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AST 1407- Battle, Unable To Withstand A Single Blow, Qing Sha’s Fury

Qing Shui’s movements were very fast as he stopped the blood and attended to the wounds. He took out a bed from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and let the lady rest on it.

Only then did Qing Shui look at the people from the Waterwolf Clan.

Qing Shui sensed their abilities. They were all at Martial Emperor level, but none of them were at Peak Martial Emperor. Even the most powerful of them had yet to reach the level of the weakest Peak Martial Emperor.

However, there were some of them who had a strength surpassing 100,000 sun. This was already greatly beyond Qing Shui’s expectations. Although he had still thought of this possibility, he was still surprised. There might still be even more powerful cultivators hidden in the Western Oxhe Continent.

“Lad, do you think that just by riding on a demonic beast that looks similar to a phoenix, it makes it a real phoenix and that you’re invincible?” The old man said slowly.

Qing Shui wanted to laugh, but he still smiled. “Many years ago, the Sea Dragon Dynasty had acted in bad faith, massacring all of their friends that were like brothers to them, all for the sake of a single battle technique manual. This act makes them worse than a beast. Even if you have the Sea Dragon Dynasty now, it wouldn’t wipe out your sins. You must bear the consequences of the sins that you’ve committed.”

“The winner takes it all. Who can bear witness to the one-sided words you’ve said about the things that had happened previously? Although our Sea Dragon Dynasty has only been established recently, we’ve produced great results and enjoy great prosperity. The citizens enjoy a good life. A good dynasty is one that can provide the people with a safe life. Don’t you agree? If it was some other dynasty, I assure you that they can’t do as well as our Sea Dragon Dynasty.” The old man said very seriously.

This old man was a crafty old fox. The one who gained the support of the people gained the world. With the people’s support, the trust in the royal family would be even more powerful, and they would prosper, leaving a very long legacy.

“No matter how great you make it out to be, you won’t be able to clear off your sins. If a poor man can live a good life by killing a rich man and take over everything that he owns, should we encourage people to do something like this? If there aren’t any proper regulations, wouldn’t the Sea Dragon Dynasty be in a state of chaos?” Qing Shui smiled and looked at the old man.

“Regulations are controlled by those in power. As long as you have sufficient power, you’ll be able to set the rules.”

“I don’t have enough power, but I can let your regulations disappear, let your Sea Dragon Dynasty disappear.” Qing Shui stood up slowly.

“Hahaha, the young people these days are too arrogant and don't how big the world is. Alright, I’ll first start with you.” With a flash, the old man charged towards Qing Shui.

Bloodthirsty Wolves’ Claw Seal!

The old man’s two hands suddenly become like a scarlet-red wolves’ claws that were several square meters big. They had a strong stench of blood and there were blood blisters on it that continued to seethe. Their appearance was terrifying and disgusting.

“Father, let me do it!”

Although this old man was very powerful, Qing Sha’s current strength was terrifying as well. Furthermore, her pernicious aura were all unleashed and she needed to kill. Therefore, Qing Shui didn’t make any move. “Be careful.”

Qing Sha’s palm brought along a dark-grey pernicious aura as she dashed out toward the old man, aiming at his Bloodthirsty Wolves’ Claw Seal.

Bang bang!

The old man wasn’t the strongest here, but his strength had reached 4,000,000 sun. Qing Sha was also at this level, but when her pernicious aura was awakened, her damaging prowess would increase by at least two-fold.

No one had expected for there to be a result like this.

The Waterwolf Clan’s elder who was extremely powerful had been blasted to death by a single move from Qing Sha…

Although everyone was taken by surprise, Qing Sha didn’t stop there. With a flash, she dashed out toward the crowd. Qing Shui didn’t dare to let down his guard. He called out the Hell’s Phoenix to be on guard next to this lady while he quickly followed after Qing Sha.

By the time the people on the opposite side had reacted, two of them had already been killed. Now that things had come down to this, they could no longer afford to think too much. All of them began to surround Qing Sha.

Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix! Emperor’s Qi!

Nine Palace Laws!

The Hell’s Phoenix unleashed its might toward the surroundings. Phoenix Might!

Qing Sha called out the Golden Ni Lion.

Qing Shui stayed close but he didn't take any action unless it was necessary. He only tried to provide Qing Sha with greater convenience. Of course, if there were people who thought of using despicable means, Qing Shui would directly end their lives.

Right now, with Qing Sha’s killing prowess, she was like a tiger heading into a flock of sheeps. It was because the slightly powerful ones, who could at least stop Qing Sha if they were to join hands, had been suppressed by Qing Shui. They died aggrieved.

Qing Shui did not care too much. If Qing Sha couldn’t massacre these people, she wouldn’t be able to remove the burden in her heart. Qing Shui wouldn’t comment on whether what these people had done many years ago was right or wrong, but there was nothing wrong with what Qing Sha had done today.

Everyone needs to be responsible for the things that they had done, no matter what they were, no matter if they were right or wrong.

With Qing Shui secretly helping, almost half of the hundred over people were quickly killed. Qing Sha wouldn’t hold back, nor did she wished to hold back. What filled up her mind were the scenes of the horrible deaths her family had been put through.

She wanted to pay the Waterwolf Clan back for all these, together with interest. She didn’t care if other people from the Waterwolf Clan were innocent. All of these people had been in the Waterwolf Clan and enjoyed the benefits that the clan brought them. The Waterwolf Clan only had all of these after they had killed the Watermoon Clan. Therefore, everything that they had now all had the blood of the Watermoon Clan on them.

Qing Sha’s eyes were in a black-red color, which exuded a strange glow. Qing Shui tapped on her Lingtai acupoint as needed, only so that she wouldn’t lose her sanity.

Qing Sha was covered in blood and her dark-red clothes made her appear like a Shura from hell. Everything that had just happened caused the surroundings to be extremely quiet. Everyone couldn’t believe what had just happened.

When everything quietened down, the place was already filled with deep trenches.

Some of them were so deep that you couldn’t see the bottom of the trenches, and the ground was stained with a dark red color. The pools of blood formed a little, dark-red stream.

All of them died. The few cultivators with a strength of 100,000 sun were suppressed by Qing Shui. Otherwise, Qing Sha couldn’t have killed them so quickly. If Qing Shui hadn’t interfered, it would even be hard to say if Qing Sha could emerge victoriously.

Qing Sha stood there in a daze. Her tears washed off the blood stains on her face and she lifted her head to look at the sky. “Father, Mother, Elder Brother… I’ve come to take revenge for you. I’ve found Elder Sister. I’ll let those people pay with their blood. They’ll be meeting you very soon. I’ll make them admit their wrongdoings to where you guys are now…”

Qing Shui’s felt a little emotional as well. He could understand Qing Sha’s feelings. Back then, Yiye Jiange went through the same emotions and Qing Shui had gone through it as well.

“The Watermoon Clan has two good daughters.”

“If one gives birth to a daughter, one should give birth to daughters like the Watermoon Clan’s.”

“Waterwolf Clan got what they deserved!!”

“They can only blame themselves for not completely removing the Watermoon Clan in the past. Who would have expected that two weak ladies would have the achievements they got today.”

“The things with the Waterwolf Clan aren’t over yet. The Waterwolf Clan still have experts backing them up.”

Very long later. Qing Sha turned around to look at Qing Shui. “Father, let’s head to the Waterwolf Clan!”

“Alright!” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Qing Sha knew that Qing Shui was helping her earlier, but he had allowed her to settle everything by herself.

Earlier, Qing Shui had already helped the lady with a brief treatment and some medicinal pills. She had recovered a lot and even took some porridge. Qing Shui had no lack of these in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

“Father, how is Sister? Qing Sha asked, worried.

The latter looked in surprise at this man who had fed her porridge earlier. He looked very young, but her younger sister called him Father…

“There’s no need to worry. I assure you that I’ll return you an elder sister in excellent condition.”

The lady didn’t think too much of it. There were two horrifying scars on her face which could make any ordinary man disdain her. They might even get scared to death if they were to see her at night.

However, this man didn’t mind her looks at all. He didn’t try to put up an act to show that he wasn’t pretending. After so many years, her judgment of people’s characters was considered quite good.

“Mmm, I trust Father.”

The three of them took the Hell’s Phoenix and flew toward the Waterwolf Clan.

The people who came earlier were the core power of the Waterwolf Clan. They initially came to prove the Sea Dragon Dynasty’s power but they didn't expect things would turn out this way.

In a small city where the royal family, the Waterwolf Clan, was located, the place was in a chaos. The event that had happened at the Heavenly Wolf Platform had spread all the way here.

The people from the Waterwolf Clan were in a state of panic. After all, around a hundred of their powerful experts had died. No matter what, they wouldn’t have a good ending. After all, when they rose up to their position in the past, they hadn’t deployed the most treacherous means.

If the Waterwolf Clan didn’t have absolute power, there would have been many people who would deal with the Waterwolf Clan.

Therefore, they were now in a state of panic. Many of them planned to pack up and leave this place and head for another unfamiliar place. This might be their only chance of survival.

“Don’t panic. We still have a few Old Ancestors around. Our Waterwolf Clan has legacies, we won’t need to take long to recover. Right now, we’re just waiting for the Old Ancestors to take action.”

A middle-aged man in the Waterwolf Clan shouted loudly. He was the eldest son of the Waterwolf Clan and was also the Crown Prince of the Sea Dragon Dynasty. He could tell that many people had the intention to flee.

Shuilang Xuan’s words had a great impact and people started to feel that it made sense. If they were to leave at this juncture and the Waterwolf Clan were to tide over this crisis, then it would be impossible for them to come back. The Waterwolf Clan was a great support and under its shade, they could enjoy numerous benefits.

Staying was dangerous but there were people who liked to take risks, to gamble and were opportunistic. Therefore, a large part of the people stayed behind.

When the Fire Bird reached the sky above them, the Waterwolf Clan was in a state of chaos but they were still very united. There were people shouting and cursing out…

Hell’s Inferno!

The Hell’s Phoenix sent a rain of flames over the Waterwolf Clan. When it landed, those people felt regretful but it was too late. The powerful Hell’s Inferno wasn’t something which they could stand up against and they were instantly turned to ash.

The Hell’s Phoenix continued to send the Hell’s Inferno down ceaselessly. Buildings and people alike were all surrounded by the burning, pitch-black flames.

Bang bang…

Several tremendous sounds rang out and a few pavilion buildings exploded in the distant. Three old men came, as they walked in the sky. However, when they saw the Hell’s Phoenix, they stood in the air, astonished.

Qing Shui looked at the three old men. It was all over for the Waterwolf Clan and Qing Shui wasn’t surprised that the entire process was so fast. After all, for someone of his level, killing a Grade Four power would be as easy as stepping down and killing an ant. However, these three old men who had just appeared all had a strength of about 150,000 sun.

A strength of 150,000 sun could be considered to be weak for Qing Shui. However, in the Western Oxhe Continent, it would be considered to be a heaven-defying existence. The Heaven Secrets Academy and Divine Might Dynasty were all Grade Four dynasties and forces. However, they were still a far cry from the Sea Dragon Dynasty. Was this because of that battle technique manual?

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AST 1408 – Qing Sha's Worry is Gone, Formidable Golden Fragrance Jade

The three elders had an indescribable expression. While they were in agony, they also seemed to be thinking about something.

"Having you guys as a power in the Western Oxhe Continent is really unexpected. Unfortunately, some people were dragged down by their own lineage, but you guys are being dragged down by your own younger generations," Qing Shui said softly.

"I am sad not because I'm being dragged down by the younger generation, but because I'm watching the younger generation die one by one and I couldn't do anything about it." One of the elder sighed and said slowly.

"Those two are the Watermoon Clan's two daughters. The Watermoon Clan is so fortunate." The other elder on the side said calmly.

"Father's greatest failure in life was judging people," Qing Sha said coldly.

"That's right, this world does not have faithful people. Friends, siblings, fathers, and sons. Some parents would sacrifice one or two of their children for the good of their other children. Trade-offs are part of human nature and that's it," the elder sighed. They didn't know what he was sighing for.

Human nature was brittle, Qing Shui understood what the elder was saying. A volume of formidable battle technique or a piece of powerful divine weapon could be a clan's downfall, causing the annihilation of the clan. However, Qing Shui did not long for battle techniques. If it was a person who thirsts for strength, a formidable battle technique scroll would be more important than his life. That person could do anything just to have that battle technique.

"What's done is done, you already expected that karma will come around one day." Qing Sha stared at the elders with a death glare.

"The day has come, so be it. Seems like the Waterwolf Clan made one big misstep. Although it seemed to be a good step, it has death hidden behind it. The variable factor was you, young man." The elder looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was stunned, what was this elder saying? Could it be that Qing Shui's participation lead to their defeat? Or was he saying that the deciding factor was when Qing Sha encountered him? It was probably due to the fact that Qing Sha encountered Qing Shui.

"Originally, we didn't kill them because that child was not going to live long. Under normal circumstances, no one would be able to save her, thus we relaxed and did not chase her down. She had even injured her own face just to escape."

That was something that happened afterward. The matter with the Waterwolf Clan and Watermoon Clan had persisted for a long time.

This elder had quite the ability, Qing Shui thought. "Now that things have reached this stage, there's nothing more that I would like to talk about. Either you guys kill yourselves or I will end you."

"Maybe we will be able to escape, nothing is certain," the elder said after thinking for a bit.

"Then, why don't you guys try seeing whether you can escape?"

"The three of us have been researching a special technique. Allow us then to make a fool of ourselves."

They didn't realize that Qing Shui had already cast the Nine Palace Steps.

Painting Ground as Prison!

The elders' expressions changed and suddenly their focus was on Qing Sha as they simultaneously pounced towards her.

"Asking for death!"

Qing Shui didn't think that the three elders would use such a method in their final moments. If they were not trying to hold Qing Sha hostage as a bargaining chip against Qing Shui, then they were going to kill Qing Sha. This thought angered Qing Shui.

Qing Shui's strength was horrifying. He swung his hand and all three elders were sent flying while they were spewing out blood. Soon, they were losing more air than they could take in.

This was absolute strength. The three elders thought that Qing Shui was powerful, but they didn't imagine that he would be this powerful. He had killed all three of them in one move. Although they were still alive, they would not last more than 15 minutes as their inner organs were completely crushed.

The Sea Dragon Dynasty was over and the Waterwolf Clan was annihilated. Qing Sha felt a heavy burden leave her body. Just like a normal person with a hundred pounds lifted off her shoulders, she felt at ease now.

A girl slowly walked towards Qing Sha's side.

"Xiao An!"

"Older sister, we have avenged our parents!" Qing Sha hugged the other girl and cried.

The sisters embraced each other while crying tears of happiness.

Qing Shui was not worried what would become of the Sea Dragon Dynasty. Now that the Waterwolf Clan had fallen, another clan would immediately try to take over. Of course, it would be followed by another episode of bloodshed.

A general's success was built on the bodies of 10,000 people, let alone the changing of a dynasty.

Right now, Qing Shui, Qing Sha, and the girl were on their way to return back. On the first day, Qing Shui treated the girl's injuries while they rested. The girl was especially shocked. Though her injury was not completely healed, it was basically 60% healed. The girl knew how serious her injuries were, but she had never thought that it could be healed.

The two sisters catch up with each other. Of course, they would have a lot to talk about.

Qing Shui, on the other hand, released his beasts and entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

Cultivation, forging, cooking, refining medicine, smelting, and refining etc.… Qing Shui had many things to attend to. Even if he had arrived at the real Southern Sea, he did not have any free time to go fishing. He definitely need to go fishing at a later date.

Phoenix Form did not produce any new formidable battle techniques, but Qing Shui was already satisfied. Phoenix Finger was already an existence that defied the natural order. In other words, to him, it was a divine existence in terms of battle techniques.

After all, in terms of speed and steps technique, Qing Shui had the perfect technique that was compatible with Phoenix Finger, it was almost a match made in heaven.

After he had completed Qing Sha's wish, Qing Shui felt a lot more relaxed. He no longer had to remember this matter and Qing Sha could also live a happy life without burden.

"Thank you for taking care of my younger sister these last couple years. We are also grateful to you for helping avenge us."

On the second day, the girl thanked Qing Shui directly.

"However, you say it I'm still her foster father. You do not have to regard me as an outsider," Qing Shui laughed while shaking his head.

"Alright, alright. Stop being so courteous. Daddy, can you heal older sister's scar?" Qing Sha said as she hoped that Qing Shui could do something.

"Try this." Qing Shui handed the girl one pellet of the Golden Fragrance Jade.

Qing Shui forgot he had this while he was treating her. Luckily, she was not completely healed yet and was at most 60% recovered. Now, the Golden Fragrance Jade will become of use.

The girl did not hesitate and directly consumed it. Afterwards, they could witness a scene that was out of this world.

Before this, even when the girl was no longer as messy as she was before, even when her hair was no longer in a mess and she had already changed her clothes, she could not be considered to be someone beautiful, especially with the scar on her face. If one only look at her eyes, nose, and mouth, she looked very much like Qing Sha but her face was destroyed by the two large scars.

However, once she consumed the Golden Fragrance Jade pellet, her face got a bit more flushed. The two horrifying scars slowly thinned out until only a light scar remained. After a couple days, it would probably completely disappear.

There was no woman that didn't want to be beautiful. The girl touched the disappearing scar on her face. Her face now was very elegant, and unlike Qing Sha, it did not contain any menacing aura.

Sensing that she was almost fully recovered, the girl appeared like she was reborn.

The girl was much older than Qing Sha, but was about the same age as Qing Shui. However, she did not know Qing Shui's real age and only thought that he took good care of himself.

That was because Qing Shui had said that the Golden Fragrance Jade could retain one's beauty for at least 100 years.

He helped them avenge their family, this meant that she could absolutely trust him. If Qing Shui asked her to do anything right now, she would not resist.

"Little girl, I'll send you to the Heaven Secrets Academy and you can assist Sunu!" Qing Shui said with a smile.


Where they would go was not an issue as long as she could be with her younger sister. They already had no home to begin with, so anywhere they went to was home.

The return journey was quick. Qing Shui had the girls settled in the Heaven Secrets Academy. After he rested there for one day, he immediately used the Five Elements Divine Flag to leave.

When he found out that Qing Sha's family's enemy was in Western Oxhe Continent, Qing Shui knew it would not be a difficult task to deal with. Moreover, he needed to allow Qing Sha to finish the business. The best he could do was to assist her a little bit. He had to allow her release her resentment.

Fortunately, Qing Sha's strength was strong. All in all, everything went well and was fully completed.

Returning to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, he had unknowingly taken a long while. At the same time, he had returned to Central Continent and brought two more Qing Clan members over.

This time, Qing Shui actually wanted to go out and have a look around.

Once again, he was going to leave his family behind for an errand. This time, he stayed at the Imperial Cuisine Hall for no more than a week before he left again. Knowing that there were not many who would provoke him on the Dancing Phoenix Continent, his attitude was very clear. Moreover, his strength also played a key factor, those who dared were just asking for death.

The place Qing Shui wanted to visit was a place that had always been in his mind, the
Demon Lord Palace!

Previously, in front of that woman, he would feel really ashamed. With what self-esteem he had, he did not want it to be wiped into nothingness again. So, he had worked very hard, hoping that one day he could openly visit her at the Demon Lord Palace.

He did not care that people called her terrifying, nor did he care whether the Demon Lord Palace was part of the Four Great Evil Powers. These were not of importance. He wanted to find that woman and he believed in her. Even if it meant that he had to make enemies, he would still help her.

Moreover, Qing Shui felt that she was not that type of person. There were rumors that there were people who wanted to taint her so they used the most pungent aphrodisiac on her. For the sake of her innocence, she had sealed herself. However, Qing Shui's carelessness led to him undoing her seal, and then they had that incident.

Qing Shui did not know whether he had feelings for her, even though that thing had already happened, and especially since it was that type of thing. He would do his best to keep the women that he had done it with by his side unless she insisted on leaving him.

Moreover, he had encountered her several times, even counting the times he had spiritual meetings with her. However, they had only exchanged a few words. It should be mentioned that before that, they didn't talk with each other. This was already a progressed compared to those times.

The region where the three continents intersected!

Qing Shui already left the Dancing Phoenix Continent and had entered the vast wasteland. Though it was called a wasteland, there were quite a few people that resided here, even if it was dangerous.

As for the Demon Lord Palace's location, he knew the approximate direction. He had heard, without knowing whether it was accurate, that this region had quite a few evil powers. Of course, the Four Great Evil Powers were the strongest.

Traveling into the wasteland area, he finally understood how boundless this area was. There were mountains, forests, rivers, and flatlands further than the eye could see. There were also some towns and villages, but they were all close by.

Qing Shui heard that Demon Lord Palace resided on the Moyun Mountain. It was a large mountain range that was saturated with spirit Qi. It existed in the deep end where the three continents intersected.

The Four Great Evil Powers were in very deep regions and their distance was far part. The four powers had battles with each other, and would also join forces with each other. However, it was not comprehensive. Usually, it was two of the powers that fought or joined forces. He had never heard of all four forces fighting or joining forces.

Half a month already passed by. Qing Shui had used Nine Continents Steps countless of times, but most of the time he would be riding on the Hellfire Phoenix. He was scared of missing his destination. Only when he was in a vast swamp or inner sea did he use the Nine Continents Steps. Moreover, the distance was short when he tried to use it.

Clank Clank….

Suddenly, from the direction in front of him, battle music resounded. There was the sound of a Chinese zither mixed with sounds of a war drum. Listening to it made one's blood boil.

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