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Chapter 17 - Ambush

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Mo Dingtian was currently enjoying tea, with his daughter next to him, fiddling with her hair while waiting for Xu Pingfan in Xu Clan’s reception hall.  To the side, the servant from Xu Clan in charge of serving them was feeling uneasy; he tried looking for Xu Pingfan twice, yet the latter was nowhere to be found. The servant returned to report Xu Pingfan’s absence and reminded Mo Dingtian that he could always come back another day. However, he insisted on waiting for Xu Pingfan since he was not rushed for time. 

“Hey brother, how long have you been working for Xu Clan? Why don’t I see your young master around?” Mo Dingtian suddenly asked the servant.

The servant was stunned for a moment by the question, then smiled and answered, “Boss Mo, I have been working for Xu Clan for over ten years. You might not know this, but our young master doesn’t like showing himself in front of others. Usually, he hangs around in the inner courtyard.”

The servant didn’t lie; it was a fact that Xu Qi didn’t like to show himself.

Mo Dingtian smiled in response, his heart thinking, What’s wrong with me? Why do I care so much about a child? He’s only six.

“Sorry for the long wait, Brother Dingtian. I was held up by some trivial matters. I’m truly sorry,” Xu Pingfan appeared by the door, apologizing as he approached Mo Dingtian.

Hearing Xu Pingfan’s voice, an innocuous smile lit up on Mo Dingtian’s face, and he replied, “You’re too polite, Brother Pingfan. I understand you’re a busy man. I just arrived not long ago.”

Mo Dingtian extended his palm. A ring forged with blue gemstones appeared. He followed up, saying, “Brother Pingfan, due to the lack of time, I’ve only managed to gather ten treasures each of Wood, Earth, Water, and Fire elements in a hurry. Is this enough?”

“You’re too modest, Brother Dingtian. Only you would be able to gather this much in such a short time. Truth be told, I’ll have to continue troubling you to gather more of these four elements’ items or treasures. Money is no issue,” Xu Pingfan happily replied. Earlier, Xu Qi briefed Xu Pingfan to gather these items long-term. As for their uses, Xu Pingfan had no inkling of them. However, he didn’t bother asking. All he was required was the responsibility of the matter.

Xu Pingfan handed over a golden card to Mo Dingtian as he finished his sentence, then continued, “Brother Dingtian, here are twenty million mid-grade gemstones. Is it enough for the fees of the items?”

“You’re too polite, Brother Pingfan. They didn’t cost this much. They’re only trinkets; it’s fine, even if I were to gift them to you,” Mo Dingtian said steadfastly.

Xu Pingfan knew Mo Dingtian was only being courteous. He continued, “Treat the excess payment as advance payment, then, since I’ll still have to trouble Brother Dingtian to continue gathering items of the four elements. Come to me for further discussion when it’s not enough. Do keep in mind, as long as they’re from the four elements, I’ll take them no matter the price. Please keep a lookout for me.”

“Naturally. Since you’ve said so, I’ll accept it,” Mo Dingtian kept the card as he replied.

“Father, where’s the little brother?” Seeing as Xu Qi hadn’t shown himself all this time, Mo Ling, who had been longingly watching the door, finally broke her silence and asked, feeling disappointed.

Xu Pingfan chuckled, “Our young master usually spends his time in the inner courtyard. He doesn’t like appearing in front of others. If you want to play with our young master, come with me to the inner courtyard.”

Mo Dingtian immediately spoke up as he heard Xu Pingfan offering to take his daughter to the inner courtyard, “Don’t pay attention to her, Brother Pingfan. My daughter is too playful; playing is all she has in her head.”

Mo Ling felt wronged by her father’s words. She sat in her chair, vexed and wiping her tears as they flowed.

Watching Mo Ling, Xu Pingfan and Mo Dingtian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They couldn’t understand the minds of children.

“Brother Dingtian, would it be convenient for you to stay at our residence today…” before Xu Pingfan could finish, a sonic boom was heard behind Xu Pingfan suddenly, aiming towards him.

Xu Pingfan hurriedly dodged to the side and grabbed Mo Ling beside him while he was at it. Right as they moved, a blur flashed past and disappeared.

Mo Dingtian was caught unprepared for the sudden situation. Seeing Xu Pingfan grab his daughter and dodge to the side, he was immediately overcome with relief.

Then, the blur appeared once again, aiming at Xu Pingfan. The latter didn’t dodge this time; he held onto Mo Ling and sent a palm strike.

“Pu,” Xu Pingfan was overpowered the moment his strike met the blur. He spat out a mouthful of blood, while Mo Ling flew out from his arms.

Just before Mo Ling dropped to the ground, a yellow silhouette flew over and caught her, dodging to the side. The yellow flash was none other than Mo Dingtian!

Mo Dingtian looked on cautiously towards the main hall, but there was no trace of the blur. As for Xu Pingfan, he dropped to the floor. His face turned yellow, and the blood trickling from his mouth was especially eye-catching; the look in his eyes was full of fear.

After a while, Mo Dingtian realized the blur no longer showed itself. He hurriedly moved to Xu Pingfan, holding him up and asking, “Brother Pingfan, are you alright?” 

Cough, cough. "I failed to protect your daughter, Brother Dingtian." Cough, cough. More blood spewed out from his mouth as Xu Pingfan spoke.

Looking at the situation, Mo Dingtian replied, “It’s not your fault, Brother Pingfan. The assailant is too strong. I couldn’t even see him properly; a blur was all I saw. Don’t blame yourself,” Mo Dingtian scanned the surroundings vigilantly as he consoled.

Mo Dingtian felt utterly shocked. He had indeed not seen the face of the assailant. Looking at the fierce strikes from the assailant, chances were that even he wouldn’t have had a chance against him. However, why would the assailant retreat right after his strike? Which powerful figure did Xu Clan offend?

Xu Pingfan took a deep breath, then slowly said, “Brother Dingtian, quickly take your daughter away. The ambusher is too strong; I don’t wish for you to get in trouble because of me. It’s fine if you only gather the items I need. Much thanks in advance." Cough, cough.

Mo Dingtian felt extremely depressed today. He had come to observe the Xu’s young master at close proximity today, but not only did he not get to see him, his daughter was also injured by accident. Also, he was forced to reveal his Qi realm cultivation to Xu Pingfan. He failed to get what he wanted and gave away information! What a loss!

However, Mo Dingtian kept his cool and said, “We’re brothers, Brother Pingfan. Don’t speak such words. You tried your best to protect my daughter. I understood that much.”

Xu Pingfan clasped his hands, saying, “Brother Dingtian, I have no idea who was it that ambushed me. However, please do not speak of what happened here today. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you. This surnamed Xu offers my thanks.”

“Brother Pingfan, I’ll keep what happened today a secret. I’ll warn my daughter as well; don’t worry. It won’t spread. As for Brother Pingfan’s injuries… I have a little bit of knowledge to healing. Let me take your pulse, Brother Pingfan?” Mo Dingtian asked concernedly.

Xu Pingfan extended his hands without any feigning and said, “I’ll trouble Brother Dingtian then.”

Mo Dingtian’s right hand grabbed on Xu Pingfan’s wrists and felt for his pulse. He was immediately shocked: the latter’s pulse was extremely weak and had signs of irregularity. These strange signs indicated severe internal injuries. Mo Dingtian slowly put down Xu Pingfan’s arm, thinking inwardly, He’s suffering from severe internal injuries; he’s not faking it. It seems like today’s mishaps were truly coincidental.

Cough, cough. "Brother Dingtian, how are my injuries?” Xu Pingfan raised his head, asking.

A look of shame appeared on Mo Dingtian’s face, saying, “Brother Pingfan, you are suffering from internal injuries and need nursing. There’s nothing I can do about it. I’m sorry.”

Just as Mo Dingtian finished his words, he heard a sonic boom. His heart immediately tightened; he, then, hurriedly kept Mo Ling behind him and struck out both palms to receive the attack.

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