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Chapter 210.1

Chapter 210.1 – A King’s Road

Normally, people would be apprehensive of commenting about the face of the Seer family in such a manner. However, Laura was not the average person. The Potter family she belonged to was also one of the ten great families. She particularly couldn’t stand those that would find excuses when they lost, as losing didnt mean the end of the world. Losing was the mother of success after all. For Divian, being the first person to experience the Laforgue Infinite Rotational Slashes might even provide an opportunity for her to break through. This made fanned the flames of desire to improve in Laura, for she also had her goal in mind. Frankly speaking, this fight had fanned her motivation to a raging inferno.

“To end this video, I would like to say this to everyone: never, ever give All Mouthy King a chance to unleash his cross wheels! In the Casted Soul Stage, they’re simply undefeatable!”

This was her finisher to her analysis video. It was so well made that everyone believed that the video was made by a professional. This resulted in Laura’s analysis video to become one of the most viewed videos. Regardless of the support or objections to her work, Laura could not care less, as all she wanted to do now was to focus on her training.

It was rare that Sharmie did not have any issue about Laura’s video. On the contrary, she had even clicked on the thumbs up logo beside the analysis video to show her praise. Did this herald the start of collaborations between the Great Ball Queens of the South and East? This little show of praise created another wave of people watching the analysis video.

Analysis videos from other experts had also appeared, and were basically the same as Laura’s, only differing in a few minor points. The only main difference was that many veered towards the side of Divian, emphasizing that Divian should have won the fight had she gone full out at the start.

Other than the fact that she lost control over the flow of the fight yesterday, a soldier on the same level like Divian would have too many counters to deal with ranged attacks. However, she had not used use any of those methods ways to deal with her opponent during the fight. This led to the assumption that if they two were to cross swords once again, the chances of All Mouthy King achieving victory would not exceed forty percent. Though it was only forty percent, All Mouthy King still had a shot a victory. Regardless of how people regarded or evaluated him, All Mouthy King already possessed the strength to step into her circle.

The discussions in the forums were still underway, with people supporting many different points of reasonings. However, the majority of them were just following blindly and conforming to the general consensus.

With regards to the question as to who was stronger, All Mouthy King or Divian, the saying ‘Empty vessels makes the most noise.’ seems to hold true. However, everyone had their own opinions and it was hard to persuade them that their opinion was wrong. Every individual was entitled to their own opinions.

For those who were of the notion that All Mouthy King should not have won, they would have to face against with the Brother King’s Clan first. They had changed their slogan to: Destroy the elites, beat the Halls, All Mouthy King is invincible under the heavens.  If you’re not convinced, come and fight!”

Discussion about the fight between All Mouthy King and Divian had risen to a fever pitch, and no one knew how much more it would rise. The way it was heading, it might even alarm those at the top. When that happens, it would definitely not be the same as what everyone were doing in the discussion forums.

Compared to the liveliness within the academies

and the discussion forums, the training room of the Prodigy Society would be considered a tranquil environment.

All Mouthy King had used cross wheels and their captain also used cross wheels. Though this coincidence was too uncanny, they did not put much thought into it. Indeed, their captain’s cross wheels were formidable, and everyone had all witnessed its splendor. However, compared to the display by All Mouthy King during his fight with Divian, there was a huge disparity between the two of them. It was hard to coincide their captain with All Mouthy King as they were on vastly distinct levels and their personality were different from each other.

Now, Wang Zhong was seen as extremely formidable in the minds of everyone. However, when compared to All Mouthy King, the disparity was simply too large. When they were free, he would usually talk in an obscene matter. Although it was basically Ma Dong doing the talking and Wang Zhong just laughing along, the words “Villains always collude together” held true in his case. Wang Zhong did not the demeanor and personality of an expert. Therefore, there was simply no way the two were the same person.

However, Scarlet seemed out of it, her gaze always wandering towards the direction of Wang Zhong. She had not said anything, but within her mind was a constant flood of thoughts.

After defeating Adolf, Wang Zhong’s prestige within the squad had magnified. In the past, although everyone would listen and proceed to do what they were tasked to do, they did so with a lack of confidence.

Wang Zhong’s training methods for team coordination was special and unique, and quite unlike those who had headed other academy squads that Colby, Lily, Hymin had come into contact with. In the past, their most common group training practice was to find five people to practice a group battle against.

Therefore, while training in the past, thoughts like “This isn’t possible” or “That’s useless” would often pop up in their minds. Although they didn’t express them out with words and they did not let these thoughts impede their training, those thoughts always existed.

However, there was no trace of any doubt in training today.




Wang Zhong shouted his commands rapidly, causing all the nine squad members including himself to continuously ran about, changing positions repeatedly. Even the substitutes had to run and practice, as there was a possibility that they would be needed to appear on the battleground.

“Wrong Barran! Wrong! Left defense, eleven degrees is for the B9 formation! Not E9!”

Everyone stopped their movements as Barran, his face red with embarrassment, ran towards the eleven degrees position. There were too many tactical formations, leaving them confused at the start. Therefore, the large and expansive training room was covered in numerous drawings and outlines. Ma Dong would definitely go crazy when he returned. The floor was made of an expensive material. All of these was done by Wang Zhong. He could finally try out all the training theories he had come up with. The most important one was the precise collaboration of movements and locations. Training for positioning would definitely be mechanical and even appeared to be very awkward and stupid at the start.

Emily could cope easily, as she was quick at picking up new things. This wasn’t a problem for Grai too. For genius like Grai, something as simple as this would not be a problem for him at all. Initially, when Wang Zhong had introduced those tactical formations, not only was he able to understand them and commit them to memory instantly, he was even able to offer some of his suggestions. Compared to him, Scarlet and the rest were slightly slower. However, their situation was considered to be still alright. Although they were still not on the level to be able to truly find their positions in an automatic fashion, they were able to keep up with the practice at the very least.

The only one having a hard time was Barran. Although even the weakest of organisms had its advantages, when his shortcomings showed up, it was hard to look at him straight without pity.

It was hard for him to comprehend simple concepts, let alone the difficult ones. However, he definitely needed to pass this test and overcome his shortcomings.

A single battle had consolidated Wang Zhong’s authority and power as a captain, for each and every single member would follow his commands without a single strand of hair out of place. Even if they encountered difficulties, their eyes were bright with hope and fervor.

This was all due to the victory they had achieved. Having tasted their first victory, none of them would be willing to lose out to others.

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