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Chapter 21: Leaving For Heavens Law's Branch (One)

However, as if she wanted him to leave quickly, Su Liangyue calmly left the bed after two hours and began to work. It make Xu Yangyi begin to suspect whether or not he was truly feeble.

"Not at all." Su Lianyue's eyes were glued to the computer as she softly typed and said: "In any case, I, too, come from Heavens Law, and you were rather restrained last night. It's not even to the degree where I can't get up. If I wasn't able to get up after a single night, that would be as domineering as a CEO. But there isn't a living thing on this Earth that is that tyrannical."*

Xu Yangyi laughed and was suddenly regretting his restraint last night a bit.

"Your manager called me three times. The Demon Controlling Bell has already been lost, and it'll do no good for me to not get up, as well. In any case, I'm a person of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion now." Su Lianyue withdrew her gaze, looking at Xu Yangyi and said somewhat complicatedly: "Also, the reason I was willing to pay with my most precious thing is because… you actually killed a berserker… Besides from you, I couldn't request this of anyone else."

On the table, she placed a bell. It was the one that Mao Ba'er wore below his neck. Su Lianyue weighed it in her hands, not even looking at it and said softly: "My Bountiful Treasures Pavilion will take charge over your berserker for three million."

Xu Yangyi raised a brow. Right now, he was going to step onto the the true path of cultivation and enter the river long struggle of all things to overcome their fates. Wealth, scripture, companions, and spiritually-rich lands, these were the four directives of cultivation. The arrangement of wealth was the first. To cultivators, no matter how much wealth one possessed, it was never enough. However, the three million added together with the five million from Venture Pharmaceuticals was eight million in total, enough for him charge into the middle stage of Qi Condensation.

He was originally at the pinnacle of the initial stage and only a foot shy of making the final push. With his killing of the berserker, the five million the pharmaceutical corporation had delivered along with Su Lianyue's three million gave him the absolute confidence to charge into the middle stage of Qi Condensation. 

"Is it truly worth three million?" He looked into Su Lianyue's eyes and asked.

"It isn't." Su Lianyue avoided his gaze and said softly: "An intact berserker is worth three million. At most, yours is five hundred thousand. A Qi Condensation demon isn't worth that much money, but the body of a Foundation Establishment one is truly a treasure."

"You didn't have to…"

"However, it is worth the life of my little sister." Su Liangyue looked at the computer without an expression on her face, yet Xu Yangyi sharply caught onto the glimmer of tears at the corners of her eyes: "I don't know how much money is needed to cultivate, and I don't know what the branch is like, as well."

"Whether you can soar atop roof tops and vault over walls, whether the spirit energy is abundant, and whether or not you can meet Foundation Establishment immortal seniors is moreover unknown to me… I only know…" She turned her head and looked at Xu Yangyi: "You need money."

"I am unable to give you spirit stones, but I can give you the cash equivalent. Perhaps my body isn't worth much to you, but this three million is my true down payment."

Xu Yangyi looked at her for a long time and nodded his head: "I do not regret my first entrustment." 

Su Lianyue lowered her eyes, not saying anything at all.

Like so, time peacefully floated by between the two people, devoid of feelings. After a while, Xu Yangyi said: "I'm going to leave."

Su Lianyue looked at her computer, and after a while in kind, she said calmly: "Are you returning to Heavens Law?"

He didn't answer. The answer went without saying.

"Help me with a little something, okay." Su Lianyue's laugh was like flowing water and she stood up: "Help me get an idea… of what the branch is really like…"

"I've been in a fantasy, wondering what the scenery is like beyond the door… Mr. Xu, I really, truly am envious of you… Of China's several millions of failed students… I believe each of them wants to know what the place they yearn for even in their dreams is like."

"Whether or not it's like those things written in novels; spirit springs streaming and immortal beasts soaring in air. I've always, always really wanted to see it with my own eyes… however…" She flung her head back and laughed bitterly: "I didn't have this chance."

"Your life is on the verge of truly unfolding. You are destined for a glory that is different from that of normal men, Mr. Xu…"She laughed and hung a necklace on his neck: "I wish you good fortune."

"My sister's photo is on the inside."

Xu Yangyi felt the necklace on his chest, nodded, and spoke no further. He opened the door and left.

Outside the room, the sun was shining brightly.

As he returned to the sickroom, Mao Ba'er was lying down on his bed and reading. As Mao Ba'er saw Xu Yangyi enter, he cast his snout aside and sneered, flipping over.

"Have things been put in order?"

Mao Ba'er paid no attention to Xu Yangyi.

Was he in a foul mood?

Xu Yangyi raised a brow and slapped the other's doggy head, but didn't get a response.

"You don't love me…" After a while, Mao Ba'er let out a faint sight: "I've fallen out of favor…"

"Bringing the scent of a woman to irritate my lonesome doggyself… Are you still human?"**

In the next second, he was sent flying onto the ground and kicked.

"Pack things up and get in contact with the branch. Take a look at the amount of classmates that have recently completed their mission and pooled together to board a plane. I'm going to return to the branch in advance."

Of course he would go back ahead of date!

Only Heavens Law or other cultivation powers could actually exchange spirit stones with the vast sum he held in his possession!

There lied the place where he would take flight. He was already impatiently prepared to tread into this magnificent world! 

He had left the ivory tower, killing his way into a new world!***

"No need." Mao Ba'er shed his hair as if the one who wasn't worried a moment ago wasn't him: "The Nantong Province's Fengyi City branch, has already sent you a message requesting you to board a plane tomorrow night. There will be a plane headed back to the branch stopping by temporarily at Yuyang City Military Airfield."

"A 'request' to board a plane?" As he tidied things up, Xu Yangyi's hand stopped, and he faintly knit his brows: "Heavens Law never contacts a branch after a matter has been completed, but the branch assigned a plane. Why have they taken the initiative to contact me at this time and place?

"I don't know." Mao Ba'er shrugged his shoulders like a human: "Maybe there is some filthy clandestine affair?"****

Xu Yangyi thought about if for while, but he didn't know why, as well. It was only natural he didn't know; his correspondence he had sent back to Heavens Law's branch had drawn the interest of many people.

The two days arrived quite quickly.

At night, the wind was like a blade, blowing upon Xu Yangyi's face. His gaze fixed itself on the black sky, yet an unspeakable heat roiled within his heart, charging forth and dispersing into the tranquil expanse of night.

He… was finally going to graduate...

He was on the precipice of leaving behind his past life of thirteen years at the Yuyang City branch and heading towards a true brand-new world.

What would be there? A diverse world; what was like life of a true coexistence between humans and demons on Earth? The ancient Vatican City, the City of Fog — London, and the City of Flowers — Huadu District were places the legends spoke of that were brimming full of werewolves and vampires… would they have a similar organization like that of Heavens Law? Were the invincible knights and exorcists of myth truly fake?

In this world… how many living fossils existed?

These living fossils… how did they latch on to the crowd like a parasite?

The government… What kind of methods did they use to suppress them while making two completely different kinds of organisms exist together at the same time on this little blue planet?

In school, he had studied many things. Now, the expectations in his heart converged into a tide, incessantly eroding away at his heart.

After he graduated, he would have a lot of time to unravel the truths of this world. He would look towards the light on the other side, the things that defied the use of common words, and the concealed rift of darkness for the past several thousand years.

As well as… undergoing the elimination process of Heavens Law in same, the struggle of the entire country's million cultivators to cross into the central forces!

"No…" His gaze flickered, and he forcefully clenched his fist: "There is also… 'you'!"

"Wait for your death… you son of a bitch…" He narrowed his eyes and looked towards the sky: "Your greatest error was not killing me that year!"

Mao Ba'er was flying back in another airplane. His status wasn't the same as Xu Yangyi's, so he couldn't ride the same airplane.

"Buuuzzzzz…" At this time, a thundering droning could be heard from the sky, He turned his gaze over and placidly discovered there was a small tandem-motor military copter diving down towards the still airfield at this moment.

He laughed because he saw on the airplane an eye-catching coiling dragon and sword.  

Heavens Law's private plane!

"Let's go." Beneath the propeller, Xu Yangyi looked at the airplane that seemed to become bigger and bigger, lost in thought: "Let me… Let me dash towards the truth I have waited thirteen years for."

The truth of the world!

The truth of history!

The truth of humanity!

The air plane slowly descended upon the airfield, and a tall man wearing camouflage came walking out. Watching Xu Yangyi who was walking over, he raised his hand: "Halt."

Xu Yangyi suppressed the fervor of his heart and walked right in front of the other. Clenching his right hand into a fist and placing it above his chest, he hammered it forcefully: "Heavens Law graduation exam student, Xu Yangyi, request to board the plane!"

The man didn't speak, but rather clenched his fist and beat it on his chest in kind. Afterwards, he faintly flicked a bean-sized sphere of green light that floated over in front of Xu Yangyi with his right hand. After the sphere circled around Xu Yangyi's eyes and fingers, it returned back once more into the other's fingertips.

"Pupil, match. Fingerprint, match." The man's face was stony, but he finally revealed a smile: "Welcome aboard, rookie! I'll be your guide, Zuo Lun. I welcome you to the genuine truth unrecorded by history books!"

"Student No. 1, please, board the plane!"

Xu Yangyi slowly walked up and found that there were already nine people sitting above.

The aura around the nine of them and him were extremely similar.

It wasn't the similarity of realms, but rather the reeking scent of blood… of just returning from slaying a demon. They had completed their graduation exams, and were like him, demon slayers that had their families annihilated by demons!

Garbed in monotone camouflage, one was playfully blowing bubble gum and there was one only sweeping his gaze downwards. The peaceful mood carried with it the iron of blood. He...


He was fond of this kind of similar smell.

"Hi." He raised his hand and waved it apathetically, looking for an empty seat and planning to sit down there.

"Bang!" At this time, a hand suddenly pressed down on place he was going to sit down on.

It was a youth around 1.9 meters tall. Similarly, he was about twenty-one to twenty-two years of age. He had strong brows and was extremely handsome. It wasn't far fetched to say he was a movie star. There was a long and narrow scar below his left eye, giving him an added wildness. His hair was unruly, his eyes were drooping downwards, and he was playing game on his cell phone with his other hand. With his slender thighs lazily lying in the middle of the path, he was blocking off Xu Yangyi's passage. 

There wasn't a single person in his surround seats. Others preferred to sit together, but no one was sitting down with him.

Zuo Lun glanced over and didn't say anything. He walked over to the dedicated lobby, as if this was a common occurrence.

Xu Yangyi swept his eyes over the hand and in kind swept over the nebulous gazes of everyone else who had boarded the plane.

"Take a hike." The other's voice was rather gruff, not revealing any shred of mindfulness. His eyes had never left his cell phone.

Xu Yangyi smiled and gently placed his hands on his neck, gently massaging it as it made cracking noises.

Looking at the other for three seconds, he said nothing further. He spun his waist around, tucked his abdomen, and kicked outwards!

* 霸道总裁文 - this is a pretty cultural idiom that can't be put into english easily. From what I found, it has its origins in novels where there is a strong, domineering (often tyrannical in a sense) Chairman/CEO/president that sweeps the female lead off her feet and is mega rich. He eats at the best restaurants/hangs out with the coolest dudes/sleeps with the most beautiful women, etc

** 单身狗 - is slang for someone who is unmarried/not in a relationship. It's funny because Mao Ba'er is actually a dog and the character for dog is in this slang. Can be read as "a single dog", single in the sense of relationship status. It is a nice play on words.

*** Ivory tower - is an image to describe that a person lacks experience.

**** PY交易 - Clandestine affair. This is a chinese slang. So this is the origin: "PY is a pinyin abbreviation of the word anus in chinese. So I guess you can thinking about it literally as "a butt stuff deal" But the meaning is some shady thing going on in the back.

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