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Chapter 56 - Acting Like a Rogue!

Edited by RED

Xu Qi was hidden in the darkness, watching as everything unfolded right before his eyes. He was speechless at what had just happened, thinking, Oh gods, what the hells is going on? Ambushes and killings are being carried out on a whim. Earlier, that girl surnamed Di sounded so gentle; she didn’t seem like a baddie in the least. Not to mention, she saved the life of Shui Qingyu. Why would she backstab the Di girl?

Just as Xu Qi was crying out in injustice for the girl surnamed Di on the ground, Shui Qingyu slowly pulled out the sword from her chest and muttered, “Don’t blame me, Junior Disciple Di, blame it on your luck instead; you saw something you shouldn’t have. I have no choice but to wrong you.”

When Shui Qingyu was done speaking, she retracted her longsword and staggered away, exiting the forest.


Xu Qi waited for some time after Shui Qingyu left, and scanned his surroundings. After confirming there was no one around, he leapt out from his hiding spot to the young lady lying on the ground. Xu Qi placed his hand on her wrist to feel her pulse.

Hmm? Her heart was impaled and yet she’s not dead! What a miracle; let me see what you look like before deciding whether to save you, Xu Qi thought inwardly. He was still able to have such bizarre thoughts when faced with a frail lady struggling between life and death; what a hopeless bastard.

Xu Qi slowly moved his hand to the girl’s face and removed the white veil filled with blood stains covering her face. After taking it off, an outstandingly delicate face was revealed. Tears were rolling in her tightly shut eyes; perhaps it was the immense grief of her fellow sister disciple’s betrayal. Xu Qi was dumbstruck at the sight of her.

Oh, my, god, what a pretty lady! From the looks of it, she shouldn’t be much older than I am. If I could make her into my future… Hehe, that’s it. I’ll take her away! Xu Qi decided to save this girl no matter what. It would be best if she were to become his child bride. Though, fantasizing aside, he had to stop her bleeding quickly!

Xu Qi looked at the devastated surroundings. The trees nearby were all destroyed during Shui Qingyu and Yi Jiu’s battle. After thinking about it, Xu Qi flipped his palm to summon the All-Tempering Flames to burn down this area. He didn’t wish to leave any trace of himself behind.

After setting the area ablaze, Xu Qi shifted his gaze to the injured young woman. His size might be small, but his strength as a cultivator wasn’t just for show. He easily lifted her off the ground and flew cautiously toward Godsward Villa. There was only one thought in his mind - to save this beauty’s life! He didn’t care about committing arson in the least. There would be others coming over anyway, he would leave extinguishing the flames to them. Doing good without leaving a trace was his plan.


Not long after Xu Qi left, about a dozen white silhouettes arrived at the fire caused by Xu Qi, one after another. From their clothes, they looked to be Shui Qingyu and the Di girl’s comrades from the Misty Tower. The injured Shui Qingyu was among them, supported by others.

A middle-aged lady who looked to be the leader of the group watched as the fire burned. She brandished her sword and shouted, “Torrential Water Wave!” A streak of faint red aura shot from her sword. Right as it came into contact with the flames, the aura instantly turned into a heavy downpour covering the entire area, quickly extinguishing the forest fire.

If Xu Qi was still in the vicinity, he would have definitely run away in fear after witnessing this scene. From the middle-aged lady’s aura alone, one could tell she was a cultivator who had advanced into Void realm. The aura she projected was a faint red in color!

“Qingyu, why don’t I see Ke’er around?” the middle-aged lady asked gravely, without turning to look at her.

Shui Qingyu let go of her supports, pressing on her chest and answered, “Senior Martial Aunt Nangong, Junior Disciple Di and I were indeed ambushed here; she was holding off the assailant, covering for me while I left to look for help. I am unclear as to what happened after.”

The middle-aged lady addressed as Senior Martial Aunt Nangong by Shui Qingyu was none other than the master of the girl she had backstabbed, Nangong Fang. 

Nangong Fang furrowed her brow at Shui Qingyu’s response. She felt restless in her heart, and looked to the surroundings. The nearby area was set ablaze, destroying any traces of their whereabouts. She sighed, “It’s late; let’s return for now. Qingyu, you’ll recount in detail of whatever happened to me tomorrow. Let’s go, perhaps Ke’er already made her way back.”

The group behind Nangong Fang hurriedly answered “Yes!” respectfully. As for the murderer, Shui Qingyu, two rows of tears actually slid down her cheeks, making everyone sigh at this senior disciple’s sentiments.


Not long after Nangong Fang led her subordinates back, three black-clothed men stood in the spot where they had been.

“Fifth Brother, this place was still fine when I left earlier. Why would it be burnt to the ground?” The man who spoke was the man who had fought against Shui Qingyu earlier before, Yi Jiu.

Standing before him, the one addressed as Fifth Brother, was one of the members of Shadow Wind Sect’s renowned Crazed Ten, Yi Wu.1

Yi Wu smiled coldly and said, “Don’t worry, Ninth Brother. Even if one of them escapes, those from Misty Tower wouldn’t be as lucky the next time they run into me.”

Yi Jiu hurriedly smiled along and replied, “Fifth Brother is right. Fifth Brother is right.”

“Let’s go, there’s no point in staying here any longer. We’re better off going back to the city to find some ladies to have fun with,” Yi Wu suggested. His lust-filled desire could be heard in his voice.

“Haha, Fifth Brother. I do know of a great place in Rivulet City for that. I’ll tell you this, Fifth Brother…” Yi Jiu patted Yi Wu’s shoulder, talking non-stop. It was as if he was a completely different person from the one Xu Qi saw speaking coldly to Shui Qingyu. The Yi Jiu right now fit the description of a lout to a T!


On this night, the burnt forest hosted a lively performance by many. However, the most spectacular bit was known only to a small handful.

Xu Qi carried the injured girl, hurrying to the Godsward Villa. Very soon, he reached his destination. Xu Qi’s first course of action was to summon Chen Yong and get everyone to hide in the rear mountain cavern, leaving only three Xu Clan guardsmen on the surface. He made the three disguise themselves as commoners living in this institution before Xu Qi carried the girl to a hidden room in the underground institution under the gaze of Chen Yong.

“Chen Yong, send someone to bring some clean clothes later to change into for this lady,” Xu Qi instructed softly, then closed the door to the hidden room.

Xu Qi gently laid the injured girl on the bed, then placed his hand on her wrist. Xu Qi let out a sigh of relief upon confirming her weak pulse still remained.

His gaze turned to her blood-stained clothes, then unconsciously shifted over to her puffed-out chest. Xu Qi watched blankly, as his cheeks gradually turned red.

He slapped the back of his head, muttering, “This is not the time to care about those. Saving her life comes first.”

Then, Xu Qi jumped onto the bed wielding his usual bronze sword, shredding the clothes on her upper body to pieces one by one. After all, he was too embarrassed to take them off by hand.

In the end, what remained before Xu Qi’s eyes was her exceptionally beautiful half-naked body. His eyes was locked on her proud chest, unable to move away from her full twin peaks.

See no evil! Xu Qi covered his eyes with his hands, but a gap opened between his fingers, his mouth mumbling, “How big!”

However, when his eyes fell onto the gash on her chest, he quickly came to his senses. Saving her life was of utmost importance! Rainbow energy gathered in his hands, and Xu Qi placed them on her wound. Though, the focus of his eyes slowly returned to her huge bust, throwing his mind into disarray.

Some time later, Xu Qi gently picked her up and turned her around, laying her face down. Then, he operated his rainbow energy again, closing the wounds on her back. It went very smoothly and quickly this time around. After all, her chest was no longer visible. Ahem.

“The bleeding has stopped, and the wounds are closed. All that’s left now is the internal injuries,” Xu Qi muttered. He picked her up again, and set her up in a sitting position. This time too, he sat behind her very gentlemanly and placed his hand on her back, injecting rainbow energy into her to heal her injuries.

As for why Xu Qi suddenly turned gentlemanly and decided not to heal her from the front? It was very simple; he was afraid of getting too excited and causing himself to go into qi deviation. That would be a great loss.

However, just as Xu Qi injected his rainbow energy into her, his fantasizing facial expression instantly turned stiff. He discovered an extremely strong aura present in her body. It was injected by Shui Qingyu during her impalement of the girl, causing injuries to most of her internal organs. It was an extremely tricky case to handle.

Damn, this Shui Qingyu was so vicious even against her Junior Disciple; she was determined to kill her. However, your daddy here won’t let you die no matter what. If only there were more Celestial Core Pills remaining..! Xu Qi cursed inwardly. A sense of self-pity surged within over the depletion of Celestial Core Pills.

After a while, sweat poured out of Xu Qi’s face. He wasn’t feigning this time around; it was truly because of him injecting too much energy into her body, causing his aura to fall into a weakened state.

Now, the areas which suffered injuries were all enveloped by rainbow energy. The most severe injury, her heart, was the area where Xu Qi’s rainbow energy was the densest. Her almost non-existent heartbeat was now more obvious to the naked eye, but Xu Qi couldn’t see any of it. Her wounds were all closed up.

Xu Qi slowly retracted his arms and laid her down. Then, he picked up her blood-stained clothes, about to cover her up. After all, he had stolen too many looks to count during all this; if he were to continue gawking, he’d be a true rogue. At this moment, a loud screech came from behind him.

“Ah! What are you doing, Young Master?!” Xu Qi hurriedly looked to the door, where Qian Yin, dressed in a purple robe stood. Her hands were covering her mouth in shock, looking in disbelief at her young master, and the clothing she brought dropped to the ground.

Xu Qi looked at himself in embarrassed understanding. His hands were holding onto the girl’s clothes, about to put them on her. However, from an outside point of view, it could be seen as him taking them off. His face immediately blushed bright red.

TL Note:

1: Similar to Yi Ba and Yi Jiu, Yi Wu’s name is Yi Five.

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