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Walking and moving forward like this, will I reach my expected destination?

Yun Qing did not know, but she did not want to know either. She is walking toward because she had nothing behind her, even a moment of stopping may result in the loss of life.

Although A Mang was loyal, he could not speak or think carefully. Yun Qing could not explain the situation to him or discuss with him when meeting those fatal troubles. What A Mang could do was to set up a barrier for her when danger coming, rather than helping her sidestep these dangers.

Among other people she knew, Xie Yao was a normal childe who knew nothing about life or scheme. He is an excellent candidate with great potential, but he could not solve her difficulties at that time. He was far away from growing up.

Zhu Wuxia she met that day seemed to be a good target to turn to. She had entered the world of cultivation for a long time and had some knowledge about each sect's power distribution. The most important thing is that she could bring convenience to Yun Qing as the disciple of law enforcement at certain critical junctures. Yun Qing loved her bohemian and her straightforward and overbearing power; however, Yun Qing could not define the position of the Devil's Way in the whole event. The Devil's Way regard the orthodox sects as their lives. Maybe when the Destroying Devil's Sect's killing order fell on the ground, Zhu Wuxia was the first one trying to kill her.

As for Song Liyou, whose background was rather weird, he usually told lies but he did know something. Song Liyou was only a spirit without body, but he could walk around the place which is full of divine power. Yun Qing guessed that he had some magic weapons.

After thinking about it, Yun Qing felt that the most unreliable Song Liyou was the one that can be her ally. They both had some unspeakable secrets, great magic instruments, and had no way to go. Although they did not believe in each other, they have no obvious conflict of interests. Maybe…if Song Liyou survived in the Divine Way, Yun Qing could gain a good cooperator by helping him.

Yun Qing thought about the plan while enduring sickness.

"Slower, A Mang." Yun Qing clutched her mouth and depressed a spell of coughing.

A Mang was so strong that he walked like a human-shape beast. The road was bumpy, so Yun Qing was not comfortable on his shoulder.

A Mang stopped and looked at her confusedly.

"Alright, you may keep walking…" Yun Qing smiled bitterly. A Mang could understand a little command and do limited things besides the instinct to protect them.

Hearing this, A Mang strode forward again, with his hand grasping Yun Qing's legs to prevent her from falling. But he did not know his force is strong enough to hurt Yun Qing.

Yun Qing frowned and shifted her attention to the surrounding environment.

Gradually, she found that A Mang walked on an unfamiliar way. It is not the road recorded on Song Liyou's astrolabe.

Yun Qing knew the content on the astrolabe. That's why she was not afraid of departing from Song Liyou. If Song Liyou knew this, he would be paralyzed. The astrolabe aimed to find the balance in the changes of the Divine Way and stars on the basis of stars, so as to record the Divine Way permanently. It was almost impossible to write down the trajectories of thousands of stars with manpower, let alone understand the changes in the Divine Way.

But Yun Qing could make it with the help of the Sky's Book which she stole from the Million Mountain.

The Sky's Book recorded everything in world, including the past, the present and the future. It contained the things that existed, is existing and will exist.

It was the legend passed down by cultivators, but it is only a legend.

You must pay for what you want.

No one can afford the price of the Sky's Book, knowing everything. You can not even touch it if you cannot bear the karma.

Although there were some people who wanted to shake the world in the long history, they all failed in the Million Mountain no matter how talented or brilliant they were.

The history of the Sky's Book and why it was suppressed by the Million Mountain were hardly traceable, but everyone knew that no one can shake the Million Mountain.

Yun Qing stole the Sky's Book from such a colossus at the top level. She benefited from the Sky's Book now, but she would die for it at any time.

"A Mang?" Yun Qing pressed on his shoulder and stopped him.

A Mang stood there confusedly.

"Nothing, you did nothing wrong." Yun Qing comforted him while carefully exploring the surrounding environment.

The Sky's Book can not be carried by human body. Yun Qing had to bear the enormous burden of the Sky's Book while melting it. She had to pay for it every time she used it, the price including her eyes. She could not see at that time, maybe she could not hear or speak later, and more severely, she may die and become the earth.

Yun Qing stopped herself from thinking cranky. She cleared her throat and said to A Mang, "Let me down, I want to know what is surrounding us."

A Mang put her on the ground carefully and stretched to support her, but Yun Qing did not see and walked away.

She knelt on the ground and smelt the earth.

"Wrong…" She frowned, "It is not consistent with the astrolabe."

The Sky's Book fluctuated vaguely. A Mang did not follow her order somehow and walked on the wrong road.

"We are in trouble…ha-ha…" Yun Qing felt fire burning from her heart and coughed severely.

Yun Qing used the Sky's Book to get some information about the Divine Way from Song Liyou. She knew that there was only one Divine Way after the god perished. But she had no idea of what would happen if they deviated from the fixed trajectory.

"A Mang…" Yun Qing fell on the ground when she wanted to stand up.

A Mang picked her up and put her on his shoulder steadily.

"Is this a kalpa…?" Yun Qing did not ask A Mang why he disobeyed her order. She knew that A Mang could not understand.

Yun Qing smiled bitterly and coughed severely, her sound more hoarse than before, "What a pity…"

"I don't believe in kalpa!" She smiled with arrogance, her eyes closed.

"A Mang, go…Now that we do not know the way, let's go straight."

A Mang howled, the branched shaking and the leaves falling.

"Even if it's the hell, I lived to death."

Xie Yao's body was changing incredibly.

He heard many spells roaring around his ears and became synchronized with his breath. The Jade Ruyi in his hand emitted a steady stream of white mist, which changed into the shape of galloping horses and melt into his body slowly like a living creature.

Xie Yao's perception of the outside world was weakened, but his perception of his own body reached an unprecedented level.

He heard his heartbeat, a steady stream of blood flowing out from his heart and spreading throughout the body through the blood vessels, and then back to the heart. The white mist permeated his body, rapidly and anxiously.

"Ah!!" He shouted for pain unconsciously.

Those white misty horses sprang in his body and vandalized. Although he was painful, he gradually calmed down.

"Cultivate your heart, tame your spirit…" He read silently, and strived to calm down his inner agitation.

His mind flashed a variety of memory fragments.

His parents looked at him with expectation when he was talented at a young age. He met the Fairy Wuxia on the flower ship with amazement. He was detained in a narrow room, and his parents bitterly said that he was fascinated by the devil. And he was writing poems in the yard when he suddenly heard his sweetheart’s name. And the mysterious girl gave him the opportunity to seek for immortality that day.

Proud, vanity, bitter, attachment, acacia, excitement…

All kinds of emotions rushed in his heart like waves, and then gradually receded.

With virtual heart fire gradually suppressed, the horses in the body became more stable. Soon, when Xie Yao's heart did not fluctuate at all, those misty horses re-transformed into a plume of white mist and dispersed in his body and to remove impurities in his body one by one.

Replacing tendons and cutting bones were necessary steps to cultivation.

There were too many impurities in the mortal body, and the spirit was not clear too. If you wanted to take your steps to the immortal world, you must clear your spirit and your body. But many people can not achieve this in their lives. There were countless miraculous medicine could help to remove the impurities in the body, however, external force can never clear your spirit.

Yun Qing's was not wrong with Xie Yao's excellent talent.

He could tame his heart fire and make his spirit clear like a newborn baby in a few moments. He was already a god-blessed talent.

Coupled with the help of the Jade Ruyi, Xie Yao will be able to open the door of his body and lead the spirit into his body in a few moments.

Xie Yao's breath was long and gentle. He opened his eyes, feeling the world was completely different.

He felt like a misty glass was wiped clean.

He got up and felt slimy on his body. A lot of dirty things were removed from his body as the result of replacing tendons and cutting bones.

He did not have time to appreciate the advantage before he fell back because of the vibration of the floor.

Xie Yao waited until the vibration slowed down, and propped up only to find that the pool in the middle of the palace emerged a lot of water mist.

Something seemed to be churning in the pool constantly and want to rush out of the water.

When Xie Yao thought of it, the water in the pool sprouted out, wetting his face.

"Puff…" Xie Yao moved back, wiping his face with his sleeve.

"Keke…Keke Keke…"

A familiar cough came from the water mist.

A strong and tall figure gradually came out of the mist, holding a thin child in his hand.

"Yun Qing!?" Xie Yao shouted when he recognized the two people, "how are you?"

A weaker cough answered him.

Xie Yao ran there and found that both them were wet. A Mang looked still foolish, embracing Yun Qing who was faint.

It appeared that they came through the pool. A Mang do not know how to take care of Yun Qing and she was so weak that she lost her unconsciousness after drowning in the water.

Xie Yao wanted to examine Yun Qing but A Mang stood there not knowing what to do or letting him touch Yun Qing.

"Yun Qing! Yun Qing! How are you?!!" Xie Yao shouted hoarsely.

"…not dead yet."

Yun Qing finally opened her eyes barely.

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