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Chapter 277 – You Fight, I Steal

Compared to those of the business world that Ma Dong gathered, Teslan’s guests were all important members of the political world, representatives of considerable power from nearby cities to the East of Tianjing City.The Assassin family’s business wasn’t only restricted to Tianjing City. This was Teslan’s trump card. The reason why he brought the fight to the Ma Family was because of the key point that they were overly restricted to Tianjing. This was an extreme impairment to the benefits the Assassin Family would get.

“The Ma Family has actually lost in the aspect of local influence.” Quite a few people whispered into each other’s ears in discussion. The actions the Assassin Family had taken towards Tianjing City this time had a very large impact on Tianjing’s business world. Truthfully, there were quite a few people concerned about this.”

“I had assumed that the Ma Family would win in the aspect of local connections since they’ve been doing business in Tianjing for a few decades. Sigh…”

“The business world is likely unwilling to change to another business partner. On the hand, the government faction has a completely different idea. Establishing business ties with a big family like the Assassin clan would greatly benefit their political future. Looks like the Ma Family will lose for sure.”

“It’s a bit of a pity. Public opinion of the Ma Family’s father-son duo is still pretty good.”

Everyone in the vicinity were all whispering to one another, with a portion of them coming over here to join in the fun. With the high likelihood of some powerful figures appearing, not standing on any side and just watching to gain knowledge and experience was still a good choice.

“Ah. Look over there. Where did that beauty come from? She looks like a member of the Potter Family?” someone exclaimed.

“That’s seems correct! She looks slightly familiar! Could she be Laura?”

“Impossible! The little princess of Copperfield’s here?”

“That’s really Laura, and that’s the Apollo Family’s Sharmie!” Quite a few youths had followed their elders out to gain knowledge and experience. With a single look, they were able to recognize the two peerless talents: the two great ball queens.

“There’s also the Greene Family’s Scarlet! Holy heavens, who’s that guy? He’s actually walking together with those three great beauties, how fortunate!”

The originally low hum in the auction grounds instantly rose to a slight uproar. Regardless of where they went, the three great beauties would definitely steal the limelight. Even Teslan, who was greeting his government dignitaries, couldn’t help feel his eyes burn.

Accompanying Laura and the other two girls was something that he had planned long beforehand. Wang Zhong was dressed extremely formally today, wearing a tuxedo that made him appeared somewhat suave. However, compared to the three girls, he appeared a bit like a gooseberry. Scarlet was the darling of Tianjing City, with quite a few people recognizing her. There wasn’t even a need to talk about Laura and Sharmie. In a moment, they had stolen the limelight, causing even the important VIPs from the political world to repeatedly shoot glances at them.

Naturally, they weren’t looking at the ladies’ figures, but their backgrounds backing them.

The Greene, Apollo and Potter families. Each family bigger than the last. Laura and Sharmie were even considered as idols of tens of thousands of youths, and pioneer-like figures representing the Federation’s younger generation. Now, they’d actually grouped together to cheer for Ma Dong, something that made Teslan feel somewhat shocked and astonished. Unable to bear it, he shot a look at Ma Dong. The fellow didn’t seem as weak as he thought so in the beginning. They were extremely popular within the younger generation! If not for his Uncle helping him today, he really might not be the match for the former.

Hmph…Teslan felt slightly jealous. Nevertheless, he quickly reorganised his thoughts and calmed his heart. It didn’t matter if Ma Dong was stronger than him or not. The most important thing was that he would definitely win today! The truly great figures that Uncle’s invited have yet to arrive. Before them, neither Laura nor Sharmie had enough status. Winner takes all. Regardless of how much strength a person possessed, once he lost, he would be a pile of shit!

The slight disadvantage earlier made Ma Dong feel slightly uneasy. The presence of the four gave his heart a shot of strength as he hurried over to greet them. Although he could be more casual with Wang Zhong and Scarlet, Ma Dong didn’t dare neglect anything when faced with Laura and Sharmie.

“You don’t need to welcome us, seeing that you’re so busy,” said Wang Zhong with a grin. “Today, leave the duty of flower protector up to me.”

“As if,” said Milami teasingly. “One person protecting three flowers, your appetite sure is big!”

“My mistake!” replied Wang Zhong as he wiped his sweat. After being with Ma Dong for a while, Milami’s skill at talking had recently improved dramatically. “I’ll be a nanny at most, following them at their beck and call! I’m definitely competent at pouring tea and serving drinks!”

“Oh really? I really want to try some tea that Wang Zhong has personally served today! Let’s go!” Sharmie said with a grin. “Good luck, cousin!”

It was impossible for Milami to influence the Apollo Family. Sharmie had come based purely on her relationship with Milami.

The Giant Axe Auction Grounds was originally the biggest auction grounds in Tianjing. Some time earlier, Teslan did a complete renovation of it before changing the location of their battle to this place. After undergoing renovation, Giant Axe Auction Ground could be considered extremely luxurious.

“The grounds are quite big. The greatest auction grounds in Copperfield City should also be around this level.” After entering the grounds, Laura highly praised this place. With her sight and experience, her words clearly had a completely different weight when compared to Wang Zhong.

“The Assassin Family’s auction grounds is quite famous. I’ve been to one when I went to Saint Mongols last time. Indeed, the standards of their goods are extremely high,” Sharmie agreed. “I never imagined they would be so serious at Tianjing.”

The entire auction was in accordance to the strict specifications of the old era. This was the pride of the Freedom Federation. This was their orthodoxy. They were the “true” representation of the human race, continuing everything that was once there and preserving the blood lines. Not those barbarians or freaks.

In front of the auction grounds was a gigantic stand. Other than the small podium fixed at the centre for the auctioneer, facilities used to display the various items were all present. Below the stand were little round tables and chairs arranged in rows, numbering in the thousands in the giant hall. Large numbers of Skylink screens were hung around the place, all of them showing what was happening at the auction stand so those at the back could clearly see what was happening at the front.

Wang Zhong and the other three casually chose a location near the front and sat down, attracting quite a few people’s attention.

“Ha ha, Miss Laura, it’s been a long time.” The person with the greatest status would be President Rex, whom everyone would give some face to. Being a member of a city in the Eastern Area’s A region, he had been to Copperfield City a few times before, and had naturally met with the big miss of the greatest family there. Now, he actually took the initiative to greet her. He couldn’t act pretentious in front of her. Laura’s status was no small matter. Although she was still a youth, having basic courtesy was important. Naturally, Rex’s actions stemmed from his respect towards the Potter Family.

So what if he was a President? Everyone knew what was going on. Perhaps in the eyes of the ordinary folk those businessmen might appear like wolves and tigers, wielding great influence and power in their hands. However, the fact was that the majority of them were just puppets and chess pieces of the various large families of the Federation. In the Federation, those who were truly powerful were those of the great aristocratic families.

“Potter Family’s Laura, one of the ten great families. Indeed, they’re powerful enough. Any of their younger generation is enough for people like President Rex to treat them with the utmost respect.”

“She isn’t just some younger generation. Laura’s fame and reputation within the younger generation is extensive. Even within the Potter Family, she’s the big miss that everyone treats as a gem.”

“Who are the few beside her?”

Chapter 278 – Stuffed Pie

“That guy should be a student of Tianjing Academy, like Ma Dong. That girl’s Scarlet, the granddaughter of Old Greene. As for the other two, they have pretty good backgrounds. Apollo’s Sharmie. I’ve heard she’s extremely popular in the OP, and is the legitimate successor of Apollo.”

“The Apollo Family… Ma Dong’s girlfriend seems to be from the Apollo Family, right? He can also be considered to have the upper hand at relying on girls.”

“Tsk. I assumed it would be a completely one sided show when it came to connections. I never imagined that he could actually find people to support him.”

“He’s only holding on in that aspect. They aren’t of any great use. In the end, they’re just from the younger generation and can’t represent their families. This should just be personal friendship between youths.” Other than shock and astonishment, there were some things that were quite clear. “In terms of relationships between families, Teslan still hasn’t had anyone show up.”

“It’s a bit dangerous for your friend to compare connections with the other party.” Being observant and alert, and with the Potter Family’s status in the Federation, Laura had been to many similar social gatherings since she was little, and many of her habits had become subconscious reactions. “Those on your friend’s side are only a few businessmen. As for the other side, most of them are in various positions of the local government. If he can’t contend locally, then the others will be even more worrisome.”

Sharmie didn’t care about this at all. In her eyes, whoever won or lost was of no importance to her whatsoever. True love between two people couldn’t be stopped by even God himself.

“Wang Zhong, when this is finished, you should accompany me to do some special training, okay? Those wonderful ideas that you proposed last time gave me a lot of inspiration. It’s a pity we were only chatting, long ranged combat can only be truly understood in real combat!”

“Ha ha, Sharmie, speaking of ranged techniques, Scarlet’s a specialist.” A teasing glint flashed in Laura’s eyes as she said, “Wang Zhong, I’ve tested out the evolution of the Bear Rules the World that you talked about previously. Indeed, it’s very effective now. I wish to try it out in real combat with you. Tomorrow afternoon, accompany me to slice and dice!”

Hearing this, Sharmie’s expression instantly changed. Giving a slight shake of her sexy bottom, a creak rang out from the chair’s legs as she pressed herself tightly against Wang Zhong and said, “I asked first. Wang Zhong, you have to accompany me tomorrow afternoon. You can have him the next afternoon, Laura.”

“This isn’t the question of who asks first.” Laura wasn’t willing to show any signs of weakness. With a gentle shift of her long legs, she sat even closer to Wang Zhong than Sharmie.

These two, who had stepped into the OP roughly two years ago, were predestined enemies. As they were hailed as the two great ball queens of the North and South, their relationship as enemies had already been established.

This time, when they went to Tianjing, Laura stayed at Scarlet’s house while Sharmie stayed at Milami’s. Aside from frequently butting heads, the two would also oppose each other equally harshly. They would even secretly scheme while walking. As for Wang Zhong, he was at the other end of the bullets fired by them. Perhaps the two ladies needed a ‘living object’ as a target that could be judged.

In fact, there were even times that Wang Zhong really wanted to know what would be the result of the two of them starting an all out battle…. It’d be too vicious…

“This is a question of who has greater needs and who’s more fitting! If it’s about ranged combat strategies, Scarlet’s better than Wang Zhong, and can definitely improve along with you! However, when it comes to practicing my Bear Rules the World, she isn’t comparable to Wang Zhong! Am I right, Wang Zhong?”

As he watched and heard this scene going on, he entered a meditative state akin to a monk! If he was to give his opinion now, he would really be a pig!

“Wang Zhong?!” Sharmie was getting increasingly agitated, pressing herself straight onto Wang Zhong’s side. As her voluptuous chest pushed against him, her beautiful eyes opened wide. The double pressure of spirit and body!

This lass, this same move again…as if I don’t have any chest! Who’s scared of who!

Laura sneered. Faced with her predestined enemy’s challenge, she would rather die than retreat. Her soft and tender mountains immediately launched an intense assault on WangZhong’s right. With Sharmie assaulting from the left, the two of them squashed Wang Zhong like a pancake.

It would’ve been alright if they had just pressed their bodies onto him. Truth to be told, the two of them had so much control that they just left a sliver of a distance between them and Wang Zhong, with the latter being treated as a complete object by the two of them.

Student Wang Zhong was now drunk and intoxicated. Although he wasn’t a pervert, he was by all means an normal male. Furthermore, such suspense…impossible, wait! Scarlet’s watching beside me! Furthermore, if a victory was snatched away by the two competing ladies, Wang Zhong wouldn’t know who won or lost. However, he was certain that he would definitely die.

Hastily giving a gentle cough, he said, “Heroines….I have to do experiments in the afternoon tomorrow. Although I really want to help you two, I’m truly unable to offer any assistance.”

Shooting a look at each other, Laura and Sharmie could only drop this case.

Seeing this, Scarlet started to laugh silently. Milami had always suspected that Laura and Sharmie had a somewhat ambigious relationship with Wang Zhong. However, Scarlet didn’t see it this way.

Since a very long time ago, she had already noticed Wang Zhong. That was when everyone was still a first year freshman. During the semestral exams, she was already paying attention to him, a male student of the Commander department who was more capable in theory than her.

She had frequently seen him in the library, and often saw him do various kinds of academic assignments with single minded devotion. In the heroic academies, the majority of the students would pursue greater strength as their top priority, or would act pretentiously cool or suave. There really weren’t many people who could focus on reading books and studying. At the time, she already felt that Wang Zhong was quite a special person, a really quiet and calm student. She also knew that, other than similarly bad mouthed Ma Dong, he seemed to have no other friends in the academy. In fact, he was even looked down on by the majority of people, who had nicknamed him “bookworm”.

However, in just a year, this bookworm that was seemingly looked down upon by everyone was actually able to attract the attention of heaven favored girls like Laura and Sharmie. Faced with this, one could only say that the matters of the world are unpredictable.

In fact, she really like the image of Wang Zhong being received in such welcoming fashion, it made her feel as though something of her own was being appreciated and praised by other people. It gave her heartfelt happiness and acknowledgement.

While Scarlet was having wild thoughts, waves of astonished sighs instantly rang out, drawing the attention of Laura and Sharmie.

“Welcome, Mr Gaia!”

“Good to see you, Mr Gaia!”

Teslan and his uncle were respectfully accompanying a middle aged man as they strode into the grounds, a large group of people hastily stood up to smile and give their greetings.

Gaia Terandor. This was the true nobility of Saint Mongols City, the head of foreign affairs for the Terandor Family!

Faced with a flood of greetings, Gaia only nodded his head slightly. The difference in status showed how different their perspectives were. In a place like Tianjing, where fishes and dragons were mixed together, regardless of whether they were government figures or the local big shot, they were all just mud that couldn’t even support a wall.

He had some relations with Teslan’s uncle, Asima, having built up many years of friendship in Saint Mongols. He’d also heard of the competition between the two younger generation members of the Assassin Family. To him, it seemed a small matter had been blown up. Also, having nothing to do currently, and hearing from Asima that there was some good stuff available in this auction, he reluctantly came to take a look.

Chapter 279.1 – Various Kinds of Divine Methods

With a sweeping glance, he could not help but notice that the grounds were kept in a presentable state. He also recognised only some of the individuals who came to greet him, while the rest were complete strangers to him. Despite that, he still nodded towards them as per proper etiquette. This in itself was a great display of face for the greeters themselves.

“Oh?” Looking over towards Sharmie, he smiled faintly as he commented, “So you’ve have come as well, virtuous niece of mine?”

Sharmie was well-acquainted with Gaia, as both of their families, the Terandor and the Apollo Families, possessed great influence over the military forces. As such, their families are friends of sorts, Sharmie having stayed over at Saint Mongols for an extended period of time when she had left for the Northern region to attend an exchange competition. Her father had contacted her to remind her to pay her respects to a couple of seniors, a request she had turned down as she found it troublesome.

However, at the end, he was still her senior. Now was not the time to make a fuss of such matters. She stood up and returned the greeting. “How are you, uncle Gaia?”

“I’m well enough,” chuckled Gaia with a faint smile, with an air of seniority around him. “You lass, why didn’t you come visit me when you were in Saint Mongol? If this happens again, uncle Gaia will get angry, you know?”

Upon being reprimanded, Sharmie’s face became red with embarrassment. Wordlessly, all she could do was to nod her head.

Perceiving that Sharmie wasn’t invited over by Teslan, Gaia ended his chat with her and proceeded to find a seat. Without a word from him, he had caused the entire auction to become much quieter.

For Sharmie, meeting seniors that held some relationship to her family gave her a huge headache. With the conversation with Gaia over, she quietly relaxed her breathing, any sense of overbearingness she had when confronting head on against Laura completely dissipated away. Hastily sitting down, she muttered, “Ma Dong was going to have a slight problem at hand…”

“What do you mean?” Wang Zhong could feel the aura emitted by Gaia. Indeed, the moment he had stepped in, his presence completely overwhelmed Ma Dong and suppressed the air of superiority he had garnered from Laura and Sharmie. However, this was to be expected, considering that Gaia was a senior within the family and it was not too big a loss.

“Do you see where he had positioned himself at?” indicated Sharmie. “It seems that there will be more people of his standing that will be attending this auction.”

As she was on close terms with Milami, Sharmie knew who Ma Dong had invited to the auction. Most of them were Tianjing’s local merchants. Considering his connections to the Assassin Family, he can be considered to be someone of importance. However, other than that, he is but a simple merchant.

Of the people he had invited over, other than herself and Laura, the only one who stood out was Scarlet’s grandfather, elder Greene. Although elder Greene’s status was revered, in Sharmie’s eyes, he was nothing when compared against those who wield immense power in large aristocratic families like Gaia.

Ma Dong had already used up most of his aces that he had up his sleeves. Yet, the opponent had so easily gained back the advantage and successfully suppressed him with just a simple hand. This called into question if there was still a need to continue this competition.

Wang Zhong looked over to Laura, and the only thing he did was give a smile.

Just as Sharmie finished her sentence, big shots entered the grounds in waves of two and three.

An elder from the Toronto Family, the steward of the Pelican Family…four of them had entered the premises, and every one of them was a member of the top families within the Federation! In addition, they were on familiar terms with Gaia. They all sat beside him and started chatting in a relaxed manner.

What was defined a first grade family? You must be one of the ten strongest aristocratic families in the Federation, and possess wealth that ranged over hundreds of millions, along with sufficient power and authority in large scale cities like Tianjing. With all these would you then be listed as a first grade family! Purely possessing wealth wasn’t enough. The Sion Family in Copperfield was considered a second grade family who possessed wealth but lacked authoritarian power. Within the Federation, authority was something that cannot be easily bought over by wealth.

However, anyone family that acquired the title of a first grade family would have already been engaged in a gigantic family conglomerate. It would have been deeply rooted in the Federation and have lasted up to four or five generations at the very least. An example of such a family would be the Assassin Family. Although they clearly didn’t possess the same level of fame and reputation as the ten great families, they had extensive reach within the underground world. They had formed numerous cliches to attain mutual benefits and protection; a gigantic interest group like them was not something the ten greatest families can simply write off.

Just a few of them had caused the entire focus of the audience to shift away towards themselves. Boisterous laughter can be heard coming from Teslan’s side. Various dignitaries were chatting with each other, each of them casting disdainful looks towards the huge group of merchants that were quietly sitting at the other side. “So that side belong’s to Teslan’s opponent? What a joke…”

“They are just a bunch of merchants. Do they think that with a bit of money, they could become influential figures themselves? That is really laughable!”

“Businessmen always look out for the greatest monetary benefits. Look, there’s quite a few people over there who are trying to be secretive.I reckon that they’ll not even have the courage to open their mouths to bid when the auction starts.”

“However,t Mr Gaia and the others turning up today was an unexpected surprise. Perhaps, this auction isn’t as simple as it seems.”

The auction grounds was buzzing with discussions, while the gathering circles on Ma Dong’s side remained silent. It’ll be a lie if the people over there said they weren’t regretting their decision to come. Yet, there was always a risk in gambling, and the higher the risk involved, the greater the rewards. Therefore, the only thing one could do was to lament that one’s luck wasn’t good. Indeed, Ma Dong’s opponent was not fools who only knew how to boast. Going against large powerful individuals with immense authority within the Assassin Family with his meager fame and reputation was too much for Ma Dong to handle.

Some of the less courageous ones that had already stood up quietly, preparing to leaving the grounds. Perhaps their betrayal would bear heavily on their conscience. Yet, when those people stood up, the great doors of the large hall were pushed open once again. Three old men walked into the auction grounds, and their arrival brightened up the faces of Ma Dong and Milami.

There’s still some more VIPs from Ma Dong’s side? Who’s that?

Everyone’s attention was turned towards the three

Whoosh. Those few are…

The front two people were recognized by the most of the people present. They were the headmaster of the Tianjing Academy, elder Greene, and the Dean of the Runic Department of Tianjing Academy, Dean Moore.

Honestly speaking, those two’s statuses weren’t low, as they held positions of power within the academy.

Dean Moore was a special research member of the Federation’s Institute of Runic Technology. Furthermore, he was a famous runic weapons grandmaster. The number of people who wanted him to create for them a specialized runic weapon wasn’t small. Therefore, there were many great figures in the Federation who owed him favors, and a great many of them had vast circles of connections.

Compared to Moore, elder Greene was not involved in as many things. However, he had held the position of headmaster of Tianjing Academy for thirty odd years. The Tianjing Academy was extremely powerful in the past. A couple of first class characters had graduated from it, such as Grace who was promoted into Sanctuary Division two years back. It could be said that he has students everywhere within the Federation. In addition, both his son and daughter possessed a high status within the federation parliament, causing the status of this old man to explode. Regardless of where he went now, he would be recognised by all.

However, although the two of them were on par with first class characters on the level of speaker Rex, the influence and prestige of a first grade family within the federation like Gaia’s family was something that truly cannot be matched. After all, neither of them possessed a powerful background or unlimited power and influence. Furthermore, while the majority of the people in the education system possess revered statuses, they do not possess much power and influences. While people would ordinarily respect them, most would not would give the slightest care about a so called elder figure.

However, who was the third old man that had came in together with the other two? He walked in between elder Greene and Moore, with the trio appearing to be talking and laughter together. His background was not from a small familyl, yet 95% of the people present didn’t recognize him. He’s too unfamiliar…

Wait a minute, why did Teslan and his uncle look like they had just seen a ghost?

In the next moment, Asima opened his mouth wide in incomparable astonishment when he saw the old man. He could only stare speechless at the old man. This sparked greater curiosity out of the people present. Exactly who was that person? We really want to know!

“Mr Sc-, Mr Scoffer!” stuttered Gaia Terandor. He who was brimming with arrogance when he stepped in could not help but to step up as he greeted the newcomer.

Chapter 279.2 – Various Kinds of Divine Methods


Although that person’s face was not easily recognizable, the name sounded extremely familiar. That Scoffer?

Everyone was shocked as they immediately remembered the name from the Federation.

In the entire history of the Federation, there was only person named Scoffer who could cause a figure like Gaia Terandor to lose control over his emotions!

Scoffer Potter! The vice headmaster of the Federation’s Institute of Sciences, the headmaster of the Copperfield Academy, the great elder of one of the ten great families, the Potter Family! His string of titles was more than sufficient to blind the eyes of everyone who was present.

Noticing Gaia, Old Potter nodded in greeting. He usually disliked attending such events and would not have come if it were not for the treasure being Wang Zhong and reputations of the other godly old men.

Instantly, the grounds fell into an absolute silence. Although first grade families were extremely powerful, they were still only first grade. There was no comparing them to the Potter Family, a gargantuan monster and one of the ten great families in the Federation.

“It really is Scoffer Potter… Oh my god! This card of Ma Dong is truly heaven reaching!”

“We’ve made the right bet!”

“The status that Mr Scoffer carries is something that Laura absolutely can’t match. This represents the will of the entire family.”

“True. Furthermore, Mr Scoffer is the vice headmaster of the Federation’s Institute of Sciences. Just this title alone is enough to scare people shitless. I’ve heard that many of the old figures in the Federation’s military would always mingle and drink tea in the Institute of Sciences, all for the sake of getting an advantage in military research. Those great figures in the Institute of Sciences possesses extremely high and powerful statuses!” The previously depressed Tianjing businessmen were extremely emotional, with Ma Dong feeling the same! Just looking at Gaia and the rest of those rampant people had left him feeling embarrassed. At this moment, however, all the unhappiness had instantly dissipated into thin air.

Sharmie was also stunned dizzy by this as she stared resentfully at Laura. Ever since their face to face meeting, the competition between the two goddesses had not stopped once. She’s too devious! She actually called an elder from her family to gain bonus points! This made Sharmie feel slightly wronged in this loss. “What a good move Laura. I didn’t know your grandfather would also come. You’ve really gone quite the way to help Wang Zhong out, huh. You must have thrown quite the tantrum in front of your grandfather, right?”

“As if I have that big of a influence,” replied Laura with a smile. “My grandfather is here due to Wang Zhong’s invitation. That grandfather of mine views Wang Zhong as more of a treasure than this granddaughter of his.”

“Ah? Wang Zhong?” Sharmie’s eyes widened. Although she and Laura were both competitive against each other, she knew that the latter was definitely not the type of person to casually lie about things like this. Did Wang Zhong actually possess such a big face? Even if he was the All Mouthy King, a figure like Scoffer would not care much about that. Those in scientific research shouldn’t even have any interest towards fighting and killing, right?!

“Wang Zhong, you better not be late again this afternoon, okay? I’ll wait for you to make tea from old Moore’s collection!” Old Potter, Greene and Moore sat down beside the four youths. Right now, the research in the life of runic patterns had already entered an important phase, with quite a few critical questions that have yet to be deciphered and explained. It was not yet the time to unveil the fruit of their work. “I only discovered today that this old fellow Moore has hidden some things away. An old grade Tie Guan Yin (tea). Truly worthy of one that creates runic weapons! He managed to obtain quite a bit of the goods!”

“Cough Cough…” Moore was typically more serious, being unable to completely let go in front of the juniors, unlike Old Potter. “What are you saying in front of these young children…”

“Don’t be so uptight!” Old Potter smiled. “Furthermore, Wang Zhong can be said to have the same level of seniority as me.”

This was something that Moore was slightly unable to bear. On the issue of research problems, he was still able to haggle tooth and nail with Old Potter. Regardless of what Old Potter said, he was still Moore’s superior. Furthermore, no matter how high ranked he was as a research member, he was just a member while Old Potter was a vice headmaster.

“They’re just youths. Which one of them will become Wang Zhong’s girlfriend? I want to call out my younger brother’s wife. Can’t I?” Old Potter blurted out. At this moment, he was truly devoted to Wang Zhong, any thoughts that brought benefits going straight to Wang Zhong. Nevertheless, this did not seem like a good place to say such things.

Moore, Greene, Scarlet and Sharmie all opened their mouths in shock as Laura’s face flushed beet red. “Grandpa! What are you talking about?!”

If it was said by someone else, it would have been alright to ignore your seniority and call out your younger brother’s wife, however, there’s still your granddaughter Laura over here!

This is so embarrassing.

Having realised the problem with his words, Old Potter softly coughed twice before hastily changing the topic. Sharmie was also completely at loss by what she had heard. What research are they talking about? It couldn’t possibly be dry old research, right? Also, isn’t Laura’s grandfather too open minded?

Old Potter’s arrival had undoubtedly caused a wave of uproar, giving Teslan quite a bit of shock. Originally, he thought that Gaia and the group of people his uncle had invited were already quite scary and he was afraid only of being compared to them. At this moment, however, he could clearly feel his side being suppressed as he looked at the people on Ma Dong’s side chatting and laughing.

“How is Ma Dong able to move Scoffer?! Is it because of Laura? That’s not possible! Although he and Laura can be considered to have a bit of connection, it’s impossible for him to achieve this step! Even with Laura, there’s no reason why he could move such a large Buddha!” Teslan tried his best to keep his voice down, yet his gaze was roaring. This was a fight that he absolutely could not lose. Originally, he assumed that his by inviting the big figures on his side would lead to an invincible victory against that piece of garbage. With his uncle having invested so much in this, if there was any mistake against his uncle’s temper, Teslan felt that there was a possibility for him to lose everything!

“What are you panicking for!” Asima shot a cold warning glare at Teslan, slightly unhappy about this display from this nephew of his. In the end, he had yet to see the true face of the world. “Do you job properly!”

Asima himself was also shocked, having originally assumed that their win was already concluded with the appearance of Gaia and his group. He had even guessed that elder Greene and Moore would help Ma Dong, however, he had never imagined that the latter could actually move such a large Buddha like Scoffer.

Absolutely unexpected!

Asima’s mouth formed a trace of a sneer. Ma Dong ah Ma Dong, you truly are a surprising little fellow. It’s a pity that your luck isn’t too good!

At this moment, the Skylink in his hand started to ring, causing Asima’s eyes to light up and he quickly led Teslan out.

Within the semi-transparent room with French windows, a pair of seemingly deadpan eyes were sizing up the situation in the grounds below.

Chapter 280.1 – The Killing Blow Appears

Given that Tumo Assassin was the leader of the family, there was no need for him to be personally present in the grounds below. Nevertheless, since the preparation of the auction this had long passed the stage of being a simple competition between two juniors of the younger generation. This was the plan of the family, with their goal being Tianjing City.

Why was this the case? Truthfully speaking, Tianjing City was not a small place. Its status in the Federation was not small as it was one of the ancient cities that had been preserved since the glorious era.

The problem was that without any large scale dimensional resources, such as new mines or restricted regions, the environment in Tianjing City in recent times has become overly tranquil and peaceful. The lack of danger indicated a lack of opportunities. Although it had relied on its fame as an ancient city to retain its position of a first class city, there were no large families that had established themselves here. As such, crooks and honest folk mixed together in Tianjing City and its surrounding areas. Without a first class market nor a first class underground social order, Tianjing City had gradually become a place with an awkward position that was neither up nor down.

Previously, the Assassin Family had not cared about Tianjing, however, due to the matter between the two of their younger generation, it had drawn the family’s attention to the situation in Tianjing. Consequently, they had discovered some things of interest.

Unexpectedly, there was a small Rank C restricted region with an official record of a spatial fissure.

Everyone knew that a spatial fissure meant the surrounding regions were unstable. In such a situation, sudden outbursts were possible. That was the result of long term frequent movements into extradimensional spaces, which also meant that there was an extremely likely possibility for second and third spatial fissures to occur in the vicinity of Tianjing city! Once there was a more stable fissure, a pathway to the hyperdimension would open up which was important for aiding the development of the family!

The hyperdimension was of utmost importance for the families contending for resources and nurturing of their future talents. Although the family frequently organised groups to head into the hyperdimension, they had to rely on spatial pathways of the government or one of the ten great families. Access required an exorbitant price which was extremely limiting in the family’s development.

Currently, there were many super aristocratic families that occupied dimensional spatial pathways after seizing similar dimensional resources, before springboarding themselves into setting up bases in the hyperdimension. It was only by achieving this that they would truly be able to expand and grow.

The construction of a pathway alone was not too difficult as it only involved spending money, however, it was hard to find a spatial fissure to do so. The prior indication of one being present in Tianjing was the target of contention for any great family due to the special traits of Tianjing. If they were able to construct a stable scope of influence that was under the control of the Assassin Family in Tianjing, they would benefit if a spatial fissure appeared as they were the closest large family and hence could occupy it in an orderly and legal way.

To the family, this auction was far too important, being the first official step they would make in Tianjing. Having sufficient rapport with the Tianjing government was considerably important. Therefore, when the elder council of the family decided to change the venue of the showdown to Tianjing, the people who were in the true core of the family had already known that Ma Dog would lose.

Regardless of the human connections of these two young fellows, it would be impossible for them to genuinely establish the family with only the help of the help of the local government was impossible. This still required the family to take action! Despite this, those people could not be invited by the family as it would reveal their goal. They could only rely on the name of Teslan’s uncle to do so as there was nothing wrong with an uncle helping his nephew!

The family had agreed from the start to not allow Teslan’s uncle to go all out, however, they now allowed him to do so, even secretly providing a large degree of support. It could be said that it wasn’t only his uncle that stood behind Teslan, in fact, the greater half of the Assassin Family seemed to backing him.

No matter the quantity or the quality of the goods that were about to be auctioned off, Ma Dong would undoubtedly lose. Compared to Teslan, Tumo Assassin had more admiration for Ma Dong, as the latter possessed the adequate amount of charisma coupled with ambition and guts. Yet, it was a pity that would not be his moment of emergence as he lacked a strong background.

Originally, his connections had peaked at Laura’s level, however, never did Tumo imagine that Ma Dong would actually be able to invite Scoffer over. Although Old Potter did not have much authority in the Potter Family, when they compared statuses, even Tumo Assassin could only manage to be equal in status at the very most.

This brat might very well be a true talent. It’s a pity that his opponent today isn’t Teslan alone but the Assassin Family. Just Old Potter would not be enough to suppress the entire grounds.

At this moment, the great doors of the auction were pushed open as Asima and Teslan accompanied two others, all four of them walking in. Simultaneously, the great doors of the large hall closed.

These were the last two guests.

From the looks of it, both of them were around fifty years of age and wore simple, fanciful clothes. Despite this, the two family insignias displayed on their chests instantly intimidated and suppressed the voices of everyone present in the grounds.

On of the family insignias was an incomparably revered crown. The gold crown emblem was engraved in an extremely luxurious and beautiful manner, which caused the family insignia to simply appear as exquisite as an artwork!

This insignia was too well known. Just as there was no one in the OP that did not recognize Laura or Shamie, there wasn’t a single person in the Federation who would not recognize that insignia.

The Bella Dean Family!

They were one of the ten great families of the Federation and was the earliest to make their mark, as well as one of the most ancient families in the Federation. This family was already a super aristocratic family that existed hundreds of years ago during the glorious era, and possessed large quantities of weapons and technologies from the that period of time.

This was a family that had inherited the legacy of that glorious era. Their large quantities of old technologies, weapons, munitions as well as military might allowed them to reach an unshakable status in the initial period of the dark era during the establishment of the Federation. There was even a time when they had attempted to crown themselves as royalty. Although this attempt had been suppressed by the collaboration of a few great families, which resulted in quite a big loss for them, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Currently, they were still one of the few gargantuan forces within the Federation. Ranked as one of the ten great families, they were engaged in large quantities of military weapons and ammunitions, possessing an incomparable influence within the Federation’s military.

At this moment, the one who was walking in front of Teslan was John Bella Dean, an elder stationed at the Saint Mongol City. Not only did he control a large portion of his family’s resource trading within the northern area, he also possessed sufficient power and authority in the family’s council! He appeared to be in his thirties, which when taking his status into consideration, he was rather young, while his silhouette clearly showed a person of incomparable experience and capability.

The other insignia was a golden lion, majestic head raised and poised to roar.

The Torresto Family!

As one of the ten great families in the Federation, they were known as the family in control of new energy. Their entire family seemed to control about half of the new energy sources in the Federation and the three greatest energy corporations were all under their authority!

The lion was the king of the animal world, and this was the meaning behind their family insignia. Countless families had wanted to confront them, yet the only thing they could do was to rein in their anger and hatred. In fact, the strength of the Torresto Family was even higher than the once defeated Bella Dean Family.

Chapter 280.2 – The Killing Blow Appears

The family member that had come over was steward Campbell, a male who was about forty years of age with a calm and awe inspiring gaze.

Even though Old Potter was also a member of the ten great families and sighs of astonishment erupted when he arrived, the entrance of these two caused the atmosphere to fall completely silent.

This was not to say that Old Potter’s status was not on par with the two. Although the Potter Family was ranked at the bottom of the ten great families, the other two were not top level figures of their families, being only elders that held certain level of power. In the end, they were still unable to compare with Old Potter’s status in his family and in truth, they could be considered as juniors in front of Old Potter.

Although Old Potter had a revered position in his family, he did not care about family matters. Furthermore, the intimidating aura brimming around the two really forced its way into people’s hearts. This was an aura that could be nurtured only by true leaders. Compared to the pleasant and amiable eyes of Old Potter, the pressure coming from the two was akin to a higher power sending judgement from above!

“Oh my heavens! There’s actually two elders from two of the ten great families appearing together…”

“The face of that Teslan is actually that big?” People who had the slightest bit of intelligence still couldn’t believe their eyes.

“This is the result of his uncle helping him from behind. After all, he is a leader from the Assassin Family.”

“I had assumed that the peak has already arrived when Scoffer entered previously. Looks like Teslan is still stronger. Heavens. Is this really only an auction and not a parliamentary meeting of the Federation?”

The people below were quickly becoming crazy from being able to see these few great figures sitting together, something which was already an incomparable glory by itself. The few distinguished guests invited by Teslan could not help but to secretly take pictures with their Skylink. Being able to capture a photo of them sitting next to each other within the leaders of some of the ten great families in one place would definitely be worth boasting about.

After obtaining Old Potter’s kind support from Wang Zhong, Ma Dong had originally felt that victory was within his grasp. He was absolutely sure that Teslan could not compare with his lineup, knowing his strength and even having considered his uncle’s help. When Gaia and his group appeared, however, Ma Dong had immediately felt that something was off. Those great figures grouped together had already exceeded Teslan’s and his uncle’s capabilities. Adding the fact that the family’s auction was to be held in Tianjing…

Being intelligent, Ma Dong was already able to hypothesise regardless of how secretive the family’s actions were. With one or two points being unassuming to the eye, he condensed all of the unusual events together.

He had underestimated the discovery that his family had made in Tianjing, and also their decisive resolution the family had in wanting to wrestle in Tianjing. The family was completely in the shadows about this matter.

Indeed, an individual’s strength could not contend against the might of the family. The domineering and overbearing ability of his brother in being able to carve a piece of the heavens by using only his fists could be said to be an individual occurrence.

Thinking about this, Ma Dong felt somewhat absent minded. At this moment, John and Campbell who had just taken their seats, was astonished upon noticing Old Potter. Clearly, they never imagined that the great elder of the Potter Family would show up in a place like this, especially as he did not care about family matters. Furthermore, he had sat on the side that was in opposition to the people who had invited the two of them.

As their gazes met, the trio faintly smiled at each other. Being unable to ignore their connections and coming here to give support to the younger generation, whoever wins or loses did not hold much meaning to them as there was not anything they could contend for. The three of them were people who were on a higher level, having came across each other several times this year already in events like this. This resulted in them being clear about the others, however, there was not anything such as connections being made as they were simply acquaintances from before.

The general situation had already been set, with nothing left worthy of comparing in the might of the middle level. People with high class bloodlines like Gaia had already gained a superiority and suppressed the entire auction. The only hand Ma Dong had left was Old Potter, which was a one vs two disadvantage against John and Campbell. There was no need for anyone to announce the scores when everyone present could already see the obvious result.

Ma Dong was merely a branch family member. Being able to accomplish this step was already extremely outstanding. It was a pity that losing by just a little bit did not affect the judgement of who won or lost in the hearts of people.

Wang Zhong gave Ma Dong a pat on his shoulder. He had not told Ma Dong about the two people he had met in the hyperdimensional adventurer base. Firstly, he was not sure about their statuses and secondly, he was not able to confirm if they would really attend the auction. From the looks of it, not mentioning them was the right thing to do otherwise the despair after this hope would be even greater.

Milami grabbed Ma Dong’s hands, resulting in a grin from him. “Fuck, do you have to go so far as to console me? With grandpa Potter here holding the fort for us, it won’t be considered a loss for us. At the very most, it’ll be a draw…”

Hearing this, Old Potter laughed. This youth’s mental attitude is quite good. Nevertheless, he was only here to enjoy the liveliness and might take action only if there was a nice thing that appeared, nothing more.

Currently, the large doors of the auction had already been closed, with the grounds immediately turning silent. Countless rays of light shone down from the ceiling and lit up the platform, instantly illuminating the brightly lit platform in a dazzling fashion. An auctioneer dressed in a tuxedo was about to climb up the platform when all of a sudden, bursts of extremely orderly footsteps rang out as banging sounds came from the outside of the large hall.

This caused everyone, including the auctioneer, to gawk. Wasn’t it too ridiculous for the luxurious hall to not be soundproofed? When the doors are shut, no sounds from the outside should be heard from inside. What are all those footsteps outside? There’s even a slight shaking of the floor!

Before anyone could regain their senses, the large doors of the hall were pushed open.

At this moment, earth shattering sounds gushed in like a flood and shook everyone’s brains.

Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta…

“Attention! Stand at ease!”


At these roars, the entire placed turned silent. Gradually, everyone started to whisper in hushed tones as they received the news that there was an unexpected army standing outside. Two to three thousand elite soldiers?!

Ta Ta Ta… It appeared as though there were two people walking into this large hall. The few Assassin Family members who were in charge of receiving guests at the door did not dare to take even a single breath of air. They stood as still as a corpse, not moving a single inch until the two people appeared before everyone’s eyes.

This is….

What appeared before them was a middle aged, well built man dressed in an ironed military uniform. He seemed strong in mind and spirit, the full four rows of medals pinned to his chest blinding the audience. Beside him stood a male dressed in a casual outfit. His aura was extraordinary, with even Campbell and John being unable to keep their faces straight.

What was happening today?

Chapter 281.1 – This is just the start!

John couldn’t help but exchange glances with Campbell.

How could the measly Assassin Family attract such great figures?!

The two of them were here due to owing a favor to Tumo Assassin while they were in Saint Mongols. Regardless of the Assassin Family’s status, they could not be completely unassuming in front of this duo, right? Furthermore, even if the Assassin Family wanted to establish themselves in Tianjing City and obtain some territory here, there simply wasn’t any need to alarm figures of such status!

Even Old Potter, who was usually calm, was also somewhat moved. What are those two doing here?

The entire auction grounds became abnormally quiet upon the entrance of the two. Even if the two men were not recognizable, their family insignias pinned on their chests were certainly well known. The Stuart Family and the Musk Family were terrifying existences that could shake the Federation when they stamped their feet.

“May I know which one of you is Mr Ma Dong?” The voice of the middle aged military male sounded incomparably clear, resounding across the entire grounds. The most important point, however, was the title “Mr”, which had stunned everyone.

Exactly how was a person like Ma Dong able to have such a great figure to show so much respect to him???

“I am!” Ma Dong exclaimed in reply after choking on his saliva. He hastily walked over, trying his best to prevent his heart from beating so ferociously.

“I heard that this auction of yours requires and invitation to enter?” The other male spoke with a smile. “Is it possible for you to give out two more invitations? We came from a far away place just to attend your auction.”

“Naturally! That is no problem at all! May I know how I should address the two of you?” Ma Dong’s usual carefree and even crazy attitude was replaced by slight confusion. Wang Zhong had told him that there was a possibility for great figures to attend this auction, however, that was something he could not confirm. Truthfully speaking, Ma Dong did not have high hopes. Even the arrival of Old Potter was a massive surprise to him and it had already exceeded his boundaries of happiness. Now, he was truly frightened, in a good way.

“Darwin Stuart,” replied the middle aged general with a faint smile.

The casually dressed, slightly older man also smiled faintly as he said “Disse Musk.”

Upon hearing the names, Ma Dong was instantly dazed, along with everyone in the auction grounds.

Unexpectedly, they were truly from the Musk and Stuart Families!

Furthermore, the two that came were actually Darwin Stuart and Disse Musk!

Although they were also part of the ten great families of the Federation like the Bella Dean, Potter and Torresto Families, there was a clear distinction of status between each family!

The Stuart Family was known as the strongest family within the Federation. Although there were a few hidden families in the underground that possessed strengths that could contend against them, they were indeed the strongest on the surface. They were the most extensive within the territories that the Federation had set foot on. Regardless of work, agriculture, military, business and various other aspects, they were universally recognized as the uncrowned kings.

As for the Musk Family, they were known as the monarchs of money. The Federation banks were set up by the Musk Family, with their eyes and hands reaching far and wide, possessing exceedingly high statuses. The members of the Musk Family never made friends with the prerequisite of having money, since they had no need for it and were a family that had played with money to the very extreme.

The combined statuses of these two great families absolutely eclipsed that of the Bella Dean and the newly instated Torresto Family. Besides, look at who had come to represent them!

Darwin Stuart. This was a name that 99.9% of everyone present had heard of before. This was a name that appeared the most frequently on the posters of the Federation military in the Skylink. Previously one of the top ten military geniuses of the Federation, he was also the youngest and most outstanding major general! He wielded authority in the military and was a cornerstone of strength in his family. Compared to him, John or Campbell were undoubtedly much more inferior, as they only held middle level positions in their respective families and were arranged to contend for a small region.

On the other hand, Disse Musk… he was one of the permanent members of council for the Musk Family’s council, and one of the ten most famous presiding judges of the hyperdimensional adventurer bases!

Upon noticing the two entering, even John and Campbell felt their scalps turning numb, let alone Teslan and the other small characters.

What had the most importance in the Federation? That would definitely be the hyperdimension resources!

One only needed to see a gigantic family like the Assassin Family and what they had accomplished for the sake of a baseless spatial fissure to understand the importance of the hyperdimension in the higher ups of the Federation. Furthermore, of the two who had shown up, one was a major general that who controlled the might of the Federation’s military in the hyperdimension, while the other was a presiding judge in an adventurer base… it was not an exaggeration to say that the fates of many families were laid in the hands of these two.

Every single person that knew about the identity of Darwin or Musk was involuntarily dumbfounded. In face, even Tumo Assassin who was “hiding” on the second floor could not help but stand up.

“What is Ma Dong auctioning today?” Tumo Assassin could keenly sense something was going on immediately.

The steward beside him instantly understood his master’s thoughts. “From the itinerary he had submitted, there’s a trio of sealed earth, a piece of ancient Rheims crystal bone, a seventh grade mutated gem and a Darnassus demon sword…”

Usually, these could all be considered pretty good auction items, however, none of these could possibly catch Darwin’s interest. From Ma Dong’s first reaction when he saw Darwin, anyone with a bit of judgement could tell that the former didn’t recognize the latter at all.

The steward hesitated. “Could it be that they were invited by Headmaster Scoffer?”

If one was talking about face, Scoffer Potter definitely had the capability of doing so as he was the vice headmaster of the Federation’s Institute of Sciences, the brother of the family leader of the Potter Family and the only great elder of the Potter Family. However, Scoffer Potter truly did not care about family business. If one was to rank the people currently present on seniority, he would be one of the ten venerated people in the ten great families of the Federation.

Even if that was the case, this was an impossible matter as it involved the sensitive business of mutual benefits after all. Inviting Darwin to such an auction was not as simple as inviting him to a meal. Furthermore, Scoffer was clearly directing his conversation with his granddaughter and those beside her, with Ma Dong being just an accompaniment. It was obvious that Ma Dong did not hold much importance to Scoffer. For the headmaster to come down personally was already an extremely monumental task for him, yet to also invite Darwin over? Tumo Assassin was not that old to have turned senile.

Chapter 281.2 – This is just the start!

“Could it be that the little fellow has some other great figure helping him in secret?” This time, Tumo Assassin was unable to make the slightest sense of this. There were many times that he had wanted to personally walk down to accompany Darwin and Musk, however, he resisted his urges in the end. After all, he was observing the auction in secret and suddenly appearing would clearly be deliberate.

In the midst of the venue, Ma Dong seemed to have also recognized the capabilities of the two and hastily invited the two to their seats. Indeed, there was no connection between the two and Old Potter, with them only recognizing each other. After exchanging nods in greeting, the two automatically took their seats at a small table allocated to them without speaking to anyone else. In the adventurer base, when the mysterious “Fate Master” had previously asked them to come and find Ma Dong, Darwin had only needed to quickly check the understand the situation. The little actions of the Assassin Family could not escape Darwin’s faze, it was merely that he had chosen to ignore them. Indeed, their goal was the golden stone slab. Even if it was a joke by the Fate Master, they needed to treat his words seriously. Although this Ma Dong may not have any relationship with the Fate Master, they would still give him for the sake of giving face to the Fate Master.

The two gazed at the platform in the front, clearly showing great anticipation for this auction.

A few of the elders who were secretly helping out in the action began to whisper to each other. As the time for the auction to begin drew near, they exchanged a few Skylink messages with Tumo Assassin on the second floor. Quickly, an old man hobbled over as he rushed up the back of the stage and replaced the slightly nervous auctioneer who was already there.

This old man was also an auctioneer. Walking up the platform, he gently shook his bell, causing the clear sound to ring across the platform.

“First of all, the Assassin Family welcomes all the distinguished guests. This old man is Tony, and I will be your main host for the Giant Axe auction.” The old man faintly smiled, before cupping his hands to pay respect towards Darwin and the others sitting in the front rows.

“It’s actually Tony Assassin who is hosting…”

Quite a few people recognized this old man. He was the chief representative auctioneer for the Assassin Family, and had considerable fame and prestige within that circle. Usually, he would be in charge of quite a few auctions over in the Saint Mongol City. It was already exceptionally rare for him to personally hold down the fort. The only reason he had rushed over was due to the predetermined auctioneer being unable to cope with the aura radiating from Darwin and Musk. Indeed, his appearance became the cornerstone that weighed down the entire auction grounds. This was certainly a trait possessed by only specialized auctioneers who have seen it all. Although the Assassin Family could not be compared with the ten great families, they were not so weak to the point of having stage fright in front of them. Being a family of assassins, they had a certain connection with the underground world, experiencing various kinds of events, some in broad daylight and others that could not see the break of day.

After a few opening sentences to ease the atmosphere, he immediately started on the main event.

The entire flow of the auction was rather clear and all of the auction items were provided by Teslan and Ma Dong. The first part of the event was filled with miscellaneous objects that were auctioned together. The main reason for this was to spice up the atmosphere. Naturally, these items were not ordinary, however, the special performances from Teslan and Ma Dong would show up at the end. Only then would it be the grand finale that both sides have spent their hearts and souls to prepare.

The first item was a sixth grade fire nucleus.

“The very first item is a ‘Fire Energy Nucleus’ supplied by Mr Ma Dong. It comes from a scarlet scaled earthfire beast.” As Tony introduced the item, a beauty dressed in a uniform carried over a tray on which a transparent box sat. A small ball of fire that contained a nucleus seemed to float inside. It had the attribute to continuously emit the fire element, causing it to be incomparably scorching to one’s eyes. From a single look, one would assume that it was a little miniature sun.

“This is a sixth grade Fire Energy Nucleus certified by Saint Mongol City’s energy association. The purity of its energy is judged to be grade 2A, with the density being grade A. The degree of completion is 99.69%. The final evaluation is set as a grade 2A fire attribute energy nucleus.” During his introduction of the item, Tony displayed the certifications pertaining to its specifications. Raising the tray into the air, the elegantly dressed lady walked back on forth on the platform, doing her best to allow everyone a clear view of the item. “The starting bid is 3 million credits, with the lowest increment being a hundred thousand.”

The very first item was already a high grade. An Energy Nucleus was a completely different thing from an Energy Crystal on the forehead of every mutated beast which represented the energy aggregate of their grade. Unlike this, an Energy Nucleus would only appear on extremely unique mutated life forms, and was formed from distinctly characteristic elemental attributes. They have considerable value and were in rather huge demand for research of special domains and absolutely could not be replaced by Energy Crystals.

Other than that, it was extremely difficult to obtain an Energy Nucleus as once a mutated beast died, it took an extremely short amount of time before its Energy Nucleus would dissipate away. Therefore, it was generally extracted when the beast is alive. Furthermore, the method of preservation was also extremely special. At this moment, the transparent box that held the Fire Energy Nucleus was an extraordinary construct. An Energy Nucleus that was able to obtain grade 2A was even rarer. The starting price of 3 million was a great bargain and although it was definitely not the final price, it had already caused quite a few people to salivate.

In addition to the few great figures in the front, there were already people striving to outdo one another.

“3.2 million credits!”

“3.3 million!”

“3.8 million!”

The bidding voices continued to rise in succession.

The guests that were invited over weren’t just merely observers and showpieces. Aside from especially great figures like Darwin, there was no difference from them to any other people who had casually walked to take a look. The motive to invite these guests over was for them to spend money. This involved the competition between Ma Dong and Teslan, as their earlier contest of human connections was only the first phase. The ultimate factor was whether one side was more willing to spend to spend for the side they rooted for, and how much money each side spent. That was truly the test of human connections. As for the auction items, that was just another contest factor.

This Fire Energy Nucleus was one of the main harvests of the adventure squads that the Ma Family had sent out, showing that they still possess quite good luck.

The price rapidly rose to around 6 million, already reaching the black market price range. The bids didn’t stop there, however, as they continued to rise and rise. The faces of the people that Ma Dong had invited were big, they truly had loads of money and every single one of them were local rich men. Although their faces were not on par with those great figures, they did not have any pressure in spending money. Although there was some slight dread towards the human connections that Teslan possessed, the appearance of powerful alliance members like Darwin made their courage and confidence grow by ten fold, such that the government officials on Teslan’s side could not help but start to sweat.

The atmosphere in the grounds was blazing, and slowly transitioned into a comfortable stage.

The great figures sitting at the front clearly did not care about this prelude. John and the others continued to observe Darwin and Musk, although the two simply watched the show leisurely. From time to time, they would exchange a few words, before shooting glances at the side towards Old Potter and Ma Dong.

This auction had shown Wang Zhong a whole new world. From the beginning, the Fire Energy Nucleus was already an extremely high grade item in his eyes. This kind of special capability was extremely important for special ability users. The energy contained in it was alive, and had an extremely powerful strengthening effect towards one’s special ability. Since he already possessed a fire attribute special ability, Wang Zhong could already feel the intimacy towards the Fire Energy Nucleus.

At the final price of 5 million, our student Wang could only salivate at the thought of it.

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