at death's door. Furthermore, I believe that Papada has only used 70% of his strength at most!" Ruo Zhi's saliva sprayed all over the place as he spoke passionately and vehemently, "In fact, I really want to interview All Mouthy King and ask him, why are you so stubborn in your pretentiousness!"

Currently, it was Ruo Zhi's one-man-show, no one spoke for or against him. As this was happening, Laura continued to wait patiently. How each person used their pyrogenesis ability was different. While fire attribute special ability users had a much higher resistance to fire than others, people as talented as Papada could even receive a certain level of assistance from an environment like the one he was in. Naturally, the rebounding force would definitely be huge too. Although it was just a legend, it was said that the City of Blazing Angels was blessed by fire, causing the people born in it to possess a much, much higher level of resistance against the rebounding force than other fire attribute special ability users. Naturally, though this so-called blessing wasn't proven scientifically, or at least Old Potter, her grandfather, didn't believe in it.

As the churning plume of dust and smoke gradually dispersed, a figure appeared from within the rubble and slowly walked out, still as calm and unruffled as ever.


Taking in the scene before him, Papada's expression change slightly. Everyone in the viewing gallery sucked in a breath of cold air. Even those with gold names in the VIP area had numerous expressions.

All Mouthy King!

The thick, sturdy, runic heavy armor had shattered and exploded from the terrifying attacks, a few pieces of broken metal shook and rattled on All Mouthy King's body. The armor's shape was indistinguishable, and even the greatsword in his hand had broken into two pieces by the ferocious barrage of attacks.

However, there didn't seem to be the slightest injury present on his body...

What the hell was this???

Everyone in the discussion forums had their mouths agape, the person who commented All Mouthy King was on his last breath, brother Ruo Zhi in particular, had his mouth so wide open that one could stuff two large duck eggs inside.

Wang Zhong sighed slightly. He finally gained some understanding of certain things. His resistance to fire had definitely increased. Over the time he spent having a "heart to heart talk" with the Sovereign of Flames, he finally yielded results. What's more, this result was more expressed on his soul. The OP was the result of mankind's understanding of the hyperdimension, although Papada's fire attribute energy attacks were indeed ferocious, it wasn't worth mentioning when compared to the Sovereign of Flames. The problem that Wang Zhong previously faced was how unsynced his powerful soul and his "weak" physical body was. This was probably the main reason why his control of fire had always been so poor: his body wasn't strong enough to endure the rebounding force caused when he displayed his pyrogenesis. Fundamentally, this had caused disorder in his body's natural self preservation ability. Therefore, he could only create a small flame for light.

"Is he really a human? How can he be alright after such violent attacks? Could it be that All Mouthy King's a special ability user?"

"I don't know. Perhaps he is, who knows? Maybe the only reason why All Mouthy King didn't use his special ability is because his opponents were too weak for him to show it."

"All Mouthy King used his special ability???"

Unknowingly, as this thought appeared, it put pressure on everyone. All Mouthy King could already utilize his soul power skills and techniques to the very limit. What would happen if he used a special ability?

In discussion forums inside and out of Skylink, everyone was sent into uproar as inconceivable feelings skyrocketed through the roof. All Mouthy King's a fire attribute special ability user?!

That's why the energy consuming tactic Papada executed using his special ability didn't cause much of a problem for All Mouthy King. With such a high degree of flame resistance, the latter could resist against the multiples strikes from the flame whip. With that, why would one even care about the little bit of consumption caused by the high temperatures of this battlefield?

Divian was also stunned. This is simply impossible! It was impossible for someone to conceal their special ability completely! During her fight with All Mouthy King, she couldn't detect any fire attribute energies coming from the latter at all. Could he have awakened his special ability during this short amount of time?

Even if he had awakened his special ability, how could he possess such high resistance to fire? It was known throughout the Federation that Papada definitely excelled in this aspect. It took over ten years of nurturing to produce Papada, the City of Blazing Angels' pride!

"Perhaps he awakened a fire attribute special ability recently," said a youth wearing military attire in a deep voice. "It would explain the drastic progress of his soul power. The awakening of one's special ability has a very low possibility of stimulating one's soul power to increase drastically. However, it's only a little over three months...the degree of this fellow a freak?"

"At most, it's just a small fire attribute special ability. There's no use in making a fuss over it. Who here doesn't have a special ability." After a moment of shock, the VIP area quickly regained normalcy.

Currently, Papada also felt upset at the scene before him. He finally understood where the feeling of something being not quite right was coming from. So, his opponent possessed flame resistance huh. That's why he could last for so long. The stronger All Mouthy King was, the more meaningful it was to defeat him in battle!

Papada's gaze grew focused once again as the fiery halos rose from his body. This time however, both of his hands had grabbed the Angel Sword's handle.

Flames rose from the Angel Sword, and with the support of powerful Soul Power and fire attribute energies pouring into it, it couldn't restrain the violent flames rising from it. As fire elements condensed around it, one could even see that the surrounding environment looked as if it were going to ignite. Magma under the ground grew even more excited, and the surrounding temperatures continued to rise and rise!

As the temperature rose, it gradually exceeded the limits that new humans could endure, turning into a fiery hell that only fire special ability users could endure, and one had to be a powerful fire attribute special ability, if not, even they would be extremely hard pressed to endure the 80 plus degrees environment. One couldn't imagine exactly what kind of sensation one would feel when the blood in one's veins started to boil.

Everyone watching the match turned silent once again. Since the start of the fight, it was difficult for the viewing areas to be that silent. From the looks of it, Papada was in the process of preparing a frightening move. Unexpectedly, All Mouthy King hadn't shown the slightest sign of launching a counter attack. On the contrary, clutching his broken sword in one hand, he stood his ground, not moving a single inch.

Wang Zhong had closed his eyes.

His intimacy with fire allowed him to keenly capture the movements of all fire elements in his surroundings. As his concentration spiked to a higher level, he could even feel the way that Papada condensed his fire attribute energies.

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