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Chapter 74 - It was Bai Xiaochun

Elder Zhou's voice resounded throughout the entire Scented Cloud Mountain. As it echoed out, countless disciples' expressions turned weird upon hearing it - what happened today on the Scented Cloud Mountain shocked everyone completely.

Even the other elders in Scented Cloud Mountain were also shocked speechless by this turn of events. Moreover, that phoenix bird was a beloved pet of Elder Zhou's, hence others didn't dare interfere. If they were to accidentally injure that crazed phoenix, they might arouse the displeasure of Elder Zhou.

And even more importantly… on the entire Scented Cloud Mountain, the only person who raised birds was Elder Zhou. Hence, no matter how much they thought about it, it was Elder Zhou's personal matters and outsiders weren't in a position to interfere.

As for the Spirit Tailed Chickens...Li Qinghou had went out of the sect, and Zhou Xinqi who was his disciple had the responsibility in this matter. However, even if she had the heart, she did not have the strength for it. After all, that male phoenix bird was too fearsome, throughout the day, she could only watch from afar with a face flushed with embarrassment, not daring to take even a step forward.

At this moment, Elder Zhou's body shook uncontrollably as he watched the screeching phoenix with a pained expression. After turning his gaze to look at the ravaged birds prostrated all around him, he wanted to cry but had no tears.

"I will definitely investigate just who is the culprit!" With Elder Zhou's expertise in the Dao of medicine, he could see with a single look that his phoenix bird had been drugged.

At this moment, Bai Xiaochun was hiding inside the room of the Medicine Refining Pavilion. Even though this place could block most of the sounds from outside, the angry roar from the enraged Elder Zhou possessed a fearsome penetration, and even from here, Bai Xiaochun could still faintly hear it.

His heart trembled as indignance surfaced on his face; he really felt wronged...

Right now, he could only hope that this matter was untraceable. If Elder Zhou were to find him… Bai Xiaochun thought with a gloomy expression. His head was still filled with thoughts on how to refine the complementary medicine pill that could help bring out the effects of that aphrodisiac pill.

He had continuously researched for days and went out a few times to buy the necessary medicinal herbs. He even used his Contribution Points to exchange for some herbs that were hard to obtain from outside and then repeatedly tested their effects in the Medicine Refining Pavilion.

The sound of a pills breaking and exploding frequently sounded out from his room. Strictly speaking, this was the first time that Bai Xiaochun had tried creating a medicine recipe from scratch. Previously, during the examination to become a Medicine Apprentice, even though he had gained some enlightenment, all he did was a few slight changes to the recipe.

But this time It was different. He was creating something out of thin air, the difficulty of such a feat was incomparable to what he had done before. If this was the Bai Xiaochun from before, who had just been promoted to a Medicine Apprentice, with his expertise in the Dao of medicine would have been impossible to achieve this feat. However, with almost more than a year's worth of research in the Dao of medicine, the current Bai Xiaochun already had the capabilities to take on such a challenge.

Although still hazy, the path he was treading on was already beyond the imagination of any normal Medicine Apprentice; instead it was the great Dao that Medicine Masters themselves would explore.

Time flashed by, and half a month passed. Bai Xiaochun was still inside the Medicine Refining Pavilion, immersed in creating his own medicine recipe. Under his continuous attempts, he already had some ideas.

At the same time, as he was about to start the furnace with an excited expression, Elder Zhou stood on the peak of the Scented Cloud Mountain with a pained expression; he took out a medicine pill and fed it to a listless phoenix lying in front of him.

"Rest well, what you did before was all against your will, it is not your fault. When you get better, bring this old man to the person that drugged you. No matter who he is, I will definitely make that person pay the price!" Elder Zhou's expression revealed a hint of ferocity; this whole half a month he had thoroughly investigated not only the entire Scented Cloud Mountain, but even the other mountains in the South Bank.

However, he did not find any clues. Hence, the only option he had left was to wait for the phoenix to rest for a while and then personally take him to the culprit.

At the same time, he had also noticed, that during this half a month, in the entire Scented Cloud Mountain...not a single winged bird so much as showed up. It was as if after the tragedy that occurred half a month ago, this place had become taboo for all birds.

As if the air above exuded an stifling odor, and whenever a birds smelled it, its expression would change and dare not come. Even those Spirit Tailed Chickens were trembling the whole day. Seeing their lifeless and restless states, those disciples that reared the Spirit Tailed Chickens all had depressed looks on their faces. They didn't dare voice their grievances and could only keep them in their hearts.

Gradually, after this incident settled down, a string of rumours started spreading around the Scented Cloud Mountain.

"Do you still remember that bird from half a month ago? I heard a piece of news... that bird actually ate Elder Zhou's medicine and that's why it turned out like that… with Elder Zhou already being so old, I wonder why would he be refining this type of medicine…"

"Shh...lower your voice, don't you know why Elder Zhou likes those phoenixes so much… there is a tragic secret within it ah. Elder Zhou never had a partner for his entire life, should get the idea."

"Heavens! That's crazy, don't tell me that those birds could no longer tolerate the tortures of Elder Zhou and that's why they went mad!"

The further the rumours spread, the more exaggerated they became. In the end, most of Scented Cloud Mountain's disciples had heard of the news. And when each of them spread it to others, they can't help but fluff it up a bit with their imagination. In the end, all kind of rumours had appeared.

When Elder Zhou heard of this matter, he was so angry that he almost spat blood from his mouth. He wanted to explain, but whenever the disciples saw him, their expressions couldn't help but change and no matter how much he defended himself, it was all in vain. Even though the disciples would bow their heads in respect on the surface, the rumours only got worse and worse...

Another half a month passed. On this day, a vicious killing intent burst from Elder Zhou as his face became unprecedentedly dark. With a wave of his right hand, the male phoenix bird which had been resting for the past month immediately flew out. Its muscular build was still maintained and even its aura was stronger than before. It had evidently benefited from the accident.

Initially when Elder Zhou saw this scene, he felt a little better deep in his heart, but as long as the anger in him was not vented out. He could never rest in peace as he thought back to the events of the past month; how countless sect disciples had looked at him with dreadful looks, the weird expressions accompanied by dry coughs from his peers and especially those rumours that made him seethe with anger. At this moment, he took the phoenix bird with him and flew off together.

"Go search, search for the person who drugged you!" Elder Zhou said through clenched teeth.

The phoenix bird let out a cry as it immediately sped off through the air. Elder Zhou followed behind, the killing intent emitted from his body growing stronger and stronger. This attracted the attention of many disciples. Some of the nosy ones even followed from behind.

In no time at all, that male phoenix bird had dashed straight to the residence of Bai Xiaochun. When it arrived, it circled above it and cocked its head to look at Elder Zhou with an indignant expression. It let out piercing cries, as if telling Elder Zhou that this was the place where he was drugged.

The surrounding disciples that were following behind all witnessed this scene with widened eyes. They were first stunned, but when they realised whom this cavern belonged to, they all binked their eyes and their expressions turned weird.

(ED Note: After checking through the last few chapters, there were no indications that Bai has gone from his courtyard to a cavern. However, the raws of this chapter clearly states 'cave dwelling instead of courtyard.)

"This… seems like Senior Uncle Bai's residence."

"It is indeed Senior Uncle Bai's… "

"Keke, if this incident was caused by any other person, I would not have believed it. But if it was Senior Uncle Bai… then everything makes sense!"

Elder Zhou stood in the air, his entire body trembling with anger. His eyes were bloodshot as he gnashed his teeth in fury.

"BAI XIAOCHUN!" He had finally found the culprit. At this moment, with a sweep of his spiritual sense, he noticed that there was no one inside. With a flick of his right hand, he immediately took out a jade slip and used his authority to investigate.

Not long after, he found out that Bai Xiaochun was currently in the Medicine Refining Pavilion.

At this instant, a vicious smirk appeared on Elder Zhou's face. On any other normal day, Elder Zhou would be a gentle and kind person. But right now, Elder Zhou sped off together with his phoenix with an angry roar straight towards the Medicine Refining Pavilion. Excitement appeared on the faces of the surrounding Scented Cloud Mountain disciples as they quickly called their friends and spread the news.

"Quick, that mastermind behind the crazed phoenix has been found!"

"It was Bai Xiaochun!!"

When they heard the news, countless outer sect disciples, and even some inner sect were startled and immediately ran out with excited faces.

The torture that Bai Xiaochun had made them undergo previously had now all been transformed in enthusiasm - the greater the torture they suffered, the greater the enthusiasm they had. Chen Zi'ang immediately dashed out, his face full of excitement and anticipation, as well as Zhao Yiduo. When both of their eyes met, they actually put aside their dislike for each other, their hearts set on going to see Bai Xiaochun suffer.

Within the crowd, there was a big burly fellow who had tears running down his face. He was that self-proclaimed Mr. Wolf, Liu Ergou, and right now, he felt like howling at the sky, "This is retribution ah!"

As the entire Scented Cloud Mountain sprang into action, Bai Xiaochun similarly had an excited expression within the Medicine Refining Pavilion as he was looking at the pill furnace in front of him. Currently, the pill furnace shook and medicinal aroma spread in the air and a few white-coloured medicine pills appeared within the pill furnace.

These medicine pills were nameless and couldn't be consumed. Just a little force exerted onto them would cause them to burst apart into pieces. They had only one purpose aimed specifically at male monsters… to produce an irresistible lure. Temptation.

Within the medicine pill, Bai Xiaochun had used tens of different medicinal plants that could produce stimulating effects; he even bore the pain of buying some spirit beasts materials from the North Bank. And after long experiments, he had finally succeeded in refining this medicine pill.

Although he was unsure how strong its effect was, he more or less had some idea in his heart. No matter what, the effect definitely wouldn't be too bad. He was actually worried that the effect might still be too weak, so he had used several times the minimum quantity and even spiritually refined each stalk of the medicinal plants in the Turtle-shell Pot before he used them to refine the medicine.

Currently, Bai Xiaochun looked at the few white-coloured spirit medicines in his hand with anticipation. Imagining the effects of using this pill together with the aphrodisiac pill in his mind, he couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

"It shall be called Female Fragrance Pill then. Ah, what a good name. As for the previous red-coloured medicine pill, it will be called Aphrodisiac Pill!" Bai Xiaochun gave a little thought before he took these few medicine pills and spiritually refined them thrice.

With that, the medicine pill immediately became different; it was no longer a lower grade pill, instead, it was fine grade!!

As for the pill medicine's effects… Bai Xiaochun only had to imagine it a little and both his eyes immediately brightened.

"Hehe, no matter what monster it is, as long as they meet me, Bai Xiaochun, in the future, wherever I want them to pounce at, they will have to pounce at without resistance!" Bai Xiaochun coughed dryly as he stashed away the medicine pill. With satisfaction in his heart, he was just about to go out for a stroll, but just as he got out of the Medicine Refining Pavilion.

Right at that moment...

A furious roar resounded clearly through the sky.

"Bai Xiaochun!"

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