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Chapter 287 "Old Madam Dong Fainted (4)"

“Mother, where do you think Dong Ruolan (wife) got that phoenix from?" Twirling her eyes as if thinking something, Dong Mu Xue’s (daughter) sounded curious in her tone.

“She said her father-in-law gave it to her. Such a rare demon beast, as if they would do that? If anything, it would've went to their son instead if it's true."

Dong Ruolan isn't even me! I am a royal princess while she's but a lowly noble's daughter, how can she even compare to me?!

Not only that, she was also married off into another family, and a far one at that! If Old Lord Lan isn't stupid then there's no way he would've given the woman such a precious creature. Likely just Dong Ruolan trying to hide her unfortunate life in the Lan House, that's why she brought along this phoenix.

“If it weren't the Lan House giving it to her then where did it come from? It wouldn't be…." Hurrying to cup her mouth, Dong Mu Xue's (daughter) meaning was very obvious.

Clicking her tongue in support, Fu Bao Yun (wife) was the same as her daughter: "Don't worry about it, I bet its exactly as you think! Don't you see her appearance? She's way younger looking then the last time she visited. I bet she used her beauty to hook up with some other men and managed to swindle the phoenix off one of her patrons. What 'I will never be a concubine', to think she was acting all pure and stuff before. Nothing but a dirty slut."

Opening and closing his lips repeatedly on the side, Dong Ruoqin (husband) really wanted to object to the claim. He knows his sister wasn't like that. Sadly, his timid attitude once again won the better of him….

“Mother,” flickering a light in her eyes, Dong Mu Xue suddenly grew excited. "Do you know where that fire phoenix is? If we can catch it and offer it up to the royal family, then perhaps… my uncle the king would finally have a change in attitude towards us."

She wants to have such a beautiful phoenix, but compared to that desire, she much rather the king treat her better. The reasoning, it's because that's a permanent increase of her interest.

“Perfect, I will go tell my brother the king now. Besides, that fire phoenix should've been ours to begin with. That Dong Ruolan doesn't deserve to possess such a being." The woman's eye emulating a beam of conniving greed as she stated this.

She's heard it already, the phoenix can travel thousands of miles per day. That was proven in how fast Dong Ruolan was able to arrive back home. Now, all she has to do was to gift it to her brother then surely he would be touched. By then some Duke title or whatever was a given. A perfect plan to embolden her son's influence and power!

“Bao Yun,” seeing his wife and daughter getting more and more excessive, Dong Ruoqin can no longer stay silent, "Don't you think that's not very good? After all, the phoenix is my big sister's…"

Sinking in her expression, the shameless woman immediately went on the offensive: "What's hers?! Its mine you hear me? Everything that enters the Dong family is mine! How dare you help an outsider over me? If you say it one more time then I will divorce you right now!"

Sure enough, the man had lost his backbone the second the word "divorce" was brought up.

“Really Father, you just…" Giving a snort, the young girl wasn't all that much better: "Why are you always siding with that woman? You call her sister, but have she ever done the job of a sister? If she truly cared then she should've become Uncle's consort back then, not running off to a far off land just to marry a noble's son. I will not recognize someone like that as my aunt you hear me?"

Such selfish people isn't worthy to be called my aunt!

Dong Ruoqin's face had gone white. Although he knows full well his wife and daughter was in the wrong, but his cowardice always got the better of him.

“We're leaving,” casting a scornful look at her own husband, Fu Bao Yun didn't even want to waste another word on the man anymore. "Come my daughter, let us go visit your uncle in the palace. I'm sure he will have some masters strong enough to subdue the phoenix. By then I won't believe the bird won't surrender under the test of torture."

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