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Chapter 166: Legionnaires (4)

At this moment, Xu Yangyi had finally been stirred in heart. He was aware of how fast his speed was, but unexpectedly, this assassin of the Reddust Executioners, Zhan Twelve, didn’t even fall a step behind him! This kind of speed belonged to an ordinary genius in no way!

Regarding a squadron—besides himself—who else was even more suited… to be a scout candidate? He firmly remembered the three scouts of the major legions back then, even though he had disposed of them quite easily. However, the other’s coordination and meticulous degree of execution was also rather boring him.

Now… this wasn’t even a scout. This was a dancer in the shadows! A shadow cultivator! Right before him… His scout position, would it have a candidate at long last?

“Be careful, Fellow Daoist.” At this time, a faint voice entered Xu Yangyi’s ears. Amidst sparking flint, the other’s speed surprisingly increased sharply again! In a flash, the great danger that was originally nailed straight on his back was actually neck-to-neck with him! Furthermore… it was a great danger that caused him terrible graveness, covering the surface of his body!

“Chef Ding Dismembers Oxen!”

In this instant, Xu Yangyi finally got a clean look at Zhan Twelve’s silhouette. It was quite strange, almost translucent. Not only was this the divine ability’s function, it was even paired with a special magik artifact!

As for the other’s blade, it was barely a third of a meter long and likewise semi-transparent! Perhaps an ordinary cultivator would’ve long since had their throat slashed by this invisible reaper’s sickle. It wasn’t held in Zhan Twelve’s hand but rather “growing” from his palm!

The voice beared the warning of “Chef Ding Dismembers Oxen”. In a wink of time, Xu Yangyi felt he was incapable of escape! This was because each of his vitals were all being guided by that murderous will which was sharp like sword. It seemed they would be hacked to limbs in the next second by a frenzied blade!

It caused Xu Yangyi the utmost satisfaction… Since the other had spoken, this move had solidified mortal danger and materialized qi in no more than half a second! In other words, the other simply hadn’t made a Dao-seal! This move had already become his engrained reflex! Instinct!

Below the stage, countless people coldly gasped, looking on with wide eyes. Zhan Twelve had become a glass man, but this glass man was not light like a feather. From the beginning, he had trailed behind Xu Yangyi like a shadow. It caused them to become drenched in cold sweat. These two people hadn’t even made so much as a peep! It was as if they were quietly watching a mime show of death!

At this instant, the feather-glass abruptly flashed. Perhaps Xu Yangyi didn’t see, but they were able to! From all of Zhan Twelve’s joints, his throat, elbows, shoulders, knees, and ankles… sharp blades extended! As for Zhan Twelve himself, he had early on become accustomed to this. Manipulating them with ease, he faced towards Xu Yangyi and cut down with his entire body! 

“That’s not right…” Suddenly, a cultivator woke up from his reverie: “Even now… Commander Xu still hasn’t made a move?”

A verse from this person who had broken out of his daydream and the other cultivators discovered that Xu Yangyi really hadn’t taken action once! 

“Under such pressing mortal danger… he’s not even making a move. That means…” Zhao Wuye inhaled coldly in disbelief: “H-he’s still maintaining absolute coolness now? and absolute self-confidence?”

Zhao Wuye’s voice yet to fall, Xu Yangyi’s voice, neither slow nor swift and obviously quite undisturbed, resounded throughout the entire audience.

“Ten Cardinals Red Lotus.”

Boom! The instant that Zhan Twelve was on the verge of approaching his body, Xu Yangyi’s hands crossed over his chest, and a frightening spiritual pressure that caused all within the middle stage of Qi Condensation to cry out in alarm suddenly exploded from both his hands!

However… it still wasn’t over!

“Life Sacrification!”

Boom! Twin dragons went out to sea, doubling in power! Two screaming several-meter-long fire dragons suddenly encircled Zhan Twelve’s figure like twin dragons toying with the moon!

A surprised cry echoed, hoarse and bearing astonishment. It was Zhan Twelve. He had anticipated Xu Yangyi’s counterattack, but he hadn’t expected the strength of this retaliation would be so wild and violent! Yet in an open confrontation, his divine ability was obviously not to his advantage!

Nonetheless, it was too late. His distance apart was too close. Once the two fire dragons rushed forth, they immediately identified the target before them! They roared furiously and coiled towards his body!

Zhan Twelve’s temples were madly beating. He clearly understood that if he was wrapped around by these two things, the outcome… would be heavy injuries!

“Grafting Flowers On Tree!” A bellow without the slightest restraint followed! His figure vanished from amidst the fire dragons without warning! Xu Yangyi’s gaze flashed and clearly discovered that the other had already arrived a hundred meters away at an unknown point!

Absolute silence, bereft of the cawing of crows and the cries of peacocks.

These two were unadulterated models that pure speed alone could cleave through all martial skills below the heavens! Before, Xu Yangyi had started out all the same, but unexpectedly, Zhan Twelve had caused him to feel numbness for a few seconds. After Zhan Twelve grew accustomed to the Xu Yangyi’s speed, he suddenly burst forth, but was struck by Xu Yangyi’s trap! On the border of life and death, he had used Grafting Flowers On Tree to leave again!

A hundred meters away, Zhan Twelve’s complexion was sullen. If this was an assassination, he would’ve already failed. Most importantly though… he deeply eyed Xu Yangyi.

This man… was horrifically dreadful… 

Xu Yangyi seemed to erupt twice, but he understood very well that the other hadn’t dug into his full power! What level was he at now? 80%?

“I concede.” Zhan Twelve said hissed: “Many thanks.” He thanked Xu Yangyi for being lenient. Finished speaking, he didn’t even turn his head back as he walked down. He hadn’t received this fist, but as an assassin, he had already failed. He wouldn’t be like Ge Qianqiu and shamelessly remain.

“Fellow Daoist, wait a moment.” The instant Zhan Twelve turned around, Xu Yangyi’s smiling voice was heard from behind him: “The Xingtian Legion’s scout position is vacant. Wouldn’t it be better if Fellow Daoist was willing to accept this position?”

Silence. After a couple seconds, the venue was a stretch of alarmed cries!

A recruitment! The first time the Xingtian Legion had spoke! The third person! The third person had finally obtained Commander Xu Yangyi’s recognition! A nod to recruit!

“Finally, a recruitment! Finally, a recruitment!” A cultivator’s expression appeared as if he had been recruited, and he said excitedly: “I didn’t even think anyone could fight against this monster! So it turned out there really was someone, eh!”

“Ah… This is freak… This Reddust Executioners’ fellow sure is scary, but this Commander Xu is even scarier!”

“I almost believed that the word genius wasn’t worth much… There actually was someone who was capable of entering the Xingtian Legion’s discerning eye…”

Zhan Twelve’s silhouette immediately stopped. He took a quick glimpse at Xu Yangyi in surprise. He obviously hadn’t received the final move, but also… only he knew that this commander was merely probing him. Ultimately, he had then used a divine ability. Xu Yangyi was genuinely willing to recruit him?

“This Xu recognizes Fellow Daoist’s strength.” Xu Yangyi looked deeply at the other and affirmed: “I am convinced in your power.”

“The probationary period is three years. After three years, you’ll become a true legionnaire. In the Xingtian Legion’s planning, there will forever only be ten people. As for you, I hope you can become one of these ten people.”

“Each month, you will receive fifty medium-grade spirit stones. Irregularly, there will perhaps be a medicinal pill presented. I dare not guarantee the time. I also don’t guarantee there surely will be.”

Among the cultivators below, an untold number of eyes reddened! Fifty medium-grade spirit stones was a fair price, not much of a prize. However, the final condition was the guarantee which brought them all to converge here today!

The Dao of Pills! The Dao of Pills! Only it could cause these organizations and powers to willingly deliver their genius successors to join the Xingtian Legion’s foundation!

“Are you willing?”

“I am willing!” Zhan Twelve had nearly no misgivings whatsoever, promptly taking a knee and cupping his hands: “Starting from today, I, Zhan Twelve, belong to the Reddust Executioners and the Xingtian Legion. I will take the Xingtian Legion’s command as my chief objective and become one of the Xingtian Legion’s legionnaires!”

Xu Yangyi nodded, and Zhan Twelve cupped his hands again. The cover of his mask left his present expression unseen. He simply pulled back to the side. The mood of the surrounding crow of cultivators fired up enthusiastically again.

Each person’s breathing had unwittingly become heavy and coarse. Even the chests of quite a few cultivators were faintly heaving up and down. At this very time and moment, they had already collected their final scrap of a lucky break.

The first person had been recruited… Only nine positions remained! However, these nine positions were by no means an easy feat! At the beginning, they had believed a single fist not to be difficult, but after three people, not one person possessed such a thought!

This fist… was very hard, extremely difficult to receive! This Commander Xu’s strength proved himself to be a Heavens Law provincial paragon! Worthy of being a disciple fancied by Daomaster Ancientpine!

“This is the strength of a Daomaster disciple?” The complexions of several clans ashened. A fist… No more than a single fist! Nonetheless… Xu Yangyi and Zhan Twelve’s battle had almost eliminated more than half the people! 

Silence. Excitement, expectation, and consideration amidst silence. In the end, after several minutes, a seemingly twenty-seven or twenty-eight-year-old youth leaped and cupped his hands: “Long Life Cave, Xiao Yaozi, please confer me your teaching, Fellow Daoist!”

Time flowed past by the minute and second. Five hours went quickly. There wasn’t any cultivator who felt tired because in these five hours, seventy to eighty percent of the crowd had already been tested. At the same time, six cultivators had been selected among them.

Qin Xueluan of Changbai Mountain’s Madame Poison had unexpectedly engaged Xu Yangyi in arcane combat for over a dozen minutes with her female body. Victory and defeat were indiscernible to either side. 

Her arcane effort was exceptionally strange. She appeared tender and alluring, yet the inside of her body concealed countless poisonous puppets. Moreover, each one of them were kings of the five poisons. Even Xu Yangyi had no choice but to use the Ten Cardinals Red Lotus to isolate distance from her and him.

In particular… her medical arts were rumored to be even further above her poison arts. Although she herself didn’t make comment, she didn’t deny it at all. The position of squadron medic was headed by Qin Xueluan!

In this battle, Xu Yangyi had come forth with one fist.

The bald man’s name was quite strange. He was known as Jun Man. This was the third cultivator that caused all the present people to deeply engrave him in their memories. Xu Yangyi’s maximum-strength fist penetrated the other. However, there was no blood, and the other’s body healed at an astonishing speed!

If it was just this alone, perhaps Xu Yangyi wouldn’t have even chosen the other, but Jun Man’s divine ability was unexpectedly a wood-attribute divine ability and also leaning towards a supplementary divine ability. For example, he could turn all the surround space within a few seconds into a plant web. It was so dense that not even air could get through and had a radius of several tens of meters. Without breaking through its core, the web could absolutely not be shattered. Paired with his nigh-undying fleshly body, he became a candidate second to none to be a rearguard among troops.

This cultivator likewise entered the combat troops by Xu Yangyi’s admiring nod.

In this battle, Xu Yangyi had come forth with ten fists.

Subsequently was Quan Ningyue, a cultivator who enjoyed full-frontal collisions no more than Xu Yangyi. No one had even expected a cute little girl could wave a sledgehammer. She was fierce and valiant like a tiger giving birth to wind by hissing. After the duo’s battle, the ground was filled with countless craters.

Quan Ningyue entered the combat troops.

This battle was still one fist.

[1] “Chef Ding Dismembers Oxen” I know that some of these lines are kinda funny, but its supposed to be taken seriously. Most of them are based on religion/historical/philosophical text. This line originates from one of Zhuangzi’s works, a famous Chinese philosopher. 

[2] Grafting Flower On Tree - refers to a story of a minister during the Warring States period. He wanted his king to have an heir, so he offered many beautiful women, but there was no child. A passing man from another state heard about this minister’s problems, so brought his little sister and talked to the minister. The little sister consulted with her brother and decided to marry her off to the king and she bore an heir. Because both brother and sister were people of the minister, the future descendants were all within the minister’s grasp.

[3] “Five Poison Kings”. In Chinese, there are five creatures which are considered the most poisonous. They are the scorpion, toad, centipede, spider, and snake. 

[4] Jun Man. In Chinese, Jun can mean gentleman/ruler/monarch. Man is barbarian/rude/rough

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