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Chapter 41 - The Battle of Rivulet City (1)

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“Ling’er, Young Master Xu, what are you doing?” They suddenly heard Mo Dingtian’s doubtful voice from the doors.

Mo Ling quickly turned her head away and lowered it, afraid to look at him upon hearing his voice. As for Xu Qi, he shamelessly replied, “Uncle Mo, we were playing house.” Though, after he spoke, he felt heat rising on his cheeks. The meticulous Mo Dingtian took notice of this.

However, he would not dwell on this issue any longer. He said, “Young Master Xu, we…”

“Young Lord, they’re here!” a figure flashed to the doors. Mo Yan appeared with a grave expression, interrupting Mo Dingtian.

The latter, too, immediately turned grave when he heard Mo Yan and looked toward Xu Qi.

On the other hand, Xu Qi picked up his chopsticks unhurriedly when he heard the ‘business’ had arrived and continued eating. He said casually, “Since they’re here, Boss Mo, you attend to your matters. I’ll stay here to protect Sister Ling’er.”

Mo Dingtian showed an ugly expression and was about to speak up when the adjacent Mo Yan pulled him lightly, shaking his head. Then, the former gave a light sigh and swallowed his words.

“Mo Dingtian, your old friend is here to visit, and you’re not out here to receive me as a host. Isn’t that a little too impolite?” a ridiculing voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan turned around to look outside at the same time. Eight fiendish-looking people had appeared behind them unknowingly. They were all wearing loose black robes, their bodies giving off a faint bloody odor. Xu Qi, who was helping himself to the food, couldn’t help but crease his brows at the smell.

The eight of them were watching Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan, observing their subtleties as if they were looking at their playthings.

An elder with white brows slowly stepped forward from the group, saying calmly, “Mo Dingtian, we haven’t seen each other for years. I wonder if you recognize this old man?”

Mo Dingtian stared at him and replied in disdain, “You’re a tough man, now, huh, Mo Yuntian. You don’t even address me as Young Lord when you see me now. Instead, you directly use my name. You’re getting way out of hand.”

The white-browed elder was the right-hand man of Mo Dingtian’s young brother, Mo Dingkong. His name was Mo Yuntian.

“Hehe, Mo Dingtian, is there any meaning in what you say? Naturally, this old man recognizes our Mo Clan’s Young Lord; he’s not in Rivulet City right now,” Mo Yundi smirked.

“Mo Yuntian, you old rogue. You dare come to Rivulet City behind the Clan Lord’s back and don’t even respect your Young Lord. Your sense of propriety grows blurry as you get older. I’ll report everything to Clan Lord when I get back. See if he’ll let you off easy then!” Mo Yan shouted furiously. He masked his appearance once more with the white veil; he didn’t want them to know the scar from ages ago had healed.

“Oh, it’s Brother Yan. You rushed to Rivulet City earlier; was that all for the sake of telling us these things that are never going to happen? Haha, you’re a fool to the extreme,” Mo Yuntian spoke, immediately causing the seven others beside him to erupt in laughter.

Mo Dingtian’s complexion had turned extremely pale. He had hoped to use his father’s status as the Clan’s Lord to intimidate them into retreating. Alas, it seemed that they didn’t care about that. He said to Mo Yuntian with hostility, “From your manner of speech, you don’t seem to hold the Clan Lord in respect? So, spare the unnecessary crap and state your purpose here today!”

Mo Yuntian gave a mischievous laughter and slowly revealed a cruel look on his face. He slowly spoke each word, “To. End. Your. Lives. Of. Course!” 

The last bit of hope held in Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan’s hearts shattered when they heard his declaration. Mo Yan stepped forward with his sword, standing before Mo Dingtian and yelled out, “You old rogue, Mo Yuntian. How dare you partake in such activities, to slay your master. You’ll have to get past my sword before you get to harm the Young Lord!” Following his words, a powerful aura immediately burst forth.

Mo Yuntian was surprised when he saw the aura coming from Mo Yan. This was because, before his arrival to Rivulet City, Mo Dingkong had told him he poisoned Mo Yan, and even if he were to survive, his years of cultivation would go down the drain. However, there weren’t any signs of him being poisoned, seeing as his aura seemed so robust. Doubts starting springing up in his mind.

“Mo Yan, I respect that you’re a true man. Following such a useless person will not bring you a bright future. Why don’t you be like us, and come under the wings of our Young Lord? Your future will definitely surpass ours. There is no need for us to struggle here,” Mo Yuntian slowly said.

Mo Yuntian understood very well that, given Mo Yan was in the pink of health, he had no guarantee of slaying him without getting injured himself. Thus, he thought to convince him into paying allegiance to Mo Dingkong. This way, he wouldn’t have to struggle against him and could preserve his strength.

“Mo Yuntian, I see that you’ve lived your years in vain, to take me for someone despicable like you!” Mo Yan yelled out in rebuttal.

“Who do you think you are, Mo Yan? How dare you speak like this to my big brother. We’ll spare the trouble for him today; I’ll take your life myself!” A deafening roar immediately followed.

One of the black-robed men from the group seven standing behind Mo Yuntian stepped forward and dropped his disguise to the ground. What remained was a man similar to Mo Yan’s age holding a bow and arrows.

“I thought I knew who it was. So, it’s the man who I’ve previously defeated, Mo Yunhu. You’re only a first stage Spirit realm Ranger; you’re not qualified to talk down to me like that. If I will it, I can take your life at any moment!” Mo Yan mocked when he realized who was speaking.

The man identified as Mo Yunhu shouted in frustration, “Mo Yan, it’s true I can’t win against you by myself, but you can never hope to survive today! Kneel and kowtow to me now, and your daddy here will give you a clean death. Otherwise, when we start fighting, I’ll make sure you wish you were dead.”

“Third Brother, don’t fall for his trap; he’s taunting you,” Mo Yuntian, standing next to him, hurriedly spoke to remind Mo Yunhu, seeing as things weren’t playing out as planned.

Next, he spoke sternly to the seven behind him, “Later, Third Brother will work with me to kill Mo Yan quickly. The rest of you, take down Mo Dingtian as fast as possible and rid of everyone else in this mansion. Don’t let your emotions affect you in any way today, and aim to finish everything here in the quickest manner possible.”

Mo Yunhu’s look of anger slowly became calm upon Mo Yuntian’s words. Although, his gaze towards Mo Yan was still full of hostility.

“Go!” Mo Yuntian’s expression turned grave and issued his command. At the same time, a wooden sword embedded with seven gemstones appeared in his hands, slashing towards Mo Yan. On the other hand, Mo Yunhu raised his bow, ready to snipe Mo Yan at any time.

As for the remaining six people, three of them struck at Mo Dingtian, while the other three branched out to different corners of the mansion, intending to massacre everyone in Mosuo Auction House.

Mo Yan’s white clothes fluttered, and he quickly took on the attack of Mo Yuntian. Soon, the two were tangled together, busy fighting off each other. Mo Dingtian, who didn’t have much experience fighting, was actually coping fine by himself against three opponents. There weren’t any signs of panic from him.

As the battle raged on, the commotion caused by them in Mosuo Auction House slowly caught the attention of Rivulet City’s citizens.

Helian Liang and Liang Renqing were each rushing over with a group of people, while the young master from Xu Clan remained hidden. He brought Mo Ling to a secluded room, pacifying her from the state of shock she was in, without a care for the ongoings outside.

“I can’t believe you were able to neutralize the poison administered by Young Lord, Mo Yan. This old man even thought you were merely putting up a strong front. Now that I’ve seen you make your moves, you’re sharp indeed!” Mo Yuntian spoke as he fought Mo Yan.

Naturally, Mo Yan understood the true intentions of Mo Yuntian. The latter wanted to distract him, allowing for Mo Yunhu, by the side, a chance to snipe him, causing a fatal injury. Thus, he didn’t bother with Mo Yuntian’s ramblings and concentrated on the fight.

“Cloud-Breaking Strike!” Mo Yuntian suddenly roared, using his powerful specialty move on Mo Yan.

The latter gave a cold humph, lightly slashing his sword before him. In just a moment, an energy barrier appeared before him, defending against the collision from Mo Yuntian’s ‘Cloud-Breaking Strike.’

Boom! As Mo Yuntian’s strike collided against Mo Yan’s defensive barrier, a loud explosion rang out from Mosuo Auction House. Helian Liang and Liang Renqing, who were rushing there, both revealed a look of astonishment as they heard the noise.

The shock wave from the explosion swept past Mo Dingtian and the other three ganging up on him. Everyone suffered some minor injuries from it, which led to them temporarily ceasing against each other without any form of communication. When the dust settled, five assailants couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air as they saw Mo Yan and Mo Dingtian, the two in the middle of the explosion.

The clothes of the two were in tatters, and blood was flowing from their bodies. Each of them had pale faces and half knelt on the ground.

Mo Yuntian was breathing heavily from the fight. He looked on in disbelief when he saw Mo Yan, whose veil had fallen off his face. He said, “Mo Yan, the scar on your face has healed?!”

Mo Yan had felt the injuries on his body. During the strike from Mo Yuntian earlier, although he had put up a defensive energy barrier with all his might, he wasn’t able to fully defend against it. It resulted in him suffering heavy injuries. However, he believes that Mo Yuntian wasn’t doing any better himself. The latter took on the backlash from colliding against his energy barrier.

“Damned old man, do you think it’s your place to be asking me questions? Why don’t you care more about yourself? Even if I fall here today, I will take you with me to the grave!” Mo Yan laughed bitterly.

Mo Dingtian’s chest tightened when he heard Mo Yan’s words. He quickly sped towards the latter but was immediately surrounded again by the three the moment he tried to make his move.

Looking on at the situation, Mo Yuntian mocked, “Mo Yan, you’re destined to fall here today. Third Brother, send him on his way!”

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