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"Good, forty thousand." Wu Changqing's words were filled with sarcasm. In his eyes, dozens of thousands spirit stones meant nothing.

"A hundred thousand."


Ye Chen's price startled everyone.

"Damn, are you crazy?" Xiong'er cursed.

Ye Chen ignored him but looked up at the private room on the second floor, "Sect elder, are you satisfied?"

"Only a hundred thousand." Wu Changqing never expected that Ye Chen bid at a hundred thousand and his face darkened. As a sect elder, he was furious that a young man bid more than he did.

"A hundred and ten thousand." Wu Changqing sneered, "Boy, you dare to bid higher."

"Two hundred thousand."


Oh, my gosh!

Ye Chen's reply caused a stir among the bidders.

"Who's the boy?"

"Two hundred thousand! How bold !"

Ye Chen was the focus.

Stunned, sect elder Yang on the podium paid attention to him, a young man daring to compete with the Zhengyang Sect.

Numerous people turned around to Ye Chen.

He sipped tea as if nothing had happened.

Ye Chen could not win Wu Changqing in the price competition, but decided to have a try and forced him to pay more, albeit missing the item.

Two hundred thousand was his limit, including the spirit liquid. The money was planned to buy Xuan steel and Xuan iron before, however, now a tool to rile up Wu Changqing.

His face was sullen.

Wu Changqing never imagined a young cultivator dared to contend for an auction item with the Zhengyang sect and bid at two hundred thousand.

It was not worthwhile to spend two hundred thousand at an old iron staff, though he was not lack of money.

He had no chance to regret. Buying it wasted money. Giving it up would not only disgrace him but also the Zhengyang Sect.

"Two hundred and ten thousand. You dare to boost the price?" Wu Changqing gritted his teeth and raised the price in everyone's gaze.

Ye Chen was embarrassed, because two hundred thousand spirit stones were all his fortune.

"You really want the staff?" Xiong'er asked in a low voice.

Ye Chen nodded.

Xiong'er fished out a storage bag from his crotch at once, "I lend three hundred thousand to you. Don' forget to pay back."

Astonished, Ye Chen never expected that Xiong'er supported him at this critical moment, warmth flowing over his heart.

"I can come to bid next time." Xiong'er stretched his palms.

"Thanks." Ye Chen revealed a grateful smile.

"Three hundred thousand." The reply caused a sensation. Indifferent as Ji Ningshuang was, she flicked a surprising look at masked Ye Chen and frowned.

Wu Changqing summoned his killing intent with a scary darkening face, cold flashes glimmering in his eyes.

"Don't blame me for being unkind if you dare to activate your killing intent." Sect elder Yang said in a deep voice when capturing it.

Blamed in public, Wu Changqing clenched and crunched his fists, grinding his teeth, "Three hundred and ten thousand."

"Five hundred thousand."

"The boy is going to overturn the sky!" All cultivators' eyes were fixed on Ye Chen.

An iron staff regarded as rubbish was bid as high as five hundred thousand, the highest price since the auction.


Smashes of the desks and chairs arose in the private room of the Zhengyang Sect. Wu Changqing was infuriated.

He stopped raising the price. Dozens of thousands spirit stones were a cup of tea, but five hundred thousand not a small fortune. Though a sect elder he was, he did not dare to spend five hundred thousand spirit stones on an iron staff.

Focused, he was silent. Ye Chen sighed with relief, "Five hundred thousand. Hope you won't disappoint me."

He also glanced at the staff on the podium.

"No one increases the price. The staff belongs to the little friend." Sect elder Yang gave the final words.

The following spirit tools were sold at good prices, but their auction processes were not that heart-stirring.

The auction for today ended at sunset.

"That' all for today. We continue tomorrow. The winners come to the hall behind to take away the items with spirit stones."

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