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Chapter 156 - Wen Xiang

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After finishing his sentence, Xu Qi looked at the corpses on the ground, his brow furrowed as he smelled the blood.

"Move aside, I'll clean up the corpses," Xu Qi said to the three women.

They moved to the side in puzzlement at hearing those words. They watched him alertly, interested in what he was going to do.

With a flip of his palm, the golden All-Tempering Flame appeared in Xu Qi's hand. He manipulated the flames and threw it on the corpses. In just a short while, the corpses in the courtyard were burned to ashes, and even the blood stains were burned away without a trace remaining.

Xu Qi retracted the All-Tempering Flame and took a whiff. He turned around to the three women, who were pinching their noses, and said, "The smell is even worse than before."

The girls broke out in laughter at hearing this. Their Young Master was too funny; he could even joke around at a time like this, what a guy.

After which, Xu Qi stood on the spot, unmoving. He raised his head high, looking at the night sky as he waited for the next group of people to come.

After a short while, a silhouette appeared on the roof of the Mo Clan. With the help of the moonlight, Xu Qi saw a proud figure, her hair swaying in the wind. He thought to himself, A woman actually came.

Immediately after, another forty-odd figures appeared around the woman, standing on the roofs. Every one of their gazes were looking down into the courtyard at Xu Qi's group of four.

"Aren't you afraid of falling from such a height?" Xu Qi suddenly called out.

The three women behind him couldn't help but burst out in another wave of laughter.

The green-robed woman's expression turned ugly at hearing this. She landed in the courtyard, opposite Xu Qi and observed this smirking young man.

Xu Qi narrowed his eyes and took a closer look. That proud-looking woman on the roof earlier was in fact a middle-aged woman, and Xu Qi sighed lightly.

Seeing this, the middle-aged woman asked, "Why are you sighing?"

"It's nothing; I thought a beautiful woman had come, but I just realized after all this time that it was only a decent-looking spinster. Disappointed; I'm too disappointed," Xu Qi said shamelessly.

The middle-aged woman was about to flare up at hearing this, but she noticed the three women standing behind Xu Qi. Upon taking a closer look, each of them were incredibly beautiful, especially the one in a long golden dress. She was too seductive.

"Stop spouting nonsense. Where are Fang Hai and the others? What did you do to them?" the middle-aged woman asked.

"Fang Hai? The one wearing a green robe, just like you?" Xu Qi pretended not to know what she was saying and asked.

"Yes! Where is he?" the middle-aged woman asked again.

Xu Qi smiled and pointed at the burn mark below the middle-aged woman's feet, saying, "Right where you're standing."

Hearing this, the middle-aged woman hurriedly looked at her feet. When she landed earlier, she was only paying attention to Xu Qi and the women. She actually didn't realize that there was a layer of ash below her feet. She looked around the courtyard, and saw that there were many other spots similar to where she was standing. Her complexion instantly paled.

"What did you do to them?!" the middle-aged woman demanded.

"What else, but killed them all? I burned them to ashes after that," Xu Qi said.

The middle-aged woman took two steps back unconsciously and looked at the ashes on the stones. Looking closely, they really resembled the silhouette of a person.

"Who are you? Why are you killing my men?" the middle-aged woman asked again.

"And I have yet to ask you, why did you capture my men? Where are they?" Xu Qi shot back with a question.

"Oh? So you're here for them," the middle-aged woman came to a sudden realization.

Hearing this, Xu Qi immediately confirmed that Xu Zi and the other Constellation Guards were in this middle-aged woman's hands. He asked again, "Where are they?"

"At my place, of course!" the middle-aged woman answered.

"No shit! I'm freaking asking, what did you do to them!" Xu Qi suddenly changed the topic, scolding.

The middle-aged woman was obviously not expecting Xu Qi to scold her. She was stunned for a moment, so angry that her body was trembling. She pointed at Xu Qi and said, "Fine, since you actually killed my men and actually scolded me, I'll have you wish you were dead today!"

Xu Qi smirked, "Don't treat me like this. I could still take it if you looked a little younger, but now, forget it! You're too old!"

The three women behind him covered their mouths, giggling. They were lamenting inwardly that their Young Master was so mean. Didn't he know that saying a woman was old was the most annoying?

The middle-aged woman was fuming with anger at Xu Qi's words. She yelled out to the men on the roofs, "Go, rip him to pieces!"

As the middle-aged woman commanded, the people on the roofs quickly landed, pouncing toward Xu Qi. The women behind Xu Qi hurriedly came forth to block them, while Xu Xiaomei sticked close to Xu Qi's side, sending anyone who came near Xu Qi flying.

The middle-aged woman was shocked to see the three cultured and refined women behind Xu Qi suddenly become so fierce in battle. She looked at Xu Qi in disbelief, asking, "You're truly only here for those ten?"

Xu Xiaomei whispered, "Young Master, I can sense that this person's aura was the one who snuck into our Xu Clan using the invisibility art that night!"

Xu Qi blanked out for a moment at hearing this. His gaze toward the middle-aged woman turned doubtful.

On the other hand, the middle-aged woman shifted her gaze slightly off of Xu Qi, onto Xu Xiaomei. She was stunned in place. It was actually her!

"Stop!" the middle-aged woman shouted.

Those fighting in the courtyard quickly halted at hearing this, everyone looked toward this middle-aged woman, confused.

"What? You recognized her?" Xu Qi asked plainly.

"How could it be you?" the middle-aged woman said in disbelief.

"So what if it's me? You snuck into our Xu Clan previously, and now you ambushed our Xu Clan's men. What exactly are you aiming at!? Who exactly are you?!" Xu Xiaomei demanded.

The middle-aged woman asked in puzzlement, "You're saying, those ten are from the Xu Clan?"

"That's right! They are from our Xu Clan!" Xu Xiaomei answered.

Xu Qi seemed to notice the changes in this middle-aged woman. He asked doubtfully, "Who are you? I don't think my Xu Clan ever had any grudges with you,"

The middle-aged woman's gaze changed. She slowly asked, "You're from the Xu Clan too?"

Xu Qi became more doubtful when he noticed that this middle-aged woman seemed to have turned into a different person at hearing "Xu Clan".

Qian Yun slowly walked up to Xu Qi's side, looking at the middle-aged woman and said, "Of course he's from our Xu Clan. He's our Xu Clan's Young Master, Xu Qi!"

The middle-aged woman was even more stunned at hearing this. She stared wide-eyed, her mouth agape. She looked at Xu Qi in disbelief, her body trembling. She shook her head and said, "Xu Qi? Impossible, impossible. Xu Clan's little young master died when he was two. How could he possibly still be alive?"

The three women all looked toward Xu Qi. He didn't understand what was going on, either. He asked, "What are you talking about? This Young Master is standing before you, what did you mean by I was already dead when I was two?"

However, while he spoke, he suddenly realized something. When his soul transcended to this world, onto this body, wasn't he exactly two? Could it be that something happened to this body while he was two?

The middle-aged woman kept shaking her head, mumbling to herself, like a lunatic.

The others in the courtyard couldn't understand what was going on when their Master was acting like this.

Xu Qi couldn't contain himself any longer and asked, "Say, are we still fighting? Don't think that I'm afraid of you just because of that invisibility art. Hurry, let go of my men if we're not fighting."

The middle-aged woman nodded slightly and mumbled, "Alright, I'll release them."

Xu Qi and the girls were stunned in place. They didn't dare to believe what they just heard. Did this woman really go mad? Releasing people just because he said so?

"Come with me," the middle-aged woman said simply and left. Xu Qi and the girls exchanged glances and followed.

On the way, Xu Qi was full of doubts as he watched the middle-aged woman in front of him, thinking of her actions from before. He reminded the girls to quickly retreat if they were to meet with any ambushes ahead.

Soon, Xu Qi followed the middle-aged woman to a cave on a mountain. There were a few sentries guarding the entrance. They greeted the middle-aged woman with "Master" after seeing her, watching Xu Qi and the other three vigilantly.

The middle-aged woman casually nodded and said plainly, "Let them in," before entering the cave.

Xu Qi and the girls couldn't make heads or tails of the situation as they watched the woman acting like this. What is she trying to do? Could she be planning on getting rid of us after entering the cave? We have to be careful.

Just like that, Xu Qi and the three girls followed behind the middle-aged woman, slowly entering deeper into the cave. When they arrived at a well-lit, spacious area, they saw the ten Constellation Guards tied to the walls on both sides, their bodies covered in blood.

The middle-aged woman waved her hand at her subordinates inside, and they immediately left the area.

"Bitch! You actually tormented them to such an extent! Pay with your life!" Xu Qi yelled as he saw the Constellation Guards' appearance. With a flip of his palm, the steel sword appeared in his hand, attacking the middle-aged woman from behind.

The middle-aged woman slowly turned around. She actually did nothing in response to Xu Qi's sudden strike, only slowly shutting her eyes.

Just as Xu Qi's steel sword was about to pierce into the middle-aged woman, his figure stopped in place. His sword tip was only a fist's distance away from her, and yet her eyes were still closed, her body unmoving.

Xu Qi looked at this middle-aged woman doubtfully, and saw that two trails of tears were actually flowing out from her eyes.

"Why didn't you strike back?" Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

The middle-aged woman directly cried out loud at hearing Xu Qi's words. She squatted on the floor, her face covered with both hands, crying.

Qian Yin and the girls freed the Constellation Guards from the wall, before realizing that an unique seal was placed on the Constellation Guards.

"Young Master, a seal was placed on their bodies," Qian Yin cried out anxiously to Xu Qi, who was a short distance away.

Xu Qi turned to the crying middle-aged woman and said, "Quickly remove the seal placed on my men. I can spare your life."

The middle-aged woman slowly stood up and wiped off the tears on her face, then slowly walked towards the Constellation Guards.

She came up to them, and red energy shone in her hand. She removed the seals placed on them without saying a word, then turned to the stone wall and said, "The seals are all removed. They weren't hurt greatly, and their godly weapons are over there, by the side. Bring them and leave."

Xu Qi was standing there, prepared for any tricks the middle-aged woman was going to play. He was stunned to see that she really removed the seals placed on them, and now she even let him take the godly weapons, which she spent much effort obtaining, away. Has she really gone mad?

Among the three girls, Qian Yin had her brow furrowed the entire time after entering the cave. She let go of Xu Zi gently and went to the dazed Xu Qi's side, telling him, "Young Master, this woman became weird after learning that we are from the Xu Clan. Could she possibly be connected to our Xu Clan in some way?"

Xu Qi seemed to be enlightened at hearing Qian Yin's words. He then asked, "You have yet to answer me; why did you trespass on our Xu Clan in the night previously? Did you have some connections to our Xu Clan?"

The middle-aged woman slowly turned around and looked at the three girls and the Constellation Guards, then said, "Can you have them leave this area first?"

Xu Qi gave a slight nod to Qian Yin at hearing this. Qian Yin tactfully walked over to one of the Constellation Guards' side and helped him up, then said to Qian Yun and Xu Xiaomei, "Let's go; we'll wait for Young Master outside."

"No way, what if this woman tries to harm Young Master? You leave, I'll stay here to protect Young Master," Xu Xiaomei immediately rejected.

"It's fine, Xiaomei. Go out with them first. It won't be easy for her to try and harm me. Go on," Xu Qi said.

"But," Xu Xiaomei protested, ready to insist on staying behind. However, Qian Yin lightly pulled on Xu Xiaomei's clothes, nodding slightly at her.

Xu Xiaomei could only let it slide seeing as Qian Yin was acting like this, too, and left the cave with the Constellation Guards and the twins.


With only the two of them left in the cave, Xu Qi looked at the Constellation Guards' weapons on the ground and waved his hand, storing them away, and shifted his gaze onto this middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman had been paying attention to Xu Qi. She didn't say anything as she watched Xu Qi stored the weapons away, only watching him quietly.

"Alright, they are all gone. You can speak now," Xu Qi said plainly.

The middle-aged woman stared fixedly at Xu Qi as she approached him, step by step. Xu Qi saw that her body was obviously trembling as she neared him.

"How old are you?" the middle-aged woman asked.

"Nineteen," Xu Qi quickly answered.

"Is there a bite scar on your right inner thigh?" she continued asking.

Xu Qi was astonished at hearing this. There was indeed a bite scar on his right thigh, and only he knew of this. How did she know? However, he still nodded.

"My name is Wen Xiang," the middle-aged woman said.

"Your name is Wen Xiang?" Xu Qi repeated after her.

"Have you heard of this name?" she asked.

Xu Qi shook his head as he tried to remember. Did he ever know someone surnamed Wen?

At this moment, she bit her lips lightly and asked, "What is your mother's name?"

Xu Qi felt as if lightning had struck his mind at hearing this. He had indeed known someone surnamed Wen, but that was his mother, who passed away on the same day as his father when he was six, Wen Luo.

"Y-yo-you are?" Xu Qi asked. Remembering his mother made him act unnaturally toward this middle-aged woman.

"Child, you thought of it, haven't you? The Wen Clan had two daughters, named Luo and Xiang," she said.

Xu Qi was thoroughly stupefied. Wasn't his mother exactly named Luo? Then this woman before him was named Wen Xiang. Does that mean she's that Xiang?

"You're my mother's younger sister, Wen Xiang?" Xu Qi finally asked, stuttering.

This middle-aged woman who claimed to be Wen Xiang immediately teared up and nodded lightly.

Xu Qi stared wide-eyed, his mouth agape at this woman's admittance. He thought inwardly, Since she's my mother's younger sister, doesn't that make her my aunt? I even called her a bitch earlier, and killed a bunch of her men. This, this...

Xu Qi was right in this thoughts. This woman named Wen Xiang was indeed Xu Qi's aunt, but he didn't know that she had been staying in Xu Clan when he was born. An incident occured when Xu Qi was two, which led to this aunt of his leaving the Xu Clan for good, disappearing from the world. Even when his parents passed away, this aunt of his had never shown herself.

Wen Xiang's tears flowed even faster when she saw Xu Qi acting this way.

After being in a daze for some time, Xu Qi looked at Wen Xiang and asked, stammering, "Are you my aunt?"

Wen Xiang bawled her eyes out at hearing Xu Qi mentioning the word "aunt", but she still managed to nod in agreement.

Xu Qi immediately kneeled weakly to the ground and apologized blankly, "I'm sorry, Aunt."

Wen Xiang hurriedly went up to Xu Qi and helped him up. She extended her trembling hands and caressed Xu Qi's handsome face. Her eyes looked incredibly gentle as she looked at Xu Qi.

As she watched, Wen Xiang extended her arms and held Xu Qi tightly, crying. She kept saying, "Sorry, sorry."

Xu Qi patted Wen Xiang's back lightly and repeated his question, asking, "Are you really my aunt?"

Wen Xiang nodded at Xu Qi's words. At this moment, she was venting the bitterness in her that had built up over seventeen years.

"Then why didn't you return when my mother passed away?" Xu Qi asked blankly.

Wen Xiang loosened her arms around Xu Qi and wiped off the tears on her face. She looked at Xu Qi and explained, "Qi'er, that's because Aunt was too ashamed to face your mother."

"What happened?" Xu Qi asked, confused. What happened tonight was too strange.

"Did you know? The mark on your right inner thigh was made by me," Wen Xiang revealed.

Xu Qi's lips trembled at hearing this. No wonder she knew that there was a teeth mark on his thigh. So she was the one who left it there.

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