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Chapter 40 - I'm a Beast

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After Xu Qi left Mosuo Auction House, he snuck back to Xu Clan for a short meeting with Xu Pingfan, then dashed back to Godsward Villa.

In the villa, Xu Qi discovered Chen Yong still absorbing the energy from Green Mystique Fruit. Thus, he settled down and waited for him to finish.

After a long time, Xu Qi sensed the eruption of a strong aura. He smiled, then called out for someone to come to him, instructing the person to hurry Chen Yong over to meet him.

Shortly after, Chen Yong's tower-esque figure appeared before Xu Qi. The latter looked at Chen Yong curiously, noticing the aura around the former was dense and stable. Coupled with his robust body, it gave off a feeling that he would be able to blow Xu Qi's body to smithereens with just a single palm.

"Oh, Chen Yong, are you satisfied now?" Xu Qi asked while snacking on pastries.

"Haha, Young Master, this feels awesome. Say, Young Master, do you still have these fruits? Bring a few more of them, and I'll be near the legendary Saint realm," Chen Yong laughed, bragging casually.

"Psh, do you think these are some kind of candies? A few of them, you say? Even if there are more, these aren't something you can casually eat. Eat a couple more of them, and your body will be unable to withstand the powerful energy; you will die of body explosion. Hmph, do you still want them?" Xu Qi lashed out at Chen Yong.

Upon hearing the words 'body explosion,' Chen Yong stuck out his tongue, afraid to speak anymore regarding the fruits.

"Oh? That's right; what level are you at now?" Xu Qi suddenly remembered, asking.

"Erm, Young Master, I have broken through to Spirit realm after absorbing the energy from the fruit. I'm now a second stage Spirit realm Swordsman," Chen Yong reported excitedly.

"Okay, I got it. Chen Yong, I have a mission to assign to you and the guards today," Xu Qi said, suddenly turning stern after Chen Yong reported his strength.

Chen Yong wiped the smile off his face and answered respectfully, "Please instruct us, Young Master! We, the Xu Clan guardsmen, will complete the mission assigned to us by Young Master."

"This mission isn't as simple as you think. Two Spirit realm experts and six fourth stage Qi realm Swordsmen have shown up in Rivulet City. Not only that, there's still a second stage Spirit realm Nightlord hidden in the dark. Do you think it's a simple mission now?" Xu Qi planned on beating down Chen Yong's confidence a little; thus, he spoke directly in detail of the opponent's strength.

"My god. Who are they, Young Master? That's ruthless. To be able to send out such a lineup, are they planning on flattening Rivulet City?" Chen Yong replied nervously. He knew his own place upon learning their strength. With just the Xu Clan guardsmen, they didn't have any chance at victory against them.

Xu Qi chuckled at the nervous look on Chen Yong's face, saying, "And I thought you weren't afraid of anything. Look at you; what about this lineup? Ever since they entered Rivulet City, this young master has had no intentions of letting them return alive."

At Xu Qi's confident speech, Chen Yong hurriedly flattered, "That's true. Our young master is a prodigy of the heavens. Naturally, you wouldn't be afraid of such weaklings."

"Alright, stop sucking up to me. Go quickly and arrange for four of the guards to remain in the villa, while the rest secretly leave in batches to infiltrate Mosuo Auction House. I will further instruct you when the time comes. Also, don't bring the axes I gave you. Find a substitution," Xu Qi instructed Chen Yong.

"Ah? I was thinking, Young Master, to bring my axes for some practice. Can't you consider allowing it a little?" Chen Yong pleaded. He hoped in his heart to show off his twin axes.

"No way! If you dare defy my orders, I'll confiscate your axes now. Don't speak to me anymore, and go, arrange it. Keep in mind, avoid the southern gates when you're returning to Rivulet City. Be more covert in your actions," Xu Qi continued.

Chen Yong immediately lost his spirit, pouting his big mouth and said unwillingly, "Yes, Young Master. I'll arrange them now. Though, Young Master, I would like to ask, why are we going to Mo Dingtian's place?"

Upon hearing Chen Yong's questioning, Xu Qi gave him a good, long stare. It made the former feel uncomfortable before Xu Qi said unhurriedly, "Are you the one supposed to be asking the questions!?"

Chen Yong saw the unpleasant look on Xu Qi and shivers ran down his spine. He hurriedly replied, "Then, Young Master, I'll arrange it now. I'll be taking my leave," He immediately turned to run after finishing his sentence, lamenting the fact that he didn't have an extra pair of legs to run faster.

After sending this buffoon off with his gaze, Xu Qi rubbed his head, muttering, "Mo Dingtian, I did my best in helping you this time. I hope you won't disappoint me in the future!"

When he was done making arrangements in the villa, Xu Qi snuck back to Mosuo Auction House once more. This time, he didn't go looking for Mo Dingtian; he went to Mo Ling instead.

Mo Dingtian thought to look for Xu Qi to discuss some matters once he got wind of Xu Qi being in his mansion. However, he only saw the latter having fun with Mo Ling, without a care in the world, when he found Xu Qi. Looking at him, there was no semblance of an imminent life or death battle; he was only playing house.

However, when Mo Dingtian was about to leave in disappointment, Xu Qi's voice found its unhurried way to his ears, causing him to immediately feel relieved, "I have made all the preparations. If they dare come in here, none of them will leave alive."

After which, Mo Dingtian quickly looked for Mo Yan and made their plans in response to Mo Dingkong's attacks. He also told the latter of what Xu Qi told him, causing Mo Yan to fall into deep thought immediately.

"Young Lord, since that Young Master Xu has already returned and is with Ling'er, not to mention his carefree attitude, he's definitely taken care of all of his preparations. Though, I can't fathom what kind of arrangements he's made. Also, I heard something even stranger from the servants," Mo Yan said with his brows furrowed.

Mo Dingtian's interest was immediately piqued. He anxiously asked, "Brother Yan, what was it?"

Mo Yan shook his head and said slowly, "Young Lord, according to the servants, not long after Young Master Xu came to our mansion, he received over ten people in the mansion, one after another. He arranged for them to be situated near Ling'er's side room and didn't allow anyone to go near."

"What? He brought over ten people to Ling'er's side room? It can't be. I didn't sense anyone around when I went there earlier," Mo Dingtian grew even more suspicious when he heard Xu Qi brought more than a dozen men here.

"Since you couldn't sense it, Young Lord, there's only one possibility," Mo Yan raised his head and looked at Mo Dingtian.

"That is that their strengths are all greater than yours," - "mine," Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan said simultaneously. Only their last word differed, but their meanings were the same. 

Mo Dingtian couldn't help but feel excited once he realized what was going on. Though, on second thought, he said, "This Xu Qi, where on earth did he manage to assemble so many experts? Within Rivulet City, it's hard to find even someone with my strength."

"Young Lord, this is not something we should concern ourselves with. Otherwise, we might risk offending Xu Qi," Mo Yan immediately reminded, seeing as Mo Dingtian was so curious regarding the matter.

"Right, right. My curiosity is at fault here. Anyhow, our chance of victory is greater with the increased strength on Xu Qi's side," Mo Dingtian patted his head in realization.

Following which, Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan discussed, in detail, their arrangements for tonight, without considering what Xu Qi's side might have planned.

On the other hand, the young master of Xu Clan continued having fun with Mo Ling without a care in the world and forgot about the time. In the end, he simply stayed for dinner at their place.

Mo Ling was especially cheerful today; both her hands were supporting her chin, watching as Xu Qi ate his dinner. From time to time, she would fetch more food for Xu Qi's bowl, causing even the thick-skinned Xu Qi to feel embarrassed.

"Little Brother, would you play with me like this in the future, too?" Mo Ling asked, blinking her big, round eyes.

"Oh, erm, yes, I will. I like playing with Big Sister. I will have lots of time to accompany you in the future," Xu Qi mumbled with a mouthful of food while gesturing with his hands. His actions made Mo Ling, who was watching him all this while, smile a sweeter smile.

"Hm, Little Brother. You have to be a good boy, okay? Sister likes you; when we're older, we'll be together every day. Sister will be your wife; would you like that?" She seemingly said so jokingly, yet her cheeks flushed red with shyness.

"Puu!" Xu Qi spat out the food in his mouth upon hearing what she just said; he stared blankly at Mo Ling.

Following which, the latter immediately looked down bashfully upon seeing Xu Qi's reaction. She squeezed out her voice, sounding like a mosquito, saying, "Perhaps, you're willing to? You don't like the idea of Sister becoming your wife?"

Xu Qi was already stunned by earlier. Now, having heard those words, he felt the world around him spinning, thinking inwardly, Oh my god, what had this world turned to, to be seducing me at such an age, tempting me into committing crimes? Oh heavens, why don't you just strike me dead with lightning?

At that moment, Mo Ling went to Xu Qi's side and used her handkerchief to wipe his mouth. Xu Qi, on the receiving end, didn't even dare take a breath at experiencing such treatment.

He took a moment to come to his senses, then said dully, "Sister, I like playing with you. It won't be too late to be my wife if you still like me when we're all grown up."

Mo Ling had been acting bashful during all this, but her eyes shone with excitement when she heard what Xu Qi had just said. She happily extended her tiny hands and said to Xu Qi, "Okay then; we'll pinky swear. No one is allowed to go back on their words."

As Xu Qi watched the happy look on Mo Ling's face, his resistance turned to nothingness. Instead, a feeling of helplessness rose up within him, and he timidly put out his own little pinky and hooked onto hers. He cursed at himself inwardly, I'm such a beast!

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