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Chapter 304 Conclusion of the Battle


An ear-piercing scream rang out through the field, shocking everyone in the fight.

A terrifying Scarlet Firestorm erupted in the woods!

The Infernal Tyrant gave up on the single-target spells after having repeatedly been misled in the illusion barrier. The chip issued it a command to instantly cast a massive spell.

The fearsome Scarlet Firestorm! It was a spell that enveloped an area two hundred and fifty meters wide!

Surging waves of fire quickly consumed the mirror images that the illusionist had just summoned. An egg-shaped barrier appeared amidst these red waves.

The Infernal Tyrant wasn't done yet, however. It raised its hands high up and cast a slightly smaller areof-effect spell above the barrier. Meteor Shower.

One by one, meteors streaked across the skies, trailing black smoke behind them. Under the Tyrant's guidance, they turned into homing missiles and crashed against the barrier. Every single explosion caused ripples to spread across the energy barrier.

The barrier moved about within the sea of flame and the rain of meteors, trying its best to break free from the disadvantageous situation. Sadly, the Infernal Tyrant precisely directed the meteors towards the enemy, making sure the barrier was always within range of its attacks.

One ran for their life while the other pursued mercilessly.

The two started a game of cat and mice on the battlefield!

Flames erupt, and explosions flared wherever they went. A forest fire had been started in the woods as the trees burned and blazed.

Illusionists were not proficient in combat at all. They were a fringe minority in a profession that functioned as support fighters. Illusionists were terrifying opponents for adepts who lacked methods of protecting their Spirit. Their enemies would often die without even finding out the correct location of the illusionist.

However, an illusionist's options were insufficient when faced with an elementium golem that couldn't be charmed or confused. Moreover, the enemy's fire spells were unusually potent. She couldn't even counterattack. The only thing she could do was mislead and misdirect the golem's attacks with her illusions.

But fire spells were extremely annoying!

They didn't need to hit the enemy to have a significant effect. The flames that spread out from the explosions would slowly restrict the space available to the enemy. In just a short while, the entire battlefield would be engulfed by fire, leaving nowhere for her to run!

She still maintained her brilliant egg-shaped barrier. Strange runes and strange lights sporadically flashed and rippled on the barrier's surface. Misdirection, Consciousness Avoidance, Light Refraction, Stealth…several illusion spells of varying effects were continuously used to redirect the enemy's attacks.

Even so, the violent shockwaves from the spells made it hard to keep her defenses up. She was also forced to call upon wind particles to hasten her steps and avoid the spreading flames.

She was hanging on with all her strength!

There was still hope.

As long as the serpentine adept was able to kill the target, these summoned elementium golems would instantly succeed in their mission, and she would obtain the item that she badly needed.

She continued to cling on to this hope as she ran about the battlefield. Her determination held steady, even as the flames ignited the corners of her robes.

Meanwhile, the battle that her hopes hung upon had become even more intense.

The fight between the giant snake and the blazing demon had reached a critical turning point.

Both of their Strength and Physique had deteriorated from the long and arduous battle. They were both exceedingly wounded.

They were still tangled up with each other.

The serpent's long and thick form had coiled around the Flame Fiend's body. It started to stretch as Greem struggled and pushed out to break free from the constriction. The raging fires and hot streams of flame continually seared its flesh. Over forty percent of its body had been cooked and charred. The smell of burnt meat was nauseating.

Even so, the Giant Black Mamba still attacked Greem with every ounce of its strength.

Poisonous breath exhaled from its mouth as the gleaming Eye of Petrification continued to release petrification beams. Even slight contact with the shaft of energy would turn the flickering fires on the Flame Fiend's body solid and turn it into stone. The fierce fight with the snake would then crush his body.

Again and again, the giant snake tried to bite the Flame Fiend in hopes of injecting its venom into the enemy's body and cripple him. However, Greem kept a tight hold on the snake's neck, making sure it couldn't sink its fangs into him.

The snake's tail flailed like a massive whip. It flicked about and hit the Flame Fiend's back as it continued to restrict its movements. Every blow left fine cracks in the body of the Flame Fiend.

Fire and magma would flow out of the cracks, scalding the snake and causing it to hiss in pain. Every part of its body that was splashed by fire would immediately be charred black. The flesh inside would also lose all its lifeforce and burn in an instant.

After all, this…this was the purest form of fire energy!

The Flame Fiend's counterattack was equally fearsome.

A massive amount of fire energy had gathered in the hands that gripped the snake's neck. The exponential increase in heat caused the snake to writhe about in agony. The blazing hands had burned through the snake's scales and were digging into its flesh. The unique fragrance of roasted snake meat pervaded the battlefield alongside clouds of black smoke and the sizzling sounds of fire.

The Solar Rays shot from the Flame Fiend's eyes raked across the snake's body, sizzling as they did so. Every ray left deep and black burn marks on the tough grey scales.

The abyssal flames shrouding the Flame Fiend were the serpent's real enemy.

It felt like he was drowning in an eternal hell of magma!

His magic resistance had reached extraordinary levels after the Giant Black Mamba transformation. However, it was still far from allowing him to be immune to fire.

The abyssal flames were even more wicked and evil than the elementium flames. They burned the flesh, but they also ate away at the enemy's Spirit.

That was far more terrifying and difficult to deal with than an ordinary burn!

An expression of genuine fear appeared on the snake's hideous face after half an hour of battle.

The bloodline powers in its body were fading!

The bloodline powers in the bodies of bloodline adepts weren't unlimited. They had to accumulate and cultivate the bloodline powers to support the manifestation of their bloodline origins. These transformations allowed them to possess the astounding physical strength and innate talents of ancient magical creatures during combat.

But this act exhausted the bloodline powers they had accumulated!

A temporary bloodline transformation was sufficient for them to overwhelm enemies of the same Grade. It was extremely rare for their bloodline powers to be thoroughly exhausted. Sadly, today, the half an hour of continuous transformation and the intense battle had utterly exhausted the serpentine adept. His bloodline powers were quickly receding.

The Giant Black Mamba let out a sudden screech as its body started to wither and devolve. In the blink of an eye, the snake had reverted to his human form.

The cruel abyssal flames instantly engulfed the serpentine adept's body, now that he had lost the protection of his scales and his great Physique. He screamed in pain as he dashed away from Greem.

Unfortunately, Greem would not let him get away!

The Flame Fiend roared, and magma pillars erupted in a ring. Savage streams of fire intersected and climbed along the magma pillars to form a Fire Prison.

The serpentine adept's escaping figure crashed into the thin yet durable net of fire. The Fire Prison knocked back and sizzled at his body.

Greem grabbed the serpentine adept with his blazing magma hands. The fearsome abyssal flames instantly devoured the adept's form.

Only his head had yet to be enveloped by the flames. He screamed in pain as he struggled in Greem's grasp. He frantically shot petrification beams in every direction, trying in vain to force the Flame Fiend away.

Greem would never let an opportunity like this go. He squeezed with his hands, and the serpentine adept's bones started to groan from the pressure. Greem reached out with two claws made of magma and stabbed the serpentine adept in the eye as he was still squirming. He then pulled.


The serpentine adept's agonizing screams echoed through the woods. Greem had plucked the two amber Eyes of Petrification from his eye sockets as if they were magical gemstones embedded in stone. Greem then put the eyes in his pouch.

The serpentine adept's strength continued to fade.

He had lost all ability to resist when his bloodline powers were exhausted. Greem instantly crushed his body and kept every item the serpentine adept had left behind.

Greem even preserved the head of his opponent.

He would have to rely on this head to figure out the identity and background of the serpentine adept!

The death of the serpentine adept had shocked the other two adepts. They instantly turned tail and ran at first sight of trouble.

As expected of an illusionist; the beautiful lady was proficient at hiding herself. She grit her teeth and endured an Explosive Fireball that the Infernal Tyrant had directed at her. She suffered the burning pain on her back as she leveraged the impact of the flame shockwave to escape from the battlefield. She quickly vanished into the dark woods.

The Bloodhand Butcher also wanted to run. Sadly, he had suffered grievous wounds to his legs. The Butcher failed to escape, even after several attempts at charging away from the fight. At last, he died to the massive stone fists of the Roaring Monster.

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