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Chapter 164 - The Simple and Honest Fatty

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At the same time, Wen Xiang and the others were still encircled by Wang Huan and the traitors, guarding vigilantly against the Shadow Wind Sect disciple who knew the Invisibility Art.

“Master, don’t bother about us and run. With your cultivation level, it’s not a problem for you to escape!” Du Ming said, looking at Wen Xiang with an anxious expression.

“What are you saying, Ah Ming! When have I ever abandoned my brothers!?” Wen Xiang immediately dismissed his suggestion.

“But, Master..!” Du Ming protested anxiously.

“Shut up!” Wen Xiang said, stopping Du Ming from speaking any more.

While the two were talking, the black-clothed man suddenly appeared before one of the Luo Xiang Clan’s men who was injured. His daggers instantly sliced across his target’s throat and retreated to Wang Huan’s side.

Seeing this, Wen Xiang demanded furiously, “Who exactly from the Shadow Wind Sect are you?! Now that it has come to this, are you still afraid of me finding out?! State your name if you dare!”

“Master Wen, such taunts are useless against me. But since you wished to know, I’m not scared of telling you. Your memory is a little bad; you can’t even recognize my voice,” the black-clothed man said as he removed the hood over his head.

The revealed appearance of the black-clothed man was filled with several scars. The one around his right eye was the most eye-catching. If one took a closer look, they would realize that his eyeball was missing.

Wen Xiang exclaimed in disbelief after seeing his appearance, “Yi Wuzheng! It’s actually you! How could you be still alive!?”

This man identified as Yi Wuzheng by Wen Xiang touched his right eye and smiled to her, saying, “Haha, you sneak attacked me back then using the Invisibility Art, stabbing my eye. If it wasn’t for the Sect Master personally saving me, I’m afraid I truly would be dead. Even so, I lost one of my eyes! Master Wen, I will claim one of your eyes today, too, before bringing you back to the Shadow Wind Sect to provide you with some fun times!”

Wen Xiang showed a grave expression at hearing this. This man, Yi Wuzheng, was sent by the Shadow Wind Sect to eradicate the Luo Xiang House many years ago when they were just starting out. He successfully lured the men from Luo Xiang House out with a trap, but was defeated by Wen Xiang. In the end, he was even stabbed in the eye by Luo Xiang. At that time, she no longer felt any signs of life from him, and no longer paid any more attention to him. Unexpectedly, he was saved by the Shadow Wind Sect’s Sect Master!

“Hmph, Yi Wuzheng, I’m afraid you don’t have the capabilities to!” Wen Xiang refuted with a cold humph.

Yi Wuzheng let out a cold chuckle and signalled to the two Void Rangers from Virtuous Clan with his hand.

“Senior Brother, that man has sent the signal. Should we take action?” Cai Guohui took notice of Yi Wuzheng’s signal from a distance away and asked his senior brother, Cai Zhaolin.

“Ai, it’s nigh impossible to defy our Master’s orders. Since he gave us the signal, we’ll only deal with that woman. Don’t bother with the others,” Cai Zhaolin sighed and said. He aimed at Wen Xiang and released the arrow.

Seeing as Cai Zhaolin made his shot, Cai Guohui released his arrow, which was already aimed at Wen Xiang, too.

Wen Xiang quickly pushed Du Ming away when she heard the sound of arrows whisking through the wind from behind, before dodging aside herself. At the same time, two wooden arrows shot through where her figure was a moment ago.

However, before Wen Xiang could balance herself after dodging aside, another two arrows emitting red light came flying at her. This situation happened continuously, leaving Wen Xiang with no choice but to keep dodging.

At the same time, Yi Wuzheng led Wang Huan and the rest of the traitors and engaged Du Ming’s group in battle, with Yi Wuzheng and Wang Huan going against Du Ming alone.

As Wen Xiang dodged, she grew anxious as she watched Yi Wuzheng and Wang Huan ganging up on Du Ming, who fell into a disadvantageous situation. However, she was helpless about it. The two Void realm Rangers were shooting arrows at her nonstop. She couldn’t spare any time to help Du Ming, and could only keep dodging the arrows.

The Luo Xiang House’s men were in a disadvantageous situation, in both numbers and strength. They soon fell one after the other. Wen Xiang felt an unspeakable ache, as if her heart was bleeding.

As Cai Guohui and Cai Zhaolin were shooting arrows at Wen Xiang continuously, they suddenly heard a sonic boom behind them. They were greatly shocked and immediately dodged to the side.

At the same time, two golden palms struck where they were standing at a moment ago.

The two Rangers caught their balance and aimed their bows behind. What entered their sights was an extremely beautiful woman wearing a long golden dress, looking at them with a cold gaze.

This woman was none other than Xu Xiaomei, who rushed here to provide reinforcement. Just as she arrived, she saw this two Rangers shooting arrows at Wen Xiang, and thus dealt with them first. Unexpectedly, the two Rangers’ reactions were very quick, managing to dodge her sneak attack.

Wen Xiang looked toward the two Void realm Rangers upon realizing that the barrage of arrows have stopped. She felt a sense of relief when she saw Xu Xiaomei, and quickly flew over to Du Ming’s side, taking on Yi Wuzheng.

Yi Wuzheng was full of questions after seeing Wen Xiang suddenly appearing by his side. He took a quick glance at the two Void Rangers from the Imperial Void Valley, and saw that a beautiful woman in a long golden dress was currently in a deadlock with them.

Xu Xiaomei looked at Cai Guohui and Cai Zhaolin. She didn’t bother answering them and was about to make her move.

“Just a moment, Miss!” Cai Zhaolin suddenly said.

“Hmm? What? You have something to say?” Xu Xiaomei asked.

Cai Zhaolin sensed the terrifying aura on Xu Xiaomei once she appeared. He knew immediately, that the both of them were no match for her. Moreover, they shouldn’t lose their lives while working for the Shadow Wind Sect. Naturally, he concluded that retreating was the way to go. Even if their Master were to question them, he would have an excuse.

“Please be appeased, Miss. If you’re here to help the Luo Xiang House, we can promise you that the two of us will no longer do anything to them,” Cai Zhaolin said.

Xu Xiaomei looked at them doubtfully at hearing this, obviously not trusting their words.

On the other hand, Cai Zhaolin seemed to have seen through Xu Xiaomei’s thoughts and took over his confused Junior Brother, Cai Guohui’s bow. He threw both of their bows to the ground and looked at Xu Xiaomei, saying, “Those surrounding the Luo Xiang House’s men are from the Shadow Wind Sect, and us two are from the Virtuous Clan. This time, we were under orders from our Master to help deal with that woman who knows the Invisibility Art. Our strengths are inferior to this Miss’s, and we don’t wish to lose our lives for the sake of the Shadow Wind Sect.”

Xu Xiaomei didn’t say anything as she watched them disarm themselves, and directly sped over to the battling Wen Xiang and Yi Wuzheng.

“Why are you doing this, Senior Brother?” Cai Guohui asked in bewilderment as Xu Xiaomei left them alone.

Cai Zhaolin looked at this Junior Brother of his, who was incredibly talented at cultivating, but an extremely simple and honest man when it came to interpersonal skills. He said, “Junior Brother, no matter when or where, keeping your life intact is the most important. The both of us were no match for her at all. Why lose our lives for the Shadow Wind Sect?”

“Then how should we explain to the Master when we get back?” Cai Guohui asked.

Cai Zhaolin chuckled and said, “The Master wouldn’t wish to see us dead while working for the Shadow Wind Sect, either. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it when we get back.”

Hearing this, Cai Guohui nodded, not understanding everything. Ever since he entered the Virtuous Clan, he had always shown himself to be a simple and honest man, and he would always obey this Senior Brother of his.

Meanwhile, Yi Wuzheng suddenly felt a golden streak of light flash before him as he fought with Wen Xiang. A sharp pain rose in his chest, and he was forced back several steps.

After regaining his balance, Yi Wuzheng looked at Wen Xiang in great shock. He discovered that a beautiful woman in a long golden dress was standing in front of Wen Xiang.

To the side, Wang Huan broke off with Du Ming after he noticed Xu Xiaomei, who suddenly appeared. He quickly came to Yi Wuzheng’s side and said nervously, “This woman is with that Young Master from Rivulet City.”

Hearing this, Yi Wuzheng looked at Xu Xiaomei with a grave expression. Although Xu Xiaomei’s attack had caught him by surprise and struck his chest, he sensed the terrifying aura coming from Xu Xiaomei and knew that he was no match for her.

Wen Xiang hurriedly asked at seeing Xu Xiaomei, “Why are you here? How is it on Qi’er’s side? I saw the Imperial Void Valley’s men chasing after him.”

“Aunt Wen, the men from Imperial Void Valley had caught up to him, but Young Master sent me here to protect you when he knew that you had met with trouble,” Xu Xiaomei said.

Hearing this, Wen Xiang said anxiously, “Don’t care about me, Xiaomei. Quickly return to protect Qi’er. He’s the most important!”

Xu Xiaomei shook her head and moved toward the traitors, who were still fighting. Her figure flashed several times and sent all of them flying backwards, then focused her attention back to Yi Wuzheng and Wang Huan, attacking them.

Yi Wuzheng didn’t think that Xu Xiaomei would actually strike at him without a word. Greatly alarmed, he hurriedly defended himself. Alas, he was sent flying by Xu Xiaomei in just one move.

After sending Yi Wuzheng flying, Xu Xiaomei no longer struck out. She returned to Wen Xiang’s side and said, “Aunt Wen, don’t waste any more time here. Quickly go with me; the situation on Young Master’s side didn’t look very optimistic.”

The reason why Xu Xiaomei decided to let Yi Wuzheng and the others off was because she was too worried for Xu Qi’s safety. All she wanted to do now was to get back to him as soon as possible.

Hearing this, Wen Xiang hurriedly beckoned the injured Du Ming and the remaining men from Luo Xiang House. However, just as they were about to move out, Yi Wuzheng’s figure disappeared from sight.

“Be careful, Xiaomei. That Yi Wuzheng from Shadow Wind Sect also knows the Invisibility Art!” Wen Xiang quickly reminded at realizing this.

Xu Xiaomei nodded and spread out her sharp spiritual sense, on guard for Yi Wuzheng’s sneak attack.

At this moment, Yi Wuzheng’s voice rang out, “The puny Xu Clan from Rivulet City actually has such a person. How unexpected! Although you managed to escape today, our Shadow Wind Sect will definitely flatten your Xu Clan in the future!”

A short distance away, the Virtuous Clan’s Cai Zhaolin also heard what Yi Wuzheng said. He looked at Xu Xiaomei in puzzlement and said, “Rivulet City’s Xu Clan? Why haven’t I heard of them before?”

Just as Cai Zhaolin said this, a pair of daggers suddenly appeared in his simple and honest Junior Brother’s hands by his side, and sliced his throat unexpectedly, then quickly picked up his bow, which was thrown away by Cai Zhaolin earlier, off the ground.

Cai Zhaolin looked at his straightforward Junior Brother with a face full of doubts as he unwillingly fell to the ground.

As for Cai Guohui, he picked up his bow and quickly nocked three wooden arrows, aiming at the battleground.

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