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Greem hesitated for a brief moment, then waved his hand, ordering the Rock Snake to a corner of the cave to spit out a huge amount of dirt, gravel, weeds, broken vines and other debris. Afterwards, he started to thoroughly search through the messy pile to find some magical items that had been left over by the Fire element Fallen Pseudo-Adept.

Snorlax had awakened long ago and was cleverly squatting beside Greem, helping him accomplish the dirty job.

After searching through the entire pile, Greem had found three magical items.

One was a necklace that allowed the bearer to unleash Flame Balls instantly, another was a bracelet that could improve the efficiency of Fire element meditation, and the last one was a magical staff made of Fire Coral.

As effects of all three magical items were for Fire element apprentices, they were suitable for Greem as well. However, since he had found the Fire Lord's Scepter, they would no longer bring him those huge benefits.

Gnashing his teeth, Greem placed all three magical items on top of the demon spirit book.

"14 points." The number announced by the demon spirit made Greem clench his jaw forcefully.

It only needed one more point!

Greem searched through his storage waist belt and waist pouch, he couldn't find anything else that was suitable. As for the remaining items, he felt reluctant to give up any of them!

Right as he was hesitating, a goose egg shaped Opal suddenly fell into the pile of gemstones.

"15 points, you have reached the upper limit for unsealing the demon spirit book. The book will now start unsealing!" At this moment, the ghost face had finally shown the frightful manner of an ancient demon spirit. Soon, numerous magical arrays started to emerge on the cover of the book. Following a barely audible muttering voice, one after another, the arrays disintegrated and vanished along with those gemstones and magical items which had been used as substitute objects!

After the ghost face had gradually faded away from the book cover, the real appearance of this magical book was finally revealed.

Struck by surprise, Greem gazed at Snorlax who had an aching heart expression on its face. A smile emerged on Greem's face. He nodded his head praisingly at Snorlax, before switching his focus back to the magical book.

This book was called a demon spirit book initially, because the entire book was concealed by the demon spirit and one had to achieve the basic requirement to read it. But now, as the requirement of reading it had been achieved, according to the ancient contract, the demon spirit had taken the war trophies it deserved and disappeared from this world. That was why the magical book was now present in front of Greem.

The book had a black cover and was made of leather. The corners of the book were installed with golden frames, giving it a touch of a dignified and ancient look. Greem tried to weigh it in his hand, though the book was at most thirty pages, it weighed a whopping three to four kilograms.

When Greem used his finger and gently stroked the rather coarse hardcover, the name of the book condensed from greenish ghost flames and was revealed. It was written in the ancient language of Amarr - The Secret Scroll of Voodoo.

As Greem had unsealed the book with the highest requirement, when he held the book, a feeling of kinship immediately filled his mind. He didn't even need to flip the pages with his own hands, as when he penetrated the Scroll of Voodoo with his Spirit, the book started to flip the pages by itself and stopped at any page that Greem showed an interest in.

After giving it a brief read, Greem was instantly shocked by the contents of the book.

The entire Scroll of Voodoo was simply an encyclopedia of voodoo, compiled by an ancient Adept. From the origin of voodoo to the prevalence of voodoo, records of different voodoo ceremonies, and detailed process of creating a voodoo doll… this book had them all in extreme detail.

Besides the vast knowledge of voodoo, it also included many bizarre and unpredictable voodoo curses from the ancient era. For example, Scourge Cauldron, Curse of Bloodline, the Spell of Great Pestilence, Kiss of Death, Spirit of Pestilence… Just hearing their names alone would be enough to make one's hair stand on its end, but casting them was surprisingly simple. The materials used were not rare resources or expensive materials, but… humans.

To be more precise, the casting required a large amount of humans, including their souls and flesh!

The entire Scroll of Voodoo seemed to be teaching someone how to use the simplest method to create the Scourge Cauldron. Then how to use the Spell of Great Pestilence to produce a deadly pestilence that could wipe out all living being in an entire continent. After that, gathering all the variants of pestilence and merging them together to eventually produce the mighty Spirit of Pestilence.

And this Spirit of Pestilence would be the strongest warrior working for the owner of this secret scroll.

By sending it out, Pestilence would wreak havoc to wherever it went, causing death to spread across the land. Any living beings without a proper defensive magic spell would unable to stand against the invasion of this Pestilence, which had been mixed with a small percentage of source rules of Voodoo.

Since the ancient era, the Spirit of Pestilence had been the best agent in warfare and was used by Adepts to deal with those lower grade Planes who put up a desperate struggle. For smaller scale Planes, they just need to throw a Spirit of Pestilence onto it, and they would be able to have their harvest one month later. The entire Plane would have been filled with howling souls that wandered everywhere, and they could seize any materials and resources they had wanted from that place. Compared to sending a large army of Adepts to eliminate enemies everywhere and repress the revolts from the natives of the place day and night, this method saved a lot of time.

However, this method was overly evil, and frequently it would evoke a strong reaction from the Will of the Plane that was being invaded. After all, the Will of the Plane was the collection of every single material and living beings' wills. When all the living beings on a Plane were wiped out, the Will of the Plane would perish altogether. Therefore, those who possessed the Spirit of Pestilence would often receive a curse from the Will of Plane which had perished and would become an enemy of that particular Plane.

Once an Adept was labeled as the enemy of the Plane, he would be disgusted by all the Planes, including the origin Plane where he was born and raised. And when someone like that entered into a random Plane, he would immediately be welcomed by the wrath of everything in that Plane, as all the living beings within the particular Plane would advance wave upon wave, launching attacks at him without any fear of death and would only stop once one side was dead!

Hence, as he was holding a weapon of mass destruction like this in his hand, even Greem couldn't remain calm anymore!

Greem restlessly connected his mind with the Scroll of Voodoo, asking the Chip to make an identical copy of the content in his mind, then ordered it to slowly organize and analyze the data. He wanted to know if the Chip could find something suitable for him to use from these ancient voodoo magic spells.

Once Greem had established a deeper spiritual connection with the Scroll of Voodoo, to his surprise, he found out that this Scroll of Voodoo could be used as a magic spell book. He could store six spiritual models of magic spell in a secret space within the book. This also meant, as long as he held the book in his hand, he would have six free magic spells which he could instantly cast.

Of course, he had to store the spiritual models of these six magic spells in the book first.

Damn, wasn't this just like the cache in his Chip, but an outworldly version?

At this point in time, Greem couldn't help but feel respect towards those ancient Adepts. Though they were fighting alone, and they didn't have a complete education system which allowed one to slowly accumulate knowledge like how it was done back in the Earth, with just a tiny little spark in the mind of a random and unknown genius, they could actually create a mysterious space like this, which looked like an advanced technology from the modern world.

With regards to this, Greem couldn't help but admire them speechlessly!

Initially, he thought he was the only one who had the technique to solidify magic spells and stored their spiritual models in his mind. But judging from what he had just discovered, this mysterious world did indeed have a similar technique. The only difference was, once the spiritual model stored in the mysterious space of the book was used, it would vanish, and would once again need to be re-injected before it could be used again. Based on this point alone, it was not as effective as the cache in his Chip.

It looked like he was going to have an additional magical equipment - an extremely powerful magic spell sequencer!

In future when fighting with enemies, without using any of his Spirit, Greem could use the advantage of instant casting brought by magic spell sequencer and shower the enemy with a raging bombardment.

Upon thinking about this, Greem couldn't help but feel really excited.

In order to express his love towards this Scroll of Voodoo, he purposely found a half meter long silver chain from his storage waist belt and used it to tie the magical book around his waist. After tinkering with it a few times, he was very satisfied with the results. Now, with just a thought in his mind, the magical book would automatically fly into his left hand, flip through the pages by itself and stop at the page where the magic spell Greem wanted to use was located.

As for keeping it a secret, Greem had no worries at all.

He had gained total control of this book, and it had a constant hidden connection with his spirit. Thus, even if it fell into the hands of an outsider, what the outsider would see would be the pages of totally emptied goat skin. Without Greem's permission, no one could overtake him and read the contents of the book.

Perhaps, this was the biggest benefit of unsealing it with the highest requirement!

Right as Greem was showing his fondness towards the magical book and could hardly tear himself away from it, Snorlax was keeping itself busy as well. It kept searching through the dirt pile that the Rock Snake spat out. Eventually, its hard work did pay off, because it really found something surprising.

The partial fragment of the Fairy's true form!

Among some of broken pieces of dried up tree skin, a sticky green liquid and some strange broken pieces of what looked like internal organs of a human could be found. It looked like during the evolution of the Fairy's true form, some unexpected mutation had happened.

However, when Greem picked up those fragments in his hand and gave them a careful look, his mind was immediately filled with a series of messages from the Chip.

"Beep, unique active molecules of bloodline gene is detected, data saved…"

"Beep, unique active molecules of bloodline gene is detected, data saved…"

"Beep, unique active molecules of bloodline gene is detected, data saved…"

A series of prompting sounds rang through Greem's mind and also caused his eyes to be filled with unconcealed awe.

It was not because the Chip had crashed that the messages kept repeating themselves, but because every new prompt meant that the Chip had found another new bloodline gene in the fragment of the Fairy's true form. Eventually, a total of twenty-seven brand new bloodline genes were found. The discovery had suddenly made Greem feel that something was not right.

A demon leader who was trapped in a small place like that. Where had it gotten in touch with and devoured so many bloodline genes? After all, among the population of Apprentice Adepts, these bloodline genes were priceless treasure that one couldn't even purchase with money! With just a small bottle of purified ancestor's bloodline, any apprentice would be able to step onto the broad road of the Bloodline Adept.

With twenty-seven brand new bloodline genes, it also meant that frightening Fairy had once devoured twenty-six creatures who possessed mutated bloodline genes! Could there be twenty-six Bloodline apprentices from different species that had visited the demonized forest and gotten themselves killed there?

Of course, it was impossible!

Even by searching all the Bloodline Apprentice in the Dagon region, it would not possible to find twenty-six different species.

So, how had this frightening Fairy achieve something that even an official Adept would find tough to do?

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