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Chapter 8 Ask Determination and Lead Spirit

“Wait a moment, A Mang.” Yun Qing pressed on A Mang’s shoulder, coughing with her other hand covered on her mouth.

A Mang got panicked seeing her cough terribly. He stood there without knowing what to do, fuzzy sobs coming from his throat.

A Mang had a wide stride and walked fast to the forest, getting rid of Song Liyou. Yun Qing had intended to go with Song Liyou, but she did not expect that her wound was moer terrible than she thought. She was afraid that Song Liyou would take advantage of her and attack her while she was weak, do she had to leave him soon.

“Don’t panic, don’t panic…haihaihai…” Yun Qing comforted A Mang, “I won’t faint like the last time. Do you remember the Uncle Tea in the remote city?”

“When we were caught by the White Emissary in the boundary of the Million Mountains, I had to integrate the God’s Book we had stolen forcibly. After that, I became weaker and weaker.” Yun Qing reached out her hand. A Mang put his head to her hand to let her touch. Yun Qing continued, “Fortunately, we found the Inch Cup on the White Emissary’s body. Haihai…so we can get to the ancient city from the Million Mountain which is ten thousand miles away directly.”

“When we left the ancient city, the Uncle Tea gave me the World Pot which seemed to be the pair of the Inch cup.” Yun Qing stretched down and touched the pot on A Mang’s neck, “I don’t know where the old man comes from. He seemed to know that I would come over there and prepared the gift for me.”

Yun Qing frowned again with a visible trace on her forehead. She was always worried than she ought to be at such a young age.

“Let it be. There are plenty of people who can foresee the future in the world.” Yun Qing shook her head, “But…if the Uncle Tea can track my movements, others may be able to do that too. Although I use Dao Yuan’s destiny to cover mine during this trip, I should be more careful afterwards.”

A Mang could not understand her words. He just looked up at her, afraid of her vomiting blood again.

Yun Qing felt his behavior and smiled with worry, “Don’t look at me. I won’t be better being looked at. Now we must find a way to be a Dao seeker. I can’t escape from death if I keep bearing the treasure of the world in my body.”

She talked without care, but A Mang was more panicked. He moaned loudly, scaring birds in the forest.

“Let’s go, A Mang. I feel better.” Yun Qing tapped him on his head, “Maybe we can find something to relieve the situation.”

A Mang dare not follow her words. He support her on the leg and ran forward along the trail.


Xie Yao walked slowly.

He always lived in a mansion, seldom going out. He was too weak to climb the mountain.

However, he walked forward one step by another, slow but steady.

Xie Yao comforted himself and thought, “The trees are thick here and this is the only trail. I will find them if I walk along the trail…Aiyo!”

He stumbled and almost fell to the ground while he was thinking.

He lowered his head and found a vine lying on the middle of the trail. He looked along the vine and saw something white in the fresh green.

He walked closer so he could see it more clearly.

It was a greyish rock. The rock shaped like an incomplete square, half inserting in to the mud and most of another half covered by a giant tree. Other exposed part was also attached with plants such as mosses.

Xie Yao squatted on the heels and got closer. Then he saw there was some uneven writing. He pulled up his sleeve and bent to clean up those sticky plants.

“Maybe it records the story about the Farewell Palace. But…Yun Qing must be worried about me since I have lost for a long time.”

Xie Yao did not know whether he should investigate the rock carefully or hurry up to walk.

“Forget it. I can’t help them even if I catch up with them now. I can only be a drag on her. It is better to look at the rock and see if there is anything useful.” Xie Yao struggled for a moment, and finally decided.

He did not know Yun Qing was busy enough with her own situation and did not worry about his disappearance at all.

Xie Yao got momentum when he thought someone was worried about him. He speeded up removing the tiny dust and dealt with the vines. There were fine thrones on the vine. Xie Yao avoided to touch the throne and picked up a wood stick to pick out the vine.

“The tree is so giant that its top is invisible. No one knows how long it has grown. But it seemed that the rock was older than the tree.”

Xie Yao was sweating all over after spending much effort on cleaning the vines in wild disorder.

“It looks like a monument…” Xie Yao wiped his forehead and began to recognize the writing on the rock.

“Moving that with this is called feel. Answering this with that is called response. Thou go ahead if thou art Dao, or go backward.”

Xie Yao read those words which were in old style intermittently. He guessed that few people can recognize them even if it was complete and not worn away by time. Anyway, he could not recognize what it was about.

Xie Yao rubbed his aching shoulder. When he lifted up his hand, he accidentally touched the vine on the side.

“Aiyo!” Xie Yao shouted in pain and looked at his hand which was cut by the vine.

Xie Yao shook his hand, feeling like crying.

“Yi?!” The vine which hurt him just now was swept by his hand, revealing another part of the monument.

Half of the monument was under the ground, and the place that was revealed was about in the middle of the rock. Xie Yao observed it and saw a weird groove in that place.

“The shape…is familiar.” Xie Yao moved his head and thought. Suddenly his eyes became bright, “Right!”

He took out the jade ruyi and compared it with the groove, finding that the shape of them was the same.

“Is this…a chance?” Xie Yao swallowed and put the jade ruyi in the groove, pressing down.


Yun Qing has left for a while, but Song Liyou stood there with sinister and vicious smile on his face.

“The little girl is strange and weird, so I can’t attack her without certainty. Now I have to depend on the guy.” Song Liyou took out a small astrolabe.

It was through this astrolabe that he brought them into the divine way.

The God-secluding Mountain and the Farewell Palace were no longer somewhere in the secular world but the Divine Region.

Everything has spirits so everything can be god, including the grass and the tree. The world has its destiny, that’s how the rule and the law exists, that is, the God.

There are God of Flower, God of River, God of Ocean, and the Emperor of Green who is the God of Spring.

The Farewell Palace was where the Emperor of Green lived and buried after his death. Numerous people wanted to find the palace during these years. However, an existence like the Emperor of Green was so powerful that the Divine Region exists forever even after his death. If the Divine Region exists, the Divine Way is the only access to the Farewell Palace.

The Divine Way was the road of Gods, in which numerous illusions changed constantly. Human with a body can’t see the true road. But it is not impossible to find the road.

The astrolabe in Song Liyou’s hand was one of the methods that can find the Divine Way.

Normal people tended to describe a location with words like “under the tree in the village” or “in the well behind the house”; however, these things cannot stand any change of the world. It disappeared too fast for Gods.

Some Gods used stars to determine the location of the Devine Way. Stars that run in a certain way can last longer than things on the earth and are easier to identify.

If someone can explore the Devine Way and record its location on an astrolabe after comparing it to the stars, they could pass the location of the Devine Way to their successors.

As a result, the astrolabe, on which Song Liyou spent hundreds of years, is of the top importance.

“I drew the guy away deliberately,” Song Liyou determined his direction with the astrolabe, “but the girl walked ahead straightly. She is either reckless or…”

Malicious look flashed on her face, “she has a more detailed record.”

The quality of astrolabes is different, therefore a more detailed astrolabe can help him avoid many deadly attacks.

“Hum, I can find the girl by the tracking incense I put on her. At that time, I will ambush her and get her record.”


Xie Yao was faint and felt like being rotated by someone and force to the ground.


Xie Yao screamed fiercely and fell on the ground.

He rubbed his ass and found himself lying on the cold floor. He was shocked when he looked up.

In front of his eyes was a magnificent palace that cannot be described in words. The entire white megalithic outlined the general shape of the palace, without any variegation but white, green and pale ink color.

The eaves are so huge that he cannot see the end of the palace. The green stone paved the steps, numerous lively sculptures of rare birds and beasts standing beside the steps. The white floors were also painted with clouds and colorful god’s images. The fine cobweb-like lines of ink were on the dome, but not cluttered at all. There was a pool at the center, with a dense white mist. The fog evaporated into the shape of nine flying longs.

Xie Yao did not have time to carefully look at these before he was shocked, but a sharp pain on the vertebra immediately waked him up.

Xie Yao wanted to support himself, but he touched a gentle thing. Looking down, it is the Jade Ruyi.

That Jade Ruyi started emitting a faint light once it’s held, a warm feeling rising to his heart from his hands.

“People’s nature, all in vain.”

Xie Yao was confused when he heard a vague voice whispering in his ears. He could not tell the gender of the voice.

“Dishonest mind, is the hell. Read the passage, feel your guilty”

The sound became louder and louder, almost deafening.

“Cultivate your heart, tame your spirit. Mirror your error, tell the comer.”

“Cultivate your heart, tame your spirit…” Xie Yao involuntarily followed the voice and read.

He did not notice that the white gas emanating from the Jade Ruyi turned into all sorts of shapes and fell into his body.

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