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Chapter 114 - Li Qinghou Understands...

“How could it be like this…” Bai Xiaochun was extremely distressed. He wasn’t even able to wipe the sweat from his forehead! Bai Xiaochun gritted his teeth and continued refining his medicine as tremors resounded outside of the formation array.

He didn’t want to get in trouble... Bai Xiaochun felt wronged. His original intention was only to force these snakes shut up...

At first, Bai Xiaochun believed that refining this pill was quite a simple idea, but how could he have known that although he caused these snakes to shut up, his actions would also cause them to become rabid.

The moment he glanced at the situation, he knew it was far from good and his first thought was to refine a pancea in order to stop it. Thus, he refined a temporary antidote. This time, it definitely prevented the snakes from rampaging. However, he didn’t think that these snakes would actually have a mutation in their fleshy body, causing them to gain extraordinary strength, to point where the formation array wouldn’t be able to block their attacks for an extended period of time.

Bai Xiaochun trembled in fear; his eyes were bloodshot. He only wanted to fix this problem, taking this chance to return everything to what it originally was. Even if the snakes were to continue hissing, it would just be unavoidable.

Two days later, echoes of violent explosions resounded out from inside Bai Xiaochun’s formation array. With a crackling sound, a web of cracks spread out around the formation array. Under the constant attacks from the myriad of snakes, the formation array began showing signs of collapse. Bai Xiaochun’s breathing gradually became rapid as he abruptly rushed out of the stone house, grasping two pills.

“This time, it will definitely be able to successfully solve the problem! The Ten Thousand Snakes Valley will finally return back to normal!” Bai Xiaochun exclaimed. In these last few days, the load of pressure he carried was extremely great; his current expression seemed absent-minded as he fiercely threw the pill in his hands outside the formation array. With a cracking sound, the pill immediately exploded, turning into a green mist, quickly spreading in all directions.

After contact with the mist, all of the snakes around the formation array began trembling, and a splashing sound spread in all directions. Every single snake dropped to the floor, convulsing.Their bodies were limp and painful, as if the strength of their fleshy bodies were rapidly disappearing.

Following the spread of the mist, all of the snakes in the cave, including the Blood God Snakes, quickly became like this. After seeing that the situation was under control, Bai Xiaochun let out a long sigh of relief in his heart. Regarding the Dao of Medicine, he already had reverence in his heart, but he had an even greater sense of pride that he managed to control and fix this situation.

“Finally…” Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath, muttering to himself. However, before he finished speaking, he suddenly jumped up, pointing at a Tributyl Snake. His eyes showed horror and disbelief as an inconceivable expression emerged on his face.


That Tributyl Snake, at this moment, violently twisted. Its forehead swelled up, and a horn began to grow in a speed visible to the naked eye!”

“The snake grew a horn!” Bai Xiaochun involuntarily cried out. His mind instantly buzzed and waves were stirred up in his mind. All of the snakes in the area violently twisted, and it could be imagined that if they could hiss, they would definitely be releasing a heaven shaking hiss at this moment.

Quickly, each snakes grew out a horn! Even the strength of their bodies unexpectedly rose again.

If they merely grew horns it wouldn't be anything much. However, following the growth of these horns, these snakes unexpectedly began to rampage again, as if the surpressing medicine used earlier was ineffective. The snakes madly jumped up and down, rushing towards the rock walls and smashing their heads into it. There were also many snakes that would drill themselves in holes the moment they saw one.

If the hole was too small they would even shrink their body to fit in. This was even more true for the Blood God Snakes.

Another snake, which had a head that was one zhang long, suddenly shook as a long horn grew out of its head. Although it wasn’t sharp, this horn, which could fill one’s entire vision, made Bai Xiaochun take a deep breath; he felt as though he was going insane. This was also because he dicovered that through testing, these snakes were completely impervious to any weapons.

In the interior of the snake cave, every snake in turmoil began to rampage as they began colliding against each other. They dug fiercely into every visible hole. If there weren't any holes, the horns on their heads seemed to have possesed some kind of magical power that helped them open up a passage, and they all charged outside from the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley!

Although the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley was in the valley behind the Scented Cloud Mountain, under this rampage, the snakes all dispersed without any aim. Many snakes directly dug underground to go to the Purple Cauldron Mountain and the Green Peak Mountain.

The remaning 30% directly went to the Scented Cloud Mountain.

It could be imagined that, at this moment, the interior walls of the three mountains were being struck by countless snakes that had their mouths sealed. They madly charged at the walls with extremely fast speed, digging through all holes they could find, spreading throughout the three mountains of the South Bank.


Bai Xiaochun fell on to the ground, looking at the space in front of him.

“This… It’s all over…”

Within a small amount of time, from within the cracks the snakes made in the walls of the South Bank’s three mountains, the snakes popped out from the soil on the ground. Those snakes, which had horns on their heads and bulging eyeballs, madly twisted as they immediately stunned all the disciples of the three mountains of the South Bank. The entire South Bank, which was at peace for many years until today, once again burst out in an uproar as cries of anger echoed out.

On the Green Peak Mountain, outside the Spirit Sword Hall, there were currently over a thousand disciples standing in a circle and cheering, watching the disciples on the fighting stage participating in a small competition. It could be seen that one disciple was currently winning, and was just about to acheive victory. However, a horn suddenly appeared on the floor of the fighting stage, and a Flower Eyed Snake dug its way out. Everyone present was shocked; this Flower Eyed Snake which could not open its mouth suddenly drilled into the trousers of the winning disciple.

This disciple let out a screech, and when he jumped, everyone else also screeched; during the commotion, countless horned snakes drilled their way out of the ground at high speed, and upon seeing a hole… they would immediately drill through it.

“What is this?! I actually can’t slap it away!”

“Heavens, these snakes… Where did these snakes come from? They actually have horns!”

“Damn it! What’s going on... WHAT’S GOING ON?! My magical treasure can’t actually break the defense of these snakes!”

At the same time, at the peak of the Green Peak Mountain, in the residential area of the inner sect disciples, inside a cave, there was a veteran inner sect disciple that was currently sitting on the floor with his legs crossed, meditating. Suddenly, his eyes opened, revealing an obscure expression. Following that... he let out a blood-curdling shriek.

“Aaaaahhhhh! What is this?!”

“Snake! A snake drilled out from the ground!”

These kinds of screams were similarly let out by many disciples inside their immortal caves. In Shangguan Tianyou’s cave, a blood-curdling shriek also echoed out. However, it was even worse than the others, as if something had touched a scar in his heart, making his roar even more intense.

Over the residential area of the outer sect disciples, countless disciples were also dumbstruck by the appearance of these snakes. An Elder of the Green Peak Mountain was stunned, and even the old Ancestor of the Green Peak Mountain flew out and looked at the horned snakes that appeared all over the Green Peak Mountain with shock.

The same thing happened over at the Purple Cauldron Mountain. With countless disciples roaring, the waves of techniques unleashed spread in all directions. However, the snakes were barely affected and continued digging holes just as before...

Lu Tianlei had thunder surrounding his body, and when he was roaring, he grabbed a horned snake which had drilled into the crotch area of his trousers, planning to crush it to death. However, he discovered that he did not have the capability to do so.

“What happened? Damn it! Why are there so many snakes?!”

“Something’s wrong... Something’s wrong!”

The roars from the Purple Cauldron Mountain quickly shook the heavens and earth. The Green Peak Mountain was also the same. Xu Meixiang was burning with rage that could overflow the heavens, as her fierce shouts spread in all directions.

“Investigate... Clearly investigate this incident for me. What the hell is happening!”

This also happened in the Scented Cloud Mountain, where there were screams that could overflow the heavens at this very moment. Xu Baocai was shrieking, running at top speed. Zhou Xinqi opened her eyes widely, flying high in the air with fear lingering in her heart,

Hou Xiaomei and Hou Yunfei also ran out at high speed. There were also many disciples who had undescribable anger, releasing their strongest techniques at the moment. It was good that the Scented Cloud Mountain was famous for plants, and many disciples were able to take out pills. Although these pills had ordinary effects, they could be used to chase away some of the horned snakes.

As a result, even more horned snakes once again dug a hole to the Green Peak Mountain and the Purple Cauldron Mountain after they were chased away...

“What in the world is happening? Dammit... Why is this happening?!”

“Is this a natural disaster? After Bai Xiaochun was sent to the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley as a punishment, it’s always been peaceful in the South Bank, why… En? Ten Thousand Snakes Valley! Bai Xiaochun is in the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley!”

In the moment when people seemed to have thought about something, a rabbit that suddenly appeared from god knows where erected its ears and ran out, as if it had been listening for a very long time. It started running between the South Bank’s three mountains, shouting. It’s voice was extremely loud and it spread in all directions.

“Heavens, my butt!”

“Damn it, I’m going to beat this snake to death!!”

“Ahhh, how can I, Xu Baocai, meet people in the future!!”

“You evil snake, come out right now. I am a disciple of the inner sect, the Heaven’s Chosen of the Green Peak Mountain. It is impossible for you and I, Shangguan Tianyou, to exist together…”

“What a good snake, if I, Lu Tianlei can become a snake, then I will… hehe…”

“Li Qing Snake... Black Hearted Li, you throw your Grandfather Bai in here... thinking that Grandfather Bai can’t handle these small snakes? Just wait till I refine this pill, and see how I take care of these snakes! Hehe.. maybe I can control these snakes in the future, shaking Heaven and Earth! Hahahaha!” Various sounds were spoken by the rabbit’s mouth, with extremely fast speed. When it ran around the three mountains, every disciple who heard the last sentence that was uttered by the rabbit went mad.

[ED Note: Li Qing Snake is a play of Li Qinghou’s name into Li Qingshe, (李青蛇) which can be directly translated as Plum (Li) Green or Blue (Qing) Snake (she)]

“Bai Xiaochun!”

“Goddamned Bai Xiaochun!”

“So, he’s the one who did it... It’s him who ordered these snakes to get revenge on us!”

Especially Shangguan Tianyou and Lu Tianlei who released a roar that could shake the heavens and earth. At this moment, the three mountains were driven mad, and this level of madness exceeded their wrath during the occurence of the acid rain in the past.

Li Qinghou looked around him, his eyes revealing a glimpse of blankness. Scenes of what Bai Xiaochun did after entering the sect appeared in his mind.

When he was a handyman, he was selling slots to become an outer sect disciple, which made countless people mad. The entire handyman department was thrown into a mess, and was damaged because of him.

After he became an outer sect disciple, the Spirit Tailed Chickens became miserable, Elder Zhou’s also bird became miserable... countless disciples became miserable, and the entire Scented Cloud Mountain experienced a disaster because of him.

After he became an inner sect disciple, thunder roared and the whole Scented Cloud Mountain was thrown into chaos. He made countless strange small beasts cover everything, and that acid rain… It could be said that the three mountains suffered because of him.

But Li Qinghou had never thought that this Bai Xiaochun would’ve been even more excessive after he threw him into the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley… He didn’t even let the snakes off, and he actually damaged the entire Ten Thousand Snakes Valley, harming the entire South Bank.

At this moment, Li Qinghou suddenly thought about that year when he brought Bai Xiaochun up the hill; all of the villagers below the hill had been crying tears of joy, and cheering...

He now understood why the villagers were so happy…


Translated by: Sean

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