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Chapter 241.2

Chapter 241.2 – Grandson-in-law?

The change in attitude shown by Calderon and the rest was all too clear. It was similar to the suffering one felt after eating the back of a fly. Paul knew that in the near future he wouldn’t be able to garner much interest from that group of people.

To break off his road to fortune was simply no different from killing his parents!

Old Potter naturally wasn’t someone he could offend. Not only couldn’t he offend him, he also couldn’t harbor any hatred. This debt could only be settled with the head of that Surnamed Wang!

Wang Zhong…

Although Paul’s face wasn’t exactly the best at the moment, he wasn’t one to easily show his emotions either. He was usually gloomy anyway. This time, however, even his heart didn’t exhibit his usual calmness and peace.

To assassins, showing one’s killing intent before taking action was no different from showing one’s failure of the mission. Holding back from any exhibition of happiness or anger was something built into him due to his occupation.

“Nothing much,” Paul answered with a faint smile. He gave no further comment after that.

In contrast, Sully had an unhappy expression on his face, as though he really had eaten a fly. He started to mouth off from the indirect prompt, “That Wang Zhong is amazing you know! He got the recognition of Headmaster Schoffel and even managed to chase all of us out! Such a heavenly favoured son!”

Currently, the faces of the other captains were also quite ugly. Although they had been chased out by Old Potter, it was actually no different from being chased out by Wang Zhong himself. What Sully did was expertly drew out their hatred. Just like how first impressions built up one’s view of a person, one’s hatred for another was no different. On the contrary, what Sully did now was make everyone dislike Wang Zhong.

“I don’t think that’s the case. It should have just been a lucky strike. Perhaps Headmaster Schoffel found him for some other matter. Furthermore, he appears to hold Captain Wang Zhong in very high regard. Haha. This Captain Wang Zhong truly is a person who hid himself deeply,” Leo said with a slight smile. Not everyone had bitten the bait laid out by this Saxon duo. Although they did feel slightly uncomfortable in their hearts, they didn’t treat the matter with too much importance.

“But what is this all about?” Captain Galen of Lennon Academy asked. With a pair of golden-rimmed eyes, he appeared to be an extremely clean and refined man. As the representative of his academy’s special abilities department, not only was Galen a genius who commanded ‘wind’ and spirit, but his wisdom and foresight was famed and well-known throughout the Eastern Area. Of all the captains that walked out of the large hall, only Leo and he didn’t seem all that embarrassed or unnatural about the matter. Instead, he simply appeared interested over what was happening inside.

Pushing his glasses up, Gallen continued in an extremely interested fashion, “Headmaster Schoffel isn’t someone who would frighten others for some small matter. When he entered the large hall the attitude he showed toward Wang Zhong didn’t seem false. But even so, with Headmaster Schoffel’s status it’s really hard for me to believe Captain Wang Zhong really did something that would warrant such treatment from the headmaster.”

This explanation that was brimming with interest made Arnold Teuton dumbfounded. During the past few days he had gotten along with Galen and Leo and knew the two definitely wouldn’t come up with random words to frighten others, nor would they spout rubbish before observing the situation clearly. Yet, what exactly was all this


Old Potter regards Wang Zhong highly? Furthermore, what kind of treatment did he show? Exactly what the heck is going on? For goodness sakes, don’t just stop the explanation halfway! To a guy with such a talent for ‘gossip’, this was simply a life-threatening matter.

“It happened like this. When he appeared, the headmaster didn’t care for anyone else before dragging off Wang Zhong to the sofa to start a conversation. They looked extremely intimate.” Ryan Academy’s Captain Andy was clearly a person who stood on the unhappy side. It was he who gave Arnold the explanation. “After that, he forced the rest of us, including Sir Calderon and the rest… he asked those ‘children’ to leave the two alone… frankly speaking, that guy really doesn’t deserve the recognition of Headmaster Potter.”

Arnold instantly felt an extremely uneasy feeling spread across his entire body.

What does that mean? Exactly what the fuck does that mean!?

What happened to seeking Wang Zhong to settle the debt for him peeking on Laura bathing? His guess had really been excessive. Could it be the headmaster actually wanted Wang Zhong to be his grandson-in-law? 

Arnold felt as though he had received a lightning strike.

But what made Arnold even more disappointed was those guys from Tianjing Academy who seemed to have no clue as to what was happening. That side was still rubbing their heads in confusion.

Compared to the other academies, the communication between the captain and the other squad members from Tianjing Academy was the absolute best among all of the academies present. This group of people Wang Zhong moved with all knew each other’s likes and dislikes. When they heard Arnold mention Headmaster Schoffel holding Wang Zhong in high regard, the group only sighed with relief. It was all good if there was no trouble.

“You really don’t know?”

“I truly don’t know.” Scarlet was similarly unable to grasp the present situation.

In contrast, Emily replied with extreme pride, “Big Brother Wang Zhong is just that outstanding! So, it isn’t surprising that others would praise him!”

Beside her, Barran nodded his head repeatedly in agreement. The opinions of the brainless basically held no value for Arnold Teuton.

On the contrary, Grai smiled as he said, “Captain Wang Zhong is famous for being a person of great academy ability in our Tianjing Academy. He has written a few new theoretical papers with regards to group battle techniques and rune patterns. Since Headmaster Schoffel mentioned something Captain Wang Zhong had written in the library, perhaps it has to do with this.”

It was at this moment that everyone understood in a flash. They all nodded repeatedly while Arnold Teuton almost felt like pulling at his hair.

Were these fellows not aware about what kind of person Headmaster Schoffel is? A scrap-like thesis paper from an academy student would let that old man do such things? What the real fuck is this!?

It was at this moment that Laura walked out. The expression on her face was as though her entire view of the world had toppled over. Seeing her, Arnold hastily went to her side. Even so, the current Laura was still lost in her absentmindedness from Old Potter’s ‘transfer discussion’. This matter would naturally be impossible, and even Wang Zhong hadn’t responded to Old Potter. Furthermore, Laura believed that Old Potter was just speaking thoughts as they came to his head. Even so, the important thing was the presence of such ideas in Old Potter’s head! That was something extremely frightening…

As if she had the free time to explain it to Arnold. With a wave of her hand she signalled him to not bother her.

Therefore, Arnold truly planned to pull out his hair! Curiosity may have killed the cat, but what exactly happened in there!? I really want to know!

But in the end, Arnold Teuton was still unable to completely understand the whole matter. Laura didn’t speak while those two guys still hadn’t left the large hall. Even after the rest who had participated in this gathering left, the two continued to chat with joyously together. From the looks of it, they seemed to want to chat throughout the whole night!


This was Headmaster Schoffel you know! Even Arnold, who frequently came into contact with the headmaster, didn’t dare muster up the courage to say any more than a word. Speaking just a few sentences would make him feel as though he lacked the brains to continue.

In the end, unable to endure it all anymore, Arnold had no choice but to feel some slight respect. Regardless of what level of relationship existed between Wang Zhong and Old Potter, just having the ability to chat with the old man for an entire night was enough for Arnold to know it wasn’t something he could achieve even if he were to chase after them with a horse.

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