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They had seen many arrogant people before, however none were as arrogant as this guy!

How dare a mere beginner apprentice provoke and challenge a group of elite enforcers who were, at the minimum, advanced apprentices? No doubt this was an act that truly provoked the ire of the crowd.

While grinning viciously, one after another elite apprentice accepted this bet. At the same time, they kept cheering, encouraging, threatening and teasing Dark Wood, wanting him to teach this unbridled rascal a good lesson. Following the piling up of the bet, the crowd became more excited. Eventually they even pushed Hulk aside, and started clustering around both men to escort them into the battlefield.

Watching his enthusiastic peers, Hulk's expression couldn't help but turn strange. He secretly pulled Kevin into a corner.

"Kid, you're the one who referred this guy here. You better not give me trouble. Do you think he has a chance of winning?"

"Ugh… according to the memory that Adept Angus extracted from her soul, this Greem owns a pretty powerful Earth Element Golem. Perhaps… maybe… if he brings all his ability into play, I think there is a possibility he can save himself from losing. However, it is absolutely impossible he can defeat Dark Wood!"

After obtained a satisfying answer, Hulk couldn't help but feel excited too.

"Guys, get your ass out from the field and leave them alone! I don't want that kid to have any excuse for his defeat later. Mensa, come here and help me calculate the total bet. Don't forget to include my bet. I'll bet two hundred Magic Crystals on Dark Wood!"

Hulk's loud roar resounded throughout the entire place and further ignited the atmosphere of the scene.

Weird yells and roars of the name 'Dark Wood' echoed around the field and lingered in the air.

Right at this moment, Greem and Dark Wood had entered the battlefield. They facing each other with a distance of a hundred meters between them.

While he was staring at how Greem calmly and unhurried began preparing for the battle, Dark Wood grinned broadly, exposing his broken and brownish teeth. He grinned and said, "Kid, you do have guts! But I hope later you won't be howling sorrowfully of your own blood, with a rotted body. Don't worry, as long as you are willing to lie flat on your face and admit your defeat and ignorance, I'll consider sparing you! Jajaja…"

In regard to his opponent's offensive remark, Greem simply responded with a cold gaze, before continuing his preparation and tossing out the summoning crystal core.

It was a perfect battlefield for him. Although the ground he was stepping on a was made by magically hardened dirt, it they was still dirt!

In next moment, a huge amount of Earth Elementium gathered around the summoning core. It gradually revealed a vague, mammoth figure in front of the crowd.

Ugh… wasn't this a little too oversized?!

Staring at the huge Demon Alligator Hunter who slowly making its debut, the exciting clamor from the edge of the battlefield starting to subside, while a feeling of doubtful starting to rise in the heart of these bystanders.

Was this kid a summoner? Why did he summon such a huge creature?

Following the condensation of Earth Elementium, the body of Demon Alligator Hunter became firmer and sturdier. It continued like this until its massive body and ferocious appearance had finally revealed itself in front of everyone. Greem strode forward and climbed on top of the Demon Alligator's back, sitting there comfortably.

Damn it, this kid surely had remarkable skill!

Dark Wood cursed inwardly and quickly preparing his own magic spells.

As this was a battle under the watchful eyes of the crowd, both parties were allowed to prepare themselves with some supplementary magic spells. However, they were forbidden from launching an attack in advance. Thus, the magic spells Dark Wood prepared were mostly assisting and summoning type spells.

When Dark Wood waved his black wood staff in the air, the little decorative items tied on top of the staff hit with each other and produced a clanking noise. Numerous white illuminating balls burst out from the sharp teeth and miniature human skulls. They soon formed into two frightening bone shields that floated beside his body.

The bone shield was assembled by countless pale white bones, and there was even a ferocious-looking skull protruding on the surface of the shield. Two pale green flames were floating in the eyes of the skull and the skull kept moving its jaw, portraying a frightening look of being constantly ready to devour someone.

At the same time, Dark Wood was reciting some magic spells quickly. A bizarre- looking dark halo, whose purpose was unknown, began emanating from his right palm.

"Have both of you prepared?" Hulk's loud roar echoed throughout the entire battlefield.

Upon seeing both men quietly nodding their heads, Hulk then yelled out loudly, "Then, I hereby announce that the battle has begun!"

Right at the very moment when the announcement was given, the dark halo floating in Dark Wood's palm trembled in a strange manner. On the other side, Greem, who had been on full alert, immediately noticed the incoming attack through his Elementium Vision.

It was a curse attack!

Only a curse attack could be so incorporeal, making it hard to defend against.

Greem sat high up on the back of Demon Alligator. His apprentice short robe began to wave lightly in the breeze. Below his exquisite Circlet of Nobility was a pair of eyes, flicking with a blue glow. These eyes stared at Dark Wood, who was standing a hundred meters away.

If it was another apprentice, perhaps he would've been hit by Dark Wood's dirty trick without knowing anything prior. But Greem's Elementium Vision allowed him to see all magical Elementium, so he could see this dirty trick vividly. An incorporeal, bizarre-looking dark lasso coiled out from the dark halo in Dark Wood's palm and flew towards him.

At this moment, the Screaming Tree Branch, which Greem had brought along, was sounding a constant alarm.

But Greem's mindset wasn't disturbed at all by the Screaming Tree Branch. Instead, he had all his attention focused on the hints that the Chip was transmitting into his mind.

"Warning… warning… A hostile Spiritual lockdown is detected… Host, please move away from this spot immediately… Failure to do so will result in host being attacked by any subsequent curse spells… Upon matching the spells with current magic spells database, possibility of Spirit Confusion is 71%, possibility of Spirit Slow is 26%, possibility of Soul Borers is 3%…"

Apparently, all curse spells needed to first lock down on the victim with spiritual energy, before they could establish the hidden spiritual tunnel that allowed the curse spells to reach the body. This method saved the time, as the curse spells no longer needed to fly through the air. Perhaps this was the main reason why all curse spells were so difficult to intercept or counter!

Greem soon understood this fact. As soon as the Demon Alligator's mind was interlinked with Greem's, it instantly took a step back, dodging the curse by a split second. Greem used the Hunter as a replacement for himself and let the black lasso trap it.

In next second, the dark halo in Dark Wood's palm vanished after a flash. As soon as it disappeared, a clump of smoke bursted out from Hunter's body, transforming into a black skull that flew a half circle around its body, before finally penetrating into the Hunter's body.

Damn it, it had failed!

That guy had summoned an Elementium Golem.

Through his Spiritual Sense, Dark Wood instantly realized his curse spell had never actually hit an actual Spiritual entity. This led him to curse under his breath. Without hesitation, he raised his right arm, which looked like a ghost claw, and began to draw in the air, preparing himself to cast his next spell.

But, right at this moment, Greem's attack had approached him.

The Hunter mounted on top of Demon Alligator kept waving its arms, and threw out strong spears made from Earth Elementium onto Dark Wood. This caused his bone shields to violently tremble. Right after that, a Fire Arrow, which contained pure, high-concentrated Fire Elementium, broke through the air and pierced the bone shield.

In the next second, the raging explosion of Fire Elementium had flooded the tiny region where Dark Wood was standing.


At the same moment, the elite apprentices outside of the battlefield couldn't help but exchange an astonished expression with each other. The strength of the attack and the attack pattern of magic spell didn't look like something a beginner apprentice could do! The spell was casted quickly and had an offensive strength that was as high as 32 points. Were all these something a beginner apprentice could achieve?

No sound could be heard coming from the crowd, as they started to treat this half playful battle with a more serious attitude.

Even those apprentices outside of the battlefield could sense something. Dark Wood, who was being attacked by Dirt Spears and Fire Arrows. had an even stronger feeling. Damn it! It was a combined attack of Earth, Fire and Physical damage! The trembling bone shield, that was being burned by a raging flame, started to show signs of collapse.

A gloomy expression emerged on Dark Wood's face. Using his conscious, he quickly drove away the other bone shield and replaced the one that was defending all the attacks. Meanwhile, clenching his jaw tightly, he took out a few chunks of black, stinky, rotten meats. He conveniently tossed them beside his feet.

In next moment, Greem drove the Demon Alligator and strode forward. He planned to use the massive body of the Demon Alligator to crush his opponent. Suddenly, a bizarre figure dashed out from the raging flame and threw itself on the ground. It used a totally weird style of running and sprinting around Demon Alligator.

It was a frightening corpse that stood two meters tall. It had a pale body, two heads, five arms and seven legs. The entire body looked like a monster that had been messily pieced up together using a few broken human bodies. It crouched on the ground and moved forward using all five arms and seven legs. This made it move in an unpredictable pattern. It swiftly dodged a few dirt spears that were aimed at its body and soon approached the Demon Alligator who was coming in its way.

The heavy front legs of Demon Alligator pounded on the ground forcefully, causing the ground to keep violently shake. The misshapen corpse, who had just arrived in front of him, was affected by this immediately. It staggered and seemed like it could no longer stand firm.

The Demon Alligator moved aggressively and opened up its huge mouth. It leaped forward and pulled the corpse into its mouth. With a powerful clench, the razor sharp fangs instantly crushed its target into meat paste.

But, a muffled boom suddenly rung through the air. The corpse surprisingly exploded into a huge amount of black blood, which stained the Demon Alligator's head. After that, under the shocked gaze of Greem, the Earth Elementium that had molded with the Demon Alligator's head collapsed within a split second. Tons of dirt lost their bond with the Demon Alligator and splattered all over the place.

Damn it! What powerful corrosive black blood. It could even corrode and neutralize Elementium!

But obviously, the controlling crystal of Demon Alligator wasn't located in its head. If it was, then, perhaps Greem's trump card would've been destroyed in an instant.

Although it lost its head, the Demon Alligator still moved forward vigorously. Strong Earth Elementium once again gathered in front of its body, revealing the outline of a new head.

The self-healing ability of Demon Alligator was pretty convenient, as, as long as its body was still in touch with earth, it would be able to heal 10% of damage every minute. This was one of the biggest reasons why the Demon Alligator Hunter was so hard to defeat!

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