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AST 1454 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Sky Sun Sect's Destruction 

Qing Shui didn't know who this slightly strange-looking old man was, but one thing that he was certain about was that he definitely held quite a high position within Sky Sun Sect.

The old man would never have expected for Tantai Lingyan's strength to be so different from what it used to be, let alone the fact that she had received the Demon Lord Inheritance. A displeased look flashed across the old man's face as he watched Tantai Lingyan charging towards him. 

The only thing which puzzled Qing Shui was why Tantai Lingyan had learned the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique. That was a battle technique which was used by battle gods. Wouldn't it clash with her Demon Lord Inheritance?

In the past, he had also witnessed Tantai Lingyan in battles, but he was uncertain on whether those acute and sharp attacks of hers were the Demon Lord's Battle Techniques. Normally, there would rarely be clashes between battle techniques. In fact, the people who received the Demon Lord's Inheritance would find it much easier to learn the Demon Lord's Battle Techniques.

At the moment when Tantai Lingyan entered the old man's offensive range, the aura all across her body burst out abruptly. With the bloody red long sword in her hand, she unleashed the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique.

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique, Third Stance!

Qing Shui was startled as he looked at the acute and well-practiced attack. He had no idea when the woman had cultivated such techniques. She managed to perform them at a very high speed. From here, he confirmed that the woman must have something good hidden under her sleeve. However, it's unlikely to be something similar to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It should be more like some sort of treasure which aided her in boosting her cultivation speed.

The old man opened his eyes abruptly and moved far away backwards. Everything was fine, but the only problem was that this was an attack which Tantai Lingyan had been preparing for a long time. There was no way she would let him off that easily. She stomped on the ground and charged towards the old man at an even higher speed. Bloody red light shot out of the sword of hers and immobilized the old man.


The old man looked at the long sword that had penetrated through his chest in disbelief. It only took her one single move…. Never had he expected the woman who he had thought poorly of would actually finish him off in one move. Was the Sky Sun Sect done for?

Tantai Lingyan took out her Supreme Devil Equipment. Though reluctant, the old man collapsed to the ground. Following on, she swiftly approached the other men. The footworks she used was a combination of her own footsteps along with the Eight Trigram Step. With them combined, even Qing Shui himself was unable to find any flaws in it.

In terms of talent, this woman had to be near the top of people Qing Shui had come across. The remaining few people were under the mercy of Tantai Lingyan's sword. The gap in strength between them was too large. As of now, the only people who could still be a threat to Tantai Lingyan would be people like the Patriarch from Soaring Dragon Organization. 

One of the old men sneakily moved back and released a huge firework. It made an ear-piercing noise which travelled far away into the distance. That was the Sky Sun Sect's distress call. However, seeing that the place where the distress call was released was precisely within Sky Sun Sect itself, it had instead become a signal which signalled that the sect was in danger. 

Seeing as things were already like this, Qing Shui didn't hesitate to rush in. He began slicing down the cornerstones of Sky Sun Sect like he was breaking off dead branches from a tree. Just as they were at the brink of elimination, about ten figures appeared below the Sky Sun Sect. Together, they made their way up. 

"Who are you? You dare cause a mess around the Sky Sun Sect?"

An old and noble voice came through. That voice felt like the noise of a surging thunder. In an instant, these people was already in front of Qing Shui.

"Who am I? You actually dared to question who I am? You old fool. Debt is meant to be paid. You owe me many lives and yet you forgot about me so soon." Tantai Lingyan said coldly. 

"Oh, it's who I thought it was. You are all that's left of the Demon Lord Palace, and yet you don't appreciate it. Today, I am going to permanently destroy the Demon Lord Palace."

The old man's hair looked like steel needles. He was just like a male lion. Judging by his look, he was a fierce and violent man, unlike the old man from before who one could tell was a bad person from one glance.

At this moment, Qing Shui and the group stood together with Tantai Lingyan. In fact, earlier on, he has already patted the Heavenly Talismans on each of them. He also activated the Phoenix's Battle Intent. 

As of now, the woman's strength was already well beyond a billion sun. Even Qing Shui was surprised about it. 

Since it had already been decided that they would kill everything, there was nothing more to talk about. Qing Shui abruptly tossed out slightly more than a hundred of the Heavenly Talismans. They were all talismans used to weaken the opponents. Afterwards, he continued his attack by unleashing his Emperor's Qi.

"Attack!" Qing Shui was the first person to charge out in front.

Nine Continents Mountain!


Qing Shui summoned the Nine Continents Mountain. He continued to unleash his attacks by striking with the Golden Battle Halberd using the First Stance of the Nine Stance of Ancient Divine Battle Technique. He controlled the Nine Continents Mountain with his consciousness and proceeded to thrust it out towards the opponents.


The tremendous impact immediately cut the opponents' group in half. 

Set up the formation!

Sky Sun Fire Separation Formation!

The old man leading the group screamed out loudly. The people around him swiftly moved into position to form two huge formations. As soon as the formation was set up, a thread of golden light immediately emerged from the bodies of the people within the formation. The aura across their bodies rose immediately. 

Qing Shui knitted his brows and summoned the Dragon Slaying Beast.

Sky Sun Flame, burn!

Suddenly, the people within the formation transferred the thread of golden light onto the old man's body. At this moment, the old man looked just like a miniature sun. He swung his sword and released an enormous amount of golden flame. 

This was just showing off before an expert.

Right now, Qing Shui even felt like laughing. He had the Nine-Yang Body and specialized in both the Nine Yang and Primordial Flame. He was able to neglect 80% of the damage caused by flame attacks. Not only that, he also had the Arhat Rosary Bead, which further aided him by neglecting 50% of Spirit Energy attacks. Even if this accumulated huge flame was in front of him, it would still do nothing to him.

Qing Shui operated his Flames of Yin-Yang and immediately dissolved the flame around him. This was the exclusive sect battle technique of the Sky Sun Sect. The reason they managed to hold their own ground in the continent was precisely due to their Sky Sun Flame. But now, it was totally ignored by Qing Shui. This caused a huge impact in their hearts, causing them to forget how to even attack. 

Break it!

With a couple of flashes, Qing Shui appeared right outside of the formation. He abruptly released his Golden Battle Halberd.

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique!


A loud noise rang out. They had managed to open up a gap, just like an ant's nest on a dam. They immediately advanced their way forward. The Dragon Slaying Beast also snuck in from here. In just an instant, the Sky Sun Fire Separation Formation collapsed.

Under the influence of the Nine Revolution Golden Pellet, Qing Shui and the other three people had become the strongest warriors in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Only a small minority of the old, monstrous figures hidden in the sects would be able to take them down. As for others, even a sect owner wouldn't normally be able to defeat them. 

Besides, people like Qing Shui and the Demon Lord were unpredictable. One mustn't think of them like normal people. Even Hua Rumei and Zhan Yu were pretty unpredictable, but not to the extent of Qing Shui and the Demon Lord.

The battle immediately fell into a one-sided match as soon as it began. Qing Shui and his demonic beasts especially his Dragon Slaying Beast, made the fight even more lopsided, and they looked as if they have lived with the sole purpose to kill. The battle beast was in charge of battling, whereas the Dragon Slaying Beast killed. Even though they were both very powerful, the way they attacked was quite different. 

The Dragon Slaying Beast was focused more on speed. It was like an assassin, not excessively strong in terms of sheer power, but extremely dangerous. As for the Battle Beast, it focused on its sheer power. It could hold on for a long time and it was equally strong in both group and one-on-one battles.

Throughout the entire fight, there were constantly people collapsing. Tantai Lingyan was battling the violent looking old man, who was totally on the defensive. Tantai Lingyan's footwork was really unpredictable. She didn't seem like she was trying to kill. Instead, she seemed like she was performing a graceful dance. Each and every single one of her slashes were One with Heaven. 

Qing Shui smiled. This woman was truly terrifying. To think that the realm of her Heavenly Dao had actually made such huge progress during this time. Qing Shui felt that she was significantly more powerful than him. It's not that Qing Shui's current realm was low, it's just that, somehow, he felt that she was already about two levels beyond him.

The ascension in the realm of her Heavenly Dao significantly boosted the strength of her techniques. The old man, who was initially already barely holding on, immediately suffered two injuries.

For warriors at this level, the only factor to victory wasn't just strength. For instance, the Dragon Slaying Beast, in terms of sheer power, might only be at the level of False God. It's impossible for its strength to be more than eight million sun. Despite this, demonic beasts with the strength of ten million sun would still fear it.

Sky Sun Fire Separation Slash!

There were already over ten wounds across the old man's body. They might not be fatal, but they weren't light injuries either. By now, the old man was already well aware that he was incapable of turning around the tide of the battle. The fate of the Sky Sun Sect was already decided. However, it would be good if he could manage to take away one of their lives before he died.

He immediately unleashed his most powerful Sure Kill Heavenly Technique.

Lock onto the target, and then unleash all of the energy across his body. Everytime he used this move, he would have to suffer the side-effect of being in a weakened state for as long as one month. However, the strength of the technique was indisputably very powerful.


An enormous golden sword qi which looked as bright as the sun slashed its way down towards Tantai Lingyan.

Qing Shui cussed in his mind as soon as he saw the huge sword. To think that the old man would actually unleash his secret technique so soon. At this moment, there was no time for Qing Shui to space out. He immediately used the ability of the Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring and appeared right in front of her.

Almost at the same time, the enormous sword qi pierced down towards him.

This was a fire attributed attack. Qing Shui was a bit upset with the whole situation. Must it be like this all the time? The Sure KIll Heavenly Technique of the old man was very powerful. After all, it also came with a huge cost for him when he used it. If he didn't manage to kill the opponents with this move, the only thing awaiting him would be his own demise.

Very often, for two warriors who were engaged in a battle, the outcome would be decided with just a single Sure Kill Heavenly Technique.


Qing Shui covered the woman with his body. Without even a single bit of damage done to himself, he was blasted backwards.

The reason why Qing Shui dared to block the attack like this was due to the ability of his Paragon Golden Armor. It allowed him to block a fatal attack once per day. 

As the old man looked at the two warriors who hadn't been inflicted with even a single would, his face immediately changed to resemble that of a dead fish. Soon after, his body began to weaken at a fast speed. At this moment, the Dragon Slaying Beast right away leaped onto the old man and put an end to everything.

The old man was one of the strongest warriors within the Sky Sun Sect. He was also the Sect Lord. Unfortunately, he had been weakened but even so, his Sure-kill Heavenly Technique was still really powerful. 

As for the remaining warriors, they had pretty much half-died just from facing off against a few demonic beasts and the old turtle. The strength of the Old Turtle was also quite formidable. Its most terrifying feature lay in its defense. With the Old Turtle watching the field, it took the remaining demonic beasts little effort and time to massacre the people around here. Not only that, but there was still Hua Rumei and Zhan Yu. Added up altogether, their strength and that of the demonic beasts would reach at least fifty million sun.

"When do you plan to let go of me?" Actually, prior to this, Tantai Lingyan had also felt a bit afraid. If Qing Shui hadn't appeared just now, even if she didn't die, she would still have suffered critical injuries. In fact, the possibility of her dying was very high. Though she had sure-kill battle techniques to protect herself, they had been sealed by the old man with his Spiritual Sense before.

At the most dangerous moment, he appeared yet again. This was the second time this happened. The first time this happened, Qing Shui had been injured. This time, he hadn't really suffered any damage.

She was puzzled because of this. Only Qing Shui was aware that the attack from last time wasn't fatal. This time, he figured that the damage that could be dealt to him would have been critical. After all, the old man was the strongest person within the Sky Sun Sect. With this sure-kill technique of his, the old man had even killed warriors one or two times stronger than himself.

Qing Shui embraced her in his arm. 

"Yes, thank you. It's just that I don't want to let him die such a peaceful death. This person has killed quite a few of my family members before." Tantai Lingyan said in an upset tone. 

Qing Shui took a deep breath, "It smells so good!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he let go of her and immediately charged in towards the remaining people. 

Tantai Lingyan was stunned. It took her awhile to figure out what Qing Shui had meant. She helplessly shook her head before returning to the battle. 

While the battle continued above, the people below were trying their best to escape. Qing Shui and the group didn't plan to stop them from doing so. In fact, the ones who originally joined the fight were the people who were still fighting right now. The people below weren't qualified to take part in this battle. 




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