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Chapter 129 - A Bone Spike

Bai Xiaochun had a blank look in his eyes. Although his consciousness had returned, it seemed as though it had not recovered from the illusory world of enlightenment. He was now perplexed, as if the world in front of his eyes was blurry.

The disciples from the Law Enforcement Agency surrounding him had also reacted, raising their heads to look at Bai Xiaochun. Those outer sect disciples that had been here from start to end all opened their eyes widely, unceasingly letting out astonished cries of surprise.

“A hundred and thirty days!”

“He used five times the amount of time compared to Senior Brother Gui Ya to achieve enlightenment, but the length of his enlightenment was also five times the amount of time as Senior Brother Gui Ya!”

The outer sect disciples were in an uproar, and they took out their jade slips, using their fastest speed possible to spread out the news of Bai Xiaochun’s awakening; it was as if the entire North Bank had a gale sweeping through it. In an instant, every disciple that knew about this had their hearts jolted as they directly headed to the Testing Stage.

It was at this moment when Bai Xiaochun, who was below the Testing Stage’s sculpture and had an increasingly blank look in his eyes, suddenly raised his right hand and unconsciously waved his hand lightly, murmuring...

“Water Pond.”

His voice was light, and it was hard for outsiders to hear it. But in the instant when Bai Xiaochun’s mouth echoed out what was inside his mind, a world-shaking explosion that was like a heavenly thunder suddenly descended and violently spread out.


The enormous sound shook the heavens, and the following three claps of thunder caused everyone present to have their hearts madly tremble. Even more, after these claps of thunder reverberated, a boundless water vapor suddenly spread out in all directions!

Three zhang, ten zhang, twenty zhang, fifty zhang, hundred zhang… All the way until two hundred zhang!

With Bai Xiaochun at the center of a circle with a radius of 200 zhang long, that endless water vapor instantly enveloped and caused the whole scenery to become blurry. Moreover, there was a pushing force that caused all the disciples within two hundred zhang of Bai Xiaochun, including the disciples of the Law Enforcement Agency, to be pushed out while they were taking a deep breath.

The pushing force had an extremely great force, making the disciples within 200 zhang retreat; none of them were able to resist it. Within the blink of an eye, there was no one within 200 zhang of Bai Xiaochun.

The water vapor was hazy, stirring the clouds in the sky while spreading out the force of heaven and earth in all directions; it formed an enormous whirlpool that was slowly rotating in midair. Every disciple that saw this scene felt their hearts palpitating. They thought of the ghost claw that descended from the sky when Gui Ya used the Nightwalker Technique.

That technique seemed as if it was not something that a cultivator at the Qi Condensation stage could use, and caused all of the disciples of the North Bank to simultaneously respect and fear Gui Ya. But now… they had the same feeling when they looked at Bai Xiaochun, however, this feeling was even more intense than what they felt for Gui Ya!

When bursts of deep breaths were let out, a large amount of disciples who were rushing over successively appeared. There were many inner sect disciples within the group, including Beihan Lie, the Gongsun siblings, Xu Song and the others.

They saw the whirlpool in the sky, then they looked at Bai Xiaochun; all of their expressions immediately changed.

“Water Nation Technique!”

“He should’ve cultivated it, but we don’t know what his Spirit of Life is…”

Gui Ya’s figure appeared in midair, and he stared at Bai Xiaochun, his eyes showing fighting intent, however, he deliberately suppressed it.

While the disciples were still staring in astonishment, the four Ancestors of the North Bank, as well as Li Qinghou, suddenly appeared and also stared at the Bai Xiaochun who was below the sculpture.

“This old man is also looking forward to Bai Xiaochun’s Spirit of Life!”

“He is merely using the Water Pond, yet it already has an aura like this, what in the world is it…”

In Li Qinghou’s eyes, there was surprise as well as happiness. He looked at the Bai Xiaochun who was awakening from his enlightenment; it was evident that he was looking forward to it.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Bai Xiaochun slowly raised his head. His eyes still had a blank look in them, and his raised right hand was… gradually lowered!

“Nation!” Bai Xiaochun softly murmured.

In the instant when he lowered his hand, all of the surrounding people sluggishly breathed out. An inconceivable aura suddenly spread out from Bai Xiaochun’s body, enveloping everything in all directions within the blink of an eye.

Within two hundred zhang, everything was hazy, and it was almost impossible to clearly see the original scenery. What could be seen… was the water vapor, which had become extremely dense, formed into a… Water Pond!

Within this Water Pond, a beast roar echoed out. This roar was mysterious, as if it was a roar that gathered countless voices of monstrous beasts, condensing them into a single entity, forming an extremely unique roar.


In the instant the roar echoed out, it shook the heavens and quaked the earth, causing all of the people who heard it to have their hearts jump, no matter what their cultivation level was. A feeling of oppression also arose in their hearts, with some evidently greater than the others.

Moreover, along with the roar, all the combat beasts of the disciples of the North Bank raised their heads and let out a roar, and there were even some that unexpectedly released their aggressive nature as all of the combat beasts were in a big mess.

And within the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, that near thousand monstrous beasts were also roaring. Quickly, the countless beast roars covered the sky and earth, spreading in all directions throughout the entire North Bank, making the hearts of all of the disciples of the North Bank tremble faster.

“Bai Xiaochun’s Water Nation Technique’s Spirit of Life, what in the world is it!”

“Heavens, why would it be like this!” The disciples of the North Bank were all trying to pacify the combat beasts beside them. Everyone’s expression changed; all of them were overwhelmed with shock, especially the inner sect disciples. The combat beasts beside them had different Bloodline Grades, and some combat beasts were extremely hard to pacify. Those combat beasts all seemed as if they had gone mad.

While everyone was trying to pacify their beasts, another inauspicious and bestial roar echoed out in the North Bank.

The two hundred zhang Water Pond violently shook and twisted, as if this Water Pond was an exit to a different dimension. Peering from inside, there was an invisible spirit beast that wanted to burst through this exit and come out from that dimension.

Following that, the Water Pond suddenly shook, and an enormous mountain suddenly bursted out of this Water Pond within an instant.

At a first glance, this mountain was extremely huge, but if anyone looked at it carefully, they would discover that this mountain… was even bigger than it seems. Clearly, the mountain that appeared from the two hundred zhang Water Pond was only the mountain’s… sharp end!

And if anyone looked even more carefully, they would find themselves looking at a scene that would make people’s scalp even more numb. Rather than a mountain, it was actually… the sharp point of a bone spike!

“A bone spike, heavens, that actually is the sharp end of a bone spike!”

“The bone spike is already two hundred zhang, how big is this beast’s body, this… this Spirit of Life, what appearance does it even have!”

While cries of suprise echoed out throughout the North Bank, a world-shaking aura exploded out from within the Water Pond. An attack that seemed to be formless spread out in all directions, and the combat beasts beside the disciples of the North Bank were now unable to be pacified. Within a few moment, all the combat beasts actually trembled and seeminly prostrated themselves!


“How could it be like this!” Under the cries of shock and horror of the many disciples in the North Bank, the combat beasts of the North Bank were all unceasingly trembling while prostrated on the ground. At this moment, there were four roars that suddenly came from the peaks of the four mountains of the North Bank, which seemed as if there was something threatening them.

A Seven-Coloured Phoenix charged over in an instant; it rigidly stared at the mountain within Bai Xiaochun’s Water Pond while it was in midair, showing a strong sign of vigilance. On another side, the Three-Eyed Black Crow also arrived.

At almost the same time when they appeared, a huge lizard also appeared and let out a low growl towards the mountain within the Water Pond.

And the Mountain Ghost from the Ghost Tooth Peak also arrived. Its bone fork was swaying in its hand, and it had Black Qi rolling all over its body; it actually had a nervous expression on its face!

If anyone carefully looked at these four mountain guarding beasts, they could unexpectedly see respect in the deepest parts of their eyes!

Moreover, at this moment, in the deepest parts of the Hundred Beasts Courtyard, within the Ancient Beast Abyss, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared in the pitch black darkness. This pair of eyes were enormous; it had a sharp and dignified look within it, as if it had broken through nothingness, and had passed through all the obstructions to directly look at Bai Xiaochun’s Water Pond.

It was exactly the Spirit River Sect’s sect guarding godly beast, the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon!

Bai Xiaochun’s Water Nation Technique’s Spirit of Life actually made its face turn grave.

The entire North Bank was thoroughly shocked. The elders from the four mountains had fearful expressions and simultaneously charged out. Moreover, at this moment, on the Zhong Dao Mountain, several supreme and dignified visions were staring intently on what was going on in the North bank.

The Ancestors of the four mountains were already breathing quickly, to the point where their scalps were feeling a little numb.

“Just what kind of Spirit of Life is this!”

“It’s unprecedented!”

“This kind of power is no longer something that cultivators at the Qi Condensation can control! It’s the same as Gui Ya, in fact, it even exceeds Gui Ya!”

Under everyone’s gaze, the mountain within the Water Pond slowly sunk back, as if this two hundred Water Nation Technique was too small, and Bai Xiaochun’s Spirit of Life was unable to completely descend. After it slowly sunk, the Water Pond scattered apart and slowly dissipated.

The Water Pond’s dissipation revealed Bai Xiaochun who was sitting in a cross legged position. Bai Xiaochun had a pale expression; he had already been awake since earlier, and he was currently opening his eyes widely. His eyes wasn’t the same blank eyes as before, and instead, there was shock in them. Clearly, even though it was his own technique, he was also shocked by the bone spike that appeared within the Water Pond.

Following the dissipation of the Water Pond, the surrounding combat beasts slowly recovered, but their owners, the disciples of the North Bank, still felt their minds abuzz. After the short moment of silence, the area exploded into an uproar that could overflow the heavens.

“I… I didn’t see it wrong…”

“This is the Water Nation Technique?!”

“Bai Xiaochun’s Spirit of Life, actually showed only a sharp spike…”

“That world shaking aura just now, came from… a Qi Condensation cultivator like us? Aih, if he was a person from our North Bank, that would be so good.”

During this racket caused by countless people, the four Ancestors of the North Bank looked at each other, then looked at Li Qinghou, who was also shocked.

“The younger generations will surpass us in time… I am extremely curious. His Spirit of Life, what in the world is it.”

“Within Bai Xiaochun’s hands, it can be imagined that he should be able to fully display all of the power of this Water Nation Technique!”

“Only a sharp spike appeared from his Spirit of Life... that is because his cultivation is not sufficient. His Water Pond is only two hundred zhang. Once he dedicates himself to cultivation, and if he can truly step into Golden Core… and display the Water Nation Technique which has a radius of a thousand li, then his Spirit of Life should probably be able to fully descend.”

“If that day truly arrives… using this Water Nation Technique, he can be a rare expert within the same stage!”

Li Qinghou was gratified and felt proud for Bai Xiaochun. He didn’t let Bai Xiaochun know that he had arrived, and he had lifted all of the current worries on his mind. With a happy and excited look, he turned his body and left the North Bank in a flash. He was going to start his preparations to try and attack the Golden Core Realm within ten years.


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