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AST 1823 - Returning to the North Sea

Unknowingly, another two months passed by. On this day, Qing Shui decided to head for the North Sea and the depths of the Haohan Continent.

Having returned for about three months, it was considered neither long or short. Some other things had happened in these three months. For example, Hai Dongqing and Yu He had both gotten pregnant.

This made Qing Shui very happy. Women with a strong cultivation had a lower chance of getting pregnant. Qing Shui didn't feel much about this, he just thought that the chances of them getting pregnant were very low. The probability of pregnancy would be similar to the intercourse on a safe day in his previous life.

The safe day wasn't an absolute foolproof and the experts in this world had a very long lifespan, so this was probably a kind of balance in the world as well. Many people would manage to get children after a very long period of time or in the latter half of their life.

Only those with great wealth and power would be able to have many children. However, people had physical restrictions. For example, the few ancient sovereigns in Qing Shui's previous life led a long life. Therefore, there were also a lot of people who paid a lot of effort in ensuring their good health.

Although he was happy, he had not been wasting any day throughout this time. However, Yu Ruyan, Di Chen, and Tantai Xuan didn't get pregnant.


Qing Shui wasn't willing to see a situation like this, but there was no other way out. He bade goodbye to his family and rushed in the direction of the Demon Lord Palace. Tantai Lingyan and Qin Qing were both waiting for him.

In the past two months, the Phoenix God Organization had basically settled down. Qing Shui had gone there a few times and not only had he helped Shen Huang get stronger, he also helped to clean her impurities, allowing both her cultivation and combat experience to increase a notch higher

Even Huo Feng had received tremendous help from Qing Shui. Qing Shui gave Huo Feng the Phoenix Form and hadn't expected it to be especially suitable for him. Although Shen Huang was the Phoenix God Organization's Divine Seat and her name was Shen Huang, it was a pity that the martial arts she cultivated wasn't one that was related to phoenixes. 

The Shadow Phoenix Pavilion hadn't been wiped out, but had been surpassed by a great deal by the Phoenix God Organization.

The reason the Phoenix God Organization had suddenly gotten stronger wasn't just because Shen Huang and the others had become more powerful. Shen Huang had been very strong even before this.

However, it was now considered to be terrifying, since the Golden Phoenix and Fire Phoenix had joined forces with them as well. Although the name still remained as the Phoenix God Organization, it was said that they had used this name before they went their separate ways. It was only at a later time that the Golden Phoenix and the Fire Phoenix set up their own groups.

Huo Feng didn't have a clear mind and thus everything was handled by Jin Feng. Nonetheless, now that he had recovered, Huo Feng was their representative. Right now, all their powers have merged together and it was all thanks to Shen Huang's charm. A lady who was like a goddess had a powerful ability to build cohesion.

This also let Qing Shui to see, that the Dancing Phoenix Continent had the ability to match up with the Soaring Dragon Continent and Haohan Continent. This feeling was very strong and this lady had contributed a lot to this.

Two days ago, Qing Shui had already told Soulsearch that he was going to leave. He didn't say which day he would leave, but it would be in the next few days. When Qing Shui left, he didn't wish to tell anyone. Even Soulsearch, Puyang Qing, and the others didn't know either.

Qing Ming and Yiye Jiange, who was carrying Qing Xiu, stood on Dark Phoenix's back and flew at a rapid speed to the Demon Lord Palace.

Looking at Yiye Jiange who was carrying their child, Qing Shui didn't know if this kid had a good life or not...

In fact, during this period of time, Tantai Lingyan and Qin Qing had also gone to Qing Clan a few times. The members of the Qing Clan understood what this meant. It didn't matter if they weren’t Qing Shui's women now, but in the future, they would definitely be.

They arrived at the Demon Lord Palace. Yiye Jiange still had an especially good relationship with the two ladies. Even Tantai Lingyan, who seldom shows any expression, revealed a faint smile. She smiles a lot more than before, but seldom does that before outsiders.

Thankfully, those who were familiar with her were already used to this. Most people would tend to lose their soul by seeing her smile. It was something which couldn't be bought even with a thousand gold.

What Qing Shui enjoyed the most was to see Tantai Lingyan carrying children. It might be due to a woman's nature that she was able to do it so naturally. Right now, she carried Qing Xiu very naturally. That scene was very beautiful.

The kid wasn't shy and reached out his small and plump hand to touch Tantai Lingyan's face.

"Mmm mmm, don't be randomly touching..."

Tantai Lingyan's face flushed up and she glared at Qing Shui. Both Yiye Jiange and Qin Qing chuckled as they looked toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was only trying to get her to smile.

However, Yiye Jiange also blushed a little. She recalled some events where she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Sometimes, he would jokingly fight with the little kid for food...

When Qin Qing saw Yiye Jiange's expression, she whispered something next to her ears. This caused Yiye Jiange to blush even more. It was because back then, Qin Qing had been at the Qing Clan and saw the scene, but Qing Shui didn't seem to feel anything about it and even sucked out noisily in exaggeration.

Till now, both Yiye Jiange and Qin Qing didn't know if Qing Shui had done that intentionally.

Yiye Jiange felt a little embarrassed at the thought of it while Qin Qing's heartbeat increased when she recalled the scene of Qing Shui kissing the snow white peaks. She could still remember the slightly teasing gaze Qing Shui had cast at her back then.

The three ladies in the room turned flushed red. All of them were like fairies who had came down to the mortal world. Qing Shui looked at them seriously and the satisfaction in his heart was gushing like an overflowing river.

It was still early and the two ladies didn't have anything to pack. Therefore, after informing Hua Rumei, Zhan Yu, and the others, the group went on their way.

The Demon Lord Palace was still the Demon Lord Palace, but the Demon Lord Palace now had a different feel to it. Thanks to Hua Rumei, the one who had been managing the Demon Lord Palace.

Right now, Tantai Lingyan seemed to be seeking development in the Haohan Continent. Although she didn't say anything, Qing Shui knew that she hadn't forgotten about the Five Tiger Immortal Sect.

Qing Shui didn't think of giving up on it either. If the problem with the Five Tiger Immortal Sect persisted, the shadows in Tantai Lingyan's heart wouldn't be completely removed. Qing Shui hadn't brought these up, but he had not forgotten.

With his current cultivation level, he had also tried to find out more about the Haohan Continent. However, he didn't get any information concerning the Five Tiger Immortal Sect.

In the ordinary world, those without a reputation were either not famous or without capabilities. However, if one didn't hear of them in the Haohan Continent, it would be because their level wasn't high enough to reach them. They might not even be able to reach the existences that were one notch lower than the Five Tiger Immortal Sect.

Qing Shui didn't feel disappointed. On the other hand, this made him even more motivated. He wasn't someone who would admit defeat. He had the advantages of so many treasures and if he couldn't get justice on Tantai Lingyan, then his life would have been for naught.

It was much easier to return to the North Sea since there was the Five Elements Divine Flag. Earlier on, the Five Elements Divine Flag could be used to bring along not more than five people. At a later time, it went through some more changes but there hadn't been any breakthrough. Although the Five Elements Divine Flag didn't undergo a breakthrough, he could bring along all living existences within a space of four meters square. All life forms within this area would be brought along with him.

With Qing Xiu included, there were only five of them. Moreover, an area of four meters square wasn't that small, with a length and breadth of two meters respectively, there was no problem for even ten people to fit in the space if they stood close together.

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