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Chapter 42 - The Battle of Rivulet City (2)

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Mo Yan felt chills to the very core of his being when he heard those words. He had actually forgotten for a moment that Mo Yunhu had locked onto him with his bow. If, during the tiny window when Mo Yan spoke, Mo Yunhu had sniped him, he would probably be lying on the ground now.

Mo Yunhu, who was aiming his bow at him, smiled and said, "Mo Yan, are you ashamed of your arrogance now? This daddy shall send you on your way now. Don't worry; I won't let you feel much pain. I'll show you the might of my Revolving Light Arrow! Go, Revolving Light Arrow."

An arrow made of blue energy flew from the bow in Mo Yunhu's hands, quickly transforming into a spinning mini blue sun as it soared towards Mo Yan.

As Mo Yan saw the approaching arrow, he slowly closed his eyes. He had already sensed the might of this shot. If it hit him, the chances of him surviving were abysmal. Though, he felt only much unwillingness to part from his Young Lord, Mo Dingtian.

"Brother Yan!" Mo Dingtian immediately shouted in desperation as he saw the arrow fly towards Mo Yan and fought against the three surrounding him. Tears already filled his eyes.

As for Mo Yunhu and Mo Yuntian, they revealed cruel smiles as they saw Mo Yan's and Mo Dingtian's expressions.

Suddenly, Mo Yan snapped his eyes open again and quickly dashed towards the approaching revolving arrow of light. All who saw this stared wide-eyed and speechless. What the hell was he doing? Giving himself a more valiant death?

Right as the Revolving Light Arrow was about to penetrate Mo Yan's head, he slightly raised his body. The arrow pierced through his chest instead, instantly dying his white clothes red. However, it didn't affect his speed at all. With his sword in his hands and fresh blood flowing down the corners of his mouth, he continued dashing forward, his eyes full of determination.

"Third Brother! You are his target; dodge quickly!" Mo Yuntian realized who Mo Yan's true target was and called out anxiously. Mo Yan's aura had already locked Mo Yunhu in place, and his eyes were filled with desperation as Mo Yan got closer and closer to him.

Mo Yuntian turned his head away. He sensed the energy contained in the strike of Mo Yan's sword; there was only death for Mo Yunhu if he failed to dodge that strike. Mo Yan, who was the prey just a moment earlier, transformed into the hunter, pouncing towards Mo Yunhu. This kind of instantaneous reversal of roles was really hard for some to accept.

"Mo Yunhu! Follow me to the depths of hell!" blood continued flowing from the corners of Mo Yan's mouth as he shouted.

Just as everyone thought Mo Yunhu was destined to fall under the sword of Mo Yan, a black shadow suddenly flashed out from god-knows-where. With just a couple of flashes, the shadow positioned itself in front of Mo Yunhu. It carried the latter and dodged aside, breaking free of the bindings of Mo Yan's aura.

Mo Yan quickly changed his direction as he saw Mo Yunhu escape from his bindings, dashing towards his enemy once more. However, that black shadow carried him and dodged continuously. Its movements were extremely peculiar, and Mo Yan sensed his body was already near its end. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell from the air, painfully landing flat on the ground.

"Brother Yan!" Mo Dingtian called out. He had been paying attention to the ongoings from Mo Yan's side all this time. He felt immense sorrow as he watched Mo Yan drop to the ground with heavy injuries. Though he was helpless about it, he wasn't in any better position himself, being surrounded by three. On the other hand, the black shadow holding Mo Yunhu landed on the ground.

"Second Brother!" Mo Yuntian called out with happiness as he saw the face of the person holding Mo Yunhu.

"Big Brother, I didn't expect you to get into such a sorry state," The black-robed man said eerily, causing everyone who heard him to feel uncomfortable.

"Stop talking nonsense, Second Brother, and quickly kill off Mo Yan. We'll end this as soon as possible," Mo Yuntian shouted anxiously. For some reason, he kept feeling an ill premonition in his heart today.

This black-clothed man, addressed as 'Second Brother' by Mo Yuntian, was none other than the last member of the Nefarious Nine who had kept himself hidden all this time, the Nightlord at the second stage of Spirit realm, Mo Yundi. He lightly patted Mo Yunhu, who he saved and was still in a daze, before turning to look at Mo Yan on the ground.

"Mo Yan, I'm afraid you didn't expect to die by my hands today, right?" Mo Yundi grinned at Mo Yan.

The latter, heavily injured, forcefully endured the pain in his entire body, not allowing himself to lose consciousness. He yelled back at Mo Yundi, "Quit your yapping and kill me if you want to. Even if I were to turn into a ghost, I will never let any of you off!" Cough, cough. Mo Yan spat out another mouthful of blood as he spoke, causing Mo Dingtian, who was paying attention to the situation, to feel even more bitter in his heart.

Mo Yundi grinned. With two black daggers already in his hands, he slowly walked towards Mo Yan.

"Mo Yan, I won't even let you become a ghost today. First I'll chop off your limbs and slowly take my time torturing you. I'll make you wish you were dead, haha," Mo Yundi laughed cruelly. After speaking, he stuck out his tongue and licked the dagger in his hand, his eyes full of anticipation. Then, he stabbed the dagger into Mo Yan's arm.

Mo Yan was truly desperate this time around, his heart full of bitterness, thinking, I hoped to use all my strength to exchange my life for Mo Yunhu's, taking him to the grave along with me. Who would've thought Mo Yundi would suddenly appear and save him? Young Lord, please forgive Mo Yan's incompetency; I can no longer protect you!

Just as Mo Yundi's dagger was about to pierce through the skin on Mo Yan's arm, he suddenly heard a sonic boom from behind him. Not only that, but the person approaching also locked onto him with his aura. He was inwardly shocked. He quickly spun around, lifting the two daggers to block the attack.

Puu! The arrogant Mo Yundi was sent flying by the sudden attack from the black shadow before everyone's eyes. He spat out fresh blood as he was blown back before falling heavily on the ground.

"Second Brother!" Mo Yuntian felt chills in his heart as he saw Mo Yundi thrown in the blink of an eye. Although it was a sneak attack, the assailant had injured his Second Brother with just one palm. His strength was definitely above Second Brother's. Thus, he slowly shifted his gaze to the black-clothed person who was already standing next to Mo Yan.

The person who ambushed Mo Yundi was fully dressed in black, complete with a black cloth covering his face; no one could see any of his features. At that moment, he was already wielding a longsword in his hands, standing next to Mo Yan. A powerful aura spread out from him, causing everyone to have doubts in their hearts.

"Who are you?! These are the matters of our Mo Clan; what has it got to do with you?!" Mo Yuntian propped his body up with difficulty and stood up slowly, speaking to the black-clothed person with his fingers pointed.

The black-clothed person, though, ignored him. With a cold 'humph,' he unexpectedly struck at Mo Yunhu, who was not far away, with the longsword in his hands.

Mo Yunhu had just recovered from the shock from the earlier strike and was met by the sudden attack. He hurriedly picked up his bow and tried to defend the attack. Though, the issue was that close ranged attacks were his weakness. He could only suck it up and take the sword strike.

However, the black-clothed assailant disregarded the so-called defense Mo Yunhu put up. He slashed at the latter's chest in tyranny.

Ka! The moment the two clashed, the bow in Mo Yunhu's hands instantly broke in two. The latter maintained his defensive stance as his eyes stared in disbelief.

A plop immediately followed. Mo Yunhu fell to the ground under the shocked gaze of everyone as blood flowed from his body. His immediate surroundings were dyed red in an instant, and his life met its end.

"Third Brother!" Mo Yuntian yelled. He couldn't believe Mo Yunhu, who lay in a pool of his own blood, was so easily killed by the black-clothed person.

Mo Yuntian looked at the black-clothed man, then shifted his gaze to his Second Brother, Mo Yundi, who was slowly struggling to stand. He cried out anxiously, "Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother, stop fighting and come to my side now!"

The three surrounding Mo Dingtian quickly stopped their attacks upon hearing Mo Yuntian's anxious cries and ran to him, picking up the injured Mo Yundi from Mo Yuntian's back.

Seeing as the three surrounding him had retreated, Mo Dingtian quickly went to Mo Yan. He wasn't in good shape either; getting ganged upon by three people had left some open wounds on his body. However, what he worried about the most was Mo Yan. He hadn't even paid any attention to the black-clothed man who had come to save him.

"Brother Yan! Wake up, wake up!" Mo Dingtian went to Mo Yan's side, slowly lifting him up and calling out anxiously.

Following Mo Dingtian's beckoning, Mo Yan slowly opened his eyes. After realizing who it was before him, he forced out a smile, saying, "Young Lord, Mo Yan was incompetent. I wasn't able to properly protect Young Lord."

"Don't say any more, Brother Yan. Preserve your strength," Mo Dingtian said nervously as tears welled up in his eyes, and Mo Yan lost his consciousness immediately after.

Mo Dingtian gently set Mo Yan down by the wall, leaning him against the wall, and slowly walked to the black-clothed man. He clasped his hands and said respectfully, "Many thanks to senior for saving us. This lowly one cannot thank you enough."

The black-clothed man didn't say anything in return. He only waved his hand, then shifted his gaze toward Mo Yuntian's group.

Mo Yuntian noticed the gaze from the black-clothed man. He looked over and asked, "Who exactly are you, to kill off our brothers the moment you make your move? If you don't explain yourself today, we'll drag you with us even if we die here!"

"I was entrusted by others!" the black-clothed man simply said these few words, his voice sounding rather hoarse.

"Then what do you intend to do to us?" Mo Yuntian knew this matter couldn't end simply anymore, yet he held onto the tiny hope being let off easy.

"All of you will have to die!" The black-clothed man said a few simple words again, chilling Mo Yuntian and company down to their bones.

"Haha, you want to claim our lives just by yourself? Although you're strong, I can feel that you're only tied with me in strength. I may be injured now, but with my Second Brother and I attacking you together, there is no way you can get any sort of advantage over us. On top of that, my remaining brothers are more than enough to get rid of Mo Dingtian!" Mo Yuntian laughed.

Mo Yuntian's declaration caused Mo Dingtian's face to tense up once again, just as he was beginning to relax. The former's words weren't wrong in the least; if Mo Yuntian and Mo Yundi were to team up against this black-clothed senior and delay him, the remaining six were more than enough to deal with him and the rest of the Mo Clan. Thinking up till here, a chill ran down Mo Dingtian's spine.

"Thinking of capitalizing on your numerical advantage?" The black-clothed man asked plainly. However, one could tell from the tone of his voice that he didn't care about any of what Mo Yuntian said.

Though, it wasn't the case for Mo Yuntian. He couldn't discern the disdain contained in the black-clothed man's voice and continued speaking arrogantly, "That's right, I'm relying on our numbers!" Then, he yelled to the surroundings, "Seventh Brother, Eighth Brother, Ninth Brother, quickly return!"

Right now, Mo Yuntian had already formulated a plan in his mind. He and Mo Yundi were fully capable of holding this black-clothed man at bay. His remaining brothers would team up and slay Mo Dingtian, which they were more than capable of. Once they kill Mo Dingtian, they could get back to help take care of this black-clothed man. They would have a great chance of triumphing over him and killing him right here.

However, after waiting for a while, Mo Yuntian didn't see his Seventh, Eighth, or Ninth Brother return. His heart instantly grew suspicious, and he called out once more, "Seventh Brother, Eighth Brother, Ninth Brother, come back quickly!"

"Haha, why are you yelling? They're already here!" a clear voice rang out. Following which, three dark objects flew toward Mo Yuntian and his group.

After getting a clear look at the three dark objects on the ground, Mo Yuntian's group was immediately sent into a state of shock. Mo Yundi stood by the side, uttering blankly, "Big Brother. Seventh Brother, Eighth Brother, and Ninth Brother, they're all dead!"

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