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Chapter 18 - Recover from injury

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Mo Dingtian saw several afterimages strike towards him after he struck out. His own strikes drowned within the myriad of afterimages coming in his way. Blue colored energy, in the form of a palm, increased in size right before his eyes as it approached; Mo Dingtian was immediately chilled to his very core seeing that palm strike. He hurriedly pushed Mo Ling aside, and his eyes shut tight.

After Mo Dingtian closed his eyes, he felt a body holding onto him. He hurriedly reopened his eyes and saw blood flowed from the corners of Xu Pingfan’s mouth, smiling at him. That blue colored palm solidly struck Xu Pingfan’s back; the sounds of bones breaking resounded from Xu Pingfan’s back under the force of the strike.

Although Xu Pingfan took the brunt of the attack, Mo Dingtian suffered some injuries as well. However, he cared about none of them and took the severely injured Xu Pingfan, who had lost his consciousness, into his arms, calling his name.

“Take today as a lesson to you, trash of Xu Clan. Don’t ever offend people you can’t afford to in the future, or you’ll lose your lives. And you, from Mo Clan, don’t poke your nose where it doesn’t belong, or you won’t even know how you died. Hmph!” A shadow flew out the hall and leaped into the air. He had already disappeared when the warning came.

A Spirit realm expert! How did Xu Pingfan offend such a figure? There’s no such powerful person in Rivulet City who can do that. He didn’t even leave his identity; what tyranny! Now, there were too many doubts in Mo Dingtian’s mind. Looking at Xu Pingfan’s current state, he couldn’t help but be grateful to him for saving his daughter, despite his immense anger at what happened. He would have died for sure if it hadn’t been for Xu Pingfan.

Cough, cough. "Are you okay, Brother Dingtian?” to Mo Dingtian’s surprise, those were the first words Xu Pingfan uttered after regaining consciousness.

“I’m fine, Brother Pingfan. If it weren't for you saving me, at the risk of your own life, I wouldn’t be alive right now. You have my deepest gratitude, Brother Pingfan. We’re true brothers from now on,” Mo Dingtian said earnestly. He was one who attached great importance to comradeship; Xu Pingfan risked his life to save him. There was no way for him not to feel touched.

Xu Pingfan did not reply. He propped himself up forcefully and got into a meditation stance, then said to Mo Dingtian, “Brother Dingtian, please leave Xu Clan for now. It’s not safe here, and I have to go into seclusion to heal my internal injuries. When you have gathered the things I requested, I will collect them in due time. This surnamed Xu is ashamed for almost dragging you down; I hope Brother Dingtian forgives me." Cough, cough.

Mo Dingtian felt all the more grateful hearing Xu Pingfan’s words. He replied, “Brother Pingfan, I shan’t decline your request and hold you up any longer. But from today on, just say the word if there’s anything you need my help with!”

Xu Pingfan nodded and waved his hand. Then, he closed his eyes, seemingly too weak to speak anymore.

Mo Dingtian sighed at this spectacle. He looked at his daughter to his side. Mo Ling did not cry nor shed a single tear at experiencing two near-death incidents. Instead, she watched Mo Dingtian and Xu Pingfan quietly. Her eyes maintained her pureness, without a shred of terror. Mo Dingtian checked on his daughter and sighed in relief as no injuries were discovered. Following which, he cupped his fists and bowed at the meditating Xu Pingfan, then held onto Mo Ling’s hand and left Xu Clan.

Not long after, Xu Pingfan opened his eyes, forcing a smile and said, “Young Master, if you delay any longer, I will really be in deep trouble." Cough, cough.

As he spoke, a blurred silhouette floated next to him from outside. In the next moment, Xu Pingfan disappeared from the hall as well.

Back in the inner courtyard of Xu Clan, in the hidden room, Xu Pingfan sat on the ground in meditation. A tiny pair of hands laid on Xu Pingfan’s back, causing a tinge of red to slowly return to his ghastly face.

“Uncle Mang, I’m sorry for making you suffer today. I didn’t control myself well when I struck earlier,” the person healing Xu Pingfan was none other than Xu Qi. 

At this moment, Xu Pingfan felt his internal injuries were much less severe. He smiled bitterly, “Young Master, if you didn’t strike hard, Mo Dingtian might have had suspicions. However, please don’t include me in these kinds of tricks that cause injuries. If you fail to control your strength again, this old life of mine is as good as forfeit.”

Xu Qi retracted his palms and took out a pill from a porcelain bottle. He handed it to Xu Pingfan and said, “Uncle Mang, this pill will greatly benefit you. In this world, I suppose I’m the only one who has it. Eat it.”

Xu Pingfan looked intently at the pill from Xu Qi. He shook his head, saying, “Young Master, save it since it’s so precious. It will provide more benefits to you than me. My internal injuries are no longer life-threatening; there’s no need to waste such precious pills on me.”

“Uncle Mang, this kind of pill can only be eaten once in a person’s lifetime. I have already eaten one; there’s no further use to me. You take it and operate your cultivation method after ingestion. You will feel it’s extraordinariness,” Xu Qi explained.

Xu Pingfan hesitated for a moment after hearing what Xu Qi said. Then, he accepted and ate the pill. Following which, he started operating his cultivation method as per instructed.

The injuries caused by Xu Qi earlier had been healed to a large degree. Now, Xu Pingfan could barely operate his cultivation method to heal by himself. After a few cycles of circulation, he asked in wonder, “Young Master, what is this pill? Why do I feel a flow of warmth within me that seems to be healing my injuries? Furthermore, there’s a comfortable feeling around my heart.”

Xu Qi didn’t answer him, indicating for Xu Pingfan to continue operating his cultivation.

Xu Pingfan hurriedly focused his mind, controlling the warm flow circulating within him. After a few more cycles, he could no longer feel any pain within his body.

“Young Master, exactly what is this medicinal pill; it has such miraculous effects! I even felt my cultivation rising!” Xu Pingfan stood up, commenting excitedly.

“Uncle Mang, this pill was named the Celestial Core Pill. There are only a few of these in the world; all of them are in my possession. It’s greatly beneficial to your road of cultivation in the future and will reveal its efficacy as your cultivation grows. When you possess sufficient strength, your heart will turn into an undying heart,” Xu Qi explained, not withholding any secrets regarding Celestial Core Pill from Xu Pingfan.

Xu Pingfan’s emotions were stirred, hearing the godly effects of the pill he’d just ingested, An undying heart!

“Uncle Mang, you should just cultivate quietly in Xu Clan. I can tell there are signs of you breaking through in cultivation. Oh, and how are the construction in the suburb and the search for orphans going?” Xu Qi asked.

Xu Pingfan quickly answered when Xu Qi brought up the two matters, “Young Master, they should be ready in about ten days.”

“Hm, alright then. Stay here and cultivate in peace. I’ll take some time out to check things over there,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Xu Pingfan was not the least bit worried when Xu Qi revealed his intention to go out alone. He knew the cultivation level of the latter; coupled with that freaky movement technique, no one in Rivulet City would be able to lay a hand on the young master.

“Mo Dingtian is unexpectedly strong, Young Master. Who would have thought that he’s at Qi realm? I would never believe it if I haven’t witnessed his strength today,” Xu Pingfan said frankly.

“I’m afraid Mosuo Auction House has more than just someone of Mo Dingtian’s caliber backing it. The purpose of forcing his hand today was to confirm my suspicions. We need to keep a low profile in front of him; we can’t afford to rouse his suspicion,” Xu Qi said.

Xu Pingfan nodded, then extended his hand, passing the ring he’d just received from Mo Dingtian over to Xu Qi, saying, “Young Master, here is what Mo Dingtian gathered for us. They’re all in there.”

“Oh, right. I almost forgot about that,” Xu Qi smiled, patting the back of his head adorably.

Xu Qi took over the ring and said to Xu Pingfan, “Go ahead and cultivate, Uncle Mang. Keep in mind not to be too hasty for success. You will reap huge benefits this time round. Don’t be too surprised. Haha.” 

Xu Pingfan’s eyes brightened then, he bid farewell to Xu Qi and quickly left. At this moment, Xu Pingfan was feeling incomparably excited; strength was something all cultivators yearned for, after all.

Xu Qi kept the ring from Xu Pingfan and muttered, “It’s about time for me to explore and check out the outside world.”

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