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Chapter 58 - All Preparations Ready!

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“Alright. Lin Hu, Laoyao, stand down with the seventeen others and wait outside,” Xu Qi ordered the nineteen renamed orphans.

After they left, Xu Qi looked at the remaining five orphans in the cavern, then commanded, “Xiaowu, step forward!”

Xiaowu, who was in a daze after watching Lin Hu and the others with an envied gaze, hurriedly knelt on the ground upon hearing his young master’s call. He was so nervous that his hands were shaking.

“Xiaowu, this young master is going to ask you a question. Answer me truthfully, okay?” Xu Qi said plainly, looking at the trembling Xiaowu.

“As you wish, Young Master. Xiaowu will definitely spill everything he knows truthfully.” His trembling gradually stopped as he spoke. This showed his mental fortitude was still acceptable.

Xu Qi nodded in satisfaction, then said, “From today on, I will be entrusting my, and the entire clan’s lives to you. Do you dare take on the burden?”

“Ah?! Yes, I do, Young Master!” Xiaowu blanked for a moment, but he unexpectedly answered decisively immediately after.

“Good! Xiaowu, you will lead the other three Nightlords, becoming the Four Great Nightwatch of our Xu Clan! And you shall be its team leader; as this young master’s shadow! My purpose for getting the others to leave first was to keep your identities a secret; do you understand?!” Xu Qi asked sternly.

“Understood, Young Master!” Xiaowu answered steadfastly. However, his heart was thumping heavily, a great storm wrecking his mind. Becoming the shadow of the young master; what a great honor!

After which, Xu Qi renamed Xiaowu and the other three cultivating as Nightlords as Zhong, Zhen, Xian, and Liang1. With Xiaowu as their leader, all of them bestowed the surname Xu.

Xu Qi beckoned Xiaowu to his side, then whispered a few sentences in his ears. Then, Xiaowu led the other three and left the cavern.

“Young Master, they’re all assigned their roles. What about me and my sister?” Qian Yun, in her white robes, asked blankly.

Now, there was only her and Xu Qi left in the cavern. Seeing as everyone else was entrusted with their own mission and roles, yet she and her absent sister were left out, she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Xu Qi smiled and said, “As for you and Qian Yin, I have other plans for you two. Although Qian Yin isn’t here now, please pass on my upcoming words to her; You and Qian Yin will be the final trumps of Xu Clan! You two shall become the twin sovereigns of our Xu Clan! Your authority will only be second to me, with Qian Yin as the Mellifluous Purple Princess, and you as the Melodious White Princess! Are you willing?”

“Twin sovereigns? Second to Young Master? Ah? I’m willing. But Young Master, why didn’t you announce this in their presence?” Qian Yun was pleasantly surprised at the importance Xu Qi attached to the twins. However, she was confused to why he would only speak of it when they were the only ones remaining here.

“Oh, Qian Yun, you’ll understand once you ask your sister about it. I believe she’ll understand my intentions. You have to pay more attention to that mouth of yours in the future; don’t blurt out everything to people,” Xu Qi chuckled. He knew Qian Yun was someone who couldn’t keep her mouth in check, but was sure that Qian Yin would constantly remind her. Thus, he didn’t need to worry too much about it.

“I understand, Young Master. When was I ever overly talkative, hmph.” Qian Yun would, of course, feel unhappy at Xu Qi calling her out indirectly.

“Alright, you stand down, too. I have much to do from here on,” Xu Qi said, sighing at the end. Truth be told, Xu Qi was the one most unwilling to part with the seven he planned to send away. After all, he didn’t know how many years it would be before they could meet again. Alas, that was the best course of action to take for the sake of their futures.

Xu Qi remained in the cavern alone for some time before heading out to the underground institution, where the twenty-four orphans had been waiting for a long time.

“Feng, Yu, Lei, Dian, Wu, Wang, and Ben, stay behind. The rest of you return to your rooms and pack up your belongings. You will be staying in the rear mountain cavern for the upcoming days. I’ll inform you at a later date as to when you’re allowed to leave the cavern,” Xu Qi instructed, rubbing his temples. He had no choice; he couldn’t afford an accident where the experts from top cultivator schools discovered this villa. That would be tantamount to all his plans crumbling apart.

Other than Laoyao’s group of seven, the remaining orphans left the hidden room and went to pack their belongings.

“Laoyao, the seven of you will be walking your own paths from now on. No matter what difficulties you may face, I hope you’ll overcome them. I will send people to get in contact with you in the future; I hope you won’t forget about me and the eighteen siblings. We will always be waiting for your return,” Xu Qi said in low spirits.

The seven, too, weren’t feeling pleasant in their hearts. Each of them nodded slightly.

“Alright, you go pack up your belongings too. Spend your remaining days here with your siblings as if they were your last. When it’s time, I will bring you away. Go on,” Xu Qi said, waving his hand in a gesture for them to go.

Laoyao watched his young master acting so reluctant to part with them, and he also felt miserable inside. He stood there, as if wanting to speak up, but decided not to. In the end, he quietly left the area as well.

After arranging all these matters today, Xu Qi for some unknown reasons, felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t physically, but mentally. Perhaps it was some sort of fatigue.

After numerous calls of “Young Master”, a gentle voice finally found its way into Xu Qi’s ears. Xu Qi’s melancholy suddenly turned for the better as he heard the call.

Without turning his head, Xu Qi said, smiling, “Qian Yin, you’re bothering this young master’s rest.”

The visitor was none other than Qian Yin. She smiled slightly at Xu Qi’s teasing, and walked to his side, standing next to him without a word.

“Has that injured lady woken up?” Xu Qi asked.

“Not yet, Young Master. My sister is with her now,” Qian Yin said plainly, her voice as gentle as ever.

“Oh. Has Qian Yun told you everything yet? Don’t you have anything to say, coming all this way to find me?” Xu Qi continued asking.

Qian Yin smiled and replied, “Young Master has your own reasons for arranging things this way. All I need to do is to follow accordingly. If there are words to be said, it should be coming from Young Master.”

“You smart little girl. However, you’re wrong this time. This young master really has nothing to talk about; all you need to do is to take care of the injured lady. Although I saved her life, I don’t know if I will be able to preserve her cultivation. Not to mention, her assailant traumatized her. I’m afraid her emotions will be unstable, but I believe you can handle it.” Xu Qi turned around and said to her with a smile.

“Yes, Young Master. I’ll naturally take proper care of that sister. Though, she’s really beautiful,” Qian Yin said, with her eyebrows raised. The way she looked at Xu Qi was a little strange.

Hearing such words, coupled with Qian Yin’s weird gaze, made him flustered. He randomly said, “You silly girl, what are you thinking? You’ll definitely be prettier than her when you grow up.”

“Haha, is that right, Young Master?” her tone was still somewhat strange.

“Alright, you go too. I’ll need to get busy myself as well. That girl Qian Yun is clumsy; I’m not fully assured with her,” Xu Qi casually said, then turned to leave the room.

Qian Yin stood and watched as her young master acted like such, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth and start giggling.


The next day, in an institution in the western part of city, a group of ladies dressed in white stood in the hall, while a middle-aged lady sat in the host’s seat. The middle-aged lady was none other than the one who had extinguished the fire Xu Qi set on in one move, Nangong Fang. She looked to be haggard; evidently, she hadn’t caught a wink of sleep last night.

“Qingyu, you said you were out to take a walk last night and was ambushed by a black-clothed man. Did you manage to identify his moves? Which school does he belong to?” Nangong Fang questioned.

Shui Qingyu was standing by the side, her complexion pale. She immediately stepped forward and answered respectfully, “Senior Martial Uncle, the ambush caught me unprepared and got me in one strike. I couldn’t discern the person’s moves at all. However, their cultivation is definitely above mine. If it wasn’t for Junior Disciple Di, who arrived in the nick of time, I’m afraid…” Shui Qingyu teared up as she spoke. Xu Qi would have cursed out loud if he witnessed this.

“Hai, alright, don’t speak anymore; your injuries aren’t light, either. Go focus on recovering yourself. We’ll still have to head to Mt. Burning Cloud in a couple days. We already suffered casualties during our trip to Rivulet City even before the treasure showed itself to the world. It seems our trip won’t go smoothly after all. From today on, no one is allowed to leave this institution without my permission,” Nangong Fang ordered.

The group of white-clothed ladies hurriedly responded respectfully, then left the hall.

Nangong Fang watched as they left, then sighed lightly, muttering, “Ke’er, I hope the fortunes will shine on you.”


In a secluded courtyard in the eastern city, a youth knelt before a red-robed elder.

“You’re saying disciples from Misty Tower were ambushed last night, with one heavily injured and one missing?” the red-robed elderly asked plainly.

“Yes, Third Elder. I personally witnessed Nangong Fang returning with an entourage last night, along with an injured lady. One look and I could tell that her injuries were severe. Also, the disciples were sent out to gather information on someone’s whereabouts after returning to the city. Upon this subordinate’s scouting, I’ve confirmed that one of theirs was missing,” the youth kneeling on the ground answered respectfully.

“Alright, stand down for now. Remind those at Mt. Burning Cloud to remain cautious; too many people have come to Mirrorlink this time. We can’t afford to have the treasure on Mt. Burning Cloud end up in their possession no matter what,” the red-robed elderly instructed.

“Understood. However, please rest assured, Third Elder. I am not afraid that anyone will come mess with our Undying School within the borders of Mirrorlink. With Third Elder personally handling this matter, this subordinate believes they’ll definitely return empty-handed,” the youth said. It was obviously an attempt to curry favor with the Third Elder.

“Alright, stop your attempt at flattering me. Go busy yourself. Keep in mind to be cautious at all times.” Evidently, the red-robed elderly was indifferent toward the youth’s boot-licking.

The youth too, understood and tactfully exited.

The red-robed elderly wasn’t anyone ordinary. He was the Third Elder of Mirrorlink’s number one cultivator school, the Undying School: Bu Wangsheng!

TL Note:

1: The names of the four Nightlords. Zhong/忠/Loyal,Zhen/贞/Pure,Xian/贤/Virtuous,Liang/良/Good or Positive.

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