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The twist lasted only an instant, and it was hard to tell if it was the world twisting or his own eyes twisting. After the twist ended, a figure appeared in front of him without a sound or breath.


“Big brother, don’t go, play with me…”


As the ground shook, his body leapt out, and when he lowered his head to take a look, he realized that the little girl couldn’t be found anywhere at all. Everything from before was like an illusion.


With no mood for rest, Bai Xiaochun clenched his jaw and moved forward once more, trying to get away from the place with any means necessary. Another hour passed, and he faintly saw three cultivators killing each other in the distance. As he neared, his footsteps stopped completely.


Bai Xiaochun’s scalp went numb as he released all his cultivation, right fist clenched as his undying longevity technique exploded. Shooting out his fist, the floor rumbled and the little girl vanished. Not far away the three cultivators all abruptly stared at Bai Xiaochun, and after seeing him with their own eyes they seemed to go insane, punching a fist into a boulder.


Silent, Bai Xiaochun looked around his surroundings, leaving with his jaw clenched.


Furthermore, the situation was worsening. At the beginning there was an hour of interval between the little girl’s appearances, but now it was a mere interval of three hundred breaths. It was impossible for him to reach foundation establishment.


And on the second day’s dusk, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were bloodshot as he felt a prominent exhaustion in his body, finding it difficult to lock his life with the place, with even the indication that he would float out. His head was slightly dizzy as well.


If that was to be tossed out, and taken by the little girl, then he would verylikely… meet the same fate as Lei Shan. The recent events gave him an alertness he never had. The pellet… it can’t be refined without second thoughts.


As Bai Xiaochun was moaning, a sudden rainbow swept past in the distance. Oiginally supposed to pass by, it abruptly stopped when it neared where Bai Xiaochun was.


“You managed to collect enough earth pulse qi and formed an earth pulse qi attractor… That’s way too fast!”


“Don’t disturb me, go play in a corner!” Bai Xiaochun was troubled, and was calculating the time. More than ten breaths before, the time for the attack came again.


“Bai Xiaochun, that earth pulse qi attractor you have on you, let’s talk about it, why don’t you let me play with it for a while.” Xu Xiaoshan’s eyes exposed his greed as he laughed loudly at the sky. With a shudder of his body, he pinched his fingers and seven to eight types of magical items appeared around him instantly, all of them glowing with crystal light, letting out a formidable aura. Under his command, they charged at Bai Xiaochun.



“An evil spirit with consciousness, god, how can a conscious evil spirit still exist here, weren’t they all wiped out? Damn it, you just had to be targeted by this kind of an evil spirit, no wonder you’re so weak, you’ve been cursed! You’re so dead!” Xu Xiaoshan took a deep breath, quickly backing away as he raised his right hand, taking out an ancient jade.


Below, Bai Xiaochun had his eyes wide open as he breathed heavily.


Xu Xiaoshan did not respond at all, turning to run to quickly run away. He didn’t get far before Bai Xiaochun’s body charged out instantly, his wings on his back flashing as his entire body hummed and appeared in front of Xu Xiaoshan instantly. Raising his right hand, he punched him.


“You should be glad I didn’t take your stuff, now you wanna come take mine? You’re already cursed, and you’re not far from death, how dare you challenge me!” Xu Xiaoshan’s expression changed, and with a pinch of his fingers, the seven to eight types of magical items appeared and retaliated.


The explosion shook the earth, and all the magical items shuddered and collapsed after making ka ka sounds. Bai Xiacohun turned into a violent gust, descending down instantly. Startled, Xu Xiaoshan made a savage expression as he swept with his hand, sending the pearls on his wrist flying out and turning into eighteen zombies, all of them at the tenth and peak level of qi condensation, emitting a deathly aura that spread far as they made their move together in unison.


Each and every one of them were very strong.


Xu Xiaoshan roared, but his hands did not stop moving. With a sweep of his left hand, nine bronze coffins flew out, expaniding in size as it went for Bai Xiaochun from above. With a sweep of his right, a gourd appeared, spitting out three thousand pellets of gravel all around, charging at Bai Xiaochun.


What was even more shocking was his wide open mouth, where he spat out a blood colored fan. As the fan waved, blood covered the sky in a diameter of a thousand meters, forming a formation as a roar sounded out from the mist of blood. An uncountable amount of sharp claws formed, covered with blood mist as they charged for Bai Xiaochun.


But at that moment, suddenly, on Bai Xiaochun’s outer body, who was surrounded and attacked by a massive amount of magical treasures, a crane appeared, turning into a shield that circled him. His body also glowed with a black light that covered his entire body.


“What I, Bai Xiaochun, have is tons of protective talismans, with those mere magical treasures of yours, you think you can take me on?” As Bai Xiaochun’s proud voice sounded out, the zombies around him were split open right after, and only a small amount of the gravel managed to enter, only to be trapped inside, many of them bouncing off the protection. Even the nine bronze coffins were unable to break it, blocked as they dropped, unable to go to Bai Xiaochun.


They weren’t magical treasures, but the hundreds of talismans’ worth shocked Xu Xiaoshan.


The price is not cheap, and there was also a time limit for its use. So even if it was Xu Xiaoshan, he found it luxurious.


“Damn it, I, Xu Xiaoshan, haven’t acknowledged anyone before. You, Bai Xiaochun, will be the first one. You need this. I can’t give it to you, but it’s fine if you want to play wiith it for a while!”

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