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Chapter 286 "Old Madam Dong Fainted (3)"

Despite the apologetic look in his eyes, the man in the end didn't utter another word and followed in his wife's footsteps.

In accordance with that saddening behavior, the old lord's heart only grew colder and colder until the emotions devolved into pure disappointment and pain…..

This is my good son! For a woman, he's willing to ignore his own unconscious mother! What a good son I have!

Laughing at himself in ridicule, Dong Tian Ling (old lord) really regretted having this son.

After a good hour later, the unconscious old granny finally came to. The first thing she did was to cry and weep at her own misfortune.

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“Dong Tian Ling, look at your good son! It's bad enough that he would indulge his wife and allow her to spend time alone with another man, now he's even… willing to give away his niece to that horrible third prince!"

Sighing, Dong Tian Ling attempts to comfort his wife by patting her on the shoulder: "Don't worry wife, I am the head of this family. So long as I don't agree then no one can force her! Moreover, Xiaoyun is the Lan family's child. So long as they don't agree then this won't work."

“The world always say a family should take a daughter lower than themselves, there's a reason for that! Why did you even agree to let that Fu Bao Yun into our house? If not for her, Ruolan wouldn't have been turned into this comatose state."

The old lady's emotions were very unstable. Just thinking of her daughter's state and the future that's awaiting her granddaughter, this old granny's heart would instantly tense up in pain.

Dong Tian Ling didn't know what to say here. He too also opposed the idea back then, but his son was so dead set on the marriage. How can he as a father force the pair apart?

Because of that one moment of softness, their family now has to face the consequences of their choice.

“Old man,” asked the old lady, “how long are you going to keep Xiaoyun away from here? Her mother's been left in a coma and you won't even allow her to take revenge."

Helpless in his expression: "I just don't want her to be harmed. No matter what, Fu Bao Yun is still a royal princess at her core. Even if the king isn't close with her, but for the sake of the Royal Family's prestige, the king will definitely make a move."

“That… then we're really going to leave this be?” The old lady was very reluctant to accept this ending.

No matter how horrible that Fu Bao Yun thinks of her, the old madam can still take it. But it's her daughter this time, how can she take it lying down?

“Even if I want to leave this be, the Lan family definitely won't." Shaking his old head, the old lord continues, "I heard the Lan House is very favorable towards our daughter. When they catch wind of this, Lord Lan will surely come asking for an answer. If they can get the backing of Luo Huo's royal family then we might just be able to punish that woman."


“Don't get too happy just yet. I have long heard about the Lan House being at odd terms with the royal family of that kingdom. What's more, it's said that they hate the father-in-law of the current crown prince to their core. With that sort of relationship, it's unlikely they can get that sort of backing."

Old Madam Dong had seen Lanyue before too so she's not completely unaware of her unfortunate fate of marrying a scum of a husband.

Such a beautiful child too…

Unlike the denizens of the Liu Huo Kingdom, the occupants of this Chi Xia Kingdom was still blind to the current events taking place over in that nation. Therefore, its normal for the pair of old bones to lose hope.


When Fu Bao Yun left her in-laws behind, the first place she took to was her own quarters in the house where Dong Mu Xue ambushed the woman like a butterfly.

“Mother, I heard Dong Ruolan came back with a beautiful fire phoenix, is that true?"

In response to her daughter's question, Fu Bao Yun only had jealousy in her eyes: "Yes, she did ride a phoenix back here. You were not around that day so of course you wouldn't have seen it."

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