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Recently, Greem had been carried out an in-depth research on the Inferno Force Field.

He had completed studying all prerequisite knowledge related to Inferno Force Field. Currently, he was able to cast it and maintain it for ten minutes. However, regarding combining his Inferno Body and the Inferno Force Field, there were still many tough questions to solve.

According to the best scenario Greem had thought of, he wanted to make the damage caused by the auto triggering self-defense flame to be reflected onto the force field. With that, once any enemy entered his Inferno Force Field, the enemy would have to constantly suffer from the damage caused by the flames. This was almost equivalent to a small Ring of Fire magic spell!

Greem had estimated this before, if he wanted to fully master the Ring of Fire, he would most probably have to wait until after he became an official Adept. As for now, he was trying to achieve it with an irregular way - using a combination of Inferno Body and Inferno Force Field to eventually yield a result similar to that of the Ring of Fire.

Yet, in order to achieve this, he still needed a huge amount of magic spell knowledge and analysis, and he also needed to further optimize the control of the Inferno Force Field's nodes. In short, most of his energy had been reserved for the Chip, so it could perform the heavy load calculations. Meanwhile, Greem only needed to work on some simple tasks like reading, meditating and the restoring his golems.

After the battle in the demonized forest, Greem's team of golems had suffered heavy damage.

The Lightning Giant had lost two auxiliary cores; it would be able to restore to its full power once they were replenished. However, out of the three Rock Snakes, two of them had been completely destroyed beyond repair. Therefore, during this period, besides hiding in his room and studying some related magic spells, Greem had spent most of his time in the Alchemy Laboratory.

Through the enthusiastic promotion of Snorlax, those magical gemstones they had brought back from the Underground World had all sold out, bringing Greem a huge amount of magic crystals and handy magical equipment.

Also, Greem had acquired a completely new body attribute, as his combative strength had skyrocketed.

Name: Greem

Species: Human

Attributes: Strength - 7.32 (+1), Agility - 7.51 (+1), Physique - 9.47 (+1), Spirit - 16.67 (+3)

Profession: Apprentice Adept (Advanced)

Health Points: 34/34

Experience: 871 / 1000

Status: Healthy

Skills: Scroll Copying, Spell Reading, Golem Crafting (Intermediate), Casting Mastery

Personal Abilities: Inferno Body (Passive), The Burning Hand (Solidified), Fire Arrow (Solidified), Flaming Spear (Solidified), Fire Shield, Fire Damage Reflect (Proximity Passive)

Magical Equipment: Fire Lord's Scepter, Storage Waist Belt, Secret Scroll of Voodoo, Circlet of Nobility (Spirit +1), Ioun Stone (Spirit +2), Boots of Speed (Agility +1), Talisman of Force (Physique, Strength +1), Wand of Dispel, Wand of Healing, Wand of Prophecy, Green Spirit (Curse Resistance +5), Screaming Tree Branch.

After spending a huge amount of magic crystals, Greem finally experienced the huge gap in overall strength by having most of his magical equipment replaced. There was a Star of Felune gemstone among the loot he had brought back from the Underground World, after having it cut and crafted by a Jewel Master, he had acquired an Ioun Stone which had the effect of Spirit +2. Together with the Circlet of Nobility that gave him +1 in Spirit, although Greem only had 16 points of Spirit, he was able to unleash a frightening combative strength of 19 points.

This also meant, if Greem had pushed all the way to his limits in a battle, he would be able to simultaneously control six Rock Snakes, or two Lighting Giants and one Rock Snake.

Nevertheless, crafting a Lightning Giant would require a Pseudo-Adept level core from the Storm Giant, which was a prohibited item that he could only obtain by luck, not by searching for it. Therefore, even after Snorlax nearly visited all the merchants within the surrounding regions of the Adept Tower, they never found another one.

During this period of time, the name of Snorlax had become famous in the middle and lower tiers of the Adept Tower. Nearly all the merchants supported by Adept families had learned of its existence.

In fact, within the Underground Cave region, all high-end materials and resources were almost monopolized by these merchants supported by Adept families. They purchased every single local product that was produced in the Underground Cave and sold them to other regions, earning a huge amount of profit through the price differences.

Although other ordinary merchants or traveling tradesmen tried to achieve this as well, they just didn't possess the abundant economic capabilities and a communication network that spread across the entire Adept Continent like those Adept Families' merchants. There was no way they could compete with these giants. As the result, just by selling off a Night-Eyes Stone and a Talasite gemstone, Snorlax had quickly won over the hearts of these small merchants and traveling tradesmen.

And perhaps, these powerful merchants had received a warning from the Adept families that supported them, though Snorlax had undercut them and sold off these high-end materials and resources, it didn't face any attacks from anyone. With that, it simply created the mysterious and mighty image of Snorlax. Most of the mysterious magical equipment Greem acquired actually came from these traveling lower grade tradesmen.

Greem was the one who had the most understanding about his own overall strength. Currently, a large percentage of his overall strength was focused on golems. At least, until he could complete the framework of his Fire element magic spells, he could only rely on his golems to maintain a powerful offensive strength.

Since he didn't have to worry about his offensive strength, Greem had shifted the focus of his research in Fire element magic spell to defensive magic spells. Whether it was the Fire Shield, the Inferno Body or the Inferno Force Field, all of them were Fire element defensive magic spells. As long as he wasn't facing an Adept level opponent, even if he had to fight a Pseudo-Adept, it would be very difficult for his opponent to bypass his multi-layers Fire element defense when surrounded by a group of golems.

But, as there were numerous magic spells of all kind, and most of the lower tier magic spells were invisible, incorporeal and tough to predict. Therefore, in order to avoid any accidents, Greem had crazily purchased some higher grade magic wands.

The Wand of Dispel could eliminate some abnormal statuses that could be applied to his body. For example, poison, slow, frost, paralysis and some others.

The Wand of Healing could help cure some obvious injuries in his body.

The Wand of Prophecy could predict the direction where the dangers might come from in advance.

Aa the Dagon region was a place with an abundant choice of items, Greem even planned to prepare a preventive measure or healing approach for each possible magic spell attack that he might have to deal with in the Underground Cave. Preparedness prevents calamities, this was the core belief that Greem had in his life!

After equipping himself, Greem was confident that he could even fight against those Pseudo-Adept level experts. Of course, not an ultimate expert like Hulk! When faced with an ultimate expert like Hulk, the golem crafted using an advanced apprentice level core was still too fragile. It was really difficult to use the characteristic of element golems to reduce Hulk's overall strength.

If Greem really wanted to fight with Hulk, perhaps he would have to promote the level of all his Golems to the Pseudo-Adept level and use two Lightning Giants as his primary combat force. Therefore, though with his current combative strength, Greem already had the ability to imperil Hulk, he still lacked the confidence to defeat him!

As for those apprentices under Hulk, Greem wasn't being arrogant, but if they were to fight fairly, no Apprentice Adept would be his match!

Nevertheless, though his overall strength was improving at a steady pace, Greem dared not stepped into the Underground Cave again. The reason was simple. After the battle of demonized forest, one Fallen Pseudo-Adept was killed and the others were severely wounded, and the Elysium City had announced a kill order toward Greem. As long as he stepped into the Underground Cave, Elysium City would try to kill him at all costs!

This also meant, at that point in time, it was highly possible that he would see a Fallen Adept from the group who ambushed him halfway.

For this reason, after Greem learned the news from Adept Angus, he was left completely speechless. He had no choice but obediently throw himself in secluded cultivation, never stepping out of the Adept Tower.

Though the surface Adepts had occupied the dominant position in this region, when those Fallen Adepts were determined to kill an Apprentice Adept, they would have hundreds if not even thousands of methods to achieve their goal. Therefore, after Greem offered a few of his most precious gemstones to Angus, his name was finally removed from the compulsory mission and the training camp missions. Now, he could just spend his sweet time in the Adept Tower until the compulsory missions had ended.

What to do? This Adept Angus was the appraiser for their compulsory mission!

While Greem and Mary were spending their days leisurely, other team members who had come here together with them were in a bad situation. After two Advanced Apprentices had died and Greem and Mary dropping out, the team of six remaining apprentices tried to recruit some temporary teammates in the Adept Tower, hoping to get some help in completing their mission. But too bad, no one answered their call.

Left with no alternative, they could only stick together, spending days and nights rushing between five mission sites. For the mission duration of fifteen days, they would have to spend eleven to twelve days to visit all five mission sites. And after they returned, they were only left with two to three days of resting time, before they needed to attend the next mission.

Also, after the death of a Fallen Pseudo-Adept, the attacks coming from the Elysium City directed at the surface apprentices had become more frequent. Nearly every day, the six-person team would have to face all kinds of ambushes and traps. If not for the strong overall strength of three Pseudo-Adept working hand-in-hand, perhaps it would have been extremely difficult for them to stand up to these frightening attack that kept repeating day after day.

But as the result of going through this intensive battlefield and warfare training of magic spells, all six of their overall strengths had grown at an incredible speed. Compared to when they had just arrived this place a few months ago, though they still maintained the same grade, their true combative strength had doubled.

It was especially true for Sabrina, who was the leader of the team. Vaguely, she was now portraying a slight fiercer killing intent and a ferocious manner, just like the Black-hand Kevin they had met when they just arrived.

There was one time that Greem and Mary had bumped into the team who had just come back from their mission in the Adept Tower. The hostility between them had reached to a level where no hiding was needed.

Although they had heard that Greem had put out an astonishing combative strength in this place and even defeated a Bloodline Pseudo-Adept who was about to advanced into an official Adept. But, after experiencing the tough life in the Underground World, they thought their combative strength had improved a lot. Hence, when they bumped into each other, a fight had nearly broken out.

The location they had bumped into each other at was right outside Adept Angus's residence. Greem and Mary were here to ask some questions related to magic spells, while the team was here to submit their mission items after completing another round of Underground World training.

The team members who had had a hard time kept staring at both Greem and Mary angrily, but not their leader, Sabrina. She was seen wearing a smile on her face as she greeted both of them.

When Greem and Mary had left the place, Sabrina was still looking at the direction where they had gone. She didn't say anything and was pondering about something in her mind.

"What's wrong, chief? Why are you caring about two bastards? If not for their dropping out from our team halfway, our training mission wouldn't have become so tough!" The Thunder element Pseudo-Adept, Leo came closer to her and whispered. From the way he talked, it wasn't tough to tell he had truly submitted to Sabrina.

Hiding under her silver mask, Sabrina's mechanical eyes were glowing greenly. With a cold voice, she said, "You never noticed that, didn't you? One of them is a Pseudo-Adept now, and the other is an Advanced Apprentice!"

The team members who had just crowded around were immediately dumbstruck!

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