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Chapter 241 Shifting the Blame

Just as the two were having their conversation, the battle in front had already started!

When he strode towards the dragon, Greem's two meter tall body had already swollen up to three meters in height. Ferocious elementium flames surged out from everywhere around his body, turning him into a terrifying human of flame in a matter of seconds.

Thick magma armor appeared out of nowhere, quickly covering the body of this flame humanoid. Greem's steps became heavier and heavier. The originally red flames had become even thicker and denser, with a little more crimson to their color.

The dragon feasting in the distance stopped its tearing actions and raised its head. It looked cautiously at this scary figure that had come within a hundred meters of itself.

It had seen plenty of wildlife and magical creatures in its life, but this was the first time it had seen a lifeform like this. A humanoid creature? In his simple and shallow mind, humanoids were equivalent to weakness and cowardice. He had never seen such a terrifying humanlike creature!

The opponent wasn't at all intimidated by its domineering aura, and was even challenging it actively!

The whelp growled angrily. It knew something was wrong. It unfurled its wings and beat them rapidly, ready to take off at any time.

Yet just as it was about to take to the skies, hovering just above the ground, Greem's large silhouette suddenly disappeared. The next second, a flame halo blasted forth above the back of the whelp. Greem's fist brought with it the massive weight of his body and smashed downwards.

Dong! A muffled boom rang out.

The green dragon let out a pained howl and fell downwards.

It didn't fall straight to the ground. With an agile twist of its body, the whelp turned and faced Greem. Its thick hind legs and razor-sharp claws instantly ripped Greem's magma armor into shreds.

Scorching jets of flames burst forth from cracks in the armor, sizzling as they fried the whelp's claw. Greem's heavy magma fist followed up with yet another blow to the dragon's head. The whelp ignored the blow. It endured the intense pain and continued to frantically scratch away at Greem's chest with its claws, as if it wouldn't stop until it had dug his heart out.

Greem had also taken severe damage with the shattering of his magma armor. He shouted in anger, and the surging elementium flames combined with the Ring of Fire. The temperature of his flame streams increased exponentially. At this point, it was almost enough to melt a pillar of iron.

The green dragon and the Flame Fiend were entangled together. The drastic increase in temperature made the whelp feel like it had been plunged into a sea of lava. Sweltering heat relentlessly surged into the seams in its scales and wounds on its body, constantly burning its flesh and blood.

It felt like… it was about to be cooked!

The whelp struggled frantically and finally managed to use its hind legs to kick Greem away as they wrestled on the ground. It then swiped at Greem with its tail as he was flying through the air.

Greem's massive flame body turned into a fireball, crashing and snapping three tall trees before falling into the foliage below.

The green dragon whelp got up from the ground with some difficulty. The front of its body had been roasted red and white from close contact with the Flame Fiend earlier. The pungent odor of burned flesh rose into the air along with black smoke.

The whelp bent its body in agony and allowed its boiling flesh to press against the black dirt. It was only then that the pain lessened. Its angry dragon eyes stared closely at the location where the flames rose from. Its sharp senses kept a close check on every motion around him.

There wasn't just one enemy!

That flame humanoid was the most terrifying one.

But it also felt three others quickly gathering elementium aura in three other directions.

Casters as well! It's those evil casters!

The whelp couldn't help but panic.

In all the guidance and teachings it had received since its birth, the description of the evil spellcasters were the most scary!

If it had already come of age, the magic resistance of its dragon scales would increase massively and allow it to resist their terrifying magic attacks. However, it was only a whelp near adolescence. Its magic resistance was far from being able to ignore elementium attacks!

The dragon whelp didn't dare continue waiting.

Its powerful hind legs kicked against the ground and its slightly burnt wings beat quickly. It wanted to return to the safety of the sky.

However, once more, as its body had just risen from the ground, the dense vines from the trees nearby charged towards it and instantly bound its large wings before it could reach the canopy.

Even though most of the vines were torn apart by its powerful wings, the whelp was no longer able to control its stumbling body. It fell to the ground once more with a painful cry.

It crashed against the tough dirt and fell into a daze. A ferocious roar rang out from the woods and a fierce barbaric humanoid figure charged at the whelp with its body bent down.

There was no explanation or conversation. One green dragon and a human clashed together just like that and started a savage battle. They wrestled and bit at each other like wild beasts.

It was undoubtedly a humiliating experience to have a spellcaster fight like a warrior in such a crude way. However, to prevent the dragon from returning to the sky, both Greem and Cobalt, who turned into the barbaric giant, could only use their bodies to keep it bound to the ground.

As the two were battling intensely in the forest, the vines on the trees and the thorns on the ground quickly wrapped towards the dragon's limbs and wings. It was the doing of the girl named Flower.

Li'l Hawk, the other caster hiding in the forest, pressed his lips together and whistled. The call of eagles echoed back from the distant sky. A dozen black shadows dashed onto the battlefield like piercing arrows and joined the battle.

As the three casters fought with the whelp, Greem got up painfully from a bush. Viscous crimson lava slowly flowed out from the shattered magma armor on his chest, quickly forming a river of lava before his body.

Even though his Physique and Strength would multiply when he transformed into the Flame Fiend, his close combat prowess was still at an absolute disadvantage against a whelp five meters long and half a ton heavy.

He grabbed a large rock from the ground nearby and roasted it with terrifying heat rays from his eyes. After the rock had been softened by the intense heat, he pressed it against his chest. It was only now that he had managed to seal the injury on his chest.

Greem looked at the battle in the distance. He endured the throbbing pain from all over his body and closed his eyes while he silently started to prepare a powerful spell.

To avoid leaving any obvious magical markings on the battlefield, he couldn't cast any of the area-of-effect spells like Meteor Shower or Fire Core Explosion. The only choice Greem had left were the spells with physical damage.

Compared to the even fight between Greem and the whelp, the three native spellcasters were still at a complete disadvantage even when fighting together.

The lunging eagles had no way of piercing the dragon's scales, and nearly half died from a single poison breath. These flying beasts couldn't do anything to hurt the whelp. The only thing they could do was interrupt its line of sight.

The surging vines and thorns were also corroded away by the poison mist.

The only one that could somewhat restrain the whelp was the berserked giant.

Unfortunately, the green dragon had managed to use its larger size, sharp claws, and powerful attacks to deal terrible damage to Cobalt.

But this was enough.

The whelp's fate had been determined when Cobalt managed to stop it in its tracks! Greem gained the chance to successfully cast his spell.

Perhaps because it also sensed the terrifying might gathering around the ferocious flame humanoid, the green dragon tried its very best and broke free from the barbaric giant's assault. It bent its body and charged rapidly towards Greem.

Now that the opponent had finished gathering power, taking to the skies would only cause him to become a moving target. Thus the whelp gave up on escaping and instead launched an attack at the flame humanoid.

Greem let out a violent shout. His large magma hands extended forward and a flame whip crossed a twenty meter distance, striking the whelp's side. This blow was extremely powerful. The whelp stumbled and crashed against two trees before falling before Greem.

Greem's spell had also completed at this moment. He raised his hands, and a terrifying sawtooth blade formed of magma and wreathed in flames quickly formed.

The whelp’s tragic and agonizing howl rang throughout the woods. Several seconds later, the woods regained its unnatural silence.

Greem stepped on the dragon's neck and pulled out the sawtooth blade with much difficulty. Dragon blood flew everywhere, spattering the red-hot magma armor and corroding it, filling it with green patches here and there.

"Set up quick. The dragons will be back shortly!" Cobalt had transformed out of his berserked, barbaric giant state, turning into a middle-aged man with a stubble and a body full of tough muscles. He pressed against the wounds on his chest and shouted into the distant woods.

A girl wrapped in green leather armor ran out from her hiding spot. Under the effects of her powerful plant energies, this entire stretch of forest started to change rapidly.

The scorched earth was quickly covered by growing bushes. The charred and withered trees rapidly regained their life and color. The marks of battle were slowly vanishing. In less than five minutes the forest had returned to the state it was before. All marks and traces left by magic had been completely covered and hidden.

The sound of footsteps. A teenage boy wearing an animal skin coat leapt out from the bushes holding an unconscious human in each hand. From the looks of their bodies, and from the looks of their clothes, it seemed they were… two powerful spellbreaker knights!

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