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Chapter 221

Chapter 221 – Dimensional Mayfly

The darkness that enshrouded them felt ominous and out of place, for Wang Zhong could sense that there were creatures out there but was blinded in the darkness.

Occasionally, they could hear sounds coming from one direction, and immediately after another sensation from a different direction, making it hard from them to pinpoint the exact location of the creature. Feelings of despair and misery washed over him like waves from the sea, filling his mind and body so full that he felt that he would explore. However, in the next instance, those feelings would ebb out of him, leaving behind only faint remnants of what he felt mere moments only, with none of them being clear and distinct.

Wang Zhong felt that this was either a form of spiritual attack or an illusion..

Nevertheless, it was did not have much of an impact on Wang Zhong. After all, creating illusions was what Simba was most proficient in. Wang Zhong had been trained since young using the illusions that Simba was able to create, and Simba’s had the ability to create anything in the world and make them feel lifelike in the soul sea. In comparison, the illusions from this probable hyperdimensional life form was simply lackluster. After all, Simba’s ability was top notch and there was probably no one in the world that could top him in this aspect.

Ever since Wang Zhong was five, he had already played with Simba using illusions that were even realistic that this. As a result, Wang Zhong had developed a resistance against illusion attacks, being able to completely disregard them from a young age. Now, at this age, the only illusions that would have an effect on him were those casted by lifeforms that came from higher dimensional worlds and had high proficiency in illusions.

However, though he was unaffected by the illusions, he could not wandering around in this darkness, for it was too dangerous to do so.

Closing his eyes, he sent out his senses into his surroundings. Since the illusions were unable to confuse Wang Zhong, he was able to sense the truth that laid hidden behind said illusions. Added to that, the darkness that surrounded them was not the worst he had faced before. ONce he had calmed down, he scattered his Soul Power throughout his surroundings, allowing him to create a map of his surroundings in his mind.

He “saw” it.

The creatures that were casting the illusions were countless transparent and miniscule “dimensional mayflies” that fluttered around in the air. Wang Zhong came up with the description himself, for there was no one else who had described them to him before. The Federation had no knowledge of the existence of such a life form, while the empire based things on their gut instincts, making it hard for them to explain things to others. Wang Zhong thus set up his own system of knowledge.

They seemed to look like small orbs of energy that continuously radiated out ripples of energy that could affect one’s thoughts and consciousness. Should a person come into contact with them, the ripples would cause disturbances in his mind. Endless streams of sad and emotional scenes would play in one’s mind, leading to nothing but confusion of his senses. The victim would soon fall into a pit hole of oblivion and pain, as the scenes that that the person was reviewing would be dragged out from his own memories. Hence, the victim would be faced with his worst memories and his own inner demons. These life forms had no control over the illusions they caused; they are simply just the initiator.

However, emotional illusions of such calibre had little effect on Wang Zhong. He had experienced a lot of such illusions in the hands of Simba, and had built a resistance to them from a young age. In other words, his soul and mind had been reinforced and

reforged into steel, and such simple illusions had no effect on him!

Wang Zhong’s heart and mind were not affected by the fluctuations and disturbances at all.

Instead, upon sensing how the “dimensional mayflies” initiated the illusions, Wang Zhong became intrigued and started observing the process through which these ripples of energy could cause people’s minds and souls to scatter…

Halos that were brighter and larger than those made by the dimensional mayflies started to radiate from Wang Zhong’s body!

Spiritual energy was often seen as a mystery enshrouded within a mystery, and not many could understand it, much less control it. Many a times, gaining the ability to control their spiritual energies required immense talent and high comprehensive ability. It was normal for one to spend their entire life to learn but failing, and to experts, training to control their spiritual energies was like a love-hate relationship. It would require one to battle their inner demons, but should they learn how to harness their own spiritual energies, it would boost their strength immensely. On the other hand, should they lose to their inner demons, their minds would break and their sanity would be lost.

Wang Zhong felt a rush of excitement upon seeing what he had managed to achieved. Granted, his method of controlling his spiritual consciousness might be seen as primitive and crude, as he could only radiate his optimistic emotions to others. However, this was more than enough to cause the “mayflies” enough distress that they retreated in fear.

As the fog slowly dissipated, a mysterious door appeared before his very eyes. That was the exit. Only once the challenge had been conquered would the exit appear before them. With an easy step forward, Wang Zhong stepped through the exit.

Once across the exit, the confusing veil obstructing his vision disappeared. Wang Zhong discovered that he was standing in a vast and expansive palace, with hundreds of giant pillars acting as structural supports to the place. His surroundings were strangely devoid of any object.

“Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong!” shouted Simba,“Hurry up and see! It’s those two fellows!”

Mu Zi and Aioros were currently in a bad situation. While the two of them were undoubtedly experts that possessed extremely advanced combat skills, when faced against dimensional flies that could lead one’s soul astray, they didn’t have any method of countering them.

Although the illusions created by the “dimensional mayflies” could be said to be a simple distortion of one’s senses in the fourth dimensional world, this was the hyperdimension. Any illusions here would become real and lifelike. Additionally, the exit was obscure and msyterious. When observing the door from the outside, it appeared incorporeal and illusionary, akin to seeing the moon’s reflection on the surface of the water. However, when one was to turn around and look, it would look like a display window in front of a store, clear, transparent with nothing inside.

At this point of time, both Mu Zi and Aioros were trapped behind the door. Even though the door was just a step away from them, both of them stood eerily still, not moving a single muscle. Transparent “dimensional mayflies” visible to the naked eye covered the their entire body, like a parasitic plant forming a dense cover over a tree.

Maintaining a single step distance away from the doors, they stood there, not moving a single inch. Transparent dimensional mayflies that were visible the naked eye covered the entirety of their bodies. Akin to parasites, numerous number of them created a dense cover over them.

Faint light radiated out from those dimensional mayflies, with gentle and slow ripples of energy undulating out. These “dimensional mayflies’ were like the mermaids in the legends who used their voice to lure sailors to their deaths. Likewise, these “mayflies” had their victims ensnared in their illusions.

These “mayflies” were absorbing the souls of their hosts by resonating on a deep level with the spiritual world. This kept their host locked in the illusion, rendering them unconscious till their souls were completely consumed. As for the “mayflies”, they would continue to exist forever, for the word ‘life’ had a new meaning in such a place.

Wang Zhong was slightly astonished. After passing through the exit, he could feel that the enticement radiating from the dimensional mayflies were quite strong. Although he knew he was resistant to illusions, he had no chance to test his resistance in real life situations before. He had believed that both Mu Zi and Aioros would had overcame the trial much easier than he had. After all, the two possessed tyrannical strength, unlike him who had gotten an understanding due to the fate stone, which his destiny that was tied to.

After observing for a moment, he discovered that the two seemed to be bound tightly within their illusions and no sign of awakening. Mu Zi seemed to be better off as he had slight protection from his coffin. As for the strongest person of their trio, Aioros was in the worst situation, appearing to be struggling for his life, but was unable to wake up from his nightmares. The Soul Power radiating from him grew even more tyrannical, and the number of dimensional mayflies attracted to him grew exponentially. Aioros was indeed the strongest person that Wang Zhong had seen and heard of.

Wang Zhong tried to radiating the spiritual energy that had scared the dimensional mayflies away from him. However, his soul power was too weak for him to transmit spiritual energy strong enough to cross such a distance away. There was only one move left in Wang Zhong’s arsenal.

Wang Zhong gave a loud shout with all his might, “Mu Zi! Aioros!”

After shouting numerous times to no avail, Simba started to chime in, “Baldy! Baldy! Muscle head!”

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