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The author often makes some strange typos so I made a Glossary.

Updated as of : 06/30/2015


Jasmine – red haired girl

The Xiao Clan

Xiao Lie – Fifth Elder, MC’s grandfather

Xiao Hongcang – housekeeper, typically referred to as Hong
Xiao Ying – MC’s father (deceased)

Xiao Yulong – son of the Xiao clan’s leader

Xiao Yunhai – Yulong’s father, leader of the Xiao clan

Xiao Li – First Elder

Xiao Ze – Third Elder

Xiao Bieli – founder of the Xiao Clan
Xiao Gu – chief doctor

The Xia Clan

Xia Hongyi – wife’s father

Xia Dongling – wife’s maid

New Moon Profound Palace

Murong Ye – some dude who likes Lan Xueruo, strongest guy

Li Hao – got owned in 2 moves
Li Haoran – cousin of Li Hao, symmetry comment

Xiao Branch Sect in New Moon City

Xiao Luocheng – #1 dude in New Moon City


Sikong Han – dude from New Moon City that’s in debt to grandpa

Pu He – manager of Black Moon Merchant Guild branch in New Moon City


Jue Yun Cliff – located on Lang Huan Mountain, place where Yun Che jumped off

Floating Cloud City – starting location

Blue Wind Empire – empire

Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range – mountain near Cyan Forest Town

South Moon Mountain – owned by Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect

Blue Wind Imperial City – home of Blue Wind Imperial Family

4 Major Sects in Blue Wind Empire:

Frozen Cloud Asgard – 2nd strongest

Xiao Sect

Xiao Zheng – Xiao Bieli’s father, previous law enforcer elder

Xiao Moshan – elder that came with youngest son to Xiao Clan

Xiao Jiu – servant (rip)

Fen Moli – half step into Emperor Profound Realm (10th sky)


Nascent Profound Realm (begin to develop)

Spirit Profound Realm

Sky Profound Realm

Tyrant Profound Realm – Overlords

Divine Profound Realm

Evil God’s Secret Arts

1st realm: Evil Soul

3rd realm: Purgatory

5th realm: Hades

Profound Currency

(Profound Coin Value Reference: Profound Sky Continent’s average household’s annual income is about 30000 Yellow Profound Coin, or 3 Purple Profound Coins)

Spatial Rings (cubic meters)

– Yellow – 3-5 m^3
– Cyan – 10 m^3

Conversions we make for Readers during Translation

one 丈 – 3 ⅓ meters
one 斤 – .5 kilogram

Example: I*
Any “I” translated with an asterisk (*) is an indication of haughty referral to oneself. This will only occur if they do it too often in da sentence and it starts to sound too repetitive. Or if OverTheRanbow is being a lazy ***. xD

All of the profound skills Yun Che currently possesses as of Chapter 232.

Profound Arts:

Great Way of the Buddha (Came from Jasmine)

Prison God Sirius’ Tome (Came from Jasmine)
Frozen Cloud Arts (Came from Chu Yuechan)

Profound Skills:

1st Realm – Evil Soul: Falling Moon Sinking Star

3rd Realm – Purgatory: Destroying Sky Decimating Earth

Phoenix Series

Star Scorching Demon Lotus

Heavy Sword Series

Sky Wolf Slash (Heavy Sword + Sirius)
Phoenix Break (Heavy Sword + Sirius + Phoenix)

Profound Movement Skill:
Star God’s Broken Shadow (Came from Jasmine)

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